You Can’t Con a Con Artist If You’re Also a Con Artist - Key & Peele

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    Two con artists attempt to out-con each other.
    About Key & Peele:
    Key & Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from “Gremlins 2” to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as wide-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama’s Anger Translator.

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    1. Dominique

      " I'm on my 9th purchase apparently and you can't fake that.." 😂😂😂

    2. ASLTW

      Subscribe to my fitness channel and get motivated

    3. Vulgar

      I got about half way through and almost died of boredom

      1. Dominique

        You wouldn't feel that way if you actually knew some dudes like this 😂

    4. zi'Krona br

      now thx to key and peel Ik that if anybody ever calls me bigman I better just fuck right off

    5. Abhishek Jaybhay

      They are great actors as well .....

    6. Garrantz Fisher

      Lol “ biggest of men” at the end 😆

    7. Errold Tumaque

      This skit got me saying Big Man every day now

    8. Xastur Speaks

      Its a training video for black on black crime. When you become an employee with the NAACP they make you do training with videos like this.

    9. Elijah Mikaelson

      If you try to con a con artist you end up conning yourself.

    10. Randizle Peregoy

      I’ve been approached by people DEAD ON exactly like this 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    11. Jasmine

      Borders and Bally’s!!! Lol. They have both been dead and gone for years now. 😂

      1. Junior James

        Bally's went Bankrupt??? Damn! I've been living overseas since 2012 and didnt know. I bet Planet Fitness destroyed it.

    12. Logan

      Big maa big maa big maaa

    13. TripleDog Dare

      I've met a ton of those guys in Bangkok, but they are always white dudes from Britain and it always starts off with...Hey mate, I lost my passport.....

    14. Jim Shorts

      Wow,these guys suck.

    15. Julie t

      “Hey big man big man”, “BIGGEST of man” ☠️

    16. resortpoint

      Their ATM codes are: 1,2,3,4 and 1,2,3...5 😂

    17. villerider oak boys

      Biggest of big man im gonna use that on my boss 😂 see what happens

    18. sakuraba86

      I love their vocabulary. And I remember a black guy pulling this scam 10 years ago when I was a kid delivering pizza. Hilarious sketch.

    19. David Licqurish

      I wanted one to pull out a ssn card with the numbers of 00-00-0000 😂

    20. Cyana Collington

      I love these guys

    21. Paul Castro

      Capitol Hill in a nutshell

    22. Raul Flores

      This happens when you enter certain neighborhoods.

    23. El California USA

      Hella lit out here in the Nor Cal redwoods. 🔥🌱💨👽

    24. Brandon Bonds

      This some deep down behind your gut crazy, got an instant 6 pack laughing so hard. My laugh started laughing

    25. Julien Mirval

      You know the accent is strong when the subtitles are automatically generated to Dutch!

    26. James Jones

      How does this scam usually work out? Like, what’s the battle plan?

    27. Jaris Starling

      My wife was in the astronaut program making her a full fledged astronaut

    28. A Ciullo

      In Florida, they don't even bother with the back story. It's just "Hey there playa, you got some money I could have?"

    29. Fenix _

      I have no idea wtf just happened? Edit: nvm

    30. AJ BOOMER

      Lmao 😂😂😂

    31. Dirty Randy

      This is funny but.. these people really exist by the thousands.

      1. Dominique

        @enemyofPETA dont worry, just pay it forward instead. New beginnings are a beautiful thing and you never knew when you can help someone else get a fresh start or prospective

      2. enemyofPETA

        It's very true. I did this exact scam in downtown L.A. wearing a suit and tie. I had the same excuse while carrying a gas can. Back then, I did anything I could to satisfy my heroin habit. I'm glad I don't have to live like that anymore, thank if I could find the people that gave me money and reimburse them somehow.

    32. JeBron Lames

      "i'm on my 9th purchase, apparently"

    33. Datboyrush !

      This new episode?

    34. Chaotic Run

      The auto-generated Dutch caption around 1:10 is pretty hillarious.

    35. Kiki Graham


    36. Fuckシャン

      i wish people talked like this all the time

    37. booga Dawg

      I met ppl like this before

    38. Briana R

      LOL, I met somebody just like this at a freaking gas station. He had kids and all in the car talking about his family was homeless and I offered to buy him some groceries and he didn’t want to take me up on my offer so I left.

