What if You Swallowed the Most Venomous Snake Ever?

Meet Arnold

Meet Arnold

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    What if You Swallowed the Most Venomous Snake Ever?
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    1. sharky JAWS the shark puppet

      Oh no the poor elephant

    2. thatboi69

      Still lost finger

    3. Nugget Channel

      Nugget like eat nugget

    4. Deathbattler

      Man this Arnold guys got it rough

    5. Red Spy

      What a thrill... With darkness, and silence, through the night... What a thrill... I'm searching, and I'll melt into you... What a fear in my heart, But you're so supreme! I give my life Not for honor, but for you (Snake Eater) In my time, there'll be no one else Crime, it's the way, I fly to you! (Snake Eater) I'm still in a dream, Snake Eater... Someday, you go, through the rain Someday, you feed, on a tree frog This ordeal, the trial to survive For the day, we see new light.! I give my life Not for honor, but for you (Snake Eater) In my time there'll be no one else Crime, it's the way, I fly to you! (Snake Eater) I'm still in a dream, I'm still, in a dream, Snake Eater.!

    6. Heather Taylor

      What's exotic mean so yeah my question it's kinda dangerous to swallow the most venomous snake so yeah dont eat the most venomous animals

    7. Solar Cat

      This has bad words in this video

    8. William Macbeth

      I feel bad for Arnold.....

    9. ZGaming

      You think I will purposely swallow the most venomous snake ever?

    10. DJ Yanna


    11. someone

      poor arnold

    12. Stillhere never die

      Damn this arnold dude

    13. TheAbandon Gaming

      Stop killing Arnold

    14. TSwany

      That frog scares me. You could walk in its trail and step in that venom without knowing. INSTANT DEATH.

    15. TOM THE CAT

      *You died*

    16. Như Ý Hồ

      U should becarful anold

    17. Nathan Sanchez

      If dart frogs poison is that dangerous We should kill them all before they kill us

    18. Phone Bot

      when i heard the buzzing i threw my headset

    19. zeke 281

      We need to terminate dat frog from existence imebserous

    20. Will Avery

      What if humans are the poison and the poison dart frog venom is the antidote? Antidote dart frog?

    21. Nada 019


    22. Kiwi Daily

      Kiwi! *someone tell me why I have 1188 šubscribers.* lol

    23. JUJU HAJI

      Your blood is blue

    24. Mike Turik

      Is Arnold in China or Japan?

    25. Aayriz Aryan

      Poor Arnold!!! Rest in peaces 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔

    26. Tori Boreche


    27. Ash& Charlie

      Pause then press 1:25 it looks like his arm

    28. sans the skeleton

      AZZ NOT A- *HECK*

    29. Animotion

      Which software did he use use please tell

    30. Minna Laitinen

      Make a video! GRRRR

    31. Titan Wasawat Chantramalai

      Theres no Venomes snakes in thailand

    32. Sanitäter Of tf2

      It takes time to digest so the snake will bite your insides. You will die quickly

    33. Dylan Blue wood

      What will happen if you exploded all of the nuclear bombs in the Amazon rainforest all at once!

    34. Md.mahmudul islam abid

      this horror video, delete this,make good videos

    35. PPzGamer thailand2

      Arnold so bad luck man

    36. 100 subscríbete without video

      Say to Arnold to go to área 51

    37. Haley Nguyen


    38. celevil gacha

      poor arnold.

    39. S & G

      Wait does that frog exist? Pls tell me

    40. Nelson Sabiniano


    41. Attack Helicopter Jr

      Arnold: what's my diagnosis doc? Doc : I diagnosed you with dead

    42. BOI Animations


    43. Blessing Nwaorgu

      Good like this vid and subsribibe

    44. aurelia chira

      RIP arnold hand

    45. David Rosol

      That was a racist depiction of asians, I disapprove of this video. Downvoted and unsubscribed.

    46. The Sally and Milo Show

      Please stop swearing

    47. suzanne snyder

      *takes antidote* Ow ma fuk I LIVE

    48. Niraj Gupta

      Its more of courage the cowardly dog🕸️

    49. LeeLahTee


    50. Jacqueline Smith

      mg You’ll get

    51. Its Ankur

      Well u never told about the frog and the scorpion in the thumbnail.

    52. DJ Vanilla


    53. Ancient studio

      we cant swallow a snake

    54. KEZIA JIN

      In 0:55 is that frog arnold?

    55. Creater__ Playz


    56. Amanda Thiel


    57. Julie Gadia

      who is afraid of antidoe and injection?

    58. Jewel Hampton

      How many times arnald lost his thumb

    59. Arthur O'Shea

      Wish kid 24

    60. Robert McRegan

      AP Arnold r i p Arnold. Dramatic music. Goodbye

    61. ImHarith Boii


    62. probengamer Mobile legend TV channel

      Always lost his thumb😂😂

    63. Tshedza Munyai

      Funny how the narrator is always so optimistic while describing Arnold's pain

    64. Chaos Gaming 56

      Wtf am I watching

    65. lvl 4999 Soldier

      Give that guy a break god damn

    66. MI PONE

      Im sorry what

    67. RJJ Swan

      I hope arnold is ok

    68. SparkCZ

      That is not fair you are killing cute Arnold!!!!

    69. Hudson Smith

      Make more videos

    70. Laura Harris

      He said a*s