Young Thug - The London (ft. J. Cole & Travis Scott) [Official Audio]

Young Thug

Young Thug

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    Young Thug - The London ft. (J. Cole & Travis Scott)
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    1. Young Thug

      Meet Me At The London

      1. Jelisa Barnes

        I AM THE 500TH LIKE

      2. Enrico Mafra


      3. Yanique Young

        You paying for my ticket because I’m broke

      4. Jerry Gaming

        500th reply!

    2. Kat Palmer


    3. 89 Baybee

      Cole snapped 🔥🔥 🔥 🔥 👌🏿

    4. Camara Coulter

      Young thug was drunk or sum Thug:bajaashakakansissnjiansndopasj

    5. 7oel

      Meet me at the london yeeeeeeeahhh !

    6. Kamran0074

      Why this ain’t on spotify?

    7. Lil mari13

      100 MILL💪🏽💪🏽💯

      1. Trap Life


    8. Ngure Njoroge

      I supply the city with some bread

    9. leah

      I kinda want him to do another version of this, with just him on it maybe.

    10. 엄태연

      travis hook holly god

    11. It’s Heaven

      Im suprised there is lyrics bc young thug went hfjfhfhfghdhdjdjdjdjdjdhhdh

    12. Jeffrey Vega


    13. Jay Jay

      This song lit 💓😎

    14. denis lika

      Fuck you all guys !!! All you starting to offend Thugger I’m from Albania and i can understand it !!!

    15. Ancientlove bcpdotnet

      can hit ya bitch you can never hit mine nigga😋 ok cole 💃🏿

    16. GGtv Love

      Thug got so many descendants 🐍

    17. MurderMan OTP

      Post malone

    18. Ammar Iftikhar

      100 million views for a no music video. That's how you know the song is good.

    19. Farii yaaad

      When young thug said 豆贝尔维艾克斯 i felt that

    20. Erika Holland

      I’m here only for J Cole once he’s done I’m done here

    21. Kxra Msp

      When young thug started speaking playboi carti's language I felt that

    22. bigboy ligma

      Thugger ruined the song :(

    23. jamal davis

      I'm here for thugger

    24. Agarz

      When he said can hit your bitch you can never hit mine i searched 2 days to see the song that line came from. I FOUND IT YESSSS

    25. Egartuo


    26. Meexi

      100 Mill 🐍

    27. Joey B


    28. Massamien Hema

      Can someone tell me how is this 100 million


      Is it true that Young Thug Collabed with Laioung

    30. Jack Demeo

      We gonna be bumping this on the oldies station in 60 years 😂

    31. Maribel Aquino

      J Cole and través Scott is the best

    32. Ashia Ellis

      Meet me at the London I love it love love it

    33. Daniel Homes

      Song exist : Young thug: Reeeeeeeeee

    34. çykæ Błyæþ

      "I could charge em like a dodge hemi demon"🔥🔥

    35. AL

      21 savage instead of young thug would have made this song 10x better

      1. JetLife 415_504

        Nah😏. 21 flow but this not this track in my opinion

    36. Daniel Macias

      I see the pain in shawtys light brown eyes XX ☔️👀🧿🧬🧿🧬🧬🧬🤮🤮

    37. FoTha FamFTF

      Young Thug was eating on this Record 💯💪🏾💪🏾

    38. Priyank Soni

      When you have to let your sibling young thug rap..... good job on fkin up the track.

    39. Luke Chewbacca


    40. Megalodon Blast

      [Serious] Who wanna feature on my mc parody of this? I need somebody with a voice like young thug, it could be a girl. If you are excited for this to drop sub to me. I got the lyrics almost done and it's coming good. If you wanna talk more about this my Snap is Megalodon_Blast

    41. Kvng Smiley

      Beat Go Hard Asf🔥🔥🔥

    42. CrispyCreamy

      why isn't 21 savage featured?

    43. Ariel Dimarucut

      100mil gang wya?

    44. PineappleBoi

      It’s September of 2019 and I’m hearing this song for the first time

    45. Westonator007

      PLAY IT AT x 0.75 thank me later

    46. Divine Sedonu

      100 mil come one

    47. nikkiglamour fan

      2:57 when your tryna talk but the other person keeps talking at the same time

    48. YB Media

      100 Milli🤫🔥🐍

    49. Kush Hill

      Jcole stay dropping 🔥🔥song hard 💪🏾🙌🏾

    50. lucas vp

      nice music

    51. Real respect

      Forza juve

    52. Andy M

      Young thug speaking Bhojpuri in American accent

    53. phantom

      Why does this shitty mumble rap get 99M views and 836k like what happened to hip-hop/rap music?!

      1. phantom

        @alfie jones I'm not a boomer!

      2. alfie jones

        shut up boomer

    54. WhatAreTurtles

      before 100 mil

    55. LiViD-

      young thug made his own song shit at the end

    56. skybro95

      I freeken love this

    57. Denisha Davis

      Dababy shouldve been featured on this👍👍

    58. Zariah Tv

      Hey anyone would like to support my channel ? I will return the support . Ig:Znizzle_ Follow me

    59. London L

      That's my name

    60. Godof Water

      Yall think youg thug can talk to Carti for us

    61. SilverNBlack Productions

      Whole comment flooded with Thugga hate! 😂

    62. Lijah

      Okay thug

    63. Arjonea Rozay

      Where The Video At ? 😭😭🤦🏽‍♀️

      1. Jamal Polk

        Arjonea Rozay you sleeping lol it’s old now been out 340M views CZ-news it

    64. Too_Short_Corte Tm

      I see the pain in shawty's bright brown eyes.

      1. Sam Perez

        Light brown

    65. Jo Gamingyt

      Guys i think I speak the same language as lil baby and young thug and playboi carti

    66. FinaMafia Crew

      Wea buena Xuxetumsre

    67. A Z

      Were is 21 savage

    68. Johnny Abbouchi

      Young thug wrecked the whole mood for this song thanks mate

    69. CFC 1

      Let's get this to 100mil

    70. Zioło

      ale fajne polska gurom