YouTube Rewind - The Legends Edition | #YouTubeRewind2019



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    For all those legendary creators that have made CZ-news special. Thank you
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    CZ-news Rewind 2019 is about taking you back in time and showing the journey the site has taken since its inception in 2005. From the original legendary creators such as Shane Dawson, Jacksfilms, Smosh and Jenna Marbles to the later arrivals of PewDiePie, Markiplier and Jacksepticeye.
    This is made by a creator for the creators :)

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    1. mars izumaki

      i cried a little

    2. Starla Eckhardt

      You forgot Thomas Sanders' intros!! Why is he always left out? (Otherwise this is beautiful and genius.)

    3. نــهــى،،

      this is literally a decade rewind, and i’m not complaining

    4. The Universe

      May Leroy live on

    5. MLG cat 69

      When Jackcepiceye does the slap intro it hits on a spiritual level

    6. Fluff_Tortilla

      This reminded me of how lucky this generation is to have so many fun and caring people entertaining us... For the truly nostalgic, thank you for making my childhood great!!!!

    7. Doge The dog

      I thought this was the real thing

    8. Dumb Bititch

      I thought this was CZ-news’s actual rewind and I thought this was their redemption but nope

    9. Abigail O

      Ngl CZ-news is dying there are no popular creators anymore everyone is on tik tok and shit I. Forgot CZ-news even existed

      1. The Alex Jones

        Abigail O donald Trump FAKE NEWS!

    10. mm A

      Loved this rewind! I don’t really understand why Jenna gets glossed over in all these different rewinds. Like they all show a glimpse of her face cause she’s been here forever but I expected her to get a little more love

    11. Melvin Melnin

      To this day, I cant look at a picture or video of Etika without breaking into tears Gone too soon, RIP Desmond Amofah

    12. Kittycatcat 11

      I didn’t expect to see tobuscus in this. I used to love there music videos Good job on this you just got another subscriber

      1. JayLaw

        He is in it somewhere. I hope you spotted it

    13. ¡yecoyeah!

      Name the effect?

    14. Kristin Matthews

      Thank you so much. This is so much more than just a 2019 rewind. I agree so much with others in the comments. I was also choked up, tears in my eyes. The memories this brought, wow! I remembered asking my son about this "CZ-news" when he started watching so many years ago. I also remembered later when I also began watching. All this from your rewind video, thanks again.

    15. Nox545

      Its made like a movie....and this is amazing!

    16. Just a Pivot animator

      6.9 million noice

    17. Mat' Grill

      6.9M views Nice

    18. Click & Co LLC

      This is like when Elliot sees F Corp in Mr. Robot

    19. ScreamMario51

      Which is better? CZ-news Rewind - The Legends Edition by JayLaw - Like. CZ-news Rewind 2019, but it's actually good by Pewdiepie - Reply. CZ-news Rewind 2019: For the Record by CZ-news - Ignore.

    20. TMI gameplay

      Better than the actual video

    21. jdoggo 2006

      wow most of the videos featrued were from my childhood, like eddsworld, young pewdiepie, young jack and mark ect, i gotta say this is the best rewind ever good job

    22. Kaitlyn Bodnar

      They need Danny Gonzales’s in here 😂

    23. Izzy Gomez

      This is low key better then 2018

    24. Crystal Kitten

      This touched my heart...i remember it all like it was yesterday- i remember watched fred all the time along with smosh. You arent a real smosh fan if you havnt been subbed to them since they were doing food battle.

    25. AlphaXstarter

      CZ-news: This is better CZ-news: Takes down this video CZ-news: Uploads it for CZ-news Rewind 2020

    26. Gacha_0re0s9

      When I heard Fred I literally wanted to cry! 😭😭 Fred was so amazing!

    27. nii_amart

      Brought back many memories

    28. Alex Weiss

      And were the gamegrumps

    29. {smeg head}

      I started bawling when I saw edd,I miss him and wish he was still with us...he is still my favorite animator to this day and his videos always make me smile...I cant believe he is actually gone...

    30. Killer man

      Wow I know I'm late on this but i just watch this and i can't believe that CZ-news has grown so big over the years we as people have been on this platform for a long time and time and time we seen people develop in to something great the thing is when I was a kid I would watch thiese CZ-newsrs and I would enjoyed every single one of them but it 2020 and even though they are old videos they will always be a part of my life and I'm so glad i came into this earth to witness something truly wonderful and knowing that I will get old one day but I will treasure this as one of the big change in my life thank you CZ-news for being a part of my childhood and in my life

    31. Deliah_ Yeet

      4:06 his world will still be spinning 💚💚💛❤💙💚💚

    32. Breonna I


    33. Jacob the Cyber bully

      See y’all in 5 years (hopefully rewind will finally be good)👋🏽

    34. Anne

      where are the dolan twins?

    35. GC Brasil

      Melhor rewind que eu já vi

    36. Aurora Ncveliist

      I have one problem: I didn’t see Safiya Nygaard or Alex Wassabi and a bunch of other people

    37. MR.MEMELORD !

      I always cry when I see this

    38. Elemental stickman


    39. leemon

      That is the best rewind and it is not even from CZ-news. Great job, thanks for it!!!!!!

