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    Hi babygirls! Thank you so much for watching and for supporting! I LOVE YOU!! ❤️❤️
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    1. Simple Family

      you should pack more pads and stuff just in case but just to be sure when i had my baby i also thought i was just going to be there 2 days i ended up bieng there 5 days with my baby because he had to be sent to the nicu because he wasnt drinking enough milk so they had to tube feed him. So meanwhile i was leaking milk and staining my bras and clothes i had just packed for 2 days And the hospital was 1 hour away from my home.

    2. Maritza Hermosillo

      Girl take some pajamas loose pants and shirt or some leggings that are not that tight and dress pajama looking. Ross has a lot. You need clothes 😆

    3. Evelyn Maldonado

      Omg les your nails are so long that your going to scratch your baby

    4. ncsam 000000

      Why are you stupid people making these fake ass bitches rich? Damn people are so stupid these days. This girl is dumb as hell holy shit. This is sad as fuck

    5. Keeley Faircloth

      Hey girl ! Pack some more baby onesies along with yourself some leggings and a few shirts so you’re comfortable ❤️

    6. Ruby Blanco

      Hahaha 😂 Diaper! Girl you had me laughing!! Where is your clothes girl! . You need clothes also

    7. Allie B

      Keep mittens off in the beginning they like to use their hands to feel your beast and they use their hands as a feeding cue to let you know they’re hungry

    8. Allie B

      Wear a pad with the diapers. You’ll be changing it every time you pee, then you just change the pad and keep the diaper on until you get anything on it then you can change it

    9. Allie B

      The hospital will have you wear non slip socks

    10. Crystal Ortiz

      If you’re breastfeeding, you should really get the breastfeeding pads that are washable. I felt like those stayed in place better than the disposable ones.

    11. Judith Cordero

      Girl you aint fitting in that faja you know why? “Cuz that asss” 🤣 that sexy diaper wont let you

    12. Maria Madrigal

      You should take a pijama para cuando salgas de hospital.. And your own underwear with your pads. Because the ones they give u there are huge

    13. Kenya Garcia

      I really recommend nipple cream it’s a must , snacks , and a change of clothes to come home

    14. mirella rubio

      On what website was Baby G blanket made on? I’m in love with it 😍😍.

    15. byouandbelieve_

      Where did you buy the car seat and baby stroller?

    16. Natalia Pintor

      Ovulating 😂😂😂😂💀

    17. Martina Meza

      Uhmmm.may i humbly suggest.. you take overnight always pads as well xq el flujo de sangre es muy abundante..y los calzones no se pero creo q son para incontinencia (pee pee.ya pa la mujeres q se les sale la.pee pee cuando se rien o cough) im.sure q si se.pueden usar para period tbn. Pero just to be sure xq si es mucho blood flow it might not be enough w just undies .plz take breast balm (como chapstick pa las boobs) once you feed la saliva de el bebe.te puede.make ur nipples chapped.cracked or bleed...segun dicen q despues de cada comida q le des te untes lechita en tu nipple .to help w that .and breastfeeding shields look it up at mendela breastfeeding xq si duele at first...and a boppy pillow..and one of those like gel cool.packs? No se como se llaman ..pero similar to those for the eyes to relieve swollen or to relax.ur eyes pero pa tus boobs xq when they engorge duele mucho u cant even consentir la ropa.bueno idk if this will help ..i hope it does ..te deseo q Dios te acompañe en tu delivery. ...muchos saludos y q Dios te bendiga

    18. Kaithlyn Jaime

      she talks so fast sometimes i don’t like watching her video 😭

    19. LaceyyAnn

      im probably all late, but what i would take is like some wipes for you, and some sweat pants, or pajama pants.. for the day you leave.. they should give you some comfy socks. they pretty much will provide everything you need besides clothes and good hygiene products.

    20. Hilda Zamarripa

      Don’t forget a going home outfit for you. I wore sweats, a hoodie and fuzzy socks the day I left the hospital. Also, breastfeeding pads depend on how much you leak, I usually changed mine every 3 hours. Yesss...I wore a faja since the hospital, life saver!!

    21. Michelle Ytuarte

      Girrrrl, I love ya but, you def wont need any diapers and can almost guarantee in 5 years you'll be laughing at that lol! That was a first for me.

    22. Travy Ruiz

      You need an outfit for yourself and diapers and wipes for the ride home, maybe even bottles just in case..

    23. Silvia Reyes

      Les can you share the link to purchase la faja, Please !

    24. Sharon Nicole

      Got flashbacks of when I was about to have my babygirl 3 years ago 🥰

    25. Lexy Mora

      ok sooo i think you need to pack at least 1 more outfit in case he has a terrible diaper blow out the first night.

    26. Michelle Martinez

      You’ll be glad you brought diapers, it’s way better than the mesh underwear they give you 😩

    27. Dezmadrez

      When u leave the hospital make sure to wear glasses and a hat .. or hoodie

    28. marlyne gue

      I love this video! I wish I could've seen a video explaining as much as you did, before I had my baby😂

    29. Rachel Ibarbo

      Wow how did I never see this video!! I didn’t know you uploaded it 😭❤️ well better late than never ! This is what happened when you have late night Lesdomakeup marathons lol 💋

    30. Brenda Nieves


    31. La Jas

      Smells the diaper dead 💀 asf 😂

    32. Diana Mascorro

      Girl you need a comfy outfit for yourself & Alex def needs to bring his little bag of needs as well.

