YUNGBLUD - original me ft. dan reynolds of imagine dragons (Official Music Video)



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    Director: Jordan Bahat
    Production Company: Tool of North America
    Executive Producer: Dan Kent
    Head of Production: Amy DeLossa
    Producer: Rose Krane
    DP: Benjamin Kitchens
    1st AC: Leonard Walsh
    2nd AC: Traiana Nescheva
    DIT: Lanlin Wong
    1st AD: Kris Manzano
    Gaffer: Rey Barrera
    BB Electric: Jerry Enright
    Key Grip: Frank Arant
    BB Grip: Jeff Journey
    Dolly Grip: Eric Jordan
    Grip: Stu Miller
    Grip: Chris Codd
    Jib Op: Chris Dowell
    Art Director: Bill Bittman
    Prop Assistant: Jeremiah Rounds
    Prop Assistant: James Hicks
    Wardrobe - Dan Reynolds: Christina Acevedo
    Wardrobe - Yungblud: Harper Slate
    Assitant: Sophia Alvarez
    Key Make-Up Artist: Lauryn Tullio
    Gang Boss: Kelly Dugin
    G&E Driver: Paul Boots
    Moho Driver: Tony Pena
    Set Medic: Jace Simmonds
    PAs: Albert Penuela, Engie Herrera, Jordan Paldi
    Directors Assistant: Sean Corbin
    Set VFX Supervisor: Robert Schober
    VFX: Ingenuity Studios
    VFX Supervisor: David Lebensfeld
    VFX Producer: Kieley Culbertson, Francesca Orrach
    Editor: Niles Howard
    Color: Matt Osbourne @ The Mill
    Color Producer: Blake Rice
    Fork Lift Legends: Glenn Lanier & Gary Poling / Main Gate Junk Yard
    Music Video Rep: Lark Creative
    Commissioner: Hanan Cher
    Label: Geffen
    Management: Locomotion

    Music video by YUNGBLUD and Dan Reynolds performing original me. © 2019 Locomotion Recordings Limited, under exclusive license to Geffen Records

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    1. FOXY Gamer12

      Para ser sincero não entendi muito mas tudo bem

    2. FOXY Gamer12

      Gostei do video

    3. 70cux0 guoy

      That's fucking amazing song Finally real music in 2019

    4. aesthetically music

      Thats when mr dan reynolds walked into my life he said

    5. luciAnna

      Grace a Dan j’ai découvert YUNGBLUD et je m'en lasse pas! Je l'adore

    6. superfifa men

      It's juste ma zing

    7. ILIAS

      underrated !

    8. Oscar Lawson

      Y'all are some weirdos in the comments imA just say it

    9. Chris P

      Great song.

    10. Hikari Husky

      I've been screaming this song for a while now Anyone else?

    11. Nicqui LARTIGUE


    12. Daniel Harrington

      This music sounds objectively awful

    13. Elora R

      He got his chain neckless off Amazon lol don't lose the key bro

    14. Slymenace

      Love it.

    15. sami estik

      This song is just like me :v

    16. Orthotec Torreon


    17. Maria Dominguez


    18. Brack Guthrie

      Is this Fairuza Balk's son?

    19. владимир286

      him: im the OG loser me: NO ME

    20. Mel Baschet

      If IT actor dies, u know who put in his place

      1. Mel Baschet

        @Simmons Natalie yeah, he is very handsome, both are

      2. Simmons Natalie

        @Mel Baschet his face does but he is a totally different person

      3. Mel Baschet

        @Simmons Natalie i know lol, i just think he seems like him, dont u?

