We Went Camping In Our Backyard



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    1. Random Vlogs

      What type of dog is the tinyist gray one

    2. ejcs-3110

      Cermet don liek an corner

    3. Xiao Yang

      10:45 “you’re so cute” y e s

    4. Your Mom

      I be camping and be like: zzzzzz The sun be like:NO BITCH I then be like: (´⊙ω⊙`)

    5. Karen Valenzuela Aguirre

      Did he say glamping? Glamorous camping. Love ittt 😂😂

    6. kittyy conundrum

      8:25 marbles grooming peach my heart

    7. Sarah Kotora

      PLEASE go canoeing. please. i beg you. jenna. please.

    8. Natalie Emerson

      julian was STRAINING to say that dad joke from the second the video started

    9. E M

      You guys should really go camping. There’s a ton of places to camp up near LA.

    10. jessica almondjoy

      Other YTers be like: Look at my mansion and lambo. Jenna be like: Look at my 9-person pop-up tent. You jealous beech.

    11. Alexandra Yeung

      when I was a kid, I thought I was cool cuz I watched Next and also called it my favourite movie. gg.

    12. kaeoul

      10:17 WHY IS THIS SO FUNNY

    13. Lps RoseProductions

      If there isn’t a video of Jenna, canoeing in her pool, I will be mildly disappointed 😔

    14. N

      10:42 goodbye

    15. Samir

      10:42 Jenna becomes Kermit

    16. Crystal Salas

      "One time my Dad didn't brush my hair for 11 days and my Mom was very mad." 😭😂😂😂 The shit we remember from our childhood! 😂😂

    17. Layla Monae

      This is something I would do because I'm scared of bugs but I love being outdoors (also I have the worst allergies ever)

    18. Bunkookie

      Idk why this video awakened the gay in me but I seriously just want to do this with my future wife, it seems so cozy and homely

    19. Shondelle Macleod

      You are one with nature you have two caterpillars on your forehead

    20. Super lazy King

      ᗩIᖇ:ᕼEᒪᒪO I'ᗰ ᗩIᖇ ᑕEᖇᗰET:ᗷIᔕᕼ ᗯᕼO

    21. Austin Pogue

      I'm also a earth sign and a Virgo♍👧

    22. Jessica Sindoni

      does anyone know what tent they bought

    23. Julio Von Matterhorn

      Whenever it says "___ person tent" I like to think of it as that number divided by two.

    24. Nefthaly Torres

      What happened to Ad?

    25. Melanie Sponaugle

      This was so relaxing to watch

    26. Banjo Billy

      I want whoever reads this comment to pause at 10:56 and just appreciate that gorgeous shot and the frames that follow. It's beautiful.

    27. MsKaykay12

      "Rain tarp! I don't think its gonna rain but you never know!" This made me think of that episode of ATLA when Katara and Sokka fought about whether to put the tarp up

    28. lex

      jenna should get one of those giant shark/dolphin/orca floaties you can ride around in a pool

    29. B C

      “He looks like he is high from licking your foot “ hahaha Kermit i love you💜🤣

    30. Emma Mactavish

      *cement trying to catch a fly for 19 minutes and 3 seconds*

    31. Marissa Hernandez

      are we going to ignore marble licking peaches ears 😂

    32. Pink Wolfie

      where’s marbles

    33. Hannah

      We be like: we goin camping And bee be like: me too!!! I love that

    34. Captain Chaos

      This entire video was just Kermit going apeshit in the corner of a 9-person tent

    35. Susan Nguyen

      almost every beauty guru: *getting cancelled* jenna and julien: camping outside with their dogs

    36. Susan Nguyen

      12:52 the way marbles plops onto his back 🥺🥺

    37. WellHelloThere

      0:55 you just described my grandmother.😂

    38. Solstice

      .. your greyhound picks up on your tone which is obviously comedic and theatrical for people but unnecessarily stern and harsh to a dogs ears and yours is uncomfortable the whole time even if you are holding onto her (might even be making it worse that she can't get away from the angry mom voice). Need to be more receptive to what worries them. They don't understand words but they know an angry sounding human voice and every video I've seen with Bunny looks so stressed because every time there's a human thoughtlessly letting their tone or actions scare the animal. Greyhounds are racing dogs, they are often trained inhumanely for effectiveness and therefore could have a repressed phobia of even small or strange things and always worried about being punished. Don't talk sternly into your dog's ear for no reason (without even realizing what you're doing either) for Christ's sake it hurts watching that.

