WOW! Marcelito Pomoy Sings "The Prayer" With DUAL VOICES! - America's Got Talent: The Champions

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    Marcelito Pomoy performs both Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli's parts in this rendition of "The Prayer"! After winning Pilipinas Got Talent in 2011, Marcelito is ready to show the world his incredible voice.
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    "America’s Got Talent: The Champions" brings together the world’s most talented, memorable and all-around fan-favorite acts from past seasons of "AGT" and the other "Got Talent" franchises, spanning 194 territories.
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    Last winter’s #1 most-watched alternative series, “America’s Got Talent: The Champions,” returns for a second season. The series will feature a star-studded panel of judges, including executive producer Simon Cowell, global superstar Heidi Klum, “AGT’s” longest-running judge Howie Mandel and the newest addition - singer, songwriter and author Alesha Dixon, who joins “Champions” from the smash hit “Britain’s Got Talent.” Terry Crews, star of NBC’s “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and People magazine’s “Sexiest TV Host,” returns as host. “America’s Got Talent: The Champions” brings together the world’s most talented, memorable and all-around fan-favorite acts from past seasons of “AGT” and from the other “Got Talent” franchises around the globe.
    WOW! Marcelito Pomoy Sings "The Prayer" With DUAL VOICES! - America's Got Talent: The Champions
    America's Got Talent

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    1. Opportunity For life

      Unbeatable talent. This is not human. This is heavens talent.. this is the actual voice from heaven..

    2. Zreai

      A Filipino singer is onw thing A *Champion* Filipino singer is another thing.

    3. Lajos ifj Drázsnyák

      Már Jimmy rég megcsinálta! :) / Füstös éjszaka blues /

    4. edgardo banzot

      Full version of the prayer by marcelito pomoy

    5. Joy Brequillo

      People should appreciate natural talents. Filipinos are so talented. Proud one here 😍😍😍

    6. LCL - Tambay Dighay at iba pa

      Next song "The Power of Love"

    7. Kirsten Renee Gobenciong

      GO MARCELITO! I am one proud filipina right now! 🇵🇭😁 LETS MAKE HIM WIN GUYS!!! And c'mon this is #1 TRENDING!! GO MARCELITO WERE HERE FOR YOU! 🇵🇭😁💕

      1. D A Z E

        Diwow ulol

    8. Joy Brequillo

      Philippines! Philippines! Philippines! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    9. Joy Brequillo

      Congratulations po Mr. Marcelito Pomoy ❤❤❤❤

    10. Edgar Victoria

      I wonder why there are no any comments from Italians???

    11. Neck Breaker


    12. Winifer delos Reyes

      Proud Pilipino

    13. shinouten 20

      Like mo to!! Kung nakisakay ka sa success ni Marcelito 👇👇👇

    14. Jade Pinalba

      Filipino pride 🇵🇭

    15. Jerick


    16. shinouten 20

      Fellow countrymen joining on international contest Rest of the world : Congratulations!!! 😍😍 Philippines : Proud to be pinoy! 🤮🤮

    17. Jackielou Estraña

      Sobrang linis nung pagkakakanta grabeee

    18. T Y S O N T Y L E R

      1 week still #1 trending .. DANNNGGG!!!

    19. abigail benedicto

      Marcelito Pomoy: 1 week ago 15M views. V.Unbeatable: After 1 week....

    20. Lonzo Ball

      This is worth a golden buzzer

    21. Mary Grace Compacion

      We're proud of you Marcelito from our country PHILIPPINES 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🤗👏👏👏👏

    22. Flora Graza

      @):- 🎤🎶🎵 Philippines 🎤🎶🎵(*) (*)

    23. jonjon soriano

      pang golden na ung talent nya

    24. Xoxo XLmen

      Subscribe AGT only 14,5m but the viewers in one week in marcelito pomoy 15m viewers (AGT)🇵🇭🇺🇲

    25. Mag iinit ka manyakis

      Filipino ako Ikaw ba ??

    26. Vincent Alexander

      How is the boogie storm worthy of the golden buzzer? I mean...just look at this...LOOK..AT..THIS..! could you?

    27. JC Flores

      Still #1 trending! 👌❤️❤️❤️🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

    28. Eugene James Perez

      Damn this almost made me cry

    29. Katrina Byrd

      I can sing, but even my range isn't that wide. He deserved that buzzer.

    30. Clarisse Joy Tolentino Cruz

      I saw Marcelito Pomoy earlier in SM city San lazaro 😂😀

    31. iTachi Senpai

      Ill never get tired watching every youtube videos titled "Marcelito singing THE PRAYER" everytime it pops up to my suggested videos. ❤❤❤

    32. ryunel raquitico

      sure win

    33. mintaellectual

      PLS PLS PLS LET HIM BE A MAINSTREAM RECORDING ARTIST PLS PLS PLS HE DESERVES IT SO SO SO MUCH. i d go as far as to say he is better than some of the mainstream singers on the radio right now he sings with so much heart pls i need this filipino representation 😭😭 i am so so proud of him

    34. Jay eL Carlos

      Honestly, this is the only act on The Champions that gives me chills from the start and end of the performance. Marcelito, alot of goosebumps is everywhere. You are the best performer so far.

