WOW! H3H3 BTS KPOP Controversy & Backlash, Walmart Santa Apology, New Zealand Volcano, & India Bill

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    Ethan Klein’s BTS Comment:
    Walmart Gets Backlash Over Controversial Holiday Sweaters:
    8 Missing in New Zealand Volcano Eruption:
    Protests Erupt in India in Over Proposed Citizenship Bill:
    AOC and Bernie Sanders Ask for HIV Medicine Patent to be Rejected
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    Produced by: Amanda Morones
    Art Director: Brian Borst
    Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Cory Ray, Neena Pesqueda, Katie Calo
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    1. Philip DeFranco

      Fun Fact: I watch TWICE "Heart Shaker" at least once a day. Totally ignorant to most of the KPOP world but it instantly brings a smile to my face. Anyway have a great day. Timecodes: Ethan vs KPOP (00:08), Walmart Banned a shirt so now everyone wants one (2:46), TIA (4:19), New Zealand Volcano (5:56), India's Controversial New Bill (7:53)

      1. Ksya 47

        I'm totally ok with TWICE, but for BTS... It's ok just for the music. For the fanbase... yeah.... idk why they crazy for them too much

      2. Veloricca Jenson

        Whoa..From all of the kpop girl group out there, you listen to Twice. Idk why i feel happy about this 😄😳😂

      3. J smoothmoves

        Philip DeFranco I just need to know is sana gay?

      4. Mr.J.

        This made me respect h3h3 again.

      5. Sarang Kim

        I didnt know Philip was a ONCE. so cute

    2. Dog Eater

      Ain't Ethan a grown ass man himself(with a wife and a kid 2), he is also capitalizing off a young audience bcuz of his #edgy humor and that he "has guts enough" to post it. I swear ppl busts a nut to him now n then bcuz who does not like his hairy man boobs. Jokes aside, dear Ethan please settle down and stop being so ignorant about your "opinions" not actually hurting others feelings and minds mindsets. #H3H3settledown

    3. JentheryPurplesYou

      Fanbases are very diverse. I'm not denying that some kpop stans are odd like that, but not all. We would have respected if you would have just said that you dont like kpop and left it there. Some people also get mad if you say you dont like kpop, buy rarely. Please don't judge a whole genre based on a few bad eggs. Most kpop stans will be perfectly fine and treat you the same and respect your opinions. Everyone has something they love, please respect it! I'm not trying to start fights, but rather than facts perhaps he was listing insults? Please do not give me hate, I'm a peaceful person but I personally this has gone too far. Edit: Okay so I wrote this in the beginning of the video. Now I'm a little more upset. It didnt seem like a joke to many. And, do you really think those suicides are our fault? Tell that to the people who tried to help them and always said positive things to them. Edit 2: but also I would forgive you because everyone has their own opinion and their will always be people who criticize.

    4. ep zEze

      I mean, if he was going to make a joke about some weird fans then he should make it sure to define 'some', not make it seem like the whole fanbase is like that.

    5. ChainMBL

      Damn either this comments section didn't understand what Ethan said or can't take criticism and calling him a racist

    6. Justice Lee

      BTS members are not gay. They are normal person in Korea. They are just handsome and talented. Ethan has no knowledge about other countries. I mean he is really narrow minded like a fish in a little pond.

    7. joc

      the comments full of hurt kpop fans LMAOOOOOOOO

    8. Laetitia Chang

      i don't like kpop - okay i hate kpop- ummm little girls - well you dont know us

    9. Nifty Spark

      I listen to Kpop but I don't like the fandom. And about that old guy Ethan, I don't know him, so hearing a "middle eastern looking bearded strange fat guy" call East Asian men gay and say something inappropriate about young girls ain't funny.

