*WORLDS FIRST* MYTHIC Goldfish FOUND! (0.000001% Chance)



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    Fortnite Chapter 2 - MYTHIC Goldfish FOUND (SUPER RARE)!
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    1. Ali-A

      Has anyone else found the MYTHIC GOLDFISH yet? 😱

      1. Quilla Banks

        not yet

      2. Spike The legendary

        No ..

      3. Jayma Rahman

        Dont be mean @uknowngamer

      4. Unknown User

        Ali-A shut up

    2. PW 95

      I found a mythic gold fish with my friend this morning

    3. Salina Shahban

      yes i did

    4. Salina Shahban

      play ninja

    5. Reeva Bijwe

      I have 38+ wins

    6. KarmaMaster716

      who was that that at 5:35

    7. Holly-anne Pooley

      i have got 50 wins in solo this season

    8. chris hampstead

      Zhou are the best I have 12 solo wins

    9. Joshua Groen

      "Worlds first", ya no, lazarbeam beat you to it bud

    10. Angel Bautista

      I have 4 wins

    11. Jennifer Stevens

      i got vic

    12. xxxshay64xxx

      Yo ali a i found the mythic gold fish while 1v1 ing my friend . im just a kid

    13. Margaret Wacey

      I have I got 23 kills with it and got to level 111!!!!HOW DID I DO THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    14. Sebastian Lawler

      No but I had Victory Royale on season 1 chapter two and that was my first

    15. salty tuber

      Day after you make this laser beam’s fans found 2

    16. Tristan Scammell

      I got the fish

    17. Issa� Badhwal�

      Do a game where you get a victory Royale with a pickaxe and only shield.

    18. Issa� Badhwal�

      Green only challenge

    19. Issa� Badhwal�

      A only challenge

    20. Issa� Badhwal�

      Only got one win in my whole life

    21. Bethany Elphick

      I had mythical fish as well

    22. Bethany Elphick

      I have 10 wins in solo LOVE THE MAP

    23. Luke Tiu

      Iv got a win

    24. Josua Nachname

      Found the robot on day one in my second or third game

    25. Nicholas Tilbrook


    26. alexander Kim


    27. Mark Cruz

      I have 5

    28. Cyndi Huynh

      Ali-a I mean LazarBeam found it and that’s on the internet

    29. MurtazaGaming

      Ali Lazy Lake Also Looks Like Old Tilted Towers In the Map

    30. Miso soup

      Meh storm breaker is better

    31. The New Axvry

      We all know alia is a very well known clickbaiter and also a bad CZ-newsR that is so annoying .

    32. Emily Moseley


    33. Matthew Mitchell

      ye we have bout 24 wins

    34. Chad Harvey

      Does anyone else see a guy in the back round

      1. Yvng Wxvy Jacob

        you mean his girlfriend Claire

    35. Bebo Medo

      I have 2 I'm sad 😭

    36. moiz noor

      may be the old map under the new map

    37. moiz noor

      may be the old map under the new map

    38. SugaryCherryy

      won my first game "BOTS" :)

    39. Natasha Humphreys


    40. Minette Zietsman

      Yes 6

    41. Fish SlayerKC

      Look at Lochlyn channel he has a video of people catching Some mythic goldfish

    42. BASIX

      Ali a why you faking that you playing

    43. Theresa Huggins

      i have got a win

    44. Mohammad bin ashraf

      who noticed someone behind the camra on 5:34

    45. Masa Moyo

      I got 5 wins

    46. Neve Gomes

      I found the mythic goldfish

    47. DreamzOfMemez

      *WORLDS FIRST* Angry aussie noises

    48. Pranjal Singh

      who was dancing in 5 : 33 ? your secret girlfriend ?

    49. MM3 CASH CHASER xxxtentacion dedication

      I got 32 wins this season

    50. trebor Man


    51. steamedk 1

      I like peanuts

    52. steven francis

      i play oneurope services

    53. Land Safe

      Ali please stop making vids 😂

    54. The Boy Dilly

      Found one like a week or so ago, vid is on my page!

    55. Kai Parkinson


    56. Teagan Tierney

      Me and my freind in duo's we one but all were bots one team was a real team

    57. Tommy 308

      I’ve got 11wins in chapter 2

    58. Jesse Rentmeester

      Right now I have nine wins

    59. Klaas jwz

      Who else found claire dancing?

    60. SS SniperrGirlX_X

      You should do a video about the level 46 season X skin?

    61. Gaming Kid Pro

      i won a game

    62. XxunkownxX XxhumanxX

      No it was LAZAREEBEEEMMM

    63. Samboy Samboyf11

      Dude lazarbeam found it jeez

    64. Black Orb 20 Super Bros

      I have two wins in chapter 2

    65. Lewis Bailey

      Grabbed a dub on fortnite mobile with my console friend and neither of us are the best so it was a real tough game but managed to pull it through

    66. TATAU

      The golden fish is like the zapatron it is really rare

    67. mr mr

      The new map is actually in a parallel universe

    68. Sahil Mehbub

      Clair was in the background

    69. Lady Chelsey

      I found the golden fish

    70. Lady Chelsey

      I have