    33. Gina Sanchez

      Those women’s diapers are going to come in handy.

    34. elizabeth palencia

      U should give ur self 1 week before or 2 weeks before u use fajas. ! And drink tea that helps produce milk

    35. elizabeth palencia

      The day after I had the baby, I Swear my whole shirt was wet from all the milk that came out of my boobs

    36. elizabeth palencia


    37. elizabeth palencia

      Les please go to target, and get TUCKS they will help you so much after labor

    38. Daisy Angel

      Dont forget to pack a comfy outfit for you to go home from the hospital..

    39. K Claire

      Wait the baby’s name is baby g ?

    40. Andrea

      I just gave both this past September to my beautiful baby girl, I would bring a different faja that’s more adjustable or maybe a bigger size. When you give birth your uterus will still be swollen (I gave birth naturally but even with c section you will be very swollen and tender) and you’ll still look like your 6 months pregnant at least. Maybe try getting a bellefit

    41. Francessca Perez

      Omg I wish I knew about those diapers for women when I had my kids! I would have LOVED those! & those breast pads are LIFESAVERS! All your shirts would end up soaked with milk without them lol But I do reccomend packing sweats and a tshirt for yourself! :)

    42. Diana Martinez

      "Whole ass diaper" 🤣🤣

    43. Maria Shields

      Les those diapers are a lifesaver but iso of someone already mentioned this but you should take shampoo and lotion after having my kids all I wanted to do was shower and I did it as soon as I was allowed to. I also took a towel because the one there was super tough. And you should also take some comfy pjs or something to wear home I always took leggings and a v neck or a button up shirt to breast feed.

    44. kimberly bueno

      Your going to need lots of outfits they poop them selfs a lot even if your consistent on changing him . And definitely take your self pjs for your self .

    45. Perla Paredes

      Am I the only one wondering where the faja from ? 🤣😓

    46. Mari Leeandra

      Yeah, I’m gonna have to take notes on what you got on your list for your hospital bag! I’m pregnant and it’s good to always be prepared. Thank you for this video. After I find out my gender definitely gonna know what to pack for my baby and me. ❤️❤️

    47. Estela De Alba

      Definitely take more then 6 breast feeding pads but omg if I ever have another baby I should pack all of this! Lol

    48. Giggz05

      I bought some of those different brand though they were soo uncomfortable lol

    49. Michael Muñoz

      No mames te estas cagando o que hablas bien rápido 😂😂🤦‍♂️

    50. Kristina Jenni

      I’m not satisfied with what she packed lol she didn’t pack enough

    51. andrez juarez


    52. Carolina Cruz

      Les you'll also need an outfit for when you come home, make sure it's a comfy one! Also, I would pack more of those diapers for yourself. Make sure Alex also packs a bag for himself. Can't wait for baby G"s arrival 😀 Bendiciones 🙏

    53. Aliza Nicole

      the breast feeding pads catch your milk because you WILL be leaking a lot especially when you start breast feeding. Very good thing to take :)

    54. Alyssa Lopez

      I highly recommend you take a couple more pairs of socks for him just Incase his baby poop gets everywhere. It happened with my second son 😫😂

    55. Savanna Ramirez

      I personally bought nipple balm when i breastfed

    56. Janelly Navar

      Those women diapers are the best !!!

    57. Vanessa Napoles

      I packed my daughter a newborn outfit and a 0-3 month outfit you should do the same! Just incase baby G comes out small or big. I’m doing the same with my second baby! 💙

    58. MeValeJJ

      I literally took nothing but slippers and my pjs to give birth. Everything else was the hospitals. I was clueless and broke. Also I think it's way too early to take the chupon. Also you might have a c section. You never know.

    59. Bryana De Dios


    60. Jessica

      Mayyybe bring more than 6 of those diapers.. I wish I thought of those, but you do bleed a lot and Everytime you pee you'll probably want to change it..

    61. Brianda Jasso

      I had my baby boy 3 months ago and lemme just say, take some extra clothes for him because boys like to pee everywhere as soon as their cosita feels a breeze lmao. Cause our little bean peed through his outfits (all 3) 😅 And have a wipe and diaper all ready to go before changing him it’ll help NOT get peed on😂

    62. Hsg Osito

      You forgot. Breastmilk pump in case you over producing and get hard and hurting

    63. Nancy C

      I packed a small electric blanket that I would place in my stomach and lower back to help with the pain. When breastfeeding this stimulates your uterus to contract and feel pain. I did not really need pain medicine since the warmth of the blanket would soothe the pain.

    64. Elizabeth Rojas

      I’m Not pregnant, pero still here supporting you, trying to be a chismosa lol Love you! ❤️

    65. Amber Leal

      Yes binders are the best thing for your body i swear it help you bounce back! I used them after having both of my babies!

    66. Yvonne J

      FYI...you may want to pack more clothes for baby G depending how long stay is because they have MANY 💩 poop accidents!!!! Just in case sweetie!!! From one mom to another!

    67. Delianna Molina

      you should pack clothes for when you leave the hospital, also shampoo, conditioner & a towel to take a shower!

    68. mjnieto17

      Les, don’t forget your coming home outfit. Dress comfy and warm. 💖

    69. Melymel Sern

      What about the outfit for the pictures of Baby G that they take at the hospital

    70. Kristal. YouTube Rivera

      Watching video. Krystal Rivera