    10. Shahin 111

      He didn’t mind when people were going crazy for bands like 1D but just because BTS is the first kpop band to become worldwide famous, he couldn’t digest it 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻If he would have just left it at “ I don’t like kpop,don’t get it” it would have been just fine but he insulted people who like bts and kpop called them lil girls jerking off to kpop boys.He sexualised our love for BTS and called it a sexual fetish.Btw I’m 26 from India so not a little girl but yes armies don’t have any age or place or any kind of limit. Let me explain why people love BTS so much. There are plenty of things to love about BTS, and it’s easy enough to fall for the group’s quality music, spectacular choreographies, and lovable members. But one of the reasons BTS has become so widely popular is that people connect with their music on a deeply personal level: their songs are about following dreams, challenging norms, and staying true to yourself in the face of uncertainty. Because the members themselves overcame adversity to achieve their dreams, they have an incredible gift for penning lyrics that inspire audiences around the world to do the same.

    11. Edwin Kharisma Prawira

      Who cares, people can have opinions about anything. Ethan is being real to his character and there's nothing wrong with that.

    12. Mayank Prasad

      Make India Mulla Free.

    13. musicloverin CALI

      Ethan is just one more disappointing human on social media who just simply does not give two shits about what the hell comes out of his mouth.... ugh.

    14. Ha Ha Haa!

      K-Pop Creeps me out. Fire me. Disclaimer: If you disagree, don't -kill- don't do anything drastic. Okay? While your thing is popular, just know that not everyone likes what you like.

    15. wolclaw

      the india story is concerning although if the government used it in the way you implied i'd imagine that the bill would also have to pass through india's high courts where it could be struck down

    16. Blah BlahBlah

      As a kpop fan, I don't understand why BTS blew up either - but I just don't get why people hate kpop that much. I can take jokes, but he's not the only one that hates it to "that extent".

    17. H H

      I’m not a fan of Kpop either but what Ethan said is bigger than Kpop. It’s racist and disgusting. He just finds an excuse to talk about it publicly.

    18. Adolf Caillou the Great VI

      I fucking love ethan and hila.

    19. Other Helen

      Why did I just get the notification for this

    20. trivia seesaw outsold

      its not about a "hobby" being mocked. he straight up said being attracted to asian men is disgusting. he was being racist and homophobic and ableist. end of story.

    21. Momonga :D

      as a korean, obsessive white girls ruined kpop lmao

    22. LittleMissMe510

      Man, the Afterlife trailer looks cool af tho, I can't wait to see it

    23. Spanty

      "I'm not a K-pop fan but what he said was mean." ETHAN SAID SOMETHING MEAN ON THE INTERNET OH NO!

    24. 고등 지능 ODINS trash

      Fans are okay...but Stan’s are not, they are simply the scum of the earth, the cancer, the flies feeding off the carcass.

    25. TheCoca84

      God I wish I could have got a snowman sweater. That shit is HILARIOUS!

    26. TheMonking406

      I want the Santa let it snow shirt, that shits funny, also I didn't know it existed before this story, so good advertising people that are angry about this

    27. Joey Clemenza

      never thought H3H3 was all that great... bunch of 50 year old assholes sitting around in their cool beanies (indoors) talking about how everything sucks... what a concept.

    28. Mucefita Donelly

      Ethan's comments were flat out racist and homophobic. I'm not familiar with his channel or podcast so I'm not familiar with his comedic tone so this may be just how he acts always. Yet, another example of an entitled white dude calling out men of other races twinks and theor fans underage girls wanking to them is absolutely ridiculous.

    29. Thais

      The same people saying it is just a joke are the same people big mad over kpop stans posting fancams underneath comments.

    30. Emma mcdonnell

      I have been a fan of kpop since middle school, but i liked it for the music, lyrics, and the fun variety shows where i got to know the idols. Now i have been attracted to these idols before because come on some of those idols are insanely attractive. But it has never gotten to such a ‘fetish’ stage before where I would masturbate to them. that is just degrading my hobbies to just a disgusting kink. what makes Ethans comment even worse is how he just assumes that is what kpop is all about. like he doesn’t realize some of those groups talk about educational and political issues that is important for the younger generations to hear. I mean BTS had a whole album trilogy helping their fan base embrace the idea that they are able to love themselves. the fact that Ethan brushes past this, and only sees their fans as “little girls jerking off to little kpop boys” is insulting to the bigger accomplishments they have achieved. and yes i am very aware that there are those fans that do have that ‘fetish’ side, but do you think the kpop community actually views them as fans? no. it is disgusting to us to see people like that as well. in korean culture there is even a word for people like that, where they are so obsessed over idols that they go to such absurd rates and, maybe even put the idols in danger, just to see them for one second. those types of people are not kpop fans, they are mad-shit crazy. and finally, i was absolutely disgusted with how he went about talking about suicide in the kpop industry. I was absolutely devastated to hear about some of my favorite idols taking their lives. But if Ethan is going to assume those people all took their lives because of the “little girls jerking off to little kpop boys” then you need to do your research beforehand. those people who cyber bullied where not kpop fans, they were people who are the scum of the earth. don’t group my fandom into disgusting subjects like that. with that, i understand not liking kpop, people are entitled to their opinions, but next time at least be more appropriate when wording a joke.

