WOAH! Youtube is Suing A Copyright Troll, Mulan Boycott, & China Ramps Up Misinformation Campaign

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    Today’s Stories:
    DOJ Asks SCOTUS to Rule Against Transgender Workplace Protections:
    China Ramps Up Propaganda Against Hong Kong Protests:
    CZ-news Files Suit Against Bogus Copyright Claims:
    More News Not in Today’s Show:
    Portland Mayor Says Clashing Protests Avoided “Worst-Case Scenario”:
    Instagram Couple Apologizes for Disrespectful Post at Bali Temple:
    Hong Kong Protesters Call for Mulan Boycott:
    Allegations Against Katy Perry:
    Tlaib Will Not Visit West Bank After Israel Reverses Travel Restriction Against Her:
    Coachella Woman Sentenced for Dumping Puppies in Trash:
    Ben Shapiro Slammed for Comments About Working Two Jobs:
    Newark’s Lead-Contaminated Water Crisis Worsens:
    Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg
    Produced by: Amanda Morones
    Art Director: Brian Borst
    Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Cory Ray

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    1. Philip DeFranco

      Oh hey there. :) CZ-news Fighting a Troll 00:06 - TIA 4:13 - SCOTUS Trans Case 6:14 - China, Hong Kong, Mulan 10:07

      1. M Mac

        Philip DeFranco wtf is a woah?

      2. TigerBloodMan

        Brady gonna learn not to drop the soap!

      3. Marci Sunshine

        Now I notice the glasses🤷🏼‍♀️ I’m a no glasses vote now only cuz they glare👍🏻👊🏻

      4. Cowboy Boots

        For the past 10+ years LGBTQ+ have argued that gender and sex were separate citing sex is biological and gender is identity. Now they're claiming they're the same? With the funeral home, all genders and sexes will wear a uniform, suits or pant suits, solved.

      5. huenex lightbringer

        china news you have is stale and incomplete i want to hear more

    2. Party Tomorrow

      sorry philly had to unsubscribe not because i hate you but because i need to see my other subs and youtube was just spamming you more then pewds you still the man

    3. T.B. Rose

      I hope CZ-news wins this lawsuit. They should absolutely go after Onision next.

    4. tyrrunttt

      1:34 bruh, that ain’t kenzo

    5. TyetheRebel

      So happy that funeral home is winning. That Stevens or whatever his name is, is just being unreasonable.

    6. Richard Goldberg

      Honestly GO CZ-news on this

    7. matvey x ivan

      i already planned to boycott mulan due to some of the other shit that disney is doing to it, now i just have one more reason to boycott

    8. sjkdsfsdf

      Gender dysmorphia has been proven to be a real thing and to be kicked from your job for finally trying to cope with it is horrible, i hope she finds a better job where she's accepted and treated like a human being.

    9. J Greenseed

      The reflection in your glasses is a bit distracting

    10. Patrick Gill

      I’m pretty late to this but the CZ-news lawsuit story doesn’t become actually helpful until they also take a stand against music companies copyright claims as well. Which from the creators I watch seem to be a bigger problem than a rando doing it.

    11. JustThatLauren

      That funeral director is both incredibly sexist and transphobic. Congress needs to update the law. It is unjust to discriminate against someone for just being themselves.

    12. Courtney H

      So uh my cousin in China definitely uses Facebook so idk that it’s banned

    13. Brimmy Burner

      I had a feeling this trash movie would get canceled

    14. N. AZZH##N

      I dare CZ-news to Sue and see what happen next😎

    15. LuciferVonCarstein

      'For such other, further, and different relief as the Court deems proper' is a standard statement included in nearly all lawsuits. It's not an indicator of a possible greater punishment/award, but merely a catch all so the judge or opposing council can't go 'You didn't ask for it, so you don't get it.'

    16. Eli Hinnov

      can you cover the Enes Batur situation?

    17. Twin Crows

      Phill Glasses looks like he came straight from the 80s or something. Has a 80's porn vibe if I had to say.

    18. Joex51

      ok lets see CZ-news fight against UMG Sony and Nintendo!,

    19. Anastasija Cvetanovic

      that actress wasn't the only one posting that thing about supporting the hong kong police. Many kpop stars who are from china posted that too. They received a lot of backlash from some fans but i think there were so many things that we don't know that could affect their careers if they decided not to post that.

