You Know You are Dating a CZECH Woman When...

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    Are you here for sex tourism?
    Our first video in the European edition! Stay tuned for the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Denmark!
    Everything you need to know about dating a Czech woman in 5 minutes. Let us know if you have more to add
    * WARNING: These are generalizations. Viewer discretion and a sense of humor is advised.
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    Jesse Mickle (videographer/offline editor)
    David Dzotse (sound)
    Tomas Brian (steady cam operator)
    Francesco Berzin Betin (assistant camera/gaffer)
    Andrew James (online editor)
    Rick de Groot (Netherlands)
    Lucie Zachavalova (CZ)
    Sam Goff (CZ)
    Filmed in:
    Prague, CZ
    Brix Hostel and Bar, Prague

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    1. Jan Kvapil

      0:33 the other way around, nice at first, then not😂

    2. Alice Bukasova

      Uhhh I miss prague

    3. Joe Nathan White

      That is so funny cause i was literally just in Prague and i recognized every bit of the video.

    4. Paul the 2 mikolaj Sørensen

      I’m thinking of either dating an Czech woman or an Hungarian girl or polish girl. But I’m still not so sure about it

    5. MisterMan

      Czech woman are fantastic! They are great in sex and look like porn models. I have been to Czech rep few times but have been unable to get a woman myself :(

    6. Jestem Barbara

      When Polish men

    7. Baterka 123

      Actually i am from Czech

    8. McScreen Joe

      You dont date czech woman, they dates you! 😃


      Can you do dating an swedish women

    10. pitersr

      Damn, i would like to know that if i'm mexican i have some oportunity to date someone , man it would be awesome Greetings from México and good vibes all !

    11. aliyah

      sounds right!

    12. Lappu1984

      Czech Be more kind, legalporno put you in the map

    13. jonny mnemonic

      the better question is from a foreigner to check women:“ are you a golddigger?“ Beware lot Golddigger in Checkrepublic

    14. Salo Vásquez

      Please do with swedish guy!

    15. s0beit prod

      English: Cheers! Czech: Na zdravie! Russian: Na zdorovie!

      1. Sklepmistr99

        Wrong. "Na zdravie" is Slovak. :D

    16. Jesse Smith-Garcia

      She made him food for his trip?........WTF!?!

      1. Sklepmistr99

        What's wrong about it?

    17. Jesse Smith-Garcia

      The douchebag in glasses = punch to the face!

    18. 420 gamer

      I'm sorry but if my friend asked me how much my date was I'd never speak to him again. Think it, don't say it. Disrespectful to a whole new level. I don't need friends like that

    19. cankor

      You know you are dating a Czech woman when... You see her in pornhub. XD

    20. John Gonzalez

      Great video Marina! I would love to visit Prague, Czech Republic 🇨🇿 one day to see the lifestyle and culture. Well done!

    21. miler cardich

      I come back to Prague cos i have to be happy with czech girl

    22. Eduardo Miranda

      When she is in a porn movie jeje

    23. Carmelo Pappalardo

      This was one of the best ones.

    24. NYKgjl10

      I've dated two Czech girls in my life time and this video is just about accurate. BTW, Prague is an awesome city. Very underrated!!!

    25. amir ojaq faqihi

      how can u see this and still eager to date a northern girl lol,scandinavia is a fifty shades of grey for men

    26. Haryo Putro

      Prague is very beautiful

    27. bernardo mattos

      I think this guy looks a bit like Hugh Grant haha just saying nice video!

    28. Randoom CZ

      Wow všechno v tomhle videu je vlastně u nás pravda xD

    29. flutingaround

      Wow, Prague is so beautiful.

    30. Bruce Wayne

      Czech yourself before you break yourself.

    31. DaltonofHonour

      This girl is average compared what ive seen i czechia.

    32. Kristian Noel

      I fell in love with a Czech girl, but wasn't lucky enough to date her.

    33. FruAnonym

      I like these videos, but they always portray unbelievers who drink a lot of alcohol, and often go to bed with strangers.

    34. DaltonofHonour

      Now make dating a slovak woman...cuz its not the same AS a czech woman...just similar... thanks.

    35. Bac Burrito

      what, is that it? 3 things? Lame, you forgot gold digger and miserable.

    36. Bat Husband

      when shes born in the czech republic

    37. Mario Caceres

      So czech streets and public agent were not scripted at all

    38. Ann Nobi

      Can I be a part of this family...can I get internship to this

    39. Кучерявый Выблядок

      Prague is very beautiful. I'm glad that communists didn't ruin its acrhitecture as they did with Moscow and S-Petersburg

    40. David Louda

      This is plain. There is so much to say/show about czech women but you chose these nothing-really-telling lines .. pity

    41. BBallMixtape

      You should make a video on Serbian woman...they are gorgeous.

    42. Monomi

      the guy in this video... 😍 does he have instagram?

    43. Fire Line

      If I were him and some drunk asked me if "she was for sale", I would have told him to f*** off!

    44. Daniel Grossman

      How about Slovak?

    45. XxWraith24xX

      I don’t know why, but I like women with an accent. Like a Russian trying to speak English. I don’t like British accents though, or Chinese women speaking English.

    46. Annie Be

      what about the Czech and Polish men? I'm still looking for the videp

    47. van de jonge

      I like czech women looking for love and mariage

    48. mountain dew

      Czech girls eat cabbage for 3 meals a day. They also have a huge ass and drink too much

    49. Mike Munoz

      Very accurate. But you didn't stress their bluntness and directness enough. They also have few inhibitions as I found out when a colleague insisted I come and see the giant poo she just produced. Apparently it was a foot long, but she couldn't understand why I didn't want to see it...

      1. Mike Munoz

        @Србомбоница I assure it was true. However I really didn't want to see it as she was incredibly attractive and it would have put me off her lol. She was also arrested for stripping off completly in Prague and getting into a fountain. She was one of those girls that lit up the room when she entered it and everybody fell in love with her, male or female.

    50. Данил Солодовник

      Привет братьям и сестрам из Чехии!! (Россия).

    51. Καπτεν Χαρλοκ

      when she's extremely HOT and a Pornstar

    52. Rômulo St. Virgínio

      Ohh... Czech women seem to be nice

    53. Tarek Taher

      this vid is poor and says nothing about real cz girls !

    54. Paul


    55. TheOpinionchannel for you

      Why do so many women in these videos have big foreheads?

    56. Brian Sussex

      Been married to a Czech woman for 5 years now.

    57. hecller22

      Dont date Czech woman! Go MGTOW first! They are worst as in other coutries. Engl../us...

    58. John Harrington

      way better than american girls!

    59. Soccervevo1

      Anyone know the name of the music at 2:12?

    60. Lord Publius

      Is there much of a cultural difference between Czech and Slovakian women?

    61. *Sabina*

      One about Serbian and Croation men/women would be cool.. even a half and half of each natio and others..

    62. ripperduck

      eastern european women far better than usaamerican women...

    63. KenTech41


    64. Bardo Rubio

      Here to find dream woman?

    65. Azer Efendizade

      Czech Republic is the most beer drinking country.

    66. darchapo

      ...when she asks you for money before sex.

    67. Penultimate Hortator

      She better be one fine lady to distract me from all that culture and history in Prague.

    68. Treviscoe

      she thrashes you at tennis?

    69. Ian Andrews

      I had a Czech girlfriend and she hated beer

    70. Re Né

      the most importatn thing about Czech girls to know is, they like "rychly prachy" :D just give them a lot of monney and they will open to you