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    1. 甄弘志

      Someone said guuuuuuuuuuuuu! Like it or not! :)

    2. Pao Sugu


    3. Haley Escalante

      Dont forget about your socks

    4. Shael Field-Ridley

      I don’t get it

    5. Nano Nadeem

      U Un Uns Unsp Unspe U Thought

    6. kayci wray

      you have to smell pepper straight out the container to increase your sneezing chance

    7. K S

      I Spranb my ancool

    8. Francesca barba

      I dare you to like my comment 👇🏼

    9. Devin Vasquez

      Hi Unspeakable I have been loving all the videos I see from I was 6 years old. You are the best youtuber I ever wached.

    10. Jean-Paul Wevers


    11. Gacha KittyOMG

      I haven’t watched you because my parents were annoyed but I watch you by secret! ;3

    12. Farah Khan

      5:47 who saw Simon playing with the blinds

    13. Patrick McDermott


    14. Bryce Jones

      Hi I watch your channel a lot and if you can put my name in the video I’d like it I subscribed

    15. Cassie Enger

      Do a try not to touch the round for😊 24 hours

      1. Cassie Enger

        Do a try not two touch the ground for 24 hours

    16. Canesha Rothwell

      i subscibed

    17. Carol Sayre

      You scream like a girl

    18. Amber waber

      Who sees when James has his wax strip Simon is to funny in the background

    19. Wendy Richmond

      I broke my finger by falling so hard on the ground at school it hurts so bad

    20. SumargPlayz

      Bro Nathan Ur so gross u drank a toilet water

    21. Rose Sell

      I feel bad that unspeakable has TO LICK THE TOILET SEAT!

    22. Graydon Giberson

      James lost his guu dare

    23. Olga McBarnet

      Why did no one eat a lizard

    24. Joey Pearl

      After running into all of the doors i think he has a headache

    25. Nicole Canaan

      🙏🏾❤️💯💯. Wtf

    26. Zachary Zukas


    27. Eddy Coleman

      Hi unspeakable

    28. Eddy Coleman

      Uspeakable uspeakable uspeakable uspeakable u speakable

    29. Denelle Vasbinder

      we see grown men acting like 5 years old this is sad

    30. Kittycorn QQ

      You know Preston? Brianna? If you all, viewers who are reading my content, make the like button blue of Unspeakable and mines, also to subscribe to Unspeakable. Don't be haters, be subscribers! (*_*)

    31. Haziq Hazim

      I love you much unspeakable and I cop it

    32. Haziq Hazim

      How many times unspeakable say wow?

    33. Haziq Hazim


    34. Haziq Hazim

      how many times unspeakable say frick

    35. Aliyah Garma

      grossss unspeakable drink toilet water😵😵😵

    36. Ena Akhter

      Can i get a shout out i liked ur vids and subscribed also turned the notification bell on 😄😎👍

    37. angel owens

      Where’s samba

    38. jolly pawar

      food wasting.........................................................

    39. Alejandra Vasquez


    40. discarnate23


    41. WilliamRiftpad 2009

      I was drinking water and it came out my nose

    42. Jay Bradfield

      You shood

    43. Troy Keller

      I just got you on Instagram

    44. Aurora Berry

      You guys are so funny 🤣

    45. lilys channel

      do you like nikes yes or no unspeakable

    46. dunya munkhbat

      Someone I forgot there name:think of dragonflies landing sunflower :someone I forgot:ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😵

    47. Sofia Tinnelly

      These are crazy dares

    48. Michelle Moore

      If you do a part 2 I dare you to go to the park where the kids are and act crazy

    49. mel was here

      Why when gabe was filling his pocket with ice it made my want to eat ice so I Did..........l.

    50. Riella Ramos

      When unspeakable cat the running to every single door dare he forgot the fridge

    51. lonewolfgmr21 ,

      Fun fact toilet waters cleaner than sink water

    52. Truth O'Brien

      What happen to unspeakable???

    53. Jamison Sells

      He did not say guu when je said stuff he forgot

    54. Lidia Lebed

      Please do a Omega Truth or Dare!!

    55. XavKae L

      James should of been a fish

    56. Troy Kearley

      can i have a shoutout plz

    57. Lori Popejoy

      EGGS AND BACON!!!! :D

    58. Brian West

      Yo you funny

    59. Sheila Jahnke

      Close to the beginning when unspeakable was jumping on the ladder he sounded/looked like the guy from Pixar

    60. Eevee Boy


    61. Lori Jones

      Amazing intro 👏. 👏. 👏.

    62. Greyson Whiteplume


    63. Thuy Bechard


    64. erica lytton-miles

      i think you should make a video about not being able to do anything but do dares for 24 hours

    65. Iris Bonsteel-Martin

      Kako will never want to kiss unspeakable again.

    66. Kit Kat wolf 2009

      JAMES AND GABE BOTH FAILED THE *GUU* CHALLENGE! Like if you noticed 0w0 *GUU!!* I'm doing it now UvU *GUU!!*

    67. Luna

      There was a sprite cranberry add...*inhale* why?

    68. Will Lantz


      1. Will Lantz

        Yay one like 😁😁😁😁

    69. Will Lantz


    70. Raina Baack

      Gabe is suppost to pull the wax strip off from up