    35. Chester A.B.A.

      The song LISTEN is what i recommend for him to sing(for the next level)... #Loveit...❤

    36. Janice Villanueva

      The Judges Want to see more from him..that is why they didn't Gave the Golden Buzzer..

      1. jackass gabriel

        Janice Villanueva true me too and im sure more viewers what that also.. and i want to see their reactions

    37. Ballesteros TV

      #1 trending 💪

    38. MY VIDEOS


    39. ScorpionMassive

      Here is the full version of the Prayer sung by Marcelito while he was on the Bus (Wish 107.5FM)

    40. Baby Moto

      God Bless Marcelito...

    41. Cromwell Lazaro

      God allowed Marcelito's life to be miserable at the beginning so that he would not become arogant to the talent that God gave him. Until now he remains humble. God uses him to be a good example to many people around the world. Marcelito take good care of his talent and even polished it today. He should choose good song for semi final and medley for Final round to showcase his raw unique talent. He doesnt have dual voices but four! 1, Andrea Boceli 2, Celine Dion, 3 he can also mimic Regine Velasquez and 4 his original voice. Her wife is so lucky because he will never leave her after they've been left by her own mother. There are so many good deeds on this boys life to be inspired by many. Kudos to this guy and Glory to God. Epic to the sound system of 107.5 just wow

    42. Jj Aclupirt

      Sing A Whole New World for the next round.. 😁

    43. Sisubalan Selvan

      Its good but not the first time i watch a person be able to use dual voice. Hope he will go far in this competition but hopefully he dont win the title. No more singer

    44. harold labita

      4:25 At tumigil ang mundo🎶🎶😂🤣

    45. Ayapaps

      50M n just 1week...😍😊

    46. Wang Qin Xion Tony

      If you haven't yet heard Marcelito sing Power of Love, please do! It's unbelievable!

    47. Jannex Casing

      why the girl need to be on stage? marcelito can pretty handle himself. i mean i watch so many AGT participants but no one bring any family members and really!!? you speak for your brothers behalf!? dont show your self on the stage stupid sister.

    48. Colette Sky

      Big Like Marcelito!!

    49. Maxfaii 22

      Filipinos person is suck a talented😍 : Froud a filipino her😊

    50. pcp 17

      I bet Nickelodeon already fighting 4 this mans signature

    51. Bgbtay Briggs

      They should have gave him the golden buzzer

    52. REAL Z

      #1 trending skrrrrt!!

    53. Adam Doroon

      Andrea Bocelli would not know if it is Celine or it is Marcelito. lmao

    54. Games 4 Life OFFICIAL

      It's been a week but it's still on #1 Trending 😊 #MarcelitoPomoy

    55. Shaila Ann Martin

      Proud filipino🤗❤️



    57. prevail the truth


      1. Hava Nagila

        prevail the truth ...TRUTH shall prevail...

    58. Claudine Gunday-Ramos


    59. Diane Weinberg

      Stunning. . .beautiful. Wow!

    60. Worship song Nic

      Omg! I can't stop watching it.

    61. Jamil Tang

      This is Universal Class

    62. Chris evans

      I got married in the Philippines last year....I have known about this artist for a long time and wanted him to sing at the wedding. My wife advised against it and now I'm sat here gutted

    63. 1.2 Million Views

      Philippines should move to the spotlight, they're the should be the admirer of nations, no racist, drug free, and most of all is they're loving and cops are loving, unlike the one nation there, lots of racist, bad cops, poor health care, they even left viet South alone while fighting the communist, such a disgracr

    64. Dj Nelly Ortega

      15M views. simple as that.

    65. The UNFORGETABLE Moment

      wow 15 millions and still counting

    66. Pinoy Chicha

      Marcilito Pomoy should sing again a DUET SONG on his next round. The best song that I can suggest for him is.... FINALLY FOUND SOMEONE.

      1. Hava Nagila

        They said, "TIME TO SAY GOODBYE" is a masterpiece...

    67. weng weng

      still #1 on trending😍😍😍

    68. Azren YT

      1 week trending #1 here in Philippines until now let's support Marcelito Pomoy on his upcoming performance to all asians and non-asians Cause We win as One 💓🇵🇭🇮🇩🇹🇭🇺🇸

    69. Bhea C

      He's worthy of the Golden buzzer but Simon wants Pomoy to show more. He amazes everyone here. Good job Marcelito.

    70. Red Fox

      15M views?'s getting up more..cos he's really amazing..he deserved it..he deserve to win it...❤👍👍👍