Why Do Plane Wings Tilt Upwards?

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    [1] www.sciencedirect.com/topics/engineering/dihedral-effect
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    [3] www.rcscalebuilder.com/Tutorials/dihedral/dihedral.pdf
    [4] www.usni.org/magazines/naval-history-magazine/1995/february/designing-bent-wing-bird
    Thank you to AP Archive for access to their archival footage.
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        You say series, are there more episodes coming?

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        3:14 PLS LINK I WANT TO LISTEN THOSE TF39s!!!!

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        No thanks. No way I am condoning putting up new (pay)walls on the internet for educational content. You have 2M subscribers. You have Patreon and dozens of other ways to get donations.

    2. HorizontalEagle

      6:38 AN-225 not 255

    3. Lane Merkley

      Any chance of you making a video explaining how the **** hovercraft work?

    4. William Frederick

      Awesome footage of the flying circus again! Love that place!

    5. Rob Feldkamp

      Please correct me if i'm wrong but a pilot told me that high mounted wings do make planes stable in a way similar to the pendulum effect. ''keel effect'' . It IS (also) the drag vertical component of wing drag that acts as a parachute. It is not the lift's vertical component as that is perpendicular to the wings surface (not to gravity) so not upwards (inverted pendulum fallacy).

    6. MegaMGstudios

      All your videos on planes has thought me more than the 700 pages of the book "introduction to aeronautical engineering" I had to study

    7. Steve

      Great vid!

    8. Daniel Skoog

      What about the F-104 that had a mid or low mounted, anhedral wings? How did it keep stability?

    9. Riccardo Dipietro

      7:40 a bug in the matrix

    10. Poopybutt McGregurson

      Yooo you gotta do an episode for SNC’s new Dream Chaser space plane. And another for Virgin Galactic’s new passenger space ventures. Blanking on the name rn but it’s basically a triple fuselage with two airplanes in one. Looks like a lot of state of the art engineering and cutting edge techniques went in to these crafts and I’d love to see you break down the physics of it all!!

    11. Cakra Diaz

      a tad bit disappointed, didn't satisfy many that question the anhedral wings applied in Tupolev airliners ranging from Tu-104, -114, -124, -134, up to Tu-154

    12. Jack V

      I would love to see a video on solid state batteries and how they're developing

    13. Jeevanandhan G

      One good video, I understood the concept much better. Also please make a video on Wing loading effect on Airplane wings and Gliders. That would be really helpful. Thank you.

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      Why do black people like to sit on porches?

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      "angle of attach". Whoopsie lol

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      Make video on giant doomed force field aka energy shield plz

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      Have you thought of joining SpaceX and helping them? You sound like a person SpaceX would love to have. Things you don't know yet wouldn't be an obstacle for you for sure.

    18. Jay

      You should do a video on Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works history/projects!

    19. MePipe

      Nice. Good production and (narrowly, apparently ;) ) avoided all the common pitfalls. Cheers/Aero engineer

    20. Sankarshan Kulkarni

      I miss the music

    21. Robin Onsay

      You should do a video on the Aerospike rocket engine!

    22. Seriaz Sound

      Unrelated question: Why don't we use nuclear power for space travel? Not that I support Nuclear power in any way...but why hasn't it been tried before? Too expensive? Not efficient? Too dangerous?

      1. Leo Arc

        Nuclear power is just too powerful. The concept was explored several decades ago where small atom bombs would explode underneath a push plate, connected to the spacecraft via a dampening mechanism. The main advantage is that the craft could, and had to be quite heavy (in order to accelerate at a tolerable rate). The main problem was that each blast would remove a certain amount of material from the push-plate. We still don't have any material which can survive the amount of blasts needed. Even the smallest nuclear bombs are simply too powerful. If one day we can control fission or fusion, a few atoms at a time, nuclear may well be a solution.

    23. Solahi Fuefos

      this video is gonna help out my ksp planes so much

    24. Arty Dc

      There are many whose tilt downward

    25. Viktor Ejdesgaard Pedersen

      Is it possible that you at some point could go over the science behind the SR 71-blackbird? What makes it so fast and climb so high, and it's strange looking design. I'd love that.

    26. WingFocus

      Thank you for your videos. I really enjoy all your research and information.

    27. Brian Cameron

      Cargo planes typically have high mounted wings so the loading deck is closer to the ground. Vehicles can drive on instead of being lifted up.

    28. Skipping2HellPHX

      As a former C-17 loadmaster the rational for the top mounted wings, as it was originally taught to me, is indeed to get the body of the aircraft as close to the ground as practical. This is primarily done for the last reason stated 4:49, to ease on and off loading. Most vehicles enter a military cargo planes under their own power, so having a cargo ramp with as shallow an angle as possible is required.

    29. Little Kitty Crafter

      Attach? I think you mean attack

    30. purple haze

      Is it a german Chanel?

    31. Noah R

      It is not a greater angle of attack (AOA) that makes greater lift on the lower wing. AOA does not change when an aircraft rolls. It is the greater vertical component of lift that is created on the lower wing (with normal dihedral) when the aircraft is in a bank... Just saying. Mostly right, but that part is incorrect.

    32. Brandon Fong

      The antonovs sheer massive size contributes to stability as well so the anhedral wings also help to introduce instability to make it responsive to pilots' use of control surfaces

    33. Floris Stevens

      Is this ma boi browney

    34. xMinimalistic

      Why does the dash 8 have slightly upwards tilting wings? That's the one plane that I've noticed that has dihedral and be an high wing aircraft.

    35. Priyansh Garg

      Coaxial rotors please!!!!!

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      I already have CuriosityStream but they let me add Nebula access (and I used your code). It's good content but they need to design the iPad formatting and allow searching for channels and not just content.

