Xavier Omär, Sango - What Do We Do? (Audio) ft. Parisalexa

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    Xavier Omär & Sango - "What Do We Do?" feat. Parisalexa out now!:smarturl.it/WDWD
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    1. Desiree Martinez

      Intro: Xavier Omär & Sango] Talk to me, tell me, baby (Ooh, woah) Talk to me, tell me, oh (Tell me, yeah, ohh, woah) Yeah [Verse 1: Xavier Omär & Sango] We got comfortable (Ooh, yeah, yeah) Maybe that's why I feel like I'm in control (Ooh, yeah, yeah) Meanwhile, now the love just feels occasional Where's that smile we used to have? (Yeah) I tell jokes, and you get mad (Uh) You think I'm still in the past (Didn't we?) Didn't we used to try when we got started? (Baby, didn't we?) Now we can't even lie, this ain't our hardest (Yeah, yeah, yeah) I think we can bring it back Tell me what you care about, air it out [Chorus: Xavier Omär & Sango] What do we do now? (Hey) What do we do now? (Hey) What do we do now? (Hey) What do we do now? (Hey) Do now? What do we do? We don't make no moves, we don't make no moves together (What do we do?) We were one, now two, we were one, now two, together (What do we do?) I know we're not finished, I don't wanna end it But we gotta figure it out [Verse 2: Parisalexa] You used to think of my love like a prize (Prize) A prize to earn I feel like I'm losin' you to your pride (Pride) Now I gotta let it burn Go through the motions, emotions complacent, I hate it Feel like our love is degraded Maybe I'm crazy for waitin' If you ain't gon' say it then, boy, I'ma say it, oh For you, it's worth it to work it out (Oh, oh) Ain't nothing perfect but I'm nervous now Don't wanna feel like a burden But I gotta say something, baby, I'm hurtin' So what are we gonna do? You asked me, and I gave you the truth I don't know, I don't wanna let go, 'cause I'm still in love with you [Chorus: Xavier Omär & Sango, Parisalexa, Both] What do we do now? (Hey) What do we do now? (Hey, I need to know) What do we do now? (Hey) (What do we, what do we?) What do we do now? What do we do now, do now? (What do we do? Yeah, yeah) We don't make no moves, we don't make no moves together (Baby, make no moves, what do we do?) We were one, now two, we were one, now two, together (What do we do?) I know we're not finished (No, no) I don't wanna end it (I know) But we gotta figure it out [Outro: Xavier Omär & Sango] Ooh, ooh Can we figure it out? Talk to me, tell me, baby Oh

    2. Raymond Ezell

      Javi you really outdid yourself with this album fam! 🔥🔥

    3. Mahathi Baskar

      He givin me James Blake n some Frank ocean vibezz💙

    4. monocle barbie

      I love your ability to connect through your music, I relate to this one a lot rn

    5. asthmatic

      Xavier & sampha 2020 🤞

    6. Vanessa Sanches


    7. HUNTENT247

      Like Playa ft. Aaliyah. Dope 90's feel.

    8. STD

      I don't know what we are doing now... But I love it 🔥🔥😍😍

    9. Sofi AF

      I went to highschool with Paris, she's such an amazing singer!

      1. Carl Myvett

        I'm from Chicago but went to the same school shs

    10. Milena Silva

      𝑷 𝑬 𝑹 𝑭 𝑬 𝑰 𝑻 𝑨 🔥🔥

    11. Thapelo Msdiba

      Go xavier❤😢

    12. Nicole Jasmine

      💕 2019 ✔

      1. Mr. Mister

        Two first names huh? I dig it lol..

    13. Koopa Karmichael

      Damn....been needing this!

    14. Derrell Turner

      Reminds me of a group called "Playa" from the 90s.... The harmony goes hard!

    15. Detroit Made

      Just found this on accident. Glad I did ...

      1. Mr. Mister

        It was no accident my friend.. Good music finds you..

    16. Cintia

      WOW blessed be the shuffle

    17. Keiira S.

      Another hit song. So underrated

    18. ShawtiiLoC

      I had to actually look at the video, I thought this was the group Playa.

    19. Sunshine All the time

      My soul is happy...

    20. Themba Dombo

      anything that Sango is gold

    21. Nokwanda Senamile

      Love this😍

    22. D.J. Parson

      Where you been.. been needing this..

