World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Cinematic Trailer

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    The veil between life and death is no more. Discover what lies beyond the world you know in the next chapter of the World of Warcraft saga--Shadowlands: Coming 2020. Learn more at

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    1. Shiney Thao

      Ah.. they did My Lady dirty. It’s sad to see Blizzard made her character developed like this. Would’ve been better to have seen a more drastic change like a third faction. Instead it’s the same ol same ol kill evil horde leader. 🤦‍♂️

    2. Cody

      I thought she just shoved the helmet against her face

    3. Frog55jon

      Have not played wow since cata. When did Sylvanas become so powerful

    4. DroiidMaster

      o boi this is like fortnite season 4 lmao

    5. Leonardo Mello

      Vi o Lich King e pensei: É AGORA QUE EU VOLTO PRO WOW... dai a Sylvanas vence ele no x1... é... nao volto

    6. flow2012est

      Only me suggesting that the idea with the reverted building is from Castlevania: SOTN?

    7. Cascaden

      Make the actual game play 1/10 as epic as this cinematic is and Ill play your game. Until then ZzZzZzZzZz...

    8. Šedý Diamant


    9. jellydrummer123

      she breaks the crown into 2 pieces.... 2 + 1 = 3. Half Life 3 CONFIRMED!!!!

    10. Lukas Sprehn

      Such a cliché name.

    11. James Al

      Make Warcraft Great Again. Vote Sylvanas 2020!!

    12. thomkok12

      Bolvar should have pulled the chains out of the ice.

    13. Mohnnad

      When will blizzard games be supported in Arabic? Arab community is much excited to add Arabic on blizzard games

    14. Diego Gordiano

      I've watched this cinematic.... 45 times ç_ç goosebumps every. Single. Time.

    15. Zezree

      Sometimes the hand of fate must be forced! :D

    16. AnonymousPastry


    17. Kobano Kill

      4:36 gives me a boner everytime.. Thanks to this NNN is cancelled this year

    18. Joe Who

      I quit wow 6 years ago. This is making me wanna come back. looks awsome.

      1. chding zuure

        goodbye my old friend, Arthas.

    19. Certified

      he forgot to level his 2h mace weapon skill

    20. Trevor Roberts

      Don’t buy this expansion. Not because it will be bad, but because Blizzard is morally bankrupt. We should not forget about the Blitzchung incident plus filling their games with predatory micro transactions. Only way to get through to them is to cut off their supply of money considerably, where they will either die a slow death or make changes

      1. chding zuure

        Played WoW since 2005. I've now put this to bed, this has officially ended it for me.

    21. Gian Palma

      Who keeps rewatching because of Bolvar’s badass armor?

    22. Esdeath

      Sylvana Windrunner is so OP she broke the whole game :O

    23. DarkBerserker Gaming

      Arthas: I died for this?

    24. e BX

      Thanks Blizzard for ruining the game once and for all!

    25. felix valentin

      Most people dont even know or understand that earth is an enclosed system with an ice dome on top created by god to keep the fallen Angel's that fell inside here with us. Read yo bible because when lucifer fell with hes Angel's god closed it and they want outta here which is why they created NASA to see if they can blow up the dome.

      1. Eduardo N

        What kind of drugs are you consuming?

    26. Christian Anuta

      May I know why so many thumbs down ? Do I miss something ? The quality of the video is pretty high as usual.

    27. Brandon Petersen

      This game has strayed so far from it's source material.

    28. Carlos Reyes Bustamante

      No respect with the Lore, and the new Lich King SUCKS

    29. Festus84

      1:42 May I speak to your manager!

    30. Juan Hauyon Gacitua

      that lich king is Arthas itself?

    31. ngoc quyen

      Đây là trailer phim hay game vậy mọi người

    32. Rael Liebenberg

      So that's Arthus right? or was..

      1. Rael Liebenberg

        Nvm I gotta alot of lore to catch up on

    33. Zander Rootman

      Played WoW since 2005. I've now put this to bed, this has officially ended it for me.

