Whatever You Draw, I’ll Buy It PANCAKE ART CHALLENGE & How To Make Lion King Visa Art

Collins Key

Collins Key

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    We’re back with an all new you draw it, I’ll buy it twist on the pancake art challenge where the Coin of Destiny will determine who maxes out their VISA on whatever the other draws! This time you'll learn how to make the best diy pancakes like Pumba from The Lion King, a Best Buy PlayStation controller, Apple Beats by Dre, Mysterio from Spider-Man Far From Home, expensive Gucci shoes, and so much more! Try not to laugh as brothers (not twins) the key bros compete in a hilarious do it yourself competition to make homemade delicious art from breakfast food that you can eat and enjoy after. And watch to the end to see which brother will win his dream Lamborghini! It’s another awesome and funny viral video in this fun entertainment and life hack tutorial compilation series.

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    1. Julia Quilantan


    2. Bella Miller

      Lobster squad

    3. Dailin Ledesma

      You are so nice

    4. Chans squad like

      I want just like your Brother's car

    5. Wolfs_ Glider!

      Collins clearly knowing it’s a ring : I can’t wait to find out what it is! Me: life is hard, yah know that?

    6. Jason Mcneill

      I The same one that Devon have just black or blue

    7. Evan Spear

      Keeper squad

    8. Jamal Howard

      Keeper squad

    9. treylan jarreau

      kepper sqaud

    10. Sheri Stephen


    11. Tiffany Hicks

      Who's your best brother ever in your group

    12. Tiffany Hicks

      Devon won. Watch

    13. Tydog Matthew


    14. rockstar ayaan

      I my god I am so happy for him

    15. rockstar ayaan


    16. Kira Prout

      My dad gets cherry red

    17. Kaito Shimamura

      I want a green lambo

    18. Samisgreat07 XD

      I think Devin's is better

    19. Rami Elbaamrani

      ITS a lambo 300,000$

    20. Prateek Stha


    21. makhi shotz

      Devan you got to teach me like if u. Agree

    22. Madeline Galdamez

      Lobster squad

    23. Ultra FunGames


    24. Zoe Brisby

      Do you speck a different language

    25. Ishmel Akbar

      keyper sqaud

    26. Sophia Lewis

      keyper squad

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    29. Ian Keusch

      Lobster squad

    30. Carter King

      Lobster 🦞 squad

    31. Sarah Aiken


    32. Sarah Aiken


    33. Sarah Aiken

      Omg u are buying A LAMO GENNY OMG OR NOT?

    34. Victoria Burns

      Text draw to 81800

    35. Lyra's Planet

      Headphones duuuu

    36. Dragon eye

      collins chaed

    37. jeniffer groth


    38. jeniffer groth


    39. jeniffer groth


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      I didn’t do the like button because I had to sub first

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    43. Bonnie Hinojoza

      Hello hey are they still on the phone or are yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyylyyyyygggggggg

    44. RS laferrari

      My dream car is Ferrari

    45. JAYBR0 247

      Goldin Lamborghini

    46. Pha Navy

      Devan draws so nice

    47. Serena George

      I fink that you should get a girlfriend do you fink

    48. Serena George

      I LOVE YOU collins key😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

    49. Nadeema Nordien

      keeper sqaud

    50. Gaming Beata's - Gaming


    51. Zoe Turney

      Lobster squad

    52. Jack Murphy

      McLaren, Rolls Royce, A spider convertible, Bugatti, Corvette, Lamborghini Uris, Porsche, Audi R8, Bugatti Veyron,GTR.

    53. Jover Menguillo


    54. zakimi


    55. Nadelyne Archila

      my dream car is a lambo

    56. Super Gaming Bros

      10,000 dollers.

    57. Ryan Mahoney

      Lobster squad

    58. Ryan Mahoney

      Keypter squad

    59. Kaitlyn Smith

      That’s unfair =( Collin won like every time

      1. Hannah Johnson

        No it is fair

    60. Becky Ferguson

      Snuggies are $19.95

    61. Lillian Muraszko

      Devin deserved it

    62. Kainne Rylance

      My fav car is a Lamborghini or a Ferrari

    63. Kristin Gayle

      Lobster squad

    64. Xin Geng

      He wins

    65. Jennifer Pertsch

      Lobster squad

    66. Abriella Tapia

      Collin is a bich

    67. Alejandra Coban

      Dream car hmmmm Lamborgini aventador

    68. Gudmundur Arni Gudmundsson

      I know why devin does so tiny lines he uses a diffrent thingghy on top

    69. Gladson G

      Lobster squad I was white now I'm brown lol

    70. Chloe Butcher

      A Bugatti