We might get FIVE new iPhones in 2020



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    Analysts point to four new iPhone 12 models in the fall of 2020, with a surprise iPhone potentially to be released before then. Let's take a closer look at the rumors on this week's Apple Core.
    Read the article if you're into reading here: Five new iPhones are coming in 2020, according to analyst report cnet.co/34UVEk6
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    1. CNET

      How does everyone feel about the possibility of 5 new iPhones? Also watch Why Apple needs the iPhone SE 2 cz-news.net/online/video-4dDc3kExSBM.html

      1. peter lewis

        my family seems to be dumping apple for xiaomi and have no regrets

      2. Jesse Pinkman

        MikuMiku4yu I agree 12mp is not enough

      3. Jesse Pinkman

        MikuMiku4yu It’s better 5 new iPhones with many screen sizes than only too big iPhones like what we have now.

      4. MikuMiku4yu

        Not happy unless they get more megapixles , better display refresh rates and more memory!!

    2. Mirza Rizwan baig

      I’m planning to upgrade my XR to 5.4inch OLED iPhone.

    3. Red Dot

      They should put the fingerprint on the screen or on the back for more room

    4. Skylar

      If they are going to keep the design the same, why not just call it an iPhone 11s?

    5. Monkey Guy80

      I think it will be called the main iPhone 11s Pro Max!

    6. riley busse

      There’s actually going to be six iPhones it’s going to be iPhone 9 and then iPhone 12e and iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 pro then iPhone 12 pro Max and iPhone 12 mega

    7. Video Biker

      My wish list for the iPhone 12 - - reverse charging - longer battery life - a kitten with every phone

      1. its Britney bitch

        @Video Biker i love cats too :)

      2. Video Biker

        kitty gamerxxx, I’m sorry. I sometimes let my love of cats get the best of me.

      3. its Britney bitch

        Mabye instead of a kitten it could be an animal of your choice because some people are alergic

    8. Moses

      They should rename the pro to “iPhone RH Pro” the RH stands for refinance home!!

    9. Samuel Bishop

      I what new iPhone next year some have home button

    10. Mathias Laustrup

      Imagine caring so much about something so unimportant.

      1. tre

        But you cared so much to comment though...

    11. Poetic Angel

      CNET has the man power to do tests and research to know that the Samsung unltra sonic fingerprint issue was a human error, where people couldn't follow simple instructions on registering fingerprints before using screen Protectors. And using cheap screen Protectors. Stop beating a dead horse

    12. Alex Ashley

      I’m hoping for 128 gb as the base storage, stylus please, reverse charging, and fast charging on all models. Also, include a charging pad in the box.


      Next year it’s gonna be only S 11s & 11s max .... it’s not 12 or anything like that....

    14. King8233 EnT

      Just got my iPhone 11 Pro Max it’s awesome!!!

    15. pantsuck11

      Great news, I left apple after they released iphone 5. The iphone was 4 was the best in my opinion, good to see them go back to that.

    16. 14 Million 6 Hundred 5

      why no one talking about she’s beautiful 🥰

    17. Anish Tom

      To dear Apple 🍎, I hereby request the particulars with standard upgrade, the 2020 iPhone SE is anticipated, with high end DSLR camera, generous storage (250gb-500GB) and colour's in jet black and glossy white.. and a long lasting battery, at least for 10 days! Perhaps it is not too much, I hope..thank you .. that'll be all..

    18. tha1 n0nly

      I can’t wait for a new iPhone. I hope a few of the features are... updated (refreshed UI), notification led, louder stereo speakers, brighter screen, bigger battery, no notch, bigger camera sensor. Please Apple! 🙏🏾

    19. Marshmello JR.

      Yeah and rumored to have no ports at all. Lmao!

    20. Expert Contributor

      I am on the iPhone upgrade programme and I really would have expected more people to be on it also, than from what I can guage from the comments - alternatively, perhaps the case is that those who cannot afford it are more likely to comment complaining somehow about the price: whilst those ready to pay - don't have much to say...

    21. Mark waller

      I won’t be buying a new iPhone until they come with a better zoom lens. Still using the iPhone 7+ and it does everything I need.

    22. Nikki Jo

      Nah I’m keeping my XR till 2021 I just got it 3 months ago I’m waiting 2 years till the 2020 iPhone becomes cheaper or get 2021 depending on price

    23. Markeith Bailey

      2020 iPhone Wishlist 1. Bigger battery for better battery life 2. High OLED Refresh Rate between 90 HZ - 120 HZ for instance a ProMotion Display like on the iPad Pro 3. Higher Display Resolution with more Pixels 4. 5G 5. Stable iOS 6. More cameras on the back of the device. At least 4. One with the 108 megapixels camera technology used by future smartphone makers, better night mode, better wide angle view of shots, and better cameras in general. 7. Better video for frames per seconds. 8. 4K Resolution and 8K resolution for camera and video with higher frames per seconds for slow motion and fast motion video recordings 9. Reverse wireless charging 10. In screen fingerprint scanner 11. USB Type-C Charging and Transfer

    24. G A

      USB C

    25. Kush Yadav

      *Fun fact* : *apple collabed with lund chut condom company in france and Germany* 👇🏻👇🏻🦊🦊🙈🙈😄😄

    26. Roham Valizadeh

      No Touch ID

    27. Niladri Das

      They’re patenting benches.. shows over

    28. Yoshinator54

      Touch ID has never really worked for me because I work with my hands and my fingers are always calloused and peeling to the point where touch I doesn’t recognize my fingers.

