What Happened To Billie Eilish? | Celeb Face App Challenge



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    Can you name these celebrity old faces? Reactors try to guess FaceApp celebs.
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    Reactors Featured:
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    What Happened To Billie Eilish? | Celeb Face App Challenge

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    1. REACT

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      1. Deathmachine 1271

        AvryonBoi no it’s the app created by Russians and they now own there faces I’m not lying look it up

      2. Deathmachine 1271

        Jonathan Aisel they shouldn’t do it for them because then the Russians will own their faces I’m not lying

      3. Rose

        elders lyric breakdown to YUNGBLUD

      4. Flaming Sparkles

        REACT to WWE

      5. Blush ALDC

        React to ending of stranger things!!

    2. Dominykas ProGamer

      Hey do not download face app hes russian he can scan you

    3. Gachapotato66's world of Bishes

      I'm a BIG Billie Eilish fan

      1. Gabriela Fernandes

        SAME!!! Avocados forever🥑

    4. Fajar Ardian

      Kylie Kadarshian like my answer too LOL 😂

    5. Axe Man

      Does Jeanie live in a forest?

    6. Paddy Delano

      are you crazy. how come you didn't know all those celebs. thats' toooo easy

    7. Lilgabbyj

      I LOVE Daniel and Faith together!!

    8. Kalista Leal

      Childish Gambino is Donald Glover lol

    9. sageaps

      At 14:43 Tori looks like a former Walmart employee and Brandon looks like a retired mall Santa.

      1. Priyanka Ghosh

        Phoof. Rude.

    10. İpek


    11. Boogie

      Russian army breaking down my door


      Tom was taking it Izzy Daniel had Faith Jeannie Mikaela A.k.A Jeami Tori Brand on black shirt. Mistakes there? I'm sorry I couldn't see any better. Seany Bet.

    13. Speeff_A.R

      How did nobody get Jason stathem

      1. xRuthless

        Ikr that was the easiest one. He looked exactly the same.

    14. Pennan Debussy

      Arianna Grande loooks ROUGHHHH

    15. Pennan Debussy


    16. Mila Marinova

      why does grampa holland look so much like tony goldwyn xD

    17. Truth

      13:19 Was cute, they synced!

    18. Khayllie Tzentel

      8:08 OH NO TOM HOLLAND At least he lives a good life with zendaya

    19. Jonathan Schiller

      Tom Holland's old picture kinda looks like an old Daniel Craig to me...

    20. Tahitimotion

      14:49 OMG it's Goerge R. R. Martin ! Isn't it ? 😂 (a little)

    21. Harry Potter

      No one: No freaking person: Tom: kYliE kArDaShIaN

      1. Harry Potter

        Joeislayf 😂

      2. Joeislayf

        Thought the same lol

    22. carys Rankin mills

      I think there should be a video where some teens get to meet Billie eilish

    23. admir djuheric

      you should do kids try not to cry

    24. Cool Vibes

      It’s hard to play this game when you don’t know the names 😂😂

    25. Courageous Nova

      Mikaela looks like SSSniperwolf i don’t know why

      1. PeruBall Mapping Productions

        I think azzyland more

      2. Shani Nichols

        She does

    26. me when i see drama

      Billie *Eyelash*

    27. Tht_Stoner_chick

      @7:55 Me too Daniel😂🤣🤣💖

    28. Moriah Autumns lyric

      I'm a simple person I see Billie I watch

      1. Kay K :P

        Totally,I came for telling them Billie already dyed her hair green and brown

      2. carys Rankin mills

        Same it's a humble life

      3. Plush Collections

        Moriah Autumns lyric I’m a simple girl I see x I click (this doesn’t relate to this video)

    29. Gary Deschamps

      That is sidermen

    30. Mia

      Ok, can someone tell me who is Tyler the creator and John Hill?

      1. Mia

        Ky thanks, is that I’m not from the US (I’m from Dominican Republic) so something’s Are weird for me 😂💥

      2. Spongebob


      3. Ky

        Mia Tyler the Creator is within the music industry and Jonah Hill is an actor.