    20. ChefDomH

      I’m not watching it specifically because of the lack of singing, Mushu, and Li Shang.

    21. TheTeeFizzle

      there are so many people besides this "brady" guy abusing the manual copyright claim system... *cough* *cough* ALINITY *cough* *cough*

    22. soon come

      Hi, love your show. Do the Redge Wallet come in pink?

    23. Glucose Lover

      I live in a country under a long time of dictatorship. We've suffer greatly. The Mulan actress support of Hong Kong police against the protesters for democrazy just seal the deal for me. No money of mine will go to live-action Mulan movie. Not even the view count on the trailers. I will skip or close down any window that show the trailer before the view count goes to them.

    24. Josh D Music

      People will forget by the time the movie comes out, and personally as much as I disagree with her. Disney didn't make the comment, and she's entitled to her opinion.

    25. Ben H

      LegalEagle clarified some info in your video in: CZ-news"watch?v=d_eTxLRdPjM" regarding CZ-news Suit.

    26. Latecia Mecham

      Most of the false copyrights we see are from public figures/celebrities or large corporations, so until i see action from CZ-news towards them, I don't really see this as improvement of the copyright system.

      1. Latecia Mecham

        @star and fox touche I think i was grouping the dcma and copyright strikes together into one. But agreed

      2. star and fox

        It's not a simple flase copyright claim/strike. It's a flase dcma take down meaning it's flase legal documents.even big cooprations dare not do this cuase they are on the hook for submitting flase claims.

    27. BJ700

      It's become evident that apparently, Hong Kong citizens can actually arrest police officers breaking the law via citizens arrest laws in HK.

    28. BJ700

      @ 6:13 But Disney will make more money and that would be net ticket sales revenue taken out of China into the USA, thus supporting Trumps trade position and angering China. It just seems like China can't get a foot put right at the moment, no matter what it does about Hong Kong, it seems caught between a rock and a hard place.

    29. Bartek Czyz

      Do you plan to talk about Fairtube?

    30. sarick 40

      Dear Mr DeFranco and team, In regards to the "CZ-news Fighting a Troll" Story, in my opinion, based on what CZ-news has wanted to do, this appears to be where it is they need to be on this side in this instance. Clearly. I do believe, however, that though this may be a perfect case to set precedent, that CZ-news has to continue to be vigilant on a case by case basis, and that this one case referred to here is just one, and an easy one at that. My concern is for the one site slam-in that what happens to the honest, poor CZ-newsr that gets slammed for copyright-unjustifiably, that CZ-news misses prosecuting? CZ-news must maintain this constant active vigilance, without rest, and stay dogged in their "put on themselves" responsibility, which they decided to enact. And prayers for the Amazon, and all of us who benefit from her Beautiful animal diversity and the wonderful, wonderful oxygen which this RainForest produces. Till next time, Cheers!

    31. Amber

      Those from Hong Kong are incredibly resillient. Good on them for not backing down.

    32. All That Jay

      That Chinese propaganda sounds very familiar. I'm from Ukraine...

    33. Bladoa Gaming

      Disney is the E.A. games of movies.

    34. Bladoa Gaming

      I told people this was going on. They try to troll you, switching accounts. Have you swatted so they can sell your copyrights. I knew it.

    35. boister anto

      love how youtube will sue this shrimp, but not big companies that financially bully hundreds upon thousands of creators

    36. Galaxy

      So guys... an important thing about governments and justice.... they're not supposed to be religious. Religion is a private thing, not a state thing, not a job thing, not a justice thing. That's why state and churches are seperated. To avoid abuse.

    37. Brittany Fulford

      So, gender identity is a real thing now that they need it for their defense??

    38. Polly g

      you hired as a man you can't go changing midstream, if you start as a woman then its found you are genetically a man and your fired ,well dam right you should sue,but not if changing mid job,this will open the gate for people to abuse this rule, turning up with hairy legs in a skirt knowing there protected even though they arnt the slightest bit trans

      1. Northern Wayfarer

        Jesus wore a dress and the men who crucified him wore skirts. Women wear trousers all the time.

    39. DJA DJA

      Why doesn't anyone care when the left undermines and lies about the proud boys when they have rallies?

