What's the Most Expensive Single Thing?

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    Written by Adam Chase

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    1. Half as Interesting

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      1. Nathaniel Pool

        Does the earth count as a single thing? It's a single planet. Technically the sun is a single thing with a known mass and a known composition. How much money would you need to buy the sun?

      2. person54

        When you consider the fact that the U.S military is given about $600 billion dollars a year, and the ISS is worth, in total 1/5 of that, speaks volumes about our countries efforts as a whole and what we could achieve if we worked together instead of fighting each other.

      3. Dr Srikanth P Parthasarathy ACA ACMA UK PhD

        I think you are getting too absorbed with the sponsors and the fact that ISS was the most expensive did not really back up with your logic of why you are NOT considering certain other objects. The quality is dropping significantly and you need to address this. With your knowledge,. It would be worth pondering if this is leading you to become a joke

      4. Arthur

        Hey just letting you know that an arabic youtuber is basically copying you word by word, slide by slide. Here are some of his vids : cz-news.net/online/video-C86k2lkVJm8.html cz-news.net/online/video-sjXkodg_-Y8.html cz-news.net/online/video-srxde6clzUc.html

      5. Peter B

        @David T GFYS.

    2. GatorMacheteJr

      Good sidestep on antimatter. Antimatter also is as versatile a category as matter (theoretically there's anti-hypdrogen, anti-helium, etc.) so it would be an incredibly unsatisfying answer.

    3. Ian Bush

      Most expensive thing in the world is a parking spot in Manhattan

    4. Mark

      I'm expecting "HP Printer Ink". just started watching... Hmm..

    5. USA in Hiroshima history .

      Easy Mbappe in a few years

    6. ecoroyalty

      I got it right!

    7. MyOwn Meadow

      The most expensive thing in the world is... the world.

      1. MyOwn Meadow

        Not the stuff on it. The core stuff and some crust.

    8. Purple Melody (ColumineMiette)

      The reason is curiosity, of course!

    9. AxisKronos


    10. Billy You

      Guessing it to be antimatter Edit:wrong Edit 2: I was technically right just that it didn’t fit the criteria.

      1. Billy You


    11. smh124

      4:03 yeah right and does not have a public health care and shitty public schools what a coincidence ...

    12. George Hwang

      Half as interesting makes me actually sit through sponsorships

    13. Princess Linda M Williams Morris

      An uncut emerald.

    14. Mister Scoot

      HAI in 2120: "What is the Galaxy's most expensive planet?"

    15. jorganville

      As a UK citizen, how about Hinkley Point C? Might cost up to £40 billion.

    16. Ethan Gilchrist

      called it!

    17. Anodyne Melody

      "In my quest to answer this question..." *shows* *Nazi* *SS* *soldier* *looking* *through* *binoculars*

    18. HM Car Reviews

      Know way on earth is the Mecca Mosque worth $100 billion.

    19. Faith

      The most expensive thing? Sin. Sin is expensive

    20. Omnicob

      A planet?

    21. James Douglas

      3:00 is that stock footage of a SS soldier? That's pretty random

    22. Jason Dashney

      I don't think the space station counts. At all. You can't buy it. Something that won't be sold doesn't have any value. This video should be about the most expensive thing that Jeff Bezos might actually conceivably want to purchase at a reasonable market value if he just wanted it badly enough. It should be a consumer item, and by that I mean mega mansions qualify, or a skyscraper as a business investment type deal. Something with intrinsic value because a painting has none.

    23. Cryptex

      I knew the answer before watching. I've seen this before

    24. Elias Isaac

      That big ship in eve online

    25. Kikinara Kitty

      Earth. Next question

    26. CloverChoco

      The most expensive thing for me is printer ink cartridges

    27. mmdirtyworkz

      I'd say good health.

    28. Austin Rebello

      Smoothest ad transition yet lmao

    29. Nayuta Ito

      Does it mean a very rich person can pay $177 billion to whoever currently owns ISS and get whole ownership of ISS?

    30. romwil

      The ISS? Try buying it. How about the world’s most expensive thing that is actually purchasable?

    31. AJ Rodrigues

      Dislike just for the sheer arrogance at the end of "your" CZ-news video, Jackass.

