Will Smith & Martin Lawrence Talk ‘Bad Boys’ Trilogy, Growth, Regrets + More

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    1. Keisha O.

      I'm sorry envy is always off "it's a little weird" CTG: nah it's not weird but why. Like what do Envy be talking about lol he blows me


      oh shit it's da baby & stunna 4 vegas

    3. Relationships Sucks PC

      Salute the breakfast club thanks for bringing us this content much success, blessings and love. Me and my homegirl Vizzle just started a podcast called relationships. We just dropped our first episode called relationships. cz-news.net/online/video-eu-FFYLuCu0.html


      27:35 The Real Martin Came Out 😂😂😂😂

      1. Stephanie Jackson

        The way Charlemagne laughed 😆😆 Big Southern Laugh

    5. F. Rose

      Good show! ✌️


      Man I love martin, he just don’t give af any more he knows he a legend he put on all the hot ones, but now he be like I’m just chilling, leave me alone, lol, Martin forever a legend.

    7. Need a Lawyer? Better Call Saul

      Man Will Smith is real, everything he's saying is facts

    8. Sean Ingram

      Better sitcome: Martin > F.P.O.B

    9. Andy Truideman

      That is really true, chemistry is there or it's not!!

    10. ste1963000

      ooooo 2 big dark chocolate bars on my screen mmmmm id spread them like Nutella you filthy pair of mocacocas

      1. ste1963000

        for clarification I am alluding to the MALES in this production.

    11. Rodney O

      Great interview and good movie!

    12. domemvs

      Martin comes off like he has some sort of disease or he had a stroke or something. Was he always talking like this?



    14. Gary Henry


    15. Kimberley Lyons

      Love 💯👏❤️✨

    16. Ash Bash

      You sold your bottom for your fame

    17. LaTonya Saffor

      OMG..I love how Will gives Martin the 💯 props!

    18. LaTonya Saffor

      I love them both equally 😍

    19. Fisticuffs Guilde

      Brilliant guys.

    20. joe f

      Will wasting his breathe ctg a clown

    21. raj basra

      Can someone ask Will why his kids are crazy? Also can we get a straight answer from him about what type of relationship he really has lol? He is like the world's best politician when anyone asks him. So you guys cheat? Both of you are Bi? What the heck is going on?

    22. West Texas Oil

      No mention of August Alsina ?

    23. Cali TheTravelingGamer

      I thought the interview was about an hour or am I to high lol

    24. Divine Charlen'ee

      I do loved this interview. I'm excited about Bad Boys for life 😍 😇🌹🙌 I love U MARTIN.😍😍🙌🙌

    25. Sophie Proct

      Will you need to help your child

    26. Heath Bailey

      Global Brothers Discuss - @

    27. Leya Seke

      Almost every time CTG asks a question or makes a statement I cringe so hard for Will and Martin🤦🏾‍♀️ damnnnn does he not rest

    28. Kaiden anderson


    29. Beautifulsis3

      I'm glad Angela asked Martin a few questions...

    30. Mimi Bibi

      Stop this shit, Martin was never shy!!!!! This is not martin people, will is there to keep control of the situation

    31. Brianna Acolatse

      5:40 “is we finished or is we done” peep the bird man quote 😂😂

    32. Paige Whitfield

      Catch the acting tips!! 💪🏽 😘 got it

    33. Antonio Brooks

      I love how during the entire press run for BB4L, Will made sure to always credit Martin with giving him this role and always making sure to include him. A lot of interviews I’ve been watching with these 2, the interviews mostly address Will and only ask Martin questions about his show from the 90s. That man is a stand up legend, who’s films have grossed over a billion at the box office!

    34. LTopomcFly

      15:09 Will wants to come out of the closet. Thats good for him.

    35. Relationships Sucks PC

      Peace to all the kings and queens on here much success. Me and my homegirl just started podcast called Relationships Suck. Just dropped our first episode come check it out.

    36. David Candelario

      Good job on that interview is was a dope interview I grew watching those guys come up great job.

    37. Lisa Love Ministries

      Owning who you are isn’t a Will Smith psychology it’s called grown and confident. Romans 10:9 Romans 12:2

    38. Michael Umphlettee

      These guys are like super hero’s to me, damn Char actually asked the Pac question🤭 I always wondered that too. Of course Will gave the absolute best answer anyone could have given. Man is so smart, humble, and honest.

    39. Mandough Beats



      Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, it does not get any funnier than this.

    41. DaLeo Giovanni Solomon

      Watch “She Get The Money’ the movie on CZ-news cz-news.net/online/video-3entalj0Vs8.html

    42. Ced Hendrix

      When y’all gone get Adam Sandler up there ?

    43. Patrick Un


    44. Patrick Un


    45. Patrick Un


    46. Patrick Un


    47. kendra brown

      will is very protective of martin, you can tell idc what no one say's martin been through alot and Will knows it

    48. Torrey Felton

      Martin IS NOT SHY. He's humble.. real G's move in silence

    49. LTopomcFly

      Will Smith is so unfunny

    50. TheTakeria12

      That ain’t nun of yo business 😂😂

    51. Agozde Da Costa

      Just love the way dj Envy signs off: ´´It´s the breakfast good morning!``

    52. Arielle Nicholls

      Will talks too much. I know in this case Martin looks like an introvert, but in every interview for any movie, Will talks more than every one of his co-stars. Kind of annoying.

    53. Jamel Fenner

      We love you Martin

    54. With That Said Podcast

      Hey ! ❤️ I started a career advice podcast, please have a listen it’s doing so well on CZ-news . It’s only been a week! Thanks for the support .

    55. Ao S

      Is Martin even in this interview?lol wtf

    56. Dennis Chirino

      That guy in the background is stressing me already with that basketball!!!

    57. MsLeelee94

      they are great together!

    58. Jayjay_ 2xs

      I aaallwaayysssss knew he could speak well. But I NEVER noticed HOW WELL will really articulates himself. He's just very very well spoken. His pronunciation and everything. It's kinda crazy..

    59. Jc Morales

      I’ve never seen anybody check someone so proper like that

    60. virgo

      How can Martin be so quiet and shy? So used to him on the Martin Show

    61. Nikki Movie Reviews

      The Boys are Back and Better Than ever. I reviewed the movie and had a blast doing it.

    62. Charles Jeffery

      Damn when they ask Martin is it something he passed up on that he regrets, I was hoping like hell he will bring up the Shanehneh and Wanda movie, and why he played Jamie like that, knowing how much Jamie Foxx still wants to the movie.

    63. fiasco greko jones


    64. Jessica Lartey

      Great Interview 💯 Love these two like their my favourite uncles 😘🙏🏾

    65. BrownGirlHenny

      Wills so real and i love how laid back Martin is😘

    66. Sarahlee Crochet

      i loved bad boys but when ever life is kicking my butt i head straight to the “pursuit of happiness” all time best movie

    67. Cantroman Studio99. H.R.S.Productions

      This one is a nice one - @

    68. Cantroman Studio99. H.R.S.Productions

      This one is a nice one - @

    69. Shaq Dillon

      Martin Seems Insecure idk

    70. raheim Mundle

      Two of my favorite actors on The breakfast club such a wonderful I enjoyed it fully will and Martin have such a good chemistry it's not even funny thank you guys from The breakfast club for your brilliant interview bolted will and Martin so again thank you very March 🙏❤️😊😊🙏❤️😊😊