    31. A -

      How about just ignoring someone when he tells something you don't like? It's not like Ethan goes out of his way to shove his dislike for K-pop into peoples' faces

      1. JIN

        It had nothing to do with him not liking kpop. It was the fact that he calls all male group members "gay twink fetish boys". It was his racist and sexist comments that have been a big problem for asian men for decades. And then to joke about suicides when it's a major issue in South Korea is fucked up. He's said he hates kpop before, this time he was blatantly trying to offend and hurt people of asian decent and that's not okay.

    32. Sandman

      strange how most of the population is ok if religion and biblical people are teased, mocked, but get in an uproar if santa, and christmas is made fun of even in the slightest way. When did a made up character has more respect from people than people in the bible?

    33. Sariel

      There is no need to discuss this anymore. Don't need to give h3h3 longevity. And putting jimin n ethan's face in the same frame enhanced the latter's unattractiveness.

    34. Yousif Osman

      Wow litterly 100% of the comments below are about h3h3 calling out a bunch of asian gay feminine boys, instead of the slightly more serious news of India completely targeting Muslims in what is usually the early steps of ethnic cleansing muh BTS though. fuck outta here

    35. lilahdog 568


    36. 5 yen wishes

      I have been a Kpop fan for over 7 years and honestly I don't get why people hate it so much, I mean it's just pop music but in a different language? I actually enjoy it more than what we currently get in the west. While I do admit that some groups have way too many member, this actually works rather well when it comes to harmonizing in a song, which to me when done correctly it sounds like heaven. People tend to put all of Korean Music in one category, Kpop, but more often than not groups tend to be more genres than that. I have heard sounds inspired by music from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s in what people simply categorize as Kpop. In respect to the genres, you have K-R&B which tends to have 90s vibe to it which I adore since we don't have music like that anymore on the west, you have K-Indies, K-hiphop, K-rock, K-ballads, ect. Honestly if you are able to part with your prejudices of the language and stererotypes and you dig deep into Korean Music, not just kpop groups, I promise you, you will find soooo many gems. Korea is currently miles ahead of the current trash we are listening to in the west.

    37. never mind

      I’ve been a follower of BTS since they came out with their first video. They were this counter-movement to the rigid Kpop formula. They didn’t fit conventional Korean beauty standards, they talked about taboo subjects and took jabs at the government, they made their own music, shared vlogs on youtube, and blended the underground hip hop scene with idol culture. Based on my knowledge I have had IMMENSE respect for them as artists, producers, singers, dancers, rappers, and most importantly *musicians* through out the 7 years. Miraculously, just like I had dreamed, they became the first Kpop group to break into the mainstream in the west, but this came with a lot of younger, immature, obsessive fans... and the worst part is that BTS’s agency was almost okay with fueling these people’s actions. I know that BTS doesn’t seem “real” and worthy on the surface. Mostly young fans liking this flashy, superficial, poppy group... but that’s the farthest thing from reality when you look into who they truly are. They’re real artists, musicians, have this rags to riches story and are most importantly PEOPLE. They’re not their fans.. and work too damn hard to be constantly discredited and thrown under the bus. What Ethan said is out of ignorance and made many people extremely uncomfortable rightfully so. I just wanted to also share history on BTS so they can get the respect they deserve from fans and non-fans alike. Don’t let the fact that they’re pretty Asian boys dancing and singing in a colorful video about love allow you to make prejudices. It’s not a bizzare concept for Asian singers to be worthy. People would never question it if a white British boyband blew up this way.