    32. Xcallibur-_

      What is it with you and my hometown Omaha? You having an affair with her?

    33. Eugene

      The guy on the ground with the binoculars was a Nazi.

    34. james summers

      man, the cost for the ISS is out of this world.

      1. Mr Coler

        james summers This comment is way too underrated

    35. BJGvideos

      Wouldn't digging equipment be the opposite of planes?

    36. kuugeli

      Isnt ISS made from multiple modules that have a cost and use on their own and it has been gradually built to the point that it is now.

    37. Diogo F

      Wait. The narrator is not the person who writes the videos? That's so fake and insincere. Unsubbed

    38. Miles

      That transition was out of this world.

    39. FlameFlamedramon VA

      It'd be funny if Big Wangers Inc. Bought thos channel because Fact Fiend and Half as Interesting are very similar

    40. Kinaibhlan

      The ISS doesn't actually exist though

    41. Algy Cuber

      "single thing" i literally thought elements were actual single things

      1. skinny legend

        @Lleyton J im not sure if you're kidding or not lmfaoo

      2. Lleyton J

        Well not really because elements are made of protons, neutrons and electrons...

    42. Kieran Herrington

      How are all the technologies on the ISS counted as one thing ?

    43. Lars De Poorter

      1)universe 2)nothing

    44. Goatcha

      I'd go with the ISS

    45. Goodtohave Inajam

      How about a 60 year old Macallan?

    46. Raymx slapped y'all

      2nd thing is my girls snatch,u wanna rent it?

    47. Lee Mcnamara


    48. Charles Pletzke

      The actual most expensive single thing is my ex

      1. Logan

        Lol not mine...she’s the cheapest thing

    49. Jish

      Wow you didn’t mention the 100 million dollar dog collar

    50. Ollie H

      Most expensive thing is the earth itself. Thank you for your opinion tho.

    51. Echreation

      So can you fly me from Wyoming to Paris now

    52. Cypher791

      i have a box full of things..

    53. Ishi 123

      Sam: _I like planes._

    54. Coley Duncan

      Is the 3.37B for the B2 adjusted for inflation? Just curious because I was stationed at Whiteman AFB, MO where they're kept, and for our annual performance reports we valued them at 2.2B, what we were told was the cost per new B2. I find it funny that tens of thousands of people who have worked with the aircraft in some fashion, could all be running around and spouting off an inaccurate cost. Can't really blame us though, because the purchasing party should have a correct price, but it wouldn't be the first time. Thanks.

    55. MuddyApatosaurus 6777

      2:59 random SS soldier

    56. ReCoM Sce

      OK don't worry - earth is our planet, world is our scociety/humanity and since the ISS is manmade=by humanity it's from the world/the humanity

    57. sxvrl

      gucci toilet

    58. MrWildbill47

      I was initially thinking the LHC but somehow that got me thinking about ISS, I went with ISS since it has been around a lot longer and costs a fortune to maintain.

    59. Chris Klugh

      You forgot to mention printer ink!

    60. americanv8ss

      please increase the volume

    61. Miss Minty

      I thought it would be human body parts

    62. zubercharge

      does antimatter count as a ‘thing’

    63. Abhijit Biswas

      When u reached Mecca I guessed you're going to go to the space station 😂😂😂 damn I am a total absolute genius, I am going to find a way n dm you now! We will talk😂 I feel so cool now, I'm a nerd who was chosen by thug life!

      1. Mysteriously Scorpion

        Are we only 2 Indians here?

    64. IanHimself

      I called it. You don't have to believe me, it's ok.

    65. IanHimself

      2:57 Did you realize this is a NAZI in this clip? LMAO My guess is you didn't! haha

    66. Your Mom

      Wait I get a six pack for being a youtuber???? Sign me up! I’m not cringe

    67. BuncherMunch

      Norad and Santa tracker

    68. Kenny Keating

      Where do you find all this generic stock footage?

    69. Max Stirner

      ok, lets cut the crap and talk about what the real most expensive thing in the world is: a nuclear bomb.

      1. MrWildbill47

        Actually nukes are not that expensive and remember you get a lot bang for the buck :)

    70. Insert Professional Name

      I swear to god if it's modern art ima lose it!