Your Mom's House Podcast - Ep. 517 w/ Steve-O

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    Jeans Up! The Main Mommies are back in Studio Jeans and we may have found our favorite new cool guy who has a problem with authority... Ta-ta! Christina is back from a weekend of doing a couple shows and got the chance to ride on a choo-choo train! How good can trains actually get? And what was Tom up to when he was alone for the weekend? Loving being alone! We got opinions on eye contact from Uber drivers and a Would You Rather too!
    Then we have our amazing guest Steve-O, who you know from all the Jackass shows and movies! He tells us about how he got started with that crew, what it was like growing up in his family, and all the crazy stuff he used to do! We hear amazing stories about him painting himself and doing stunts like "Skyjacking." Catch his Bucket List Tour!

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    1. Lucas Acoustic Covers

      Estes malparidos

    2. water myplants

      that chick fucking sucks

    3. water myplants

      his watch

    4. Zakk Holguin

      Never thought I'd be so entertained with a story about a guy jacking it on a plane.

    5. brad c

      Where's your dog steveo

    6. kevin anderson

      “We have one instinct, which is to survive and one guarantee, which is that we won’t “ -Steve O

    7. Alex Ross

      I got 5 bucks says that guy didn't leave the house with a dog.

    8. damo damian

      Link to track at 42:29?

    9. Ryan, Red and Franck

      Christinas jugular vein shows when she laughs hard and it really makes me swell up; I feel like Dr. Acula.

    10. troy rogers

      who would you rather bone-christyp or steveo

    11. Heath

      Steve of most favourite people

    12. Thomas Fordham

      kum and go

    13. Kobil Shakur

      The SkyJack story was awesome

    14. Đeath Vader

      Well how long is this intro? Jesus

      1. Ruben Meiring

        45 minutes

    15. Katie Marsh

      This was such a good interview, he’s such an interesting guy.

    16. Brock Robinson

      It sounds like joe rogan is sitting somewhere in the studio just laughing extremely loud 😂😂

    17. A Band Show 3000

      Good Episode of Sabado Gigante

    18. Frank Olivieri

      7:48 In the United States most people assume they’re chinese too.

    19. D J

      Is johnny Knoxville’s son named after Steve Rocko??

    20. adam rees

      that book plug was cringe

    21. Tyler Durden

      There’s nothing worse than background laughing from this podcast... is it blueban doing this??? It’s so annoying

      1. BobbieBlade21

        It's one of the best things about the show.

    22. deadassx311

      get kurt Cobain on the podcast

      1. J C

        He doesnt do podcasts.

    23. DRE DOGG

      What is the outro song I like the beat

      1. Frank Olivieri

        Don’t worry about it 16:47

    24. Robert Smith

      I have never hear a real statement. "our first instinct is to survive and our only guarantee is that we will not"

    25. Daniel Bloomquist

      I refer to the most aberrant of the criminally insane, like the canoe of douchebaggery outside those gates, as the Monumentally Ill. Had to, since I live with one of these compelling arguments for compulsory sterilization.

    26. Alex Agrasot

      Me gusta en castellano.

    27. Amanda Panda

      Heyyy mr 🐞 😉

    28. Yung Goon


    29. K Patt

      I come back here all the time just to hear those freaking needles

    30. Mud Stone

      You should review one of Davie504 vids

    31. Scumbag Steve

      Theo von has entered the room

    32. Gabe Houston

      Definitely one of the best podcast I’ve ever heard. Ive seen a few Steve-O podcast but this one was definitely the best of em.

    33. DominicaRepublica

      Skip to @45:50 for steve-o

    34. N.U.C. Productions

      That intro was weird lol

    35. darrick steele

      December 28th! Ha! I have the same birth day as Don Francisco! 🎈🎁😎🎈🎈

    36. Roque Iglesias

      im a spaniard and im amazed by your spanish

    37. MadHousTV

      Lets wrap this up and watch you jerk off. Steve-o : oh yeah i got you

    38. Cory Larsen

      I ordered a buffalo burger.

    39. Collin Robertson

      For the love of god (who doesn’t exist) why do girls snort when they laugh?? Stop that girls.

    40. Jon Peroutka

      yo who's got a link to the frickin needles song

    41. Joseph Hickson

      Where is the link the to cool guy that drops the R word?????

    42. M N

      45:28 Steve-O's part

    43. M N

      Aight but am I wrong or is her smoker's laugh endearing

    44. DeathCJ

      Danm nice spanish tom!