    39. Sue B

      She said being in the wilderness is so fun ... LOL .. you're IN YOUR BACKYARD!

    40. Sue B

      That excited pup is going to tear the floor with his nails.

    41. Sue B

      I don't WANT to sleep in a tent! I prefer a travel van or RV .. yep ..yep.

    42. sage austin

      i love being one with nature! nature means watching nic cage movies in my backyard, right? i love it!

    43. Karlee Pyne

      he’s hungry and needs his own space I felt that sis

    44. knspeter


    45. lmao ri

      "you wanna go camping?" *kermits tail starts wagging*

    46. Beverly Epley

      I'm not sure why, but I thoroughly enjoyed watching Cermit go nuts over that bug or whatever it was that he was losing his mind over. My mom had Italian greyhounds when we were kids and their different personalities are wonderful. Cermit reminds me of our Patches Cotton (boy) and your Peach reminds me of our Stella (same coloring and personality). We had a reddish colored one too. Her name was Stella. They were good pups. My sister has two rescued greyhounds. Anyways, understand your life with greyhounds of both sizes. Love the pup vids! Keep up being "A 32 year old lady!"

    47. ActuallyNathalie

      Why do I have the need to camp in my backyard now?

    48. Ichimellow Draws

      Ah this brings back the memories when a raccoon broke into our tent and ate my dogs food

    49. ollebror

      tent: ...... bee: it's free realestate

    50. ElphabaRose

      Jenna: Kermit lookout there’s a beeeee Kermit: an spicy flyin raisin. An eat an spicy flyin raisin.

    51. ryan zamarra

      Julian looks like he works in a vape store

    52. Betty Pierce

      Wait you were raised in upstate New York ?!?! And we don’t have a sign about you

    53. Chloe Siozopoulos

      Why is marbles Bobby now?

    54. XerxikLinaak

      11:18 that utter determination of begging.

    55. Jayde

      This is the most wholesome video on the internet

    56. l a s a g n a

      0:45 who else thought of simplynailogical saying _w H a T d O y O u T h I n K_ in that one commercial she did

    57. fuck the russos

      5:30 mood

    58. Blue Berry

      And he’s like what y’all doing

    59. Blue Berry

      You you seek in the tent but then the monster is Bobby

    60. Beth Rumble

      Dogs are so loyal they just happy where ever you are they want to be with you, if you slept in a phone box they wouldn't mind.

    61. Cacola337

      You did a damn good job and .....it's a nice 5 family tent😂

    62. Matthew Needham

      Wait. Does Jenna realise that marshmallows aren't vegan?

      1. Matthew Needham

        Ah okay! A late night comment

      2. NutMeg

        Matthew Needham they eat Dandies Marshmallows, which are vegan

    63. littlebean

      when we aren’t looking, marbles puts on his fedora to fight evil

    64. Crystal B

      Please canoe in the pool.

    65. Morgan Marsh

      Once I went camping in my backyard for a birthday party and it was 1 am and everyone was asleep except me this one girl and I was fake sleeping so she would stop talking and she farted the loudest fart I have heard in my life and stunk up the entire tent and then immediately went to sleep. Wtf Aubrey

    66. Ev 7w7

      What I immediately thought when I saw the fire: okay guys the fires lit and we're here with Garrett, Drew and Ryland!

    67. C Good

      That's the tent I have but in different colors, and it has LEDs on the top poles.

    68. JacobFoxGamer07

      16:50 when she think of you only as a bro

    69. Ciarra C.

      also the gelatin in the marshmallow

      1. NutMeg

        Ciarra C. They’re actually a vegan brand of marshmallows

    70. Caralinda Melo

      my motto is, "If it ain't burnt, it aint a smore." its also "when in doubt, breed it out" but that applies to Minecraft and not this so.