Zombie with a GoPro 活屍視角愛情動作片【末日希望】Thây ma với gopro ชื่อวีดีโอ: ซอมบี้พร้อมโกโปร Zombi dengan GoPro

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    日復一日 年復一年 每天咬妹子永遠咬下去
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    Jordy Chandra - Sometimes Things Go Wrong
    Jordy Chandra - Reminiscing Night

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    1. fini majid

      0:11 something weird the suit guy eye XD

      1. WSD NEW

        @mabar PUBG yuk MBY ini china bambank liat dari tulisan,mukanya aja beda dari korea atau oppa korea mungkin maksud lo ini korut

      2. mabar PUBG yuk MBY

        Nih korea

      3. mabar PUBG yuk MBY

        Orang indoooo aku cuk

      4. WSD NEW

        @葉式特工 Yes Ranger p

      5. Abril Seco

        @葉式特工 Yes Ranger %_=&"; bvv

    2. Issac Dion

      Was he like the first zombie or what the hell happened on that room ??!

    3. Alexander Nguyễn

      5:40 it is funny

    4. fumiaki otake


    5. Mia Sanahí Lopez Hernandez

      Que triste

    6. Rous Keyla Condori Mamani

      Ooooo pena

    7. Augustas Kuz

      I Wana try that life.. like if u do too!

    8. Yeimi Melis


    9. João gurg Vinicius future f

      Légua. Seu

    10. Jeremy Quispe gonza


    11. Ali Kaptan

      En sonda ağladım nerdeyse

    12. xKinePlayz

      Funny 4:44 with cone

    13. Registration place

      Flim hehehe😂😂😂😂

    14. ธีรเทพ สายศรี


    15. kungfuhavok2

      That was so weirdly beautiful and I think you very much.

    16. MasterGamerPro 2003

      This is sad sojim giving like

    17. Tim Plays

      Why was everyone in the building dead but everyone outside was completely fine and normal

    18. karolaine Silva

      QidnxJ maldizer ujxj

    19. FATIMA GH.

      T5ayalo hayda 7a2e2e

    20. Ziemniaczek 123

      Me cry :(

    21. RiderKamen Unknown

      Girls are Cute to infection Zombie. Dangerous Zombie Gashato Level Up Danger Danger Death of Crisis Dangerous Zombie.

    22. Claudia Alvelo

      jajajajajajaja the granmad minute 2:11 😂😂😂😂

    23. Anhvu Nguyen

      Is so funny

    24. Lord Gabriel

      1:41 pause it before going here 💋👄😋😍

    25. gabby plays philipines

      That guy sacrafice that fu**king girl friend

    26. Yunelli Anggraeni

      Bang ini beneran boongan

    27. Juan Jaramillo

      5:39 wow..just wow

    28. Luis armando Plaza

      Para el amor ni ser zobi lo impide ❤️💛💚💙💜♥️💘💝💖💗💓💞💕💌❣️💟

      1. Luis armando Plaza

        Que lindo

    29. 岡井月優


    30. Yatty Bambang

      Tete endul endulan aduh ah ah ah

    31. Nam Trần

      1:40 that fuckin bitches and she show pussy on da street.

    32. Niru Tembe

      i-is real I just 6 ☹☹☹☹☹☹☹😰😰😰😰😰😰

    33. Sang Lien

      This is fake but sad!!

    34. Raul Mejia

      Bro if I was zombies I will attacked the humans and protect his girlfriend

      1. Da Panda Boy

        zombie= uncontrollable

    35. Anna Liza Cobacha

      That's sad but love is great

    36. Anna Liza Cobacha

      So sad

    37. Lapis Lazuli

      7:00 the dude:mmmmhhh free flesh! His mind :but it’s my girlfriend!

    38. Eduardo Ignacio Valeze Ramírez

      Zombie malo

    39. roblox oofer kid


    40. Никита Павлов


    41. roblox oofer kid

      First part I sad it reminds me of train to busan

    42. mujer aome

      Jaja jaja wta zombies 5:38

    43. asan ali MNG duzan


      1. RAKA Kz

        E қазақ

    44. nadia april

      So sad that the gril

    45. Umaporn Vimoisate


    46. Muhammad Zeida

      Orang Indonesia like

      1. xaver _gaming356

        Ntap cuk

    47. 혜준띠


    48. Jake Asmolo

      Power of love❤️❤️❤️

    49. jordano adolfo sandoval mura

      1:41 ♥️❤️

    50. jaelin palonpon

      why did he bite her girlfriend also how did he turn into a human again i just want to now is this even real or not i got to go is the policeman at the chair is he still alive

      1. Juwana Frederick

        Cause he didn't want to turn her 😖 it was sad

    51. Asphalt 9


    52. Corbett Reyes


    53. HK Crazy


    54. armax gamer YT


    55. LUNA VLOGS

      Pubg and cod guns come in hand lol

    56. Vy Khang Tran

      I thought he SAS going to brite the girls boob

    57. Sta Reckless

      1:40 thought he was gonna go for a motorboat 😂

    58. ぁまちゃん.


      1. まめる



      so funny with the sexygirl....the zombie dont know were to bite...first saw the boobs...😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

    60. Y K

      エロい 素晴らしい

      1. lumi Cu

    61. Leonel Montoya jr

      This is so sad that he bit the girl’s

      1. roblox oofer kid


    62. Space MarshmallowOctopus3969

      2:47 the zombie was like nah I’m gonna go after your coward boyfriend 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

      1. Ruth lee-andra Carment


      2. Imagine Dream

        @Poemade Byclips yup, the right

      3. Poemade Byclips

        Hell yeaahh

      4. Imagine Dream

        Yes, dude that's Right! He throw his girlfriend to the zombie such a coward 😝

    63. あかちゃん


    64. Emanuel Granados


    65. Caua Araujo

      Isso é mentira

    66. dylan xd

      Esto tiene mejores gráficos que el gta v alv

    67. TheSilentKiller