What's the Fastest Way to Travel in Minecraft 1.14?

Mumbo Jumbo

Mumbo Jumbo

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    Travelling long distances in Minecraft doesn't have to be a painful experience, there are some methods that make it incredibly fast! But what is the fastest? This video will tell you!
    For every block that a player travels in the Nether, they travel 8 blocks in the over world.
    So if you have a nether portal at 0,0 in the overworld, and another nether portal at 0, 800; then to connect them up in the nether you would have one at 0,0 and another at 0,100.. Meaning you have travelled 800 over world blocks by going 100 blocks in the nether! Hope this makes sense!

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    1. Mumbo Jumbo

      Just a top tip! Actually watch the full video before chiming in with your ‘fastest way to travel’. Almost every one I have seen so far is actually in the video! 😂

      1. ADeCesare3

        Mumbo jumbo how about fastest ways to build

      2. snowishy

        Omg you snapped 😳

      3. Agent piggles

        The minecart boat glitch allows you to travel really fast

      4. soap head

        Normal sprint jumping not on ice

      5. TheRandomLifeOfMe _

        Weresthe piggo and carott on a skick

    2. funtime freddy_173

      How to travel fast? Totally not /tp :v

    3. TheRealArdsGaming

      10:46 Nice

    4. Wolfgirl


    5. Avivious

      What about dolphin and speed 255? Or just speed 255 And to everyone saying ‘yOu NeEd A cOmMaNd’... so does teleport

    6. iR3ktYou _


    7. Slime Cat

      Ice : **exist** Global warming : *im about to end this whole man's career*

    8. Slime Cat

      But would you put every single ice in your world to travel faster? You'll already travel when you put the ice *one* by *one* *No*

    9. Giraffe Man

      I feel like I've seen this video years before... Deja vu?

    10. Sytrus Cholo

      *Sprinting on ice block while jumping* R.i.p Space bar

    11. Pika Archie

      The last one prob would of took me 15 - 20 secs

    12. Rainbow Playz

      Elytra never works on my iPad

    13. Kye Fraser

      Do slowest travel movement speed

    14. BAYNE / Turn The Page

      ok youtube, fuck imma watch this

    15. Kye Fraser

      If there were rain in the nether, 1000 blocks per second with Riptide Trident

    16. JamRam Minecraft

      damn u forgot mr Usain Bolt xD

    17. JamRam Minecraft


    18. Kye Fraser

      With Packed ice and glass you can make your view so it looks like your running backwards lol

    19. Rylan Johnson

      Homie to all the time to do this map and math but my mans couldn’t put a timer on screen

    20. KonbyrStang

      Fastest method: /tp

    21. Darwinudes

      Just do /tp

    22. ɹәʞlɐʍ ɹnoʇʞɔıʌ

      Teleportation is the fastest way lol

    23. Simpl3 Sky

      I’ll just stick to walking..

    24. AxelHD2901 s

      feets: *exist* Mumbo Jumbo: *The fastest way to travel*

    25. Ojan_OK YT

      The fastest way is to teleport with command block/commamd

    26. Son Nguyen

      ender pearl

    27. TheButtonMashers

      Well teleporting is faster than having to make these and use them all together :/

    28. Principle Gaming

      you wrong jumbo its suppose to be /teleport human ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ - haa! good joke - ikr

    29. Cuboid

      10:48 Nice

    30. Sean Gauthier

      What about flying machines?

    31. Abnormal Studios


    32. Monthree Udomsin

      The one that I like to use is going max height wt ice on top and ride a boat off

    33. cherry Berry

      Fasted why to travel :jeorgën

    34. Jordi Cruyff

      I know Xbox is almost irrelevant but creative sprint-flying is really fast in Xbox edition

    35. 1k subscribers challenge

      Falling is one of the fastest way to travel To death 💀

      1. Kaiwala23

        Water bucket is your friend

    36. Rang Hart

      The speed of your speech with statistics + my slow comprehension = 27!75÷\%×%!75×097÷7535274174247375*314285÷86#86#86×742414174172414+424141428535×86#/8×4+51418%27%28÷5174 (later in the vid) thats some insane speeds btw

    37. Karl Malone

      Boat in a minecart?

    38. Ryan Korteway

      But what about riding a fast horse on blue ice while splashing speed 2 on the both of you and then jumping up and down? Yes I am being cheeky but only slightly ;)

    39. Creators Hub

      Can you make this a downloadable map? Or maybe invite ur buddies over, and have a race to the finish, with like bows, and swords

    40. henksvdbogaard

      Dude ! Teleport is instant with a command block!!!!

    41. Pill Cosby

      How can you be so slow to tp tho. Lol jk I know you’re doing it to make fun of us.

    42. Hamid Validus

      Really reaaly extra smart person here. Calculate the the time needed to farm and build something like this. Teleport is better except if you have fun doing this.

    43. Ryan Live

      /effect give speed (name) 500 255

      1. - AboodGamingYT -

        I think you mean /effect @s speed 99999 255 true (no particle effects with “true”)

    44. dbomba 03

      I think my Ford in Citylife server is enough

    45. Flowergirl

      Tp is the answer haha

    46. Carson Barcus


    47. happylittle master

      this is an actually good minecraft vid

    48. frisk 330

      Fastest way is /effect @s speed_boost 255 (time) true

    49. Thule V3

      /teleport surely

    50. Hobbs

      I love flying around on my survival world with riptide 3 and an elytra , so fun

    51. Bagel Boi

      I use a button and a command block with already set coordinates :)

    52. The Emerald Entity

      Minecrafters: Man, food poisoning wastes so much food! Mumbo Jumbo: For the gods have called upon me

    53. Owen C

      Horse in a underground tunnel is what I use in my server. I tested it on a creative world and it did 500 blocks in 9 seconds. It’s a cheap alternative

    54. João Leote

      The fastest way to travel is /tp

    55. lqwerty 2

      I can type faster than you

    56. lqwerty 2

      trident is good

    57. Dems XV


    58. lqwerty 2

      trapdoor one is better cause who would travel 500 block

    59. cinnamon

      Mumbo you didn’t cover blue ice with boat and trapdoors.

    60. ПРИЗРÁК

      So, if use elytra on blue ice?

    61. urusmomus gayus

      speed x255: yeaaa went so fast that you would go way past it.

    62. Photo Quintessence

      Great Video 👍🏿 Loved it

    63. Cybermegatroll

      There is a faster way to teleport yourself bro

    64. Magical Beginner

      Viral man found out Minecraft is round by using a trident to when the whole Minecraft world was raining!!! He traveled back home in 100 seconds!

    65. shichi

      um wheres the horse

    66. MARVIN_WLY

      I dont need nothing i got pepe bobo

    67. KiyoshiGaijin25

      how about traveling between nether portals?

    68. Vivider Monkey

      I havent touch minecraft in a while, but i wonder, does the dolphin enchanment works in lava with fire resistance?

    69. Mohammed Abdelwahab

      Horses are very good early game, you fool.

    70. team KIA

      Teleporting can take up to 3 seconds if you know what the f*** you doing