What’s the BEST TV Under $400?

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    There are a ton of 4K TVs available at great budget prices.. but which ones are actually good value? We check out popular displays from Samsung, LG, TCL, and Sceptre.
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    1. daniel ganarin

      i remember i didnt appreciate some of the older linus videos i watche... a longer time ago. but the recent comparison videos are great. genuine as f, good infos, good focuses. thanks.

    2. RMCF

      i went in trying to buy a tcl series tv and came out with a sony X900E about 2 years ago..man i love sony tvs

    3. dillon moore

      i wanted to see you eat durian(sp?) cause i don't know what it is

    4. bladerj

      my northern american friends, what is rokku they are so chilled about ?

    5. Drewcifer Mods

      i got an element tv from walmart with amazon fire tv, 55 in 4k for 279usd. was a wonderful price and has been a great tv.

    6. Daniel Mulderij

      i love durian

    7. Vlopddap

      You wont believe this but while watching this video I have a TCL Roku 32 inch television on my work bench (I work in IT too) for a few days now while doing some test on it, and I am very bothered by a HUGE plastic smell in my office... then I realized it's from the TCL TV!!

    8. Scott G

      I have a 55" Xiaomi that I got here in China. Cost just over $330 USD that works wonderfully. 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports and the remote is NOT big and clunky.

    9. Rodrigo Bravo

      For the people who actually understands what he is saying GG

    10. Dominic Ene

      its content like this the reason i like youtube

    11. Buffalochild

      "I talk to his wife" ~James 2020

    12. Grantapalooza

      watching on my 5 year old 32" $150 720p tv

    13. iagobkstar

      I own that LG (but the 43 inch model), and it does save video settings for different inputs, and separate settings for HDR enabled content... could it be that it was running an older version of the firmware? I believe when I bought it, it didn't save the settings. Also, game mode is absolutely gorgeous. It's definitely a solid buy.

    14. Pseudocode

      I have that Samsung and it's a bit weird out of the box. You have to set it to "Dynamic" to get full brightness. On "standard" the backlight is significantly less bright. In addition, you have to go into "General Settings" and enable HDMI 2.0 Colour to get the picture to display properly. Oh, and I like interpolation. Coming from gaming, watching any camera pan at 24fps looks horrible. I think it's a cultural thing. North Americans seem to associate high framerate with low budget TV, whereas we don't have that association here in Europe.

    15. moneytalks1219

      I know 4k/HDR is kindve like the wild west in that even if something SAYS 4k or HDR it can be either completely false or some arbitrary meaningless technicality. So were you using how to train your dragon because it was a movie you had handy or is it some top shelf exquisite example of true 4k HDR content?

    16. Darren Booth


    17. vanja code hriberski

      wow 11ms on a tv o.O im suprised !!! they need to make all tvs like that!!

    18. Mistafishman

      My friend has a similar Samsung (55” I think) and the AirPlay feature is somewhat hidden and the usability is pretty bad. A lot of issues for our devices finding the TV too.

    19. Hendi Purbandi

      I love your durian....

    20. WSOBLikEaBosS

      On the the Samsung you can actually use airplay and mirror your iPhone screen.

    21. The Dude

      I have that LG tv. Its a fantastic tv for the price and is great for gaming.

    22. Anthony

      He did not cover PSU and CPU cooler info

    23. Michael Lefebvre

      Umm tv is under 400 give me a break

    24. Saiando YT

      Everyone: 4k makes the most sense on >65" LTT: 4k displays from 49-55" for under 400$ Me: Watching this in 4k on a 34" 1440p screen, so WTF do i know xD

    25. Prince vernon

      This was certainly too nerdy for a simple question. Lol. I just don’t understand why people hate the soap opera effect. I think it’s great for sports, reality tv, or just regular tv, tbh. But it is not meant for movies or the cinematic experience at all. Or gaming. I do appreciate the in depth discussion between tv geeks, I learned a bit

    26. Alex

      you forgot a 6 in the LG tv. its 49UM6900PUA

    27. Nosgoth Demon

      Hahaha! People who place their tvs over a fire place have no taste. I've been saying that since like forever.

    28. alxace

      Linus, You can't buy water from lttstore.com duh

    29. Fire in the hole

      My tv has intergrated roku. I really wish it didnt.

    30. Tyler Luedke

      You guys missed the 50" Toshiba Fire TV. $379.99 USD

    31. Sylvester Ashcroft

      A Durian, what does that remind me of? Super Mario Sunshine, yahoo!