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      8:10 logistics isnt engineering in the same way engineering is discussed in this video. This vid is REAL Engineering, that series sounds more like "i think this is cool so im doing a series outside my wheelhouse."

    39. Hamil Patel

      Really interesting. Wrote a pallet of planned ww2 in high school, and have been interested every since

    40. thhseeking

      For me, the Harrier will always the Hawker Harrier. Not this McDonnell-Douglas (Boeing?) AV-8B thing.

    41. Just Looking

      7:00 I have a new porn name: Large propeller.

    42. jfbaquero

      What about the TU-154, civilian aircraft with low mounted wing and anhedral angel?

    43. Sebastian Busuioc

      Because they have an erection

    44. nightlightabcd

      Actually, the wing sweeping upward was first intorduced in WW1 by the British!

    45. Chris Everett

      great video. they always are

    46. Gorm Auslander

      So when are you going to make a dedicated video about why we aren't seeing hydrogen powered aircraft?

    47. Arne Lidmark

      There is much more to the topics of dihedral-stright-anhedral wing question. Stright wings was used on fighter airplanes far before the f-16, even slightly unstable configurations in other means.

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      nice with nebula! now start accepting BAT (Basic Attention Token) and you will be one of my favorite channels (I mean you are around there, but you know what I mean).

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      It's nice to see some Israeli Air Force planes here :) Keep up the good work!

    50. Echo

      I think they also use anhedral wings to counter the effects of heavy weights on planes with dihedral wings. I was reading an article on this and what i understood was that on C-17 for example that has anhedral wings instead of a dihedral; is because making the plane statically unstable would make it easier to turn.

    51. John Due

      Questions: The first versions of North American B25 Mitchell had dihedral wings from fuselage to wingtip. This configuration made the airplane unstable. Why? Production models had the part of the wing outside the engine straight. Why did it help? Regards from Denmark

    52. P.S. Burton

      Planes do stuff because it looks cool.

    53. tchouzebra

      What about the tu154 that has low mounted anhedral wings ? www.jetphotos.com/photo/8137922#modal-large-photo

    54. Mayank Rawat

      Real Engineering : A video on planes Wendover: It's treason then

    55. Email

      F4 phantom story is also exactly the opposite of what you described. Flight test found TOO MUCH roll stability, and rather than re-design the wing, which would be too costly, engineers simply introduced greater anhedral to the horizontal stabilizers.

    56. Email

      with the F16, you neglect roll stability due to sweep. F16 is positively statically stable in roll, and very much in yaw, just not in pitch.

    57. Yasin Parti

      At 6:41 you said “An-255” but I think you meant “An-225”.

    58. Gybbson Lesly

      Why is it that there are so few large comercial aeroplanes (specifically jet or turbo jet planes) that have a overhead wind instead of an underslung wing. However, yiu can see more of them for cargo planes. (I am not an expert and my dad; an aeronatical engineer, has fogot half of what he has learnt.)

    59. EasyPZ

      I actually wrote a paper on the F4U a couple years ago. The inverted gull wing proved to be more aerodynamic due to being attached perpendicular to the rounded fuselage. It also wasn’t just for the size of the propeller; despite the blades spanning 13ft across, the inverted gull wings were used to make the landing gear shorter to support the harsh carrier landings.

    60. Plague

      "Free from the shackles of CZ-news", yet made exclusive. That's not free and is shackling viewers.

    61. Nigel Mansell’s moustache

      Why do plane wings tilt upwards? Soviet aeronautical engineering: Are our Tupolevs and Antonovs a joke to you?

    62. getslayedbot

      5:37 mongolian airlines yay

    63. Stephen Chick

      Pretty sure there's a big self correcting effect on Yaw as well. But that's as far as I'll open my mouth because I'm really not certain... : /

    64. Filming life to Remember it.

      Ah. Now the majority of aerospace engineers are developing future aircraft with no wings. And Aircraft with a blended wing...with a "Twist."

    65. Tessa Rossa

      The XB-70 Valkyrie's wings actually had wing tips that pointed down and it was the fastest bomber ever made unless you count the A-12 variant

      1. thhseeking

        A-12 wasn't a variant of the XB-70, and it wasn't a bomber.

    66. 70 Series Tires

      You don't explain why the wing was bent at all. Dihedral had nothing to do with it. The F4U wing WAS bent for fancy aerodynamic reasons. The wing attaches radially to the fuselage, which results in minimal dynamic drag. Without the bend, the wing could have mounted low to the fuselage for a similar ground clearance/short landing gear solution but higher drag would have resulted.

    67. Ralph Stewart

      It also help to keep the wingtips out of the grass on landing. Yea, they still do it anyways

    68. Mind Blown

      I've recently decided to try to build a plane and I'm learning a lot about flight. This video introduced me to the different types of wings I didn't know a plane could have. What kind of wings would best suite an environment consisting of flat farmland/fields like Illinois?

    69. Airguardian

      Your dihedral/anhedral explanation of how wings' roll stability works is correct, but I'm afraid your statements about top-mounted wings and low-mounted ones is not quite as accurate. To simplify things up, you should be thinking of lateral center of pressure with regards to center of gravity. Weight acts over CG so it doesn't play 'directly' a part in how the plane rolls as you already noticed in your analysis. What actually generates a restoring moment is the keel surface that mostly depends on vertical stab area and positioning, regardless of wing placement. Thus when sideslip occurs due to roll, lateral CP above CG will produce a restoring moment while lateral CP below CG will produce a destabilizing one. The reason high wings are more stable (not considering dihedral/anhedral) I assume is because raising a wing also elevates lateral CP (think of all the sidewards component of wing drag during sideslip), and conversely for low-wings.

    70. Kevin Cobley

      Ever more ways to commit national suicide.