Why is Walter So Happy?! | BESIDE HIMSELF | JEFF DUNHAM

Jeff Dunham

Jeff Dunham

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    Click here to watch: "Peanut: Purple Justice Warrior! | JEFF DUNHAM: BESIDE HIMSELF | JEFF DUNHAM"
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    Never thought I’d see Walter ALMOST smile, but it happens in my latest comedy special, JEFF DUNHAM: BESIDE HIMSELF!... (And shame on Walter for why!) Watch the clip... stream the entire special on NETFLIX... Then come see us live, on the road, during our new tour, “Jeff Dunham: Seriously!?” www.jeffdunham.com/tours
    Stream my brand new comedy special, Jeff Dunham: Beside Himself on Netflix NOW! Woo hoo!: smarturl.it/BesideHimself
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    1. James Compton

      #NotificationSquad! Make sure to destroy that like button! Don't forget to Subscribe and hit that notification bell too so you don't miss any new videos! Also, how do dead ass like this video more than once?

      1. youness sunshine

        We want at least three hours of your show four minutes very short please send us link 🔗

      2. super Gabriel bros Osuna

        🎵Everything is cool when you're part of the team everything is awesome would appear the part of dream 🎵

      3. Mr MaXimum

        But if I destroyed the like button, I wouldn't be able to like this video.

      4. Pooky J

        James Compton my family’s name is Compton...just say’n!

    2. Angie Dorsett

      You and Darci Lynne should perform together

    3. doggonons a manz

      I'm going in March next year to seriously?!

    4. Michael Hall

      Jeff, you should make Walters wife, like you did Achmeds son lol

    5. michelle cottrell

      I love Walter

    6. dlawson79

      She doesn't like going in reverse 😂😂


      I one day wanna see walters wife i always imagined her big/fat wearing a pink polka dot dress with blonde curls it would be amazing to see her

    8. Crazy Cockatoo

      My Dad's in the same boat as Walter Jeff everything is his fault according to my mother even when he was visiting relatives in another state she messes up its his fault. You really hit the nail on the head with that keep it up Jeff!

    9. Here's Chica

      I can imagine seeing Walter and his wife on stage, fighting, Jeff telling them to act their age and everybody in the audience laughing their butt's off!

    10. Nene West

      Walter reminds me of my grandpa 🤣😂

    11. Tyler Bugica

      Walter has a super power, no matter how old he gets he can always get it up, I hope when I'm Walters age I can do the same

    12. Frankie Goeyvaerts

      2:10 killed me 😂😂😂💀💀💀

    13. VJ Unicorn

      Walter is Jeff’s inner old man

    14. -Sicko-

      Ok boomer

    15. William Kang

      Anyone else notice that Walter and Elliot Abrams are spitting images of each other?

    16. ILikeCHEEZ9

      "Jeff is destroying the 4th wall" Jeff: "What 4th wall?..."


      His wife died??

    18. BartJ583

      The real question is, "Where is the BESIDE HIMSELF Peanut clip?!"

      1. BartJ583

        @SpiritOfFire88L Yeah, I saw. Underwhelming. Not because it isn't funny, but it is 100% reused material. Too bad.

      2. SpiritOfFire88L

        Just released.

    19. Madison Webster

      If Walter hates his wife so much, why can't he just get a divorce?

    20. Big Red

      Get off, I’m tired

    21. Ashish Yadav

      Jason sudeikis is too good

    22. Dion St. Michael

      This looks fresh buddy!

    23. Adrian Denila

      hahaha love it!!

    24. Raios Ephi

      Jeff, you're one of the greatest actor. I've ever witnessed

    25. Mark Suckerberg

      Ok before I watch this video I guess Walter's happy because either His wifes dead or His wifes in jail Edit: so close

    26. Liam Bean

      idk what walter says at 1:43 it's like "after SHE somethinged a guy at a stoplight!" anyone know what he said?

      1. Liam Bean

        @Andrey Paes k thx :)

      2. Andrey Paes

        after she ran at a guy :)

    27. A C

      Jeff always killing me. Love this guy

    28. Jara Lol

      🤣🤣🤣 god i Love walter 😍😍❤

    29. Sonia Ibarra

      Love u Walter!!💙💙

    30. nihilistman

      I'm so glad someone is making content specifically for the disabled!

