We Destr… Hydro Dipped a $1200 GPU!

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    If custom backplates & standard "subtle" paintjobs are just too boring for you, hydrodipping may be an interesting option... but we do NOT recommend you try it at home...
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    1. Logan Brasfield

      0:34 😭😭😭😭😭😭

    2. JAY


    3. Commander Shepard

      My wife calls her lady bits her 'Shoosh'...so it's odd to hear Linus 'shooshing' things around.

    4. Vincent Austria

      Can I have it?

    5. Danny The Dane

      7:06 Points at screen :)

    6. kilgarragh

      From the title I was gunna unsub lol

      1. John R.

        oh boy not these kids

    7. Ozm8ey

      The title hurts me

    8. Dark Black Raptor

      Why, bruh, why...

    9. Dan Ungureanu

      Build a water-cooled heating gun.

    10. latuba247

      If you can hydro dip a gpu, that mean I can hydro dip my *T I D D I E S*

    11. Adam Melton

      Ugly AF

    12. Remedii

      That looks genuinely good. Would be nice if pc hardware had more colors (not RGB) and pastels.

    13. Z Gaming

      You’re a mad man Linus

    14. Diego Blanco

      Oh no, the Sr Pelo virus is getting to him 3:00

    15. Sebastian Rose

      hydro dipping is stupid.

    16. Isaac Kvasager

      Just me....typing a random senten....WOW WE HAVE TO HYDRO DIP AN ENTIRE CASE.

      1. MarkusTegelane

        Oh yes!

    17. Itz Rookie808

      I really hope Nvidia does stuff like this!

    18. Lacky Gaming

      can you make more if these vids

    19. qv4ck

      hydrodipped baby

    20. EliteBanana

      Whoever taught him how to hydro dip should be fired

    21. ZeArc Justice

      My kidney hurt just watching it

    22. soupisgoodfood

      The tie-dye of the computer world.

    23. soupisgoodfood

      Are those iFixit drivers still made of the cheap steel they used in the fancy wooden box set of bits they were selling a few years ago?

    24. Grivv X

      I’m an industrial painter and this was a pain

    25. Ivor Davies

      There's $1,200 worth of glue right there.

    26. Kale Jimenez

      (ifixit sponsors video) linus- ooh cool i'll destroy some tech

    27. The Zo

      so only the most "dedicated fans", who watch another video past minute 14, get to know that this actually didn't work?

    28. Jannik Heidemann

      A whole case, huh? 😏 Do a desk!

    29. Ash

      The fact that this graphics card is more expensive than my entire pc

    30. Kkm 88064

      I’m convinced you film inside of an IKIA.

    31. Bryan

      dude are you a fag or what

    32. Chris Kwakernaat

      How about overclocking and watercooling a smart tv..

    33. Overseers Guardian

      Omg yay dennis

    34. Thaniel Brown

      The LTT store should have an orange screwdriver if it doesn't

    35. King Kromulus

      Glue is cheaper than micro bolts. Cheaper to use, cheaper to design for. It's a cheap product. Doesn't look good for nvidia honestly.

    36. Goblinlight104

      Glue vs screw?

    37. Curtis Ferguson

      I feel like I'm the only person who thinks that actually looks horrible with that paint on it now?

    38. William Peng

      sorry it looks like shit

    39. War Thunder

      it looks like a white rtx with some Cheetos dust on it

    40. klown van damn

      no mask? oh well, it's Linus!

    41. The OS expert Daymon

      When Linus at the beginning just casually threw that GPU into the water I think I died a little on the inside and choked.

    42. That's Mr Unicorn

      use mineral oil and hydro dip it that way? so then you could hydro dip the pcb??????

    43. Scott Napoli

      Linus: Only an idiot can't do this.... *Instant look of regret*

    44. 96donov

      Shouldnt Linus be wearing a mask while spraying ??? I Think those fumes are gonna get to him

    45. Josua Robson

      lol when you spend more time trying to skip the sponsor sections than just watching it xD

    46. Abdul Muhaimin

      RIP Grant Thompson on KoTR 1:39 You mean "What could *POSSIBLY* go wrong"

    47. Douglas de Oliveira Cardoso

      you should do this with mineral oil in full pc while it is working

    48. InstrumentalistTurtle

      Linus Check out mr homeless’s video on the smallest pc he challenged you

    49. Danish Meman

      I don't know what I was expecting but that paint job looks like shit. I don't get it.

    50. Cole Lariviere

      Man i am still using a 780 ti. And you are all dipping a 2080ti in paint water!

    51. bfastenau

      Will it work? why did you drop it?

    52. ori0n

      What was the case with the infinity mirror in the beginning?

    53. Jackson Ludwig

      Fettuccine are flat noodles. Linguine are every so slightly ovoid, thicker in the middle, creating slightly uneven cooking across the width of the noodle, adding a bit of "tooth" to your chew, without being wholly al dente.

    54. Michele Gambacorta

      LTT just launched the new trend for PC gaming of 2020

    55. Brinkwolf

      This video looks terrible... why is everything so blown out and bright? Somebody must've twisted the white-balance knob the wrong way.

    56. Brandon Poisant

      I plastidipped my cooler shroud for my powercolor r9 390 a couple years ago, shit was dope

    57. Dj Ma7soon

      5:33is me watching this

    58. Professor Koni

      This is just terrifying, to say the very least

      1. TruManGraehme

        You think so?

    59. Fnaf Channel Quinn

      Linus those sandal/sneakers with them socks!!! LMAO!

    60. jerome vet

      you could have gotten the same point across using a 150 dollar Gpu, half the world only hopes to own a monster gpu like that in there lives and linus destroys it (colorwise). Nice video tho. i would never do something like that. function over form :D

    61. J O

      Hydrodip everything!

    62. Kutka

      I dont even have led’s

      1. TruManGraehme

        I don't either :D

    63. Putut Prabowo

      Mmm, doeant realy look good,, still missing the point

    64. FlamingDucky

      Click bait almost as much of a bitch as linus

      1. TruManGraehme


    65. osvaldo garcia

      Wear a mask next time

    66. pleappleappleap

      Wear a mask, dude.

    67. austin ortega

      Starts applying primer....cringes so hard my face implodes

    68. ShadowMassacr13


    69. Huey Freeman

      segway supreme

    70. Mats Fangohr

      Linus: Today's video was brought to you by... Me: gotta be youtube (skips 10 seconds )