What will we build on Berm Peak?

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    Now that we're ready to dig downhill trails, what's the plan? Today, we take a look at Berm Peak as a whole and decide what the overall layout will be.
    The map you'll see in the video is a rough idea of how many trails I want, and where they're go. The names and exact routes will probably change as we work our way through the woods.
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    1. Cameron Gill

      Berm peak> berm creek

    2. Grahameow

      If anyone wants to know what app Seth uses in the video it is Altimeter GPS - Hike & Trek (At least for apple App Store)

    3. Hayden Campbell

      You use waders for chainsaw?? Come to Texas - where we saw in cargo shorts lmao

    4. Noa

      Gets hit in the face by a bike, "I really thought I could do that"

    5. Grant Hester

      “I really thought I was going to be able to do that!” I’m crying laughing 😂

    6. Gromzen

      6:23 ... sketchiest thing you've done to date and you didn't even debate it or bat an eye lol

    7. Foop Nibba

      “ I know it like my own backyard” that’s because it is but ok

    8. Michael Burn

      0:37 voice crack😂😂😂

    9. Mr. Saephan

      That second drop was CRAZY and that's a understatement lol

    10. MTB Wolf

      Hey Seth, why isn't your trail on trailforks yet? That's what makes it official.

    11. Random Gaming

      love the content but its bad how u destroy the environment

    12. river nealon

      I’m watching a marathon of these videos

    13. Budz Mongas

      Sorry but I laughed so hard when you got down on the flight deck 😂😂😂

    14. cameron ward

      For wood pecker you should have put a Boner log

    15. james s

      Nice place and nice plans. It's kinda cringe and lame how you've named all the various places on your property though. Just my opinion, so who cares?

    16. Adam Bamber

      Thank you

    17. Adam Bamber

      Seth you inspired me and my frends to build a trail near are house

    18. Walibi Maniac!

      This is the 3rd video in a row on your channel to end with a 7, lucky.

    19. Eleazar’s 009


    20. Unit


    21. LeonPhaseBMX

      You should build a double black diamond or red triangle pro line

    22. Darcy Bailey

      instead of a roll in you should have built drop to landing

    23. Carl FortniteRoblox

      Can you make a Urban Downhill ”trail”? stairs alot of weird jumps with stairs as landing

    24. Bradley Vickery

      I dislike how you have to go backwards on the berm peak express to get to the future moonshangle trails, so I think you should reroute upper express so it doesn’t intercept it. Just an idea 👊

    25. Knockhill track slag

      Build a pump track

    26. Shane Dugan

      Do mouint bike racing have 3 trails same jumps just box racing with jumps make trail wider or have 3 diffent trails go to one

    27. Shane Dugan

      Make a spot were a jump overs a jump and make 3 trails go down one peace and mutiple ramps have big ones athat could jump over a roll over or a pump and a medium size one and race

    28. frog ilicious

      how could you afford a house like that. i sure wish i was doing what you do

    29. Jay Wesley

      Am I right in saying the elevation change is 227ft, rather than 127ft?

    30. Barrett -DCT

      I’m going to be moving to a place like that and I’m a die heart biker so I’m doing that even though I’m a kid

    31. Anthony Smith

      How many acres do you have?

    32. Brody Schmitt

      What app

    33. Jake Stephenson

      U should go down then extend out a lil but with the pucker plank then extend to the ground at a slighter angle more speed

    34. Glitch

      how do u figure out the highest and lowest point on your property

    35. Haida

      6:36 *dies*

    36. Martin DYN

      This is sweet! You could stick some skateboard grip material to the roll ins to help climbing them up. They would also keep a good grip for riding it down when it’s damp as well. I imagine wood feature get slippery real quick.

    37. Rodney Faust

      New to your channel binged watched a couple of your new videos which had me go back to the beginning and I must say your channels is deafening inspirational keep the good content, 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾🚵🚵

    38. net poser

      Seriously? You thought that roll in was legit? Makes for good content when you eat shit... twice

    39. Ben Hanley

      I think you could add like a re-fill station! So it has a cool box underneath with things like water and energy bars for the trail! And also the music at 7:15 reminds me of hayday🤣!

    40. Christian Holmstedt

      So the broke broke at 6:35. Right?!

    41. talk time

      When will you sell this house if you do ?

    42. Mr Opinion

      You're very overweight for a guy that rides a bike!! Eat better

    43. zykzyk85

      Your steep rollin' nearly touches your BB. Its going to kick somebody else off with a lower BB.

    44. gunya down shot fak bang gang

      This guys like a 50 year old fucking savage with the testing!!!!

    45. Igneale

      Unfortunately you're losing a ton of energy/speed on the pucker plank into the fork, your limbs and the ground... you should take off the bottom 5-6 boards.. run a couple more boards at a less steep angle to preserve some of that energy lost, not to mention save you some fork seals, to send you rocketing down the new trail. You'll still have the initial thrill of the drop but a much more efficient use of gravity, which is why you built it in the first place.

    46. Jeffrey O'Dell

      Seth living the dream :)

    47. Rene Heil

      That roll in is scary as hell

    48. Tiger Rag Fishing Team

      No need to venture from Berm Peak videos. Good Stuff!

    49. micky pitt

      Where do you get the stickers

    50. omginvalid

      Jesus this guys house is huge. Does he really make this income just from 1.5m subscribers?

    51. LunchScape

      I wouldn't mind care if all you did was these types of videos. Haha

    52. Anthony 707


    53. Dave Dyer

      Dude. Keep the berm peak videos coming!

    54. Blzt

      Lol at you trusting your friends to drop in 10 feet on a bike in your yard but not to use a battery chainsaw

    55. King Hamster The Third

      "I know it like my own backyard" I love it

    56. Savage Ccjj

      What if you made a jump over your driveway


      Sick! 227 vert tho not 127

    58. Stephanie Larsen

      I live at 7000--8000ft

    59. derultimo

      Funny thing, there is actually a trail called Woodpecker in Winterberg, germanys most famous bikepark

    60. super N00B

      You should build a road gap across your driveway

    61. kian christensen

      please please more berm creak

    62. T OK

      The roller should not be so steep at the end, u loose to much speed. Energi Just goes down

    63. Air

      can you post

    64. ZOOM TysOn2007

      6:42 “I really thought I was gonna be able to do that” yah and I really thought that you were gonna break your collar bone again

    65. Gianni Bulls

      Where’s the new video Seth I love them and I really want more please. This next one will probably be really good. Keep up the good work. Bye seth

    66. Martins Čaplis

      Seth, I would enjoy to watch a "Before and After" video where you basically show how the areas looked before the trails and after you make them

    67. VHOKE

      Keep doing berm peak im sure all of us are satisfied with it but dont keep it for 2 or 3 months it will get boring

    68. Ahgii

      Build a driveway gap, that would be the most epic feature ever.

    69. Adonis

      You need to build a gap over your driveway

    70. Colten Buntin

      I want to come and ride with you