What Are The Best Brake Pads? Cheap vs Expensive Tested!

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    Why You Shouldn't Buy The Cheapest Brake Pads For Your Car
    5 Different Brake Pads, ranging from $20 to OE, undergo four tests.
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    What are the best brake pads? Are expensive brake pads better than cheaper brake pads? Are cheap brake pads dangerous? In this video, we'll compare brake pads ranging from $20 to $90, all for the front brake pads on the exact same vehicle. Performance testing will compare how the brake pads do when they experience high temperatures. Corrosion testing will determine how well the pads resist rust in harsh winter conditions. Shear testing will see how well the friction material is attached the the backing plate. Finally, noise testing will determine which brake pads are the quietest.
    When you walk into a parts store, you'll often see different tiers of brake pad prices. This video's goal is to determine if you get what you're paying for with those different brake pads. Five different pads will be tested. $20, $40, $60, NRS, and original equipment pads for the same car will all undergo the same tests described above, using industry standardized tests. Watch the video to see how differently priced brake pads perform!
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    1. Engineering Explained

      **Important Note** Lots of questions about the materials for each pad! It's honestly a very difficult thing to determine, which is why I left it out. Regulations allow for such a wide variety of materials that unless you do some sort of chemical analysis, I'm not sure there's much meaning behind it. For what it's worth, the cheapest pads were "semi-metallic" (again, vague, but that's all they tell you), while the other four pads are "ceramic." There's a wide variety of what can be included in pads, regardless of the material stated. Also, material alone doesn't show a strong correlation with all tests (both ceramic/metallic can do poorly in sound, corrosion, shear, etc), so it's difficult to determine what's the cause for doing well/poorly based purely on material.

      1. 7071t6

        what a crock of BS when you buy the pads used for the test the manufacturer would have done their own tests to make sure they are valid based on materials used to make them, also SAE testing for pads is also important and is this test based on ABS type cars or no ABS, after all the ABS pressures are different depending on which type of ABS used in a car and what those pressures are, thus you will not have to push hard down on the brake pedal, like you would on those without ABS ?

      2. Travis Terrell

        That's what I was thinking. Materials is an extremely important factor. FWIW, the factory pads on my Audi definitely stop better than the ceramic replacements, but I'll gladly take the 90% lower brake dust over stopping slightly shorter.

      3. Krystian Rzepka

        Hey Jason, could you provide info about manufacturer of the pads used in the test?

      4. Dean Kay

        @Oblithian It is printed on the box. Otherwise, illegal "Advertising". Or ask. Have you ever bought brake pads?

      5. Oblithian

        But if we don't even know which are ceramic or semi-metallic, what is the point?

    2. Mark Alibozek

      This was ok. Would like to see a video comparing semi-metallic, ceramic, organic, and premium metallic.

    3. BennyWise


    4. John Doe

      jesus. 15:00 for summary.

    5. Jay Bojorquez

      You and Chris Fix need to do a video together

    6. Dil Ritzy

      Can you give us the brand name of that mid range pads? That would be great.

    7. Davey

      For my 2014 F150 the NRS pads are $140 O_o

    8. Glenn Hutchinson

      Does NRS publish a coefficient of friction vs temp chart for their pads? What are the DOT rating for their pads?

    9. Anakin s

      I have 168,000 miles on my original 2015 toyota prius pads.

    10. tam hewitt-baker

      How does regenerative breaking impact these results do you think?

    11. The Keen Mechanic

      Great video and very informative

    12. Voss Li

      My brakes be like:- Press a little: Nothing. Press a bit more: Nah fams. Press all the way down: Ok here we go

      1. RedGuard128

        That's exactly how my brakes were. Changed the pads and rotors with some from TRW and braking the car now is pure bliss. The car came with Brembo from the factory.

    13. JohnnyBlaze6954

      super cool test, love your videos, keep up the amazing work and channel! been a subscriber for years!

    14. Jose Zaragoza

      Are these pads brake check proof.

    15. Midhun Raveendran

      Motorcraft ..where you at..

    16. Noah Nadi

      How much money did they pay you though...

    17. Amal Rasyid

      Si bgst bacot doang..ajg

    18. CaptainDangeax

      On my previous motorbike, changing from stock Tokico pads to EBC HH pads was more efficient in brake improvement than changing all tubes for aviation-class ones.

    19. flyonbyya

      What data would be produced if a carbon ceramic rotor was used ?

    20. Ray S

      I always buy OE if available

    21. DrFillyBlunt

      Brakes are overrated. If the $20 pads don't stop me, a tree or utility pole will. It seems to me people pay more money to be able to stop faster. If that's the case, save your money and hit something hard for free. Overpass pillar will stop you faster than any brake pad on the market.

    22. Nebosvod gonzalez

      What about Toxic Metals Creating Toxic Fumes Like abestos brake Pads.

    23. Mike Sokolow

      I just buy cheap auto zone life long pads and calipers. 135000 miles later, they just keep handing me new warranty replacement parts. I love it.

    24. mrthunderbird5

      Thank you 🙏 for that . I’m always looking to upgrade my vehicles .

    25. 0Myles0

      Including the approximate price of OE and NRS pads would make sense.