    40. heartgirl40

      AS IF the US is funding protesters in Hong Kong... don't y'all know we're broke?! we can't pay 2mil people 😂😂 also, Nancy Pelosi don't give a shit about y'all

    41. Taragon Leaf

      Phil: if you don't believe in climate change you're anti-science also Phil: people can change their gender

    42. SocietyOfSensation

      If you have to get glasses...dont get those glasses.

    43. RageMojo

      Why are Christians so filled with hate and unaware of it at the same time. Its truly fucking amazing how brainwashed these people are.

    44. JKamron-1

      China is defammatory, Brazil is just letting the Amazon Burn, The US Can't agree on anything, what's next?

    45. The Nugget God

      This shit in Hong Kong is crazy to me this is some real history

    46. partizan forces

      Definitely not feeling the glasses

    47. Thanos

      No, youtube continues to disgust me, their copyright system is a failure and now they are the victims, acting like heroes by suing those who weaponized their copyright system. Don't be fooled child because their only purpose for this lawsuit is monetary gain with no compensation for those content creators affected by CZ-news's own copyright system failure.

    48. Marc

      I have to say...I really hope western friends come to mainland China, that will change everything you know. Don't trust media, trust your eyes.

    49. maku gx

      I've SOLVED ALL COPYRIGHTS ISSUES IN THIS ONE STARTUP A DECADE AGO! But no investor understands it...so where shall I begin? My startup protects all copyrights and IPs with its technology. It also creates a content market. Want to learn more? look up galaxis dot biz

    50. It Be True Yo!

      The Chinese media is acting like the USA MSM in their anti-trump campaign ... talk about communists... 🤔🤷🏽‍♂️😪

    51. JMGollde Mielmort


    52. Jarin

      I’ll boycott too that’s a gross statement to make

    53. TrialMacameau

      He deserved it. Nothing more, nothing less. He's guilty as charged and there's no way he's getting out of it.

    54. Snow Miser

      lol good job funeral home. I’m proud of you

      1. TyetheRebel

        BrolyBoi Lover agreed

    55. Spencer McClure

      1) CZ-news Lawsuit - I'm not as gung-ho about this lawsuit as other people might be because it feels like CZ-news is only going after this guy because he's a good target that won't really be able to fight back. If CZ-news wanted to show it was sincere about its issues with abuse of copyright claiming, they would be standing up about this against the biggest problem of this: The corporations and companies that send out mass DMCA takedowns and claims regardless of fair use. 2) The Trans Title VII Judgement - Courts make decisions that change laws all the time. The Department of Justice only have an issue with it now because the people in control of most of the government don't personally want that specific decision. There is scientific evidence for transgender people and their issues that qualifies them as being protected under the issue of sex as written in Title VII and thus, YES, they should be protected by said title. 3) China Misinformation - It's pretty obvious that what China is doing is f**ked up. So instead of speaking about that, I'm going to take a not-so-original approach and compare what China is doing to what the current state of American Politics are, because they (on both the left/Democrate and right/Republican sides) are becoming frighteningly more okay with what the Chinese government is doing. Trump's entire "Fake News" campaign, the Democratic Party stabbing Bernie in the back, shit like what we're seeing in Hong Kong is exactly why there needs to be a balance between the power of the government and the power of the people. 4) The Mulan Boycott - A part of me wants to give the benefit of the doubt to the Mulan actress and believe that she doesn't actually know what's going on. Unfortunately, that part is drowned out by the fact of how obvious the issue is. I also want to think only posting that so that her movie can be released in China (and, as you point out, strongly supported in China because of her post) and not really caring about the issue at all, though that's hard to judge. For the moment, I honestly support the boycott...not that I was going to see the movie anyway after how badly they jacked up Lion King.

    56. Michael huertas

      Saw a couple of videos from China where they blamed the us saying the cia had giving protester weapons like grenade launchers to be used to attack police. I called bullshit since it shot and acted like a airsoft gun not a 40mm grenade launcher or sub machine gun like they clame

    57. The Bored Podcaster / My Everyday Life

      4:13 It took this blatant and aggregious ABUSE of the copyright strike system for youtube to give a shit about the problem, after millions of youtubers openly calling for youtube to act went ignored for YEARS. You will forgive me if i don't praise youtube for actually bothering to do the right thing, after refusing to do so all this time. They don't get a medal for fixing their shit, 10 years after complaints started coming in. They should have been fixing the copyright strike system abuse from the very first complaint. Millions of dollars, over years of such abuse, has been fraudulently claimed by not only private users, but also companies. This is long overdue, and i will applaud when youtube puts an end to the copyright strike abuse once and for all. Not before.