    38. Sky Mora

      I get that Asians tend to look younger, but as someone that tends to date Asians, it is really annoying to always hear that someone you find attractive looks like a child or like a girl, when you just see them as normal man.

    39. miimaas

      Personally, I think H3H3's controversy was for publicity. It's like the oldest trick in the book, and frankly it's outdated af. Someone takes a pot shot at someone else who's more or equally well-known just to get a reaction from fan bases that may or may not be larger than their own. It's pathetic and I'm not gonna give it the time of day. When you're good, you're good. You don't need to prove it, the numbers don't lie. And the fact Ethan decided he needed to voice his whining that K-Pop is popular when HE personally doesn't like it, proves he's a 14 year old boy who needs to get over himself and apologize like a good little kindergartner for pushing another kid and trying to knock down someone else's sand castle.

    40. That's What I Thought

      I love how "thoughts and well wishes" is acceptable and fine but "thoughts and prayers" gets ridiculed mercilessly.

    41. Z-era Kun

      the way your hands keep moving around from start to finish of this video makes me want to slap your damn face so hard right now. stop doing it. just saying.

      1. Z-era Kun

        @JIN not that level yet, just saying but not gonna do it if certain condition not met lol.

      2. JIN

        Yikes. Maybe get some anger management? That's not healthy.

    42. Jaime

      I didn't think much about what Ethan said it's an opinion that's it. Why are people blowing this out of proportion, people have said and done worse things.

    43. ewaclown

      how are we responsible for the suicides of many idols when we’re the ones supporting them? if you are a “kpop stan” and you make an idol commit suicide then you’re sick in the head.

    44. Bloodstainer

      Kpop is meh, Ethan's funny

    45. Kevin arie

      They really be downplaying all that they earn putting in hard work

    46. Tonatiub

      "Japanese Idol culture is bad and exploitative, their fans are obsessive and abusive; Their women are fake idealized caricatures engineered to appeal to creepy men" Blue checkmarks: *nod* "Korean boy band culture is bad and exploitative, their fans are obsessive and abusive; Their men are fake idealized caricatures engineered to appeal to creepy women" Blue checkmarks: REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Just another double standard

    47. Tonatiub

      Im not gonna say that Ethan wasnt a rude asshole about it and his confusion over why it got popular is pretty boomer-tier clueless but still, everything he said is nothing but the truth.

    48. basically my life is a lie

      Firstly how did Ethan become a thing 🤔

    49. King Of The Ozone

      First Bollywood actors are goofy janitors and now kpop artists are gay twinks? Ok.

    50. Lily Clarke

      Anybody who thinks Ethan Klein has a god-complex or is “a fine white specimen” obviously does not watch H3H3 regularly, or hasn’t even bothered to learn anything about the power couple.

    51. Ryan Austin Dean

      KPOP is indeed the dumbest trend, by far. Every song sounds the same. But the most egregious aspect has nothing to do with the music - the industry itself is broken. The singers are treated like disposable slaves.

    52. SaketG

      I don't understand. There were protests in India because H3H3 said he doesn't like K-Pop?

    53. CamelliaCornCube

      I just imagine what Ethan’s thoughts would be if a girl group became as overly popular as BTS. It’d be fine since they’re women and they appeal to him and other men, but it’s not fine if it’s men that appeal to women. His generalization about male idols is as bad as a radical feminist calling all anime pornographic and disgusting.

    54. Anon Anon

      Let's admit it. KPOP fans or not, the entire industry is toxic. KPOP fans need to understand they're supporting an industry based on unhealthy branding. This means a specific image is fit onto these bands, branding them as perfect little toys who act a certain way, dress a certain way, dance a certain way and sing a certain way. The inhumane and impossible expectations set these stars up for extreme pressure and depression/anxiety. Ethan chose a bad time to talk about a serious issue and he joked about it. Wrong timing, wrong tone. He's at fault but his criticism is somewhat valid and should create a discussion.