    45. Lauren Jennings

      This was one of the best eps I’ve heard. Thanks guys

    46. Zach Tell

      i almost passed out at "pussy-eyes". LOL

    47. spacehead74

      Christy has such a crush on him!

    48. Maverick Fitness

      No english accent when Tom speaks in Spanish!! Pretty sick man

    49. Ryan Deal

      Couldnt make it through the ridiculously long intro..

    50. Sweet Pea

      I bet Tom doesn't eat her out anymore, tmi. Lol

    51. TB 7788

      Steve o: do i call myself steve glover? **10 seconds later** Tom: does your last name start with an O? or...

    52. Brad Max

      I know STEVE-O wont see this message but here it goes... I was on the verge of OD'ing, heading to the pen, or straight up dying like a dumb drunk fuck. Got arrested for a DUI/High Speed Chase with several cop cars, whilst I was ON ONE(🎵I'm on errythang🎵), few cops tried to box me in but I pushed me way out and around them, was speeding too fast for them to safely lay the spike strips on the upcoming bridge, eventually skirted down several side streets, realized the cops knew the area very well as I did not.. ditched the car while rolling with keys, phone, etc in it(btw its mid winter Easten Canada). Bolted behind some houses which to my surprise was a very high prestige neighbourhood with quality 10ft fences that were impossible to jump in wet snow... realizing I was royally fucked, I put my hands up while several cops had taser lights and guns drawn, was told to put my hands up but for some reason I was still holding a lighter in one hand and was making a fist with it... WHILE HANDS HIGH ABOVE HEAD, and I dropped to my knees because I knew, then and there, I was fuqkd.. but cops insisted I turned around and tried to fight them, eventually getting blasted by a few tasers in which paramedics had to come and remove one that wouldnt eject out of *MY BACK*.. So if you've followed this story concisely, it's not physically possible to be shot in the back while apparently facing several cops with fists up ready to fight them 🤣 ... moral of the story, spent the next couple years in and out of jail due to probation violations, and was then graced by these in depth interviews of steveo and unbeknownst to him, has completely 360° my life, 5 years sober on everything.. exercising, meditating and exploring my own self. I realized if this crazy motherfucker can go from huffing nitro for days on end, to becoming this enlightened, grateful, and proof of the fucking pudding that ANYONE can change, you just need the right motivations and ofcourse community support. But once again, THANK YOU @steveo I am grateful for your journey, you showed me the HOW to fix myself through your own stories and I very much appreciate. Cheers and keep wildin' bro!

    53. Reese NineEightNine

      The laughs in the background be hilarious lol

    54. Aaron Smith

      This has to be one of the most succinct, insightful and poignant interviews I've seen in a long time. Steve-O is the Kaiser Sose' of controlled buffoonery.

    55. Foreordained 777

      What's Steve O's movie called?

    56. Jacob Covert

      Steve O comes on at 45:30 for the people that are here for him

      1. DRE DOGG

        Thanks man

      2. Jacob Covert

        @Jutt Lock hahaha I scrolled through comments for 5 minutes and nobody else had said anything so I figured I would do the work for everybody else lol

      3. Jutt Lock

        Jacob Covert some hero’s don’t wear capes

    57. Google User

      "It's 6 in the morning". You don't know how long or when that person day started. They could have been up since 11pm the night prior.

    58. Josh Mowry - DesignsByJCM

      16 minutes in and I'm dying already lol

    59. Flex Piper

      That "Those Funny Nipples" intro song has been stuck in my head for day's.

    60. Amza Stranger

      who's watching in 2019?? pull up!

      1. Amza Stranger

        @Jutt Lock but it was recorded like 2 months ago 😂😁

      2. Jutt Lock

        Amza Stranger wasn’t this posted like 2 weeks ago??

    61. Dan man

      is it just me or was the masturbating on a skydive story, one of the best stories ever of all time? from concept to ejaculation

    62. Nak Muay

      i spent my youth laughing along with big brother!

    63. Eric O'Dell

      Can't stand his voice! Had to keep coming back to this episode lol

    64. Frosty Domino


    65. William Hensley

      The outro is absolutely amazing.

    66. Dura Cuire

      33:17 KILLED 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    67. radcow

      When tom comes to England I'm going to have words on that English accent 😂😂😂😂 just kidding love ya tom apart from accent

    68. Ellioth Moreno

      I listened to the intro and thought it said Doce Quinientos. I was like DOCE QUINIENTOS!!! 12 500!!!

    69. Rob Hubbell

      You look like Brody in that picture of you in the Arab hat.

    70. RamenNoodles

      Yo creo que toca un episodio o un stand up entero en español. Saludos de un compatriota peruano!