We Went Camping In Our Backyard



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    1. İpek Serdem Ocak

      what’s her sign?

    2. David Gutirrez

      That tent is gucci as hell

    3. katie bug

      Why is this showing up in Brad Mondos “hair dresser reacts” playlist LOL

    4. SugerBun YT

      Peach: a girl Bunny: big gurl Marble: has no tooth Cermet *likes licking foots*

    5. SamIsNoPrincess

      Nicole Sykes did the drive around the country with 4 dogs, so I know you can do it

    6. Nicole Miller

      "One time my dad didnt brush my hair for 11 days my mom was very mad" 😂😂😂 relatable

    7. Zuri A

      Look at julians feet at 4:31 !!!! 💀💀💀

    8. Noel Gregorich

      Taking your cearmat camping will help them graow.

    9. Cristy Mcguane

      Yall are too Stinkin Cute!! ❤

    10. Flick Peralta

      Waiting for that canoeing in the pool video

    11. D F

      She’s keeping the tent in her car.... But she NEVER USES HER CAR JENNA! WHEN WILL YOU EVER DO THIS AGAIN?! Lol

    12. Lucy

      JnJ to Bunny: AHHH! YES BABY GIRL! JnJ to Kermit: KERMIT GET OUT OF THERE!!!!

    13. Joshua Miller

      No one: Kermit going after bug: You have just lost life privileges

    14. IriniLoveLotus

      Jenna you a Taurus too! Looove the tent no effort! You even have a natural fly catcher, Kermit! Get the fly get it!

    15. Corn

      This is the best tent I’ve ever seen

    16. Spencer Mclaughlan

      When I watch this I can hear the Nicolas Cage edit from the Nasty Files 😂😂😂

    17. Not Telling you


    18. Beverly White

      I want someone to tell me I’m so cute while I eat a s’more..

    19. Kayleigh Dezwaan

      4:14 but like same

      1. Kayleigh Dezwaan

        Also 5:01 good one and dude I hate bees so like that’s what always happens

    20. Samantha Rementer

      Does anyone know where I can find this tent?!?!?!?!? Please :)

    21. Dhairiya Sundar

      Wait im watching next 😂

    22. Thestral Vestral

      Still waiting for her to canoe in the pool

    23. JerryBlueChew


    24. adrienne cross

      What kind of chihuahua is Bobby?

    25. Hazel Fig

      Fly: *exists* Cermit: *so you have chosen...death*

    26. Emma R

      Hey you yeah you guess what I don’t care what year your watching this in

    27. Madeline Wotruba

      Petition to make Jenna canoe in her pool this summer

    28. Catherine Hill

      Jenna what tent did you buy, WE NEED A LINK

    29. Skie Doll

      They make dog tents

    30. Moon Lisa

      You're so calming🥰🐹

    31. Eme Rose

      So I hate to be the Debbie Downer here, but marshmallows are not vegan. Most modern marshmallows have gelatin. This is why I prefer being vegetarian to full vegan. 😅

    32. Hope McQuade-T

      I’m still waiting for Jenna to canoe in her pool

    33. Meme Dealer420

      Ok but does she know that marshmallows arent vegan??

    34. Katievlogz

      Helll yeah upstate NY represent! I'm from Lake George :)

    35. Jacob Hicks

      “Should I just go eat a whole bee in the tent?” 😂

    36. cliche e

      going glamping with our 3 children and pet horse

    37. Auroa Justis Teague

      Why wouldn’t you have a blanket in your car and just chill in your car? 🤣

    38. Sapphire

      Jennas pupils aare huge, shes off chops

    39. Anna Bjorklund

      Their gentleness with Bunny and Julian’s support make me want to cry 😭💞

    40. Quinn

      nobody not a single soul Julien: iT WAsSS LiKE He WaS ON PCP

    41. Joss Grayson

      Omg I only found your channel yesterday, and I’m already ADICTED to your videos!!!