    55. Ceiling Bees

      Omg when I read the title I thought bts had some controversy or scandal or something haha I’m glad it’s just Ethan stirring up the stans. Not that I agree as a Stan myself I think that he was a little harsh but like he said he doesn’t get it so he probably never looked farther than seeing the crazy sometimes toxic fan culture that got big news and not the wholesome message bts carries as a whole... but I’m so relieved I thought it was gonna be much worse lol

    56. flarS

      Snowflake culture

    57. Jane Dope

      wow..... so many here defending asians instead of telling them to take a joke like the way yall do black americas.

      1. Jane Dope

        @JIN Did I say not to defend them? NO! I said I see the bias..... I live it.

      2. JIN

        No one says for black americans to "take" a racist joke. Everyone race should be defended. Period. Grow up. You wouldn't say that no one should be saved from a burning building just because two buildings were on fire and only one could be put out.

    58. Aaron Reynolds

      I think the H3H3 thing just kind of proves Ethans point.

    59. Maria Susan Shaji

      I hope Ethan gets a really good part in BTS CYPHER PT5 aka the ultimate DISS TRACK..🤫

    60. Reece Daniels

      At the End of the day it’s Ethan’s opinion, they need to shut up and cry in their lonesome.

      1. I AM THE REAPER

        Damn right. The Kpop craze just needs to die already. The whole 60's Beatles craze was already bad enough.

    61. RoMayDrako

      I am a kpop fan, and yeah there are plenty of army and other fandoms looking to make clowns out of themselves. Like wise there are plenty of normal kpop fans way more annoyed at these clowns. From my point of view hating on kpop for me is just a in one ear out the other reaction for me. What really got rubbed the wrong way is H3H3 crossed the line, then continued to cross it. I'm the last one to say censor, but this time I will say it. What he said was crude and tactless. It was not making fun in jest, it was hate.

    62. Em W

      look i am a kpop stan and i know my opinion is probably biased but i live in a very homophobic and slightly racist area and i commonly get people making fun of my interests but what ethan said genuinely surprised me and made my heart drop in a way it hadnt in a long time when it comes to hearing criticism on kpop. hes entitled to his opinions but it gets a lot when you feel like you cant tell anyone about your genuine interests for fear theyll make fun of you

    63. Bim

    64. Govind Menon

      Ethan wasn’t entirely wrong but not specifying that he was talking about a small percentage of the fandom is irresponsible and shows how much of a moron he is. And he made it worse when he de legitimized anyone’s argument by calling them kids. The same thing he does whenever he’s criticized. He’s a flat out narcissist at this point. I used to enjoy Ethan when he was humble

    65. erin adriana

      I'm a bts fan and it would've been 100% fine if he said he despised k-pop and bts because obviously people are allowed to have an opinion but what he said was flat out disgusting and had nothing to do with personal taste and everything to do with his superiority complex and ignorance. but this was the same show where he bragged about saying a slur without serious consequences, so.

    66. Lee Oulic

      It is something very much expected from Ethan of h3h3. It is not surprising; it's just a little more abrasive than usual. He gains more traction either way. Certainly h3h3 is not going to be "over" or "cancelled".

    67. Lloyd Kasal

      12:02 Correction: The bill has already been passed as a law.

    68. ey yo GG

      "how did this become a thing in western culture" as if it wasn't the same thing for Backstreet Boys, Nsync and, hell, even The Beatles..

      1. JIN

        Or how about every rock band to date? Ethan is scum, really.

    69. Qanita Abbasi

      He uses the word gay and twink as derogatory, even saying so himself. He almost calls them the f word but stops himself, he talks about underage children jerking off? He makes jokes about their appearance? Wait, just because he’s a comedian doesn’t mean he can joke about ANYTHING.

    70. Max Neville

      Everybody here acting like Ethan genuinely feels like how he said and isn't just giving a wonderful example of how fucking rabid Kpop stans are. People have been saying shit way more reprehensible about pretty much every genre of music since there was more than one kind lmao. The audacity these fans have to act like they're being singled out really just drives the point home. It's not racist or homophobic, it's just good old fashioned music hatred. Trying to cram it into one of the political qualifiers for cancel culture makes you look like a fuckin loser