    34. Shura Gaming

      goodbye my old friend, Arthas.

    35. Lujis Kristi

      Finally a video that shows how strong are the hunters!

    36. Dopp3lGanger

      This Mary Sue-vanas fan fiction is getting out of hand.

    37. ashen_thorn

      why do blizzard delete dislikes? lol

    38. Oc Fandom

      I never play this game before but she's more op than any bad guy i ever fought in other games i played

    39. 秤秤


    40. Wyatt Pride


    41. mongty jmr

      What a twist

    42. fvpbz54

      Sylvana... I'd hit that...

    43. H Vorthrian

      I hate the fact we're still dealing with Sylvanas. I'm just so bored of the character, only for her to go and break one of the most iconic artifacts in Warcraft just adds insult to injury. I get it, I know she's super Powerful but it's just incredibly frustrating not knowing why. I really hope we reforge the helm of domination..

    44. Hendy Gunawan

      The raise of Helya is coming

    45. R. pizzamonkey

      In isolation, this is the best cinematic they've ever made. As part of a pattern, it's clear they didn't actually think any of these twists through so they're destined to be disappointing.

    46. Wolfie Fullbuster

      Lvl 70 vs lvl 120. Dropped LK helm > disenchanted

    47. Kapangdazz

      Funny that an elf in lordaeron is talking about usurpers.

    48. seeriu ciihy

      Seen ICC, Seen the LK... Thought I'm finally coming back to WoW... Then she rips the crown off and... NO.

    49. Jonathan Pizano

      Well the only good that could come from this, is that the Scourge run rampant without the Lich King killing everyone on Azeroth while we are gone in the Shadowlands. Would be pretty hilarious.

    50. Jake Shake

      Rip crispy critter :(

    51. Jamus Elkins

      Big bunch of nope.

      1. seeriu ciihy

        god i love her voice

    52. Obi-Wan Kenobi

      I don't know much about Worlds of Warcraft, but I do know based on the comments and that dislike bar, that this short is not going down will with the fans. I have no idea why, but I do know that much.

    53. Yue Miyakawa

      What have they just do to warcraft...

    54. LucrativeTube- Learn YouTube Wealth!

      As a noob to Warcraft, I'm just left wondering how she got through the entire undead army without getting overwhelmed and the Lich King getting a hit in throughout her fight against the army. :000

      1. Yue Miyakawa

        Bad writing and extreme mary Sue charakter ...

    55. Mary Ivy Clarito

      Frostmourn hungers!

    56. Harshavardhan Sonawane

      This is so baseless. Why does she need to go back to icecrown. There was no threat coming from that place. Stupid story this new expansion has got. Disappointed

    57. Chris bogdanoff

      Clearly people are missing the little tell tell signs of story nuance due to bias and inattention. favoritism and pride is a toxic combo in the comment section of the interwebz.

    58. Caleb Houston

      There’s probably a lot of wow players who also feel like, “this world is a prison.”

    59. zeitok8

      wow fandom is the equivalent of star wars fandom...

    60. Nuntis Gaming

      Only thicc thing about sylvanis is that plot armor

    61. Nathan Hwang

      I've always dreamed of sylvannas sitting on the frozen throne

    62. valor144

      Tired of edgy Sylvanas. It could really be anyone in her place.

    63. xu wu


    64. Ragabash

      Isn’t the Lunch King supposed to be near impossible to beat on the Frozen Throne? We really only killed Arthas because of Teranas.

    65. Syed Ali

      How is a banshee has become so powerfull that she broke the ledegendary helmet of lich king? I think warcraft story writers taking too much drugs right now.

    66. sylvainrty

      god i love her voice

    67. Cracken

      I was really hoping to see how her ears would fit into that helmet...

    68. Ruby Lin

      Lets jump this shark boys

    69. Grey Wolf

      she wouldn’t dare go to icecrown if frostmourne was at bolvars hand

    70. V. S. Cosplay

      World of Warcraft: Death Stranding

      1. Yue Miyakawa

        More... World of Warcraft: Bullshit is stranding... worst addon ever.