    39. Welm nineeight do you inhale Moon Dust? ROFL!!!

    40. joeny1980

      Recently I was told "today is my birthday".

    41. Limitless Entity

      Aks a question

    42. Tituobaklat

      Was in Walmart and I heard “hey big man” 🙄😑 im not handing out money today🖕🏽

    43. Cameron Clark

      "very impressive" lmfao

    44. Funkmaster Red

      And your code is? 1234 😂

    45. Mark. V.Dmytriyev

      I like how he called him brother rather than big man

    46. royal thomas

      Moon dust in her lungs lmfao😀😀😀

    47. ewandric

      Boss man, Big man, Bruh bruh, Kind Sir, Brotha brotha brotha, and on and on and on... outside every door in America.

    48. crazycutz

      How Donald Trump started out.. 😀 👍🏾

    49. Reydesel Solis

      Im not a tall person, you call me Big Man and I fold like a lawn chair.

    50. Wannabe Healthy

      “Fried her whole head up” 😂

    51. Tommy Vaughan

      "I also have a spousal injury crisis on my midst." ha!

    52. J.R. Millstone

      It's like watching 2 NPC characters trigger each other's dialogue options.

      1. Herp Derp

        @J.R. Millstone millennial

      2. J.R. Millstone

        @Herp Derp ok boomer

      3. Herp Derp

        @J.R. Millstone I assure you, everyone who is a conservative is one under their own volition. Everyone who is a liberal is ether mentally challenged, naive, or persuaded by the promise of free shit at others expense. And speaking of conspiracy theories.... how did russia gate work out for ya? How about Cavanaugh? Impeachment based on fairytales? careful with those stones in that glass house....

      4. J.R. Millstone

        @Herp Derpyou're right, but only because if they were right wingers they would only be talking about conspiracy theories and asking people to join their cult.

      5. Herp Derp

        So, two leftists having a conversation?

    53. MRBJT51

      That is every other person loitering a big city or small town mall/grocery/store parking lot.... had one dude yelling at me across the parking lot at a grocery store screamin' "yo big man! yo big man! can I help you save some money?!" ... And without even breaking stride I said, "naahhh, I'm good" ....he got mad and said in a pissy tone, "So you don't wanna save any money huh?....aight then man" haaa

    54. montez powell

      I caint stand people like this

    55. Ivo Ivanov

      “Biggest of men” 😂😂😂

    56. J W

      Cake is for liberal faggots

    57. Greg Rubin

      Funniest duo out there.

    58. Ethan Kunz

      Like trying to relax on a beach in a 3rd world country. There is a reason private resorts are popular.

      1. ISSAR 2019

        Your point being

    59. Mark Spence

      We in a fiduciary crisis up in this mofo!!

    60. Nerwik

      Hey a piece of paper flew out of Peele behind at 0:38

    61. Mz. Fancy Babydoll

      A guy ask me the other day at the shell station for some extra change to get home, so I gave him 30 cents. He looked confused when I did cause he saw I had dollar bills in my purse.

    62. Jaydn Taylor

      1:06 “ I’m on my 9th purchase apparently, and you can fake that” 😂😂

      1. __ijah the goat

        Favorite part

    63. O.B.

      If I’m at the gas station to buy beer and I have an extra dollar on me I don’t really mind giving it to someone who wants it for “gas”... if I’m drinking we all drinking tonight lol

    64. Nicolas Noisette

      Goodness this gives such Chicago Vibes it's hilarious but also dissapointing

    65. Gooch the Baptist

      " wife's an astronaut, and she has moon dust in her lungs..." I gotta use that one😁

    66. bondonsky 500

      Ay if them atm's were outside like that in England maaan we have smash & grad that shit in our country everything (ATM) are bolted down to the floor they do really have them outside like that do they?

    67. Fuckgoogle Googlesucks

      oh my god, nobody ever taught me anything about american con artists when I moved here all alone. I was just coned the other day!!! exactly the same!!!! ID cards!!!!

    68. The Hanging Garden

      This sketch was made only for the biggest of men

    69. VortalexTheDruid

      This is basically my city

    70. saint strawman

      "Big man big man" lol con artists all say that