    23. V


    24. Saymon 16


    25. ken maddskillz

      Sick track

    26. Alex R

      Not sure how I got here but this shit slaps

      1. Mariam Elomari


    27. Nikia Handy

      ok this songggg is firreeeee

    28. ygrnflacko


    29. Taurus Richardson

      154 Haters Y’all ...

      1. Taurus Richardson

        Mariam Elomari ridiculous

      2. Mariam Elomari


    30. Nesha boo

      lit vibes

    31. Jazine Rodriguez

      just discovered this and I'm in love 😍😍😍

    32. Nimz Nemisha

      THIS IS FIRE !!

    33. Myke Owiti

      Story of my life 🔥🔥

    34. Zachary Bernard Carlton

      Brianna dead. Owner. Gaily. Owner.

    35. Zachary Bernard Carlton

      Titus. Titan.

    36. Dee Jay

      Dis Bitch Bustin"

    37. Ce Ce Martin

      Good 1

    38. Samantha W.

      Damn 🔥

    39. Nxongotelo Sondlane

      Can he do a NPR desk concert already *fire*fire*fire*

    40. KO Doom

      Sango! My top 3 favorite producer. Clams Casino and Dpat are the others. Eric Dingus close up.

    41. Deirdre Evans

      I love his voice....smooth sounds always

    42. Isaiah Abney

      You ever accidentally stumble upon some fire ?

      1. Jazine Rodriguez

        Just happened to me

      2. Dee Jay

        OMG!..track smacking

    43. Rain Bow

      Jesus what a song! THOSE VOCALS

    44. D Lyn

      Yezzz, very pleased indeed Thanks again fellas🙏🏽

    45. Tuugasala Leiato


    46. teebdolo

      I don't know how this song got in my playlist I'm not going to lie I don't even know the artist but the song is fire. permanently my playlist now

    47. keeya wamuri

      Damn does the whole world go through this?? Seems like true love is always on the back burner.. Pride and ego is a mf Song is 🔥🔥🔥

      1. keeya wamuri

        @Director Curt Soul sad truth

      2. Director Curt Soul


    48. Sebastian Martinez

      Played this song to my friends with out even listening to it .

    49. jjking333


    50. jay busa

      This man cant make a bad song...

    51. Baldy Garner

      🎶🎤🎧Wow! Dope!🎧🎤🎶

    52. Parisalexa


    53. Just Dre'a

      Omar love you. Song slaps. Like all the rest ❤

    54. Just Dre'a


    55. vanessa perez

      can yall make an album together? ❤😭

    56. Shakur509 Tupac

      New music yay!!!

    57. Christopher Mejia

      YESSSS!! 😭🔥🔥

    58. InKognito Brees

      Ayyeeee 😍

    59. Becky Farinloye


    60. H.T JR

      They smoked this song, can't wait to hear this live.

    61. Demi


    62. schio.m. chio

      Go Paris!😤🎤

    63. That Dude

      Love love love Xavier and Sango!!!!!!! 🔥❤!!!!

    64. naim williams

      More Dope Shit from this kid !!! Fire!!!

    65. Monique Gainey

      B4 the song even starts u hit the like button cuz u jus alrdy know 💪💪💞💖💖🎀

      1. Clarissa Vasquez

        I literally did that after listening to UMI

      2. Ninoaz

        ikr, when i see xavier omär or sango or both, i click and like instantly !

      3. Corina Hill

        YASSS ✨🖤💯

      4. naim williams

        Monique Gainey Yep!! Me and and you are HERE. *pointing to my eyes and yours with two fingers*. 🤣

    66. Nwabisa Mazana

      oh my god.

    67. Charles Ray

      Can't wait to see him in Houston..!! This is Smoother than 1000 count silk sheets..!

    68. Enhle Pretty

      Okay I think we will be getting an Album soon 🔥🔥💣💣

    69. J Call

      Banger 🔥 🔥 🔥 2019 vibe what do we do now lets keep gettin this $$$$$$$$ bonnie & Clyde 2020

    70. Aminah Alston

      Awwwww, Yeah, nice to hear some new music from this great artist. Great love songs, music that talks about real love and love situations. That's what gets people through, thank you for your artistry.