    42. Unicorn Hydra9

      I have never heard someone more perfectly sum up my childhood experience

    43. freezyAndHaze

      Kermit will protect you from any bears.

    44. breigh meador

      “we be like: we going camping” “BEE be like: Me Too”

    45. big_chungy68 :0

      Sometimes I forget the dogs aren’t humans

    46. poopwaffle

      Jenna would be the best mom ever

    47. cats arefun

      Poor baby bunny.she so scared so cute baby .she not a baby doh .

    48. Madeleine Lontoc

      Okay okay okay, very important question. Are you the kind of person who roasts a marshmallow slow and steady and puffy and gooey, or catches it on fire so its tiny and burnt and cold on the inside?


      wait is Jenna wearing the camo outfit she bought Julien for a video like years ago?? if so that’s so fucking cute

    50. Susan A.

      Yo, honey is fine in a vegan diet as long as it doesn’t strip the hive if it’s primary function. It really is a morality standpoint when it comes to being vegan.

    51. Danielle Stam

      I love how julien complains about kermit sitting in the middle of everything when bunny is literally standing in the middle of his bed.

    52. HempaArt


    53. AquaQuack 27093

      She just needs a whippet now. Then she’ll have all 3 sizes of greyhound 😂

    54. Jasmyn Xiong

      Bunny has more of a weirded head shape than Kermit and Peach

    55. Cohen’s Channel

      I love kermit

    56. Ohh no he's hooot

      BEE FACTS! Honey is actually rlly helpful to the bee population and extracting the honey not only doesn’t hurt them, but it clears out space so the queen can lay eggs. Plus people often use agave syrup as a replacement but the mass production of it hurts bats.

    57. Crystal cat

      I just think y'all's realashonship is so cute 😌

    58. Abby Gail

      My dog ate my king size candy bar and she is totally fine give them the s’mores

      1. Ashley Tai

        Abby Gail You're fucking irresponsible and shouldn’t own dogs. If might not be visible but your dog could be fucking suffering and you wouldn’t know it. Your giving them something that their body isn’t meant for. Search it up if dogs could eat chocolate. AND NO THEY FUCKING CAN’T. You’re either lying or your dogs are lucky. You’re basically recommending Jenna to give her dogs health problems. I have four words for you. YOU’RE FUCKING STUPID. Plus having a dog your whole life could just mean your dog had health issues but you being a stupid little bitch didn’t notice it.

      2. Abby Gail

        Ashley Tai all of my dogs eat chocolate and they have been fine they eat it all the time so no your stupid I’ve had one of them my entire life and then some she has never had any health issues none of them have

      3. Ashley Tai

        Abby Gail Okay ur stupid. Chocolate is still not good for dogs. Eating chocolate could lead to serious health problems for them. It’s like if you said Russian Roulette wasn’t dangerous because you’re friend didn’t die. Jenna is being a good dog owner and you on the other hand should not be allowed to own a pet until you learn how to properly take care of one.

    59. Weenie Snickerdickles

      Jenna's dream is apparently to be my grandma, who is 65 and driving her RV across north America with her four dogs.

    60. Anna Holland

      still waiting for jenna to canoe across her pool

    61. Moobear Moustache3

      I literally had no idea who you were talking about when you said bobbie 😂😂 i’m so used to ‘marble’ 😂😂❤️

    62. Con Con Animatics

      Proof that they'd be the best parents

    63. Gotta_go _FaSt

      Cermit is your new bug sapper. Do not fear of bugs in your space no more.

    64. stop

      i go camping in my backyard when there is to much people in camp sites

    65. waluigi

      When your just a old man and you have two younger siblings and then your mom gets another baby that’s bigger than you

    66. Wig Snatcher

      Marble having a Seizure 12:57

    67. Leah R

      Love your videos. Feels like hanging out. Lol

    68. ruby

      ok but cute horse

    69. One Lonely Pilot

      Wait her dog’s name is kermit right?

    70. Karina Rosales Rios

      I habe a qick question is tje big dog the mom of the two otjer dogs tjat look tje same breed as the mom?