    40. Booe

      You missed a really important part. StampyLongNose and crap.

    41. Itay Melnik

      Yay there’s no tseries

    42. Itay Melnik

      When CZ-news rewind was better

    43. Cracked Clips

      When you miss the Paul Brothers come up that changed the Vlogging game. Great video btw, well edited

    44. Steve Nassen

      1000000000000000x better than the real one.

    45. Matteo Sinclair

      Notice there was no T Sears

    46. Trinity Ayala

      I feel that Shane should had been more include if you were going to add that stupid Logan Paul and Ksi fight in

    47. Ronaldo Everton

      This made me feel something that I haven’t felt in a long time

    48. Mr Human

      I cant believe you didn't mention vlogbrothers, arguably top 5 most important youtube channels of all time.

      1. JayLaw

        @Mr Human a good argument. They were on my list but like many didnt make the cut

      2. Mr Human

        @JayLaw vlogbrothers also have one of the most closely knit and faithful communities on youtube who call themselves Nerdfighters, and Many famous celebrities such as Benedict Cumberbatch, Lupe Fiasco, Senator daniel biss, and EVEN BILL GATES and many others also identify as Nerdfighters. Vlogbrothers are often ignored nowadays because the channel VLOGBROTHERS isn't as famous as many other channels easily are nowadays, but that's ONLY because vlogbrothers as they themselves have stated, "don't want their channel to grow anymore" because its not a business to them, but the youtube empire THEY have created ammasses billions of views and has over 30Million subscribers. And they should get the respect they so thoroughly deserve

      3. Mr Human

        @JayLaw vlogbrothers have essentially been cultivators of modern youtube. A LOT of today's content is aided by their early efforts, they Created VidCon the first major and still largest most important CZ-news video conference hosting and bringing together not only the biggest youtubers but the smallest as well. They also created Complexly, which currently hosts an empire of educational channels created by vlogbrothers and is a video production company which hosts 15 different CZ-news channels collectively amassing more than 1.25 billion views, including the OG and one of thw most important educational youtube channels crash course. Vlogbrothers also created subbable a youtube funding company which later got merged with what is the Biggest and Most important content creation company, whivj you probably use too, or definitely know people who do, Patreon, which probably wouldn't exist at its current scale without vlogbrothers, vlogbrothers also created DFTBA records, which hosts and signs young and quirky youtube artists. Vlogbrothers are credited with creating or blossoming the careers of content creators such as Wheezy waiter, Minute physics, The Brain Scoop and popular CZ-news and magazine Mental Floss. They are also closely related with another Important video production company PBS Digital Studios and helped co-create pemberly digital.

      4. Mr Human

        @JayLaw vlogbrothers were one of the og's of CZ-news vlogging. They achieved fame without ever outright promoting or content blasting, their format has always been the same, ALWAYS, in my knowledge the MOST stable channel on youtube, has had almost the same format for over 12 years. One of the first youtube channels to start using youtube for good stuff, started Project for Awesome, which still runs and collects millions of dollars in charity every year. I haven't even started in accomplishments, that'll be another replym

      5. JayLaw

        I would be interesting to hear your argument for that

    49. Chichi Kent

      Yesss👏🏻👏🏻 Rayn Higa!!!!

    50. Ferdinánd Purczeld

      2:36 "Tobuscus: I can swing my sword!" Hey, that's when I joined CZ-news! :o

    51. Jimmy Quenon

      Well that was shit

    52. PugMax

      I didnt say Jake Or Logan Paul in this rewind. I approve

    53. Big Piff


    54. Kadır Aydın

      Enes batur gözüküyomu.



    56. Reviathan

      I'm not complaining, and it might be because you don't know him, but kitty should be included in one of the creators who passed away. He's a legendary Gmod youtuber. But other than that, this is a much better CZ-news Rewind video

    57. miku nyssa

      This youtube history rewind..i just cried and rewatch it again..happy 2020

    58. ava’s Channel!1!

      I wish the internet was all fun and games and not full of pedos and political stuff again

    59. Simply Capricorn

      Yay Will's back

    60. Karen Frechem

      can someone tell me the name of the background song

    61. Breahna Westover

      lowkey mad stampy isn’t in here

    62. Adrian

      I am not crying, I am just sweating from my eyes like a man.

    63. ungvu thanh

      I don't know there is a CZ-news Angel in there...

    64. Drugged. Blu. Crab.

      This is so nice

    65. وئام زماني

      We miss you CZ-news..

    66. Karen Frechem

      song name?

    67. Look at me O

      This is some good crap

    68. Yazeen Al-washah

      Who’s still watching this even though it’s 2020?

    69. Coldhearted

      I like how all the other remakes are copying this or trying to. Especially the part where it shows people passed away. Wish people would be original and not try to copy this tbh

    70. -フレヤ AnimeGacha ふれや

      One thing that deserves to be in youtube rewind next year is anime and tiktok memes