We might NOT hit 100 MIL because of this...



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    1. Arifa Refayet

      No One: Literally No One: Babies at 3 am: 4:48

    2. NM T

      I from vietnam

    3. Victoria Kohler

      6:55 we all watch tom holland videos

    4. ماجد المالكي

      المترجم تعب نفسه صراحه

    5. ناز Nazl


    6. Firdaus Ibnu

      kami mungkin tidak ??

    7. Hassan AlSulaiman

      ماعليك وصلت اناجاي من المستقبل

    8. Mohammad Lutfor

      2:30 Little did Felix know he was about to stream 12 hours on Minecraft this day.

    9. よだれ


    10. yusuf altikrity

      ال عربي يحط لايك

    11. Ali Mohammed

      ليش كاتب عنوان عربي وانت تحجي انجليزي

    12. hek chennel

      наши та где?

    13. мега про молния бро


    14. Abhigyan Lumphi

      Mr peee.. You loose.... Shame shame puppy same😆

      1. Kshitiz Maharjan

        See one idiot is here

    15. Fofo 44

      احس انو ما يستحق 100 مليون مشترك

    16. CornFlake BG

      Who's watching this while pewds is at 101m

      1. Dana Kywe

        Most people who are watching this now idiot

    17. Leticia Zuber

      **hits 100mill**

    18. Jayden Owen

      Pewds: no 100 mil *hits 100 mil* Me:😒 resume with your speech.

    19. Ghoul TV

      cần tìm ng việt trong đây 😂

    20. ramon Miranda


    21. RONIN 2

      ยินดีกับ100ล้านซับ 😁😁😁😁

    22. BrandonCYK - Brawl Stars, ROBLOX and more!

      PewDiePie: Hits 100 million, 12 hour Minecraft lifestream Also PewDiePie: Did not do the 12 hour lifestream even after 100 mil

      1. Mohammad Lutfor

        He did now

    23. TeunH 2406

      There were so many Phineas and Ferb memes that I got a Nickelodeon ad

      1. TeunH 2406

        Edgaras Dz right but they’re both about cartoons for kids

      2. Edgaras Dz

        TeunH 2406 Phinies and Ferb is not on Nickelodeon. They’re from Disney Channel.

    24. DizzyJump

      too late

    25. SevenTStorm Gaming

      You already have 101 M

    26. Hey It's Zachy

      0:34 rip headphone users

    27. Rhianna Rajput

      11:06 if u get it u get it

    28. Weider WD

      whats behind him at 4:16 ?

    29. Signe Wahlén

      Nobody knows how a fox sounds but now we know how a dying fox sounds

    30. Bakchod Baba

      Your father t-series Pewdiepie dog

    31. 10k sub without any videos

      How Felix met Marzia Marzia: "Hi" Felix: "Get in the boat"

      1. brou


    32. Jordan De Stefano

      Pleeeseeeeee stop, stop clickbitq

    33. Garima Saini


    34. Taylor Ngoun

      Love it but I’m sorry about your voice:(

    35. Naive Guy

      Booooooooooooooooooooooo you're terribly good

    36. Arsha Shokouhian

      I ain’t subbing

    37. Matt Animations


    38. Matt Animations


    39. Matt Animations


    40. Matt Animations


    41. Matt Animations

      Nice( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    42. Peyton PlayzMRF

      You just have to beat T-Series

    43. Gabriel C

      10:30 and Davie504 has STAIAY, since this year :D

    44. Poit LT

      frick u, yes u will, and yes u did

    45. Jack Weisel

      we did it

    46. Marissa F

      Who else thinks he needs to make the wolf shrine for Sven’s BF?!!??!

    47. Monstrocity Guy

      You hit 100mill

    48. Emanuel González

      Si puedes entender estoy significa que sabes leer felicidades.

    49. Audrey Crowel

      Why is Pewdiepie not knowing what Phineas and Ferb is the funniest thing ever:)

    50. Joshua Hernandez

      Your day of married LWIAY

    51. Derp Derp

      Who’s here after he hit 100 million?

    52. ahmad gamerHD

      شباب بدنا نعرف كم واحد عربي في المقطع

    53. small pupper

      Watching this while Pewds has over 101 million subs. *_Congrats bro._* 👊😎

    54. Денис Андреев


    55. Dedsec sezx

      What ta hell the face yiiiiii😂😂😂

    56. Anime House

      Pewdewpie: The reason I'll never hit 100 million subs. Me: T-Series. T-Series: 😩

    57. Karelly 4

      XD espera...yo que hago viendo esto si soy Española ._.

    58. Marcia Da Silva

      Did you name the video in Portuguese? or did CZ-news translate it for me?

      1. Eu sou grossa

        O CZ-news (ou o tradutor, slá)

    59. GHAIDA

      101M😍👏 WoW❤

    60. harsh chandra

      T series rocks❤

    61. Iole Capone

      Qualcuno italiano?

    62. Rain S

      You are a very, bad

    63. 徐子軒

      I think your video should have Chinese subtitle

      1. 徐子軒

        And u will get many china fans i think

    64. Noah Ishikura


    65. ლ•Lady Himeko•ლ



      4:54 that's Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated 😤

    67. ßøłäđø ĐßŘ

      algum br pode traduzir? ,_,

    68. XEdwinX Gameplays

      The guy with 60 years its a parody of a man called Sergio Ramirez :U

      1. Dly

        Tengo 60 años nunca me he subido a un avión ni salido del país. Tampoco conozco el mar. Por eso me gusta ver tus videos porque viajo lo que nunca pude.

    69. AJ Hurtado

      Poor jorgen pls F

    70. Cidnie Canada