    29. ruzzell907

      It doesn't matter because I can't afford the iPhones.

    30. metal injected

      The same phone more or less ...at this point just paying the brand

    31. Sanjay Thumma

      She looks a lot like Molly Ringwald.

    32. Scotty G

      How about a iPhone that will make my coffee

    33. Jony Khalil

      Lol apple make their iPad size like laptop size and this time is the iphone size going up to to iPad size

    34. Jaimes Marzan

      That’s sucks the iPhone in 2020 has still the big notch.,c’mon apple,your phones are really expensive compare to your competitors in which they have already full screen and more advance technology..Apple just make little details and added some few features and more over some material are recycle and yet too expensive phone..

    35. vuthina roeun

      a bench lol

    36. Amusis

      BREAKING NEWS: Something might happen!

    37. Lokesh Kumar

      Get rid of that hideous notch and I'm in

    38. kuro Yoshitsune

      Uuuuu we got more Innovation in 2020 pfft

    39. Damion Wilson

      How about split screen multi-tasking. I’m so sick of pausing my Apple Tv+ to answer texts or phone calls.

    40. Thaigarajan tigerm3

      the rumors now is so hot.. but when it comes on fall 2020, some features will be pushed to 2021 or 2022..

    41. Etoi Randolph

      I would love to see the iPhone 12 with no notch and a oled display for the same price as the iPhone 11 non pro

    42. Charles Hocker

      They need to think of people visual impairments. They need a tactile button for them to feel. How does a face reader help?

    43. Hone Whetstone

      Too many iPhones. No focus and coherence in the lineup

    44. SalesPros

      Regardless how plausible imagine you try to give iPhone , the new generation is going on a new affordable smart phones trend. Apps are not as attractive as 7 years ago, except booking food and transportation.. e-commerce app will lose their appeal so far shoppers are realising window shopping and direct at store is more exciting

    45. glitch gamer

      Samsung:- folding phone,note10 Apple:- 4th gen iphone X (4th year of same ugly huge notch and bezels)

    46. glitch gamer

      5more usless iphone X(with some720pLCD(hope its not) and LED versions) again like last 3years

    47. Ciganyfiu

      I’d be the first one to switch to a compact SE size,

    48. PINK

      Will there be an iPhone se2?

    49. Ijaz M.

      Oh Apple and their nonsense.

    50. James Green

      Limited to sub 6ghz 5g is good, don’t want to carry a 28ghz antenna next to my crotch.

    51. Krystian Stępień

      Only One Plus is making less in a year.

    52. sanjeev shrestha

      usb c

    53. Amol Pakhare

      Man I Loved Your reaction,"Bench¡ Okaaayyy...!"

    54. mighty

      too little too late, everybody is on Samsung now

      1. Expert Contributor

        Apple has always had the minority market share: it is the luxury product, with a luxury price tag. Comparatively, you don't see asmany people walking around with genuine Gucci bags as you do those with Adidas ones: but that certainly does not suggest that Gucci is inferior to Adidas.

      2. Tryeasy.

        mighty no one is on samshit

    55. Krishnanshu Vishwas

      A rumor says se2 will also have 5g, I think probably its not coming what do you think?

    56. jeanellie paraiso

      Im excited with the 6.7 inch iphone i like big phone

    57. Soham

      3:33 free puppy..!!!!

    58. Tyler

      I have a iPhone 6s Max and getting the 8 max soon

    59. Jake Lenhart

      Wow Brian Tong left a hole.

    60. tflynn124

      Hey Lexi don't disrespect the "Bench"!!!

    61. Brockton Bensch

      Unless the 12 is amazing I’ll buy an SE...

    62. SaithusX

      No notch. I don't give a hoot about face ID.

    63. Sean

      I really hope they improve the sharpness and add night mode for the ultra wide lens Also I hope they add ToF camera to better map depth of field and create DSLR looking portrait mode

    64. Sukhneet Singh

      Apple should release a budget friendly iPhone 12 model

      1. Pumpkin Pie

        Sukhneet Singh I hope the iPhone 12 base model will be at 700 price point we can only hope Imao but that might be unlikely because all the new features it will have

      2. JUST A KOALA

        Why release a budget version when they can sell it for 1500 instead of 500

    65. Jesse Pinkman

      Can’t wait to get the 5.4 inch iPhone I have the iPhone XS and it’s just too big.

    66. Franco Neil Glovasa

      I wish iphone would put back the touch id on iphones.. and they would put real ‘pro’ features on camera like manual control on shutterspeed, iso and aparture.. i ditch my iphone x and return back to ip8 because ipx face id is not secure..

    67. Mark Thompson

      Hey Lexy! Great show this week! Random question. What happened to Vanessa? Just wondering because we haven’t seen her on the show for many months? You are doing great! Just curious. Thanks for all the updates on Apple!

      1. Lexy Savvides

        Mark Thompson Taking care of her beautiful new baby, she will be back soon!

    68. Oweh Oreva

      Touch ID is never coming back. Wake up y’all.

      1. Josue Hernandez

        It is tho Apple themselves said so

    69. Peter Harper

      Is the Mini-LED same as Nano-Cell LED Technology?

    70. clash ott

      She looks like THANOS