      4. Simmons Natalie

        He did that for Halloween lmao

    21. Mishelle _6589

      Beautiful music 💞🎵

    22. DW 001

      the joker and batman kiss and done made up 🥴

    23. sakmaidikplis


      1. Haffy Sultan

        sakmaidikplis go fuck urself

    24. Menthe

      i dint know why but i ship them

    25. Sabrina Martins

      Amei ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    26. The it Girl

      ok where do they get their druds send me the dealers digits i need to be as cool as u guyz plzz

    27. Mike Klosterman

      id wish i was someone else if i wore lipstick n looked like vickey vallencourts transexual too

    28. Mike Klosterman

      i wouldve loved to have dropped that car on it

    29. Rama Joshi

      I relate to this song spiritually while it attacks me with junk cars.

    30. KloDi ツ

      YUNGBLUD + dan reynolds = IMAGINEBLUD

    31. DigitalMemz

      2:37 my face when i eat something sour by accident

    32. Jasmine Feaks

      This duet is everything 😝🤩

    33. Nuri Alya Fadhiyah Irawan



      Oloff - Fazendo o SteaIthy

    35. Ayezza Duterte


    36. Panda

      They must have been so dirty after filming this. Great song tho

    37. dzung truongminh

      so rocky i love it

    38. Jewish Lampshades

      Dude is dancing harder than the song..

    39. Laura Fragoso

      This masterpiece I want this on the radio everyday xD

    40. Poo Head

      suggested by UMG wtf

    41. Henryk Karpinski

      Super utwór i symulacja komputerowa, pozdrawiamy👍👍👍👏👏👏

    42. battlethebollocks Rodgers

      No thanks! Overwhelmingly overproduced

    43. Ree Sun

      finD ich voLL scheißE abeR leidersT GEIl...

    44. Jazz

      Why is everyone saying that emo is being “brought back”. Just because you stopped being emo years back didn’t mean others did also 😂 This is more punk than anything anyways.

    45. Erin Vinson

      0:41 Awful video should have ended... 1:08 definitely should have ended.. What a waste of video money.

    46. Shoniece Leentoor


    47. RitaSparita *

      Dom is my spirit animal🐃

    48. kevisezonuo metsieo

      Yung blud Is gay

    49. Вероника Шепелева

      BLACK лучше.

    50. Tanika-Jane Imagery

      In every generation, just as all hope seems to have faded, an icon appears from the depths to lead us back to our path of a hopeful & unified humanity. Thanks Dom, you arrived right on time.

    51. CookieLlamaAG94

      I love how their kind of competing for the spotlight, but work together

    52. Larry Smith

      Omfg!!! This song is literally theme songggg!!! I fucking HATE myselfff!!! Could you get any better yungblud, it's like I'm on crack when listen to this song, I literally scream with you! I know every single word!

    53. Felix Vigilante

      I laughed the while time that was great xD

    54. Homie Likesgatorade

      2:55 through 3:16, straight 🔥

    55. Tuto Skypa

      yesssss luv ityesssss luv it

    56. Noo bie

      WOW 6m views. keep it up dom!

    57. bill sultry

      It scares me that I LUV this dudes stuff. He is so raw - intense - off the hook. I am way too old to get this. Either way he has a little Something Something going on. He is indeed an ARTIST!!!

    58. Miagi Fodder

      songs terrible

    59. Rick Flames

      So why didnt you film this at the yunkyard I work at? Thank you, ill wait.....

      1. Wenzley


    60. Brooke. 04

      why am i just hearing this song

    61. vagner martins

      Cara voc ê foda

    62. Sam Harrison

      aaaah the yungblud is soooo cuteeeee «33

    63. Scott Jackson

      Who thinks his mouth is big not to be critical

    64. Mercedes Mairs

      I love the cars falling on them

    65. Skooma #

      Nice songs and nice vids. Love ya.

    66. Carpentieri Immacolata

      O mio dio 😍😍😍😍ti amo

    67. Michael Murillo


    68. Trash for Pretty. Odd.

      dom: [gets crushed by car] dan, watching: understandable have a nice day

    69. Malý Zajíček

      I'm soooo sick of meeee !!! 🙃🙃

    70. Monika Taylor

      British check (I'm British)