What will we build on Berm Peak?

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    Now that we're ready to dig downhill trails, what's the plan? Today, we take a look at Berm Peak as a whole and decide what the overall layout will be.
    The map you'll see in the video is a rough idea of how many trails I want, and where they're go. The names and exact routes will probably change as we work our way through the woods.
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    1. LunchScape

      I wouldn't mind care if all you did was these types of videos. Haha

    2. Anthony 707


    3. Dave Dyer

      Dude. Keep the berm peak videos coming!

    4. Blzt

      Lol at you trusting your friends to drop in 10 feet on a bike in your yard but not to use a battery chainsaw

    5. King Hamster The Third

      "I know it like my own backyard" I love it

    6. Savage Ccjj

      What if you made a jump over your driveway


      Sick! 227 vert tho not 127

    8. Stephanie Larsen

      I live at 7000--8000ft

    9. derultimo

      Funny thing, there is actually a trail called Woodpecker in Winterberg, germanys most famous bikepark

    10. super N00B

      You should build a road gap across your driveway

    11. kian christensen

      please please more berm creak

    12. T OK

      The roller should not be so steep at the end, u loose to much speed. Energi Just goes down

    13. Air

      can you post

    14. ZOOM TysOn2007

      6:42 “I really thought I was gonna be able to do that” yah and I really thought that you were gonna break your collar bone again

    15. Gianni Bulls

      Where’s the new video Seth I love them and I really want more please. This next one will probably be really good. Keep up the good work. Bye seth

    16. Martins Čaplis

      Seth, I would enjoy to watch a "Before and After" video where you basically show how the areas looked before the trails and after you make them

    17. VHOKE

      Keep doing berm peak im sure all of us are satisfied with it but dont keep it for 2 or 3 months it will get boring

    18. Ahgii

      Build a driveway gap, that would be the most epic feature ever.

    19. Adonis

      You need to build a gap over your driveway

    20. Colten Buntin

      I want to come and ride with you

    21. Oscar Muller

      Nooooo do more berm peak

    22. janet smith

      Roll in is to step

    23. Erik Tishenko

      berm peak building is turning out great! I'd love to see more of.... BUILDING BEARM CREEK, vids

    24. Logische gurke

      So we all came for the bike hacks and stayed for you beeing a really cool guy, allways happy to see your new videos. So have fun on Bearm peak but don’t crash :)

    25. Spencer Kloes

      You should make some sort of gap jump over the road leading to the driveway

    26. Brandon Lavy

      Any advice on mapping backyard trails? I have tried apps, but I'm mapping a small area and I am not getting the look I am going for.

    27. Ludwig Schlemmer

      Your viideos are so cool 😎

    28. will Johnston


    29. calin mischewski

      Do you live in New Zeland because I do lose of mountain biking at Rotorota

    30. AMG 320

      I don’t even ride bikes and I LOVE your videos !! Is it too late for a 29yr old to start riding mountain bikes? Lol your videos have gotten me so pumped! I used to skateboard and snowboard a lot so I’m still decently fit. I’m gunna look at your bike buying guides! Thanks mate! Big ups from Sydney, Australia

    31. Boaz Gringold

      Pls make A jump trail

    32. Wheelies with Jacob

      At 6:34 it sounds like he breaks his fork listen

    33. XxTheBlueNinjaxX

      You should get a ATV to haul around the stuff

    34. yeet man

      You should make a technical trail calld root and stones brake my bones get the rethrits sorry for bad English and not spelling properly edit: I saw the map and it says captain building inspector which is a pun on captain safety at Whistler bike park

    35. Alex Ghitza

      can you make a jump over a creek please, and call it berm in memory

    36. AJ YT

      Who else remembers when Seth made the first trail.

    37. Dmetal#1

      Dude! That Endo hurt your bike.

    38. ZymurgyNerd

      I might be a little weird, but I think I just watched this video for the fifth time.

    39. X Gecko

      Shirt arrived, I love the actual shirt....btw you should totally Sell patches of the Berm Peak ranger district logo

    40. Sebastian Eiselt

      Elevation? Nice.

    41. HelloBoyz GD

      Please more! I live in Germany and this is so crazy!!!!!

    42. Logan Johnston

      is it just a coincidence that 3 of the last 4 uploads have been 10 mins 7 seconds

    43. ironworm26

      That crash off the launchpad is so fierce.

    44. MarkTheLostTraveler

      You should have a BERM PEAK trail building get together. What an experience that would be.

    45. Henry Peterson

      4:00 that’s really smart I would of never thought of that. Thanks

    46. oniN

      A global build up of Co2 is here because Seth keeps building backyard trails

    47. Logan Mendelev

      Hey Seth! Me and my grandpa are both subscribed to your channel and we watch your videos each week as they come out...we love them! My grandpa is one of your over 60 subscribers and I’m 11. My mom, dad, brother and me and my grandpa are all avid mountain bikers. We love heading out to our local bike park that we affectionately call “the dump” because it’s beside a dump :-). It’s real name is Mt Work Regional Park. We like to make our annual pilgrimages to Whistler each year to ride the bike park and we also love riding at our local lift access bike park located on Vancouver Island called Mt. Washington. We sure would love it if you came up to Victoria BC to ride our local trails and try out the trails at Mt. Washington. There are a ton of great riding trails all along Vancouver Island as you make the trip from Victoria to Mt. Washington. I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

    48. Sam Prince

      In 30 seconds you explained topography better than any geography class ever did

    49. RED PEARL Drag Racing

      You’re R.I.P. plants

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      1:45 Wait for me dad! I'm coming!

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    53. Egg Lord Hawk ツ

      See in the modern day slang you would call trial and error........... HUCK IT!!!!!!!

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      Where do you get your trail sign stickers for difficulty


      where do you get the trail marking stickers?

    57. Imagine7


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