World's Largest Elephant Toothpaste Experiment

Mark Rober

Mark Rober

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    I'm not a chemist.
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    Science Bob's Elephant toothpaste recipe-
    Here is Science Bob’s behind the scenes commentary:

    0:00 - Marimba Idea - Blue Wednesday
    0:15 - Arrow (Instrumental) - Andrew Applepie
    1:08 - Dansez - Fasion
    1:35 - Pata Pata - Miriam Makeba (Matt Cherne Remix)
    2:25 - Dive - Lvly
    3:49-6:40 - Dansez - Fasion
    6:44 - Kalimba Jam - Blue Wednesday
    8:16 - Salamanca - Sarah, the Illstrumentalist
    9:47 - Kalimba Jam - Blue Wednesday
    10:12 - Q - Blue Wednesday
    11:06 - Too Happy to be cool by Notebreak

    Summary: Elephant toothpaste (aka slime foam) has sort been done so many times I wanted to do it really big. We did a ton of testing.

    They are soft-

    I make videos like this once a month all year long while supplies last:

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