    31. Pabitra Rai

      Love from Nepal 🇳🇵

    32. Thomas Kimani

      what ever happened to sweet daddy Dee?

    33. Kurt Elliott

      I still like your outro Jeff!!! =8^)

    34. Charli Nolan

      love your comity

    35. Debbie XOXOXO

      You are an extremely talented ventriloquist and comedian. Thanks for making me laugh my ass off.


      3 2 1 look out......😂😂😂😂

    37. Joseph Bennett

      JEFF: good Lord. WALTER: uhh oh slow down or we'll get to where we're going to fast IF YOU KNOW WHAT I'M SAYING! ME: LOL

    38. Winston Cunningham

      My wife 0:26

    39. wyk yee

      I love Walter

    40. Willem Lahaije

      30 years from now that's me. 😂🤣

    41. iam_bman 1

      Thx for making me laugh everyday

    42. Will

      Happily married couple... so honest with each other... lol

    43. Ace Hardy


    44. Julie Briddick

      Absolutely fantastic my hubby left me as I'm lazy and he caught me at it with someone else, one night stand meant nothing wish I hadn't ruined everything

    45. Mareline mari

      I love u so much u make me laugh so hard i cant beath haha.

    46. Skywing YT

      I watched the show on Netflix and one of my favorite parts is the reference to "the lotion" because arguing with myself was the show I watched the most and love any reference to any past thing. Glad Jeff put that in there.

    47. rock climbing33

      Would Walter be good on THC edibles??? Hilarious

    48. Michael Lance Steenberg

      Classic Walter 🤣🤣🤣

    49. Kara Middleton

      You people think this is funny?

    50. Calvin Crews

      Not everything is your fault Walter some of it is her fault too

    51. Jack the Gacha tuber

      Can you get Walters wife on here? Just an idea

    52. Gina Robbins

      😂😂😂😂 Walter sueing his wife for sexual harassment

    53. nunya biznez

      Oh jeeze, I was looking for news reports about the election campaign, saw the thumbnail and thought this was a story about Joe Biden.

    54. Eric the Magician

      Hey. -_- 3 2 1 Look out. -_-

    55. katie klien


    56. Lexiaa Forever

      “Get off I’m Tired “ I gotta use that one day 😂😂😂😂

    57. Cmoney TV

      I got to watch this this thing looks funny and you're right it is family friendly LOL LOL LOL JK you keep going Jeff Dunham make me laugh you fuking comedian your one fucking funny guy that I like men you're cool as shit I hope I meet you someday

    58. The15138


    59. Franklin Warner


    60. Lone Wanderer

      Walter sure needs a hug. Reason: He always looks grumpy.

    61. Christina B.

      I have another joke. I’m suing my mother for medical malpractice why because she was assigned to the ER again hurts her back again. But the real reason for the malpractice is she brought a friend home who has no business being here. Oh she at the door. Ding dong so it was my mother and new friend and she interdose. It’s a girl hi my name is Mersa and me just slams the door on both ladies. So I hurt my mother feelings no Mersa from the ER what hurt her back.

    62. Kenneth Hall

      Hey. 3, 2, 1-- Look out.

    63. Pat Jones

      Can I get this on DVD?

    64. Justas Kavoliūnas

      asome man

    65. Heart2 Heart

      Walter is so funny. He's on a roll today.

    66. BMiBudz

      If I ever stop liking Jeff Dunham I want somebody to shoot me!!! What a legend hahahaha I went to see his show in Sydney when he told us horrible news that bubba jay wasn’t loved and he stopped doing him and that he would try with us I was shocked I love bubba jay!!! I’m watching nazcar and DRINKING BEER!!! Hahahaha

    67. christopher krause

      Walter is an honest prince of passion....his back hurts damnit...stay off him...I'm an attorney for puppet hire

    68. Michael Eade

      I hope this gets released in the UK as a DVD.

    69. Brennan Orca

      Jeff Dunham I went The Washington state fair and it was great. Although I was under a really bad cold and my voice was so damageD I couldn’t laugh .sad righ. But it’s beter. Hope you can come back to Washington again that was a blast ow yes it was my 18th birthday too.

    70. super Gabriel bros Osuna

      I don't know why is Walter happy