    32. Rombout Versluijs

      THought that DUrian was a big ass Leechy, than saw this video cz-news.net/online/video-og5e6wLIU18.html hahahaha

    33. Dylan Lewis

      We have a TCL 55 inch and I agree with his assessment on that TV. It's a sore dick deal; you can't beat it. Picture quality is comparable to my $580 Samsung while being $200 cheaper at the time of purchase. Plus, the integrated Roku system is nicer to use than Samsung's clunky, slow interface. Can't speak for longevity but I have friends who've owned them for a year with no issues. My Samsung's already been replaced under warranty due to a line across the screen after 10 months of use. I see no reason to get Samsung over TCL in this price range.

    34. Mega

      Every time I see these kind of video, I try to wipe up the smudge off my phone and turn up my brightness to max

    35. Komyar N'Doul

      10:17, You're just screwed... puns

    36. Phazon Prime98

      From all these TV’s the budget Worthy is tcl 50S425? 🤔

    37. Patrick Spekman

      Where can i get the same time sleuth ( input lag measurer )

    38. Bobbydog66

      So, I sadly don't know what an actually expensive tv is like. I kinda want a comparison video for budget vs high end tv norms so you'd get an idea of the difference. Physical, software, i/o, brightness, features, viewing angle, other intangibles, what are the standards for each price line?

    39. Geelar

      Lol my family literally spends a $100+ for a one-time Durian feast and it's a "punishment" here... to each his own...

    40. Michael Rinkle

      for the Sceptre.. . Menu then press slowly ( 7 3 4 3) picture setting>>pq advanced>>peaking setting and either peaking switch (OFF) or VIP_PEAKING_BAND, hit right directional pad about 16X till you see 4K_H... pls dont ask how I know :(

    41. DrSnausage

      I can no longer tell the difference...I think I will go for a large display.

    42. Joshua M.

      I can see the TCL just by it's Roku layout. The TCL 6 and 7 series have great displays. 4 and 5 series are a huge waste of money

    43. Joshua M.

      I just got a 4k Vizio M series quantum. 1 month before I bought the LG Nano 8 series. Both are amazing. 260 and 560 respectively

    44. Ricky Jones

      I got that same LG for $259 before Christmas. Its not bad.

    45. Sleezy Moss

      durian is delicious.

    46. Paulo Parreira

      I hate that small standing feet, it's too much far apart to fit on top of my tv cabinet and i can't drill my wall.

    47. QueenAllTheWay

      "This video is sponsered by Honey" MrBeast: Wait that's illegal

    48. avihsnis

      this is the video that made me finally respect linus

    49. فهد حمد

      11:14 bigger isn't always better ;) lol

    50. Florian J.

      Watch this video right know on the Samsung. You have to adjust the picture, but when you have it, it can be a pretty cool experience.

    51. Markus von Staden

      I wish they tested the Xiaomi Mi TV 4s. It's 399€ for the 55" model and 299 for the 43" one

    52. DJLucas610

      shouldve tested the vizio with their hdr clear natural tone settings apparently

    53. john cramer

      do more price is right like content please :p

    54. Andrew Salvi

      Never leave a LTT employee alone with your remotes.

    55. Jeffrey Kasbohm

      Thank you for doing this realizing some of us have a budget and/or need a 2nd t.v. for side rooms.

    56. Antonio Hernandez

      lol i hated that too, Hisense Rokutv here, too bad it wasn't included.

    57. Josh Porter

      Should do the Samsung ue58 I think it’s called xx

    58. Colin Hay

      Heheh I talked to his wife 😂

    59. Rufusking11

      Anyone know what the LG TV is? As far as I can tell, that model doesn't exist, though there is a LG 49UM6900PUA, which is what I'm guessing it is.

    60. SirRuffington

      The best is last year black friday at costco. I got a vizio 65 inch TV for only $399

    61. boxcarkinney

      I've had that TCL TV for a year and a half and my xbox and PS4 HDR hasnt worked this whole time, i just realized why after seeing 8:20 Thank you i love you so much linus please have my kids

    62. Corbindallas666

      Hey I have a 2019 86in lg led tv with that same menu what you recommend I use for a Xbox one x in the settings

    63. Azreow

      This video is why he wants to retire.

    64. Michael18751

      imagine open source tv firmware that lets you install it on all brands and has the same options menu with settings dimmed and available depending on what features you have.

    65. Ahmed Sarkar


    66. Nick X

      10:22 Linus displays for everyone to see that he has pirated and shares How to Train Your Dragon via a Plex Server..

    67. NotOrdinaryInGames

      ANYTHING by Panasonic. Unfortunately, they don't sell TVs in US anymore, only Europe.

    68. Logan Layne

      7:06 best part of the video

    69. MastaKeahi

      I Love fresh durian