When you don’t put your phone on Airplane Mode



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    Please everybody for the safety of everyone put your phone on airplane mode ! Not saying this will happen but lol better safe then sorry in all circumstances involving nonsense 😭

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    1. Slim2xz From da Qc

      Thatsss tufff lmaoooo So voice

    2. UnwaveringBackBone

      If they would have just checked their mini maps they would have seen the only red dot was him...also that choke hold was super effective

    3. EARTH

      0:15 ..

    4. I hear Voices


    5. M J

      Mark: mine black too 6ix9ine: no it aint

    6. 2gud 2btru

      This video is so short they talk like the video is at 2x speed i don't hear nothin.

    7. Aphriana Shirer

      Why his face like that when Desmond choked him

    8. ISmokeCrackAlot YT

      The way Desmond said "no it's not" 😭😭

    9. Jordan Gomillion

      Bro I have watched this shit so many times 😂😂😂

    10. Prank Screen

      ME: “not putting my phone on airplane mode” Plane: “starts haven’t turbulence” Everyone:WHO DIDN’T PUT THEY PHONE ON AIRPLANE MODE Also Me:👀 YEAHH WHO DIDNT

    11. Macer78

      bruh the way they were shaking had me dead. 🤣

    12. Jade Nguyen

      These all ending fighting and screaming.

    13. Nuggy XD

      WTH Mark

    14. Everything is Pusha T

      The look on Mark’s face after Leland finds out 👀

    15. Jonathan Esser

      I loved Lelands reaction? "Who would be so inconsiderate?" 🤣

    16. Alastriana Teregov

      Fun fact: they ask for people to use airplane mode because apparently phones can mess with the planes systems during takeoff

    17. SaltyPat

      Bruh i got a red iphone 8

    18. tyronne knight

      Y’all funny asf .. been watching y’all since day 1 .. keep up the good work 😭😭

    19. Bill Overbeck

      Soul Plane 2: the blackjackining

    20. Dennis  W.

      This had me crying 😭 I love all y’all vids

    21. twofingers onecup

      I bet that pilot is 6ix9ine

    22. Justin Risom

      If kids watch this let this be a lesson

    23. Rayfalt

      Let this be a lesson. If you don't put your phone in Airplane mode, the plane might crash.

    24. Mizan Ahmed

      Pfft. At least no one bought a water bottle into the plane

    25. cycobear86

      What I wanna know is where he got those pilot outfits. Some real dedication to your craft to go that far to entertain his fans. Especially when it's something not anime/gaming/sports related. Well done.

    26. T2 TRIX

      0:50 "I'm black I'm black too!

    27. Lost Dai 23

      Basically what I thought would happen expect for that the passengers would go crazy mode 😂

    28. Zertexxa Jreax

      Where aren’t the windows

    29. Edward Somuah


    30. Youtube Watcher

      Hol up two of them niggas got airpods in you can’t use Bluetooth with airplane mode on

    31. Grecko Rodarte


    32. 津波x Tsunamix

      Aaaaaaaaaaaaand this is the skit that lead to Logan Paul’s trash film.

    33. yahya gaming time


    34. JB Stuff


    35. Ttryx

      This happened to me once

    36. Gerarudo Gaming

      0:27 Video : whaat?! Subtitle : [Applause]

    37. Juju


    38. Isaiah Philip Olaguer


    39. 2rareli

      Pilot- Someone didn’t put their phone on airplane mode Aaaah shit here we go again 😂

    40. Internet Alpha

      Ik this vid obviously is a joke but I just found this interesting. Airplane mode is supposed to prevent you from connecting to wireless networks to prevent radio interference from cellular networks on the ground.

    41. Wrong Wronskian

      Max 737 right there

    42. Demon Eyes

      0:38 when you realize you F#cked up

    43. Idk Idk

      The 1k dislikes are people with a red iPhone 8

      1. NG Soldier

        @Joan Gallardo Would you like to join me in a meditation session.

      2. Joan Gallardo

        Lol I have the iPhone XS Max and still hurst!!!

      3. NG Soldier


    44. Ivan Cano

      His little nod at :35😭

      1. Ari zee


    45. gameplayer502


    46. Killu4real Lionheart

      xD why lol

    47. REEE Khan.jr.

      Is this actually true? Not putting on airplane mode cause a crash

    48. Dee

      What's wrong when you don't do it

    49. SONGAMES420

      0:22 lol Rdc be shaking b4 the camera shacks idk why I find it so funny lmao

    50. Kareem Wilson

      Later the missile got them

    51. Sonu Baruah

      Pilot- "Somebody didn't put his phone on airplane mode" The guy- *This is when he knew he fucked up*

    52. Bisexual Dolphin


    53. Montana kang

      they need to play this before take off on all flights lol

    54. JTundra

      markass LMAO

    55. stiles pulsar


    56. Kurayamiblack

      My favorite part is realizing he got 5 more people to come over and just sit in an empty room pretending to be on a plane for a 1 minute long "what-if" joke

    57. Gerardo Aparicio

      So this what it looks if they have something cheaper than coach

    58. Creators Hub

      *”Who could be so inconsiderate!”*

    59. Datboii famous

      All jokes aside what does airplane mode even do

      1. Kevin Jong

        I once had my phone not on airplane mode when on airplane I forgot to.

      2. Extra Ragu

        It turns off incoming messages and attempts to retrieve online things like calls so that it doesnt interfere with the planes connections

    60. Deandre Walker

      Shit is not that serious trust me 😂😂

    61. Hen Mack


    62. Toxic OP4

      Those seats look like bitches

    63. Thrilla In Manila

      Lol I’m watching this on my plane right now!

    64. acreativename

      lol these videos are so random yet so relatable

    65. Hovic

      Wow nice plane ✈️

    66. Isaiah Walker

      Desmond with the wires 😂

    67. konstantinos Tsigas

      Nice plane

    68. Yo Chxll

      I would have been like I gotta track phone

    69. Justin Johnson

      Lol the person that made the decision to start from the front instead of the back. Where was this energy when I wasn’t ready to present my project in school? 😭😭

    70. Matt Garcia

      the pilot's who controlling the plane face lol