    31. ImSoLament

      Old Tom Holland looked like an older Jeremy Renner aka Hawkeye

    32. Spooter Man

      What is the app called

      1. EmilyRose 35

        Christopher Sanchez not all of them though, only the ones you give them

      2. Christopher Sanchez

        @Silver Gacha don't use it. You picture will belong to Russia.

      3. Silver Gacha

        Spooter Man Face app

    33. yohhh me

      faceapp ne kadar gerçekçi sizce... bununla ilgili bir video buldum... sonuçlara bakarsanız pekte tutmuyor açıkçası... izlemek isteyenler için cz-news.net/online/video-yf0vhnbDL6I.html

    34. Nigele Barclay

      Tom I’m not famous Shirt but I say poor & famous😞

    35. Turtle_Overlord241

      Brandon looked like Colonel Sanders when he used the app

    36. Official Shaw

      On me Lizzy fine

    37. liud

      I'm simple, I see Billie I click.

    38. Claire Campau

      I clicked because I saw billie

    39. Snookville

      Tom Holland old looks like Liam Neeson.

    40. X Y

      Margot Robbie was easy

    41. Cassie LeAnne

      I see Billie, I click

      1. XXXTentacion_Girl_ BigFan

        Hi billie

      2. Mahrosh Ahmed


    42. I ran into A wall

      All I got was Billie Eilish, Zac Efron, Lady GaGa, Millie Bobby, Miley Cyrus, Arianna Grande, Brown, and Will Pharell Sorry if I spelled some of the names wrong.

    43. Noah Brandon

      The app is by Russians and they can get your info

    44. wOnDeRfUl WeAtHeR wE'rE hAvInG


    45. Precious Billingsley

      Don't use Faceapp! Russians can use your pictures for litteraly anything and your privacy.

    46. Idaho

      Jonah Hill looks like White Jussie Smollett here.

    47. Sofia Nou

      There are 2 guys with the poor&famous shirt

    48. FireSuper Cool

      Theres no billie ellish you guys lyeing

      1. uno reverse


      2. I ran into A wall

        She was the first one

      3. Chantal Huerta

        Edwin Rivera lmao

      4. Edwin Rivera

        Cough cough first round cough

    49. Elle_Playz xd

      8:25 when say he’s “famous” his shirt says poor and famous

    50. Japkjkites Jap

      Almost nobody don't know who Jason statham is, and tori mess up the Chris terribly.

    51. Hannahdestinyyy


      1. Bri G

        Why :,(

      2. Hanna Baldysz

        Hannahdestinyyy and I love Tori

    52. Potato

      I got disappointed when Jennie didn’t know that it was Chris evens

    53. Lil NiBBa

      7:55 he just came again wth

    54. Lil NiBBa

      5:03 my man just came

    55. Rebecca O

      Tyler the creator billie and Tom Holland I got all of those in a flash it was so obvious

    56. Pastel Vxbes

      I don't know any of these celebs but billie and Kylie and stuff

    57. Hell Fire


      1. Unknown Dreamer

        Hun, Hell no.

    58. noa babishov

      u guys shouldn't use face app bc of these russians

    59. Assè Xentia

      14:44 Brandon you cutie😍

    60. Shawnna Farley

      Omg the reactors look adorable old!!!!

    61. ArtisticWolf 27

      Am I the only one who thought Margot Robbie was Heidi Klum for a second? Just me? Ok.

    62. ari be rad

      tyler the creators elder self lowkey looked like denzel washington 🤔

    63. Heather De Rose

      + russia has entered the chat..

    64. Heather De Rose

      how many points did y'all get? I got 6 !! (normal round) I got 12 !! (speed round) I died !! (their photoshoot)

    65. Adam A.

      Who else is distracted with the sub title. 🙄✌😅

    66. Esther Exploits

      Why do I see most comments 9 days after the video was postwd

    67. funloldash roblox

      Dont use Faceapp Russians take your secerts and Everyone pls delete Faceapp its In All the news

    68. Muqadus Fawad

      I am a normal person I see Billie Eilish I click

      1. htx_. d3m0n


    69. eilish fan

      14:58 best part

    70. 『테이리』

      Kylie Kardashian Im dying😂

      1. 『테이리』

        @SharmGiri Yes

      2. SharmGiri

        BTS? Jimin? Army?

      3. Jonathan Ortiz

        OMG that part was so funny