    58. Erica DeGraaf

      Whoa, fix that spelling error 😳

    59. Chorus, Isolate, Confirm

      It's spelled "WHOA" ya dungus

    60. tyajoy

      I'm sure someone else may have already said this, but as a current law student I just want to point out that in the prayer for relief, the last request for "such other, further, and different relieve as the Court deems proper..." is actually standard. Pretty much any law suit is going to have that as a catch-all in the prayer for relief section because it leaves potential damages open and doesn't limit them to only a few specific listed ones.

    61. josh c

      I haven't seen this channel in years after this video it reminded me why a took a break for soo long..#ThisChannelDead

      1. TyetheRebel

        josh c uh... what?

    62. Barnabus Wut

      Imagine having the confidence to send false DMCA claims when you use a 1x3 water source. 2x2 gang rise up

    63. Lokana

      Nice, China's media is just as dishonest as US media.

    64. Lokana

      Haven't watched PhillyD in a while. So how long has he been wearing his grandma's glasses?

    65. THYCR3ATOR

      Although I grew up religious and side with the company over refusing to actually create something with a belief they don't think is appropriate. especially when there's plenty of other people/places that could do the same job (ie gay wedding cake and create as in like designing something, like an actual art kind of create) but they shouldn't be able to fire someone for being gay/trans. Growing up religious I was always taught that being gay is a sin (which if you read Leviticus 18:22 it is but im not religious so idgaf if you're gay; and if you are religious instead of just denying it maybe deny God if you don't want to agree with him but you do you I just like spreading information not tryna hurt nobody) and if they believe that being gay is a sin, creating that kind of art would be a sin because they're not supposed to support that kind of stuff, *however* if you hire someone and then they come out as gay/trans you wouldn't be supporting the "gayness" or whatever you wanna call it, you'd be paying them to do a job and there's plenty of times in the bible where Christians aren't supposed to just cut someone off because of a "sinful" lifestyle, otherwise Christians would only be allowed to interact with other Christians. Sorry if that was kind of confusing to read I haven't smoked in 2 days and took 2 rips off of a dab pen so I'm pretty high. Edit: Forgot a whole part, you may want to stop reading if this looks long, lmao. Nevermind I was about to say it should be ok to fire them for being trans in situations like this (grieving family shouldn't have to see a "man" in a dress) but then I remembered, the only people who would actually get upset over that would be people who either just don't like trans people for some reason, or religious people who took the whole thing too far and forgot that you can still interact with LGBT or whatever without supporting their lifestyle. So the problem is only people who hate LGBT for either personal or wrong religious reasons. It took me way too long to type this, if you can tell the edit seems to flow better and is easier to read than the first part, I sobered up lmao.

    66. THYCR3ATOR

      Funny how when youtube starts getting real heat (lawsuits against them and alot of DMCA talk) they start suing people abusing the copyright system.

    67. Allie Hails

      Disney: Oh no, we lost spiderman! What do we do! Mulan Actress: "I support oppression!" Disney: You weren't supposed to do that!

      1. Ryan lex

        Disney will gonna be fucked without china yo😂😂😂

    68. Backlash2224

      Hear me out, but i do not believe he should be protected in this decision. The point of uniforms and dress code is to prevent distractions. Dressing out from your biological gender is a huge distraction. But in my opinion, if you are seeking transition, once the transition has progressed past a point you then may dress in that fasion. Almost like a goal that individual has been pursuing and acheived. But in the meantime it is inappropriate in the professional setting.

      1. star and fox

        Why not have a unisex uniform then? That way it doesn't allow for such abuse.

    69. Mike Krier

      I'm boycotting Mulan just because mcdonald's said they're not going to bring back the sauce. #shwifty

    70. Rabbiturtacorn

      @philip DeFranco FYI, legaleagle has suggested that in the future if you have questions about legal content you could reach out to him for more information. Ref: cz-news.net/online/video-d_eTxLRdPjM.html