    26. Samerr Abbas

      swear to god i understood nothing

    27. Aldo

      So what OEM brakes do I get for Audi?

    28. Nibelung Valesti

      I'm gay.

    29. PrimeSuperboy

      Did ChrisFix put you in touch with this company? He made a video of their manufacturing process and they performed the same tests you did.

    30. Gerry R

      What about brake dust? The worst part about "cheap" pads is the orange film they coat your rims with.

    31. Nyrr Alberca

      You can test ...brakepad from taiwan brake tech...is the best by japanese technology

    32. Tone Loke

      Let me guess before i watch this the sponser will be the best am i right??? 🤔😂😁 Im sure all the high points are all of the sponsers selling points and also im sure the sponsers are the ones that wrote the script for him to read 😂

    33. aldo garay

      Just buy the duralast gold from autozone pay 50 to 60 change them ones i year for as long as you own the car

    34. Jason Weltch

      I'm interested to see performance and dusting comparisons between organic, ceramic and sintered metal pads. I've always been a believer that "low" or "no" dust brake pads perform the worst, since dust is an indicator that the pads are actually doing their job.

    35. ArchonNick

      That's why I only put oem - original brake pads.

    36. DeusEx Machina

      OE stuff is always the best choice

    37. Whereare wegoing

      Looks like buying cheap pads that need replaced every 2 years keeps the pads from failing from corrosion.

    38. Hot cock

      I've used $20 online pads and they've worked fine for a good amount of time.

    39. Will Sherman

      Identifying only one manufacturer, and not identifying the simple ‘type’ or ‘category’ of the pad (semi-metallic, ceramic) leads to what is essentially a near worthless video from the standpoint of ‘pads’ and a very interesting video about brake testing machines and their data presentation.

    40. Sloppysecond

      male vocal fry voice croakyness needs to end. its a feminines trait

    41. LemmingHuntR

      Curious about rotor wear and scoring.

    42. Anthony Saponaro

      OEM brake pads

    43. Colton Walker

      The NRS pads did have better initial bite than OEM, by a large margin. I'm surprised you didn't explain that!

    44. Colton Walker

      Where's the Akebono? Not a real test without Akebono. 😁

    45. Herve Delorme

      Interesting. It would have been more interesting to test the pads on "streets condition" - same car and brake test with each pad (like you did with air filter).

    46. Rory Banton

      Sirens, horns, wind noise, engine rev noise, my music blasting. Who da fak hears or cares about brake noise?

    47. Shac With the maq

      I could smell this video 😷

    48. kawi kawi

      I like noisy brakes

    49. Robert kearney

      this sounds like a NRS Brake Pad commercial more than a test of brakes

      1. Genbu

        I'm more inclined to buy the mid-tier after this video. Seemed like a pretty fair comparison to me.

    50. Captain Chaos

      THERE'S IS A VERY SPECIFIC REASONS for an automotive part to be labeled "O.E.--Original Equipment"...... Automobile Manufacturers HATE RECALL$$$ so they test parts extensively prior to their use and "O.E." labeling...... it's NOT a secret money grabbing conspiracy........

    51. Oscar Gonzalez

      Hello anything about the rotors n what type to match the pads rotors too can be a problem i want see about that

    52. CST1992

      Saw this setup on ChrisFix.

    53. Mr Lewis

      never heard of nrs before ...

    54. Karina Ruv

      Or pads and rotors almost equivalent to the best nrs pad... Buy oe always

    55. TBL

      Lots of good basic info. Curious if any temperature info was captured? Wouldn't hurt to provide vehicle application and actual make and model pad (part #) as basic reference info. If you change application, it's not uncommon that pad performance will be different across same make and model of pads compared to previous application test results.

    56. tjlovesrachel

      Wanna see some brembo pads

    57. Alex Benedek

      Lost me by "sponsoring" ...

    58. Brad Yelich

      First, one must know what type came OEM on their car. 1997 Lincoln Continental had ceramic brake pads. There are no such thing as cheap ceramic pads. None will outlast the Ford OEM.

    59. David Terrie

      What about ceramic brakes?

    60. Timothy Blake

      Thank you very much for that video with scientific quality.

    61. Timothy Blake

      Finally someone who answers this cruicial question.... !!!

    62. Michael Jones

      69 L o l

    63. Andrew Vanderschaaf

      12:39 lmao. epico

    64. Plataani

      Well, according to that testing the mid tier is much more buck for money than oe or any other. Need to know that manufacturer 😂

    65. worlddomin623

      Are the reference prices for each of the brake pads MSRP?

    66. bumpassb

      O'Reilly "Brake Best Select" in the yellow and black box. My fave. OE compatible. Best bang for the buck in my opinion. (Yes, I work on cars for a living).

    67. Stephen Pourciau

      Thanks for showing me that I should just stick with OEM.

    68. Thomas Aly

      Wait, you never need to worry about the quality of the brakes if you just never use them.

    69. Deez Nuts

      OEM pads it is. NRS should just buy OEM parts and put NRS on them. Get rid of their engineering department and get a few bots to paint NRS. Millions made.

    70. MI Car Guy

      ...but the mid-tier outperformed the NRS in almost every category. I think I’ll stick with Raybestos.