YoungBoy Never Broke Again - FOR THE LOVE OF YB: EPISODE 1..."HE ATTACKS"

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    YoungBoy Never Broke Again's "For The Love of YB" (He Attacks, Episode 1).
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    1. YoungBoy Never Broke Again

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      1. Justin Bobbitt

        Terry Keys man I swear I hope ur from Louisiana talkin like that.

      2. Justin Bobbitt

        Neumann Collins me too😂

      3. Justin Bobbitt

        A YB app fun get bored cause I know u stuck in that house. Listen to my song and tell me if it’s hot. I ain’t lookin for no deal or no shout out. I’m 30 years old I’m over all that shit I got a family. Anyway it’s just a hobby. But if I could get my favorite rapper to check my shit out and give me feed back. It would feel like all those years I did put into it weren’t wasted. I’ve been stopped written for about 2 years now. Anyway search “jmoney shinin” on CZ-news. It’s a video of me swole af in a white T shirt. The video was actually recorded in the halfway house cause I had just got out of prison doin a 5 year bid. Anyway, if u get bored and check that out. I’d b more than greatful. Keep makin them bangers and btw those videos u makin at home don’t get old so keep em comin. U really r a lyrical genius. U never run outta content and ur shots always different. Even if u don’t listen to my shit I hope u see this.

    2. ninja rocket


    3. Isaiah Owens

      Like this if yb got big

    4. HBK June

      Make a game bout how you came up but like gta n you can choose yo girlfriend name n rap name n let niggas try n rap n test you every where you go

    5. keem keem

      "Ha ha ha I WIN" you isss not right boy 😂😂😂😂😂😂 I'm weak asf

    6. keem keem

      Who here watching this again ?

    7. Nichole Tate

      They try to portray him as the bad guy but he's really a cool dude frfr 💚💚💚

    8. GhostYoungBoy

      What is the name of the brand of his jacket that he got on ?

    9. Miss Dee

      What’s the name of that song at the end of the video he was rapping.

      1. King_ William96

        No Cap I been trying to find out too

    10. princess a

      I love you

    11. Slime Szn

      Montana so fine

    12. Youngins chasing paper


    13. Howard Harris

      Watchin this shit like a TV show

    14. Justin Bobbitt

      Bruh Young Boy u got me weak. This is my second time watching this and it was just as funny. He said “say dick u don’t play right”😂 a and when he was mad bout it u said “u gon have to get those bitches cut out”😂 bruh u wreck u b havin me weak. Not to mention u THE RAWIEST ARTIST OUT. AINT NOBODY SAFE💪

    15. Anzario Ortega

      "You gonna let that nigga run down on me like that" 😂

    16. Daquan Murden

      Click link & like if u want to get rich (trap) 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾 🏚🔥🔥

    17. Taj James

      My name is Taj

    18. FREDO SO LIT

      Haha haha it’s fucking smoke 💨 hahaha 😂

    19. FREDO SO LIT

      I watched this video over and over this shit had me laughing 😂

    20. sharon smith

      Whats the name if the some played?

    21. erica alien

      😭😭yb dont know how to play

    22. Flight Productions

      Them niggas ack like they low key scared of the young boy he really didn’t wanna retaliate smh 🤦🏾‍♂️

    23. DriizyXBL

      Wattup mf Louie 😭🦍💚

    24. Thomas Brown

      “Det Boa dropper hes nuts say gangsta”

    25. SwagSamir_3


    26. fuc jit

      What was that song yb was dancing to at the end

    27. Dvine Davis

      I’m happy to see a young black man shining

    28. cardaisha ledet


    29. Weeb Rewinning

      If you from the boot let’s grow together 1k before 2020? Let’s get it for the love for young boy

    30. Se Coya

      Libras don’t play fair 😂😂😂 so fucking funny Im weak as hell 😂

    31. Maurice Markray

      This guys a star

    32. ChrisENT

      4:36 when the evil boss sees the hero die with no checkpoint

    33. Binka Money

      Yb called mantanna daddy at 3:54

    34. Andretti Siddell

      😂😂😂 young boy a fool lmao

    35. fun ok

      yb funny i swear

    36. Wild Boi

      What's up

    37. King Prince

      He was actin normal at the house then at the show that boy was actin slow 😤

    38. Cail Beats


    39. Cj Davis

      Yb said"let me get my water shot back"😂😂

    40. ATL Hip Hop

    41. MoapzzBtw

      Herm was mad af lol

    42. og three

      What’s that 9LokkNine song called

    43. BABY LIVE

      Go subscribe to my channel

    44. Briezie Ruffin

      That smileee😍

    45. Jamesha Price


    46. Soar Reckzo

      He jumped on him with the paint

    47. Soar Reckzo

      You gone have to cut yo hair out wit yo UGLY ASS

    48. Metr0

      When ep 2 coming

    49. Anna Garcia

      Shows a different side to him and I love it❤️ YB will always be my favorite. Hopefully he comes to my city soon cause he’s going to be my first concert 🥰

    50. YouTube Sucks


    51. YSL Josho

      But im still being me ✋🏿🌎

    52. Tony Snow

      That new Nipsey track though 🔥🔥 -

    53. OMG its King

      Show some love listen to this heat

    54. Young_dolla Radio you got to see this

    55. Kelvin Mammah

      YOungNBAboy walk like “HILLS HAVE EYES”movie the weird people in it lol

    56. Quan Townsend

      Name of glocknine song

    57. dbo gtm foreverfree

      This shit ass come better then this be different bro cuz I fucks with ur music

      1. Azaria Mushatt.G

        Willz Esquire shut the fuck up

    58. Tykevion Walker

      YB WHY you won't smoke blacks instead of cigarettes

    59. telllies f5

      Literally the best thing I watched today, wholesome youngboy videos is what we all deserve

    60. SauceyDayDay

      GTA Slime mentality Music Video Check it out and get active

    61. OTFLzz

      what glokknine song dat is

    62. Isaiah Jones

      I just realized the person who is recording is the dude who dose his songs

    63. YouTubeFijityty -gaming

      What’s that song called at the end?

      1. Corie


    64. Joel Burroughs

      What song he singing at 1:20

      1. Simply Nique

        Joel Burroughs House arrest tingz

    65. Patrick J Gray

      £ol" Nigga can with the hold hose£

    66. Brittney TheBrat

      That’s at FAMU!! My school

    67. Dazel Claytor

      That boy listening to gloknine

    68. Titi WitThaFatty

      Who else like he he sing his own music 😂😂😂😂

    69. d spamsL2

      Who else been here since 700k?? Like if you have

    70. Spider Gang Yo

      What kind of outfit that was with thoe air Jordan 13