we broke up!

Joe Jitsukawa

Joe Jitsukawa

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    Breaking up is hard, but this ones a good break up.
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    1. Joe Jitsukawa

      I’m trying to go down and like every comment to show that I read it. All the love and hate included. It doesn’t mean I agree with anyone, especially the hate toward Jess. Fuck you losers that have any hate for her.

      1. ORTHEAUX

        wishing you both the best of luck in your futures! breakups are natural, and i’ve been a quiet supporter of the JK team since i was a teenager. saw y’all get together, watched bart & geo go from long term to when they got married & saw them have their son, was there when julia arrived *and* when she left, and when gina was a new face and david was making goofy commentary videos before the commentary community even existed. i’ll have respect for y’all together and separately and i really hope that you guys can handle your business in private without too much speculation from any randoms(including me lmao! but i’m not gonna do ya like that). really, take care of yourselves and keep on keepin’ on! joemalia is standing strong! 💪🌻✨

      2. SD Kitty

        Joe Jitsukawa it’s no ones fault you guys do what’s best for you, best of luck

      3. Yap Harry

        I'm actually gg thru the same shit as you, 5 lovely years but we were v different. Weren't meant to be but things happen :'( But idk how to cope w it. She really want to be best friends but its just so difficult as we spent a huge amt of time of our life tgt and i still have feelings for her

      4. john t

        We got haters commenting on us for show y'all love. Ha for no reason at all. It comes with the territory. Stay up bro.

      5. black cricket

        Lmao you absolute cornball

    2. Danny D

      Imagine at the end they start making out and having sex infront of cam and they r like, " u know what we r back" 😂 sorry Joe. Just had to do that

    3. Danny D

      All the girl fan of joe like, m single.

    4. Danny D

      Jeeeeez. Can u guys stop. Wtf. 9:00. "U were my first love" jeeeeez. Don't kill me. Watching Joe romantic side is like just another level.

    5. Danny D

      Sorry. Not tryna make fun of the situation but 8:50, I felt like they had a moment and they gonna kiss.

    6. Danny D

      Dayum. I don't know what's it like to have like a maturity breakup. What do u need to be able to some like that

    7. Danny D

      Dayuuuum. Jeeeeez. I am always a Joe fan. Dont know why I unsubscribed? But after awhile I watched his video and it's a sad video. This is like a sad scene of a movie.

    8. Danny D

      Dayum. I feel like Joe's gonna cry. Now I feel sad too. Jeeeez. Wtf.

    9. Ivan Siu

      Its heart breaking to watch. But I completely understand the whole thing about separate through understanding. It's very mature and rational decision that both of you have made. Stay strong.

    10. Che Clawvara

      This is a VERY healthy break up. You guys did it RIGHT! All in all: I wish nothing but the best for you two, I wish you guys luck in the dating pool (however long it takes), and thank you both for the memories, for sharing the relationship as well as it's ending with us. I am so happy Jess isn't leaving JK or the podcast and it means a lot that you two are gonna still be friends. Love you both!

    11. Derrick Wong

      One of the most mature breakups on youtube

    12. KillKau6Minit Youtube Channel

      I HOPE jess not taking drug this time

    13. Veggies by Eos

      I'm going through exactly this right now, and it's so so fucking hard. I know exactly how you guys feel. I'm working to try to feel better every day but I haven't felt better yet. I hope I do soon. Love you guys though. At least I know I'm not alone in going through this.

    14. David Motiri

      This really hurt me,..especially seeing Jess cry.

    15. j0epark1

      You can tell Joe still wanted to be with her. 🥺

    16. Jack Middleton

      Was it so bad that neither of you have to wonder if you will ever find better?

    17. wafflepiepancake

      Tl;dr - Joe doesn’t want to commit/have family/kids yet. Jess does

    18. Sasha Bharti

      My grandmother use to say : everything that life throws at you is designed to split couples up , money , jobs ,moving houses you name it. So if things don’t work out it’s perfectly ok it’s obviously not the right time for the two of you who knows maybe in the future things will be right . Being in a relationship that doesn’t work is detrimental for the both of you in the long run! Treasure the good memories you had because life doesn’t give you many of them ! I applaud the both of you for realising that this wasn’t working ! Time really heals all wounds !

    19. Manda Panda G

      😭 I watched this a second time bc I need these feels. I talked to someone close to me yesterday and was a little blindsided with her telling me that she wants to leave her husband and she just isn't attracted to him anymore in that way. He seemed so delusional to it. She told him a few weeks ago and he isn't accepting it. It's so sad. The whole situation. And my relationship is (and has been for awhile) being so tested. Seeing Joe be so emotionally honest is so cathartic. You can tell that he still loves jess so much but knows they aren't right together. It's so tough when you don't feel like yourself anymore. You can see the heavy emotion and also see a weight being lifted. I'm sorry that you have to explain yourself to the youtube world as well as friends and family. I'm sure that's so hard. I've watched jk news and some other videos since, sorry to give you a comment notification on this, if you even see it, but i needed the feels i guess today. It's a hard day for me and its nice to see a video like this. Thank you for being so honest. 😭

    20. LAX2SanGabriel

      The word is: compatability.

    21. Katlin Garduño

      Damn I thought y’all were gonna get married

    22. OK_V

      *Move over David and Liza we got a new breakup I won't get over 😭😭*

    23. beastmasterbg

      seems like shes dumping him hmmm

    24. Bridget Robinson

      I don’t have time to watch the full video someone tell me why they broke up

    25. Aurii Chan

      finally got through and watched the whole thing and making me think about my relationship oof... im gonna go be a puddle in my bed now...

    26. Iyam Casimiro


    27. `Theultrayoshi `

      ngl 7 ads is overkill

    28. lamoskgr Moskow

      Damn, I don't know why this is so heartbreaking to watch. Had I known earlier, I would have definitely prayed for this relationship to work

    29. lamoskgr Moskow

      I can't hide that I really wanted you guys to last. But that's life. We love Jessica because she brought up a different side of Joe. I wish you guys the best. Happiness in whatever form ❤️

    30. Alexander TC


    31. louis delarampe

      I haven't been keeping up with jknews lately. I watched Bart's vlog in Hawaï, when I saw my nibba Joe alone, I knew something like this has happened... :(

    32. Paula boss

      Honestly as long you guys are happy that matters fuck what ppl say it all matter if you guys are in good terms.

    33. Kevin Luong Official

      I would've just called it a 'shit test' women throw that test at men

    34. MattVega

      Smh. It’s funny how she said “ you’re such a nice guy , you don’t fire anyone, even if they don’t belong anymore” lol

    35. goku son

      Woahhhhh that fanart izzz coool bro

    36. Analie H

      We love you guys regardless! I hope this brings you both more happiness and joy in life ❤️

    37. mbr715


    38. XiTe

      Bro, you dodged a bullet.

    39. James Wisrik

      Next! Wait until they start dating others.... you guys will date others with in days and weeks!

    40. James Wisrik

      You wanted to adapt 4 African kids, 2 Russian girls, 5 Canadians boys, but other person didn't. It became boring. I think she likes chicks and he wants more sushi!

    41. Erika Redfield

      Anyone else notice Jess has now deleted her channel? Or maybe just privated it? It's disappointing, but on the other hand it seemed pretty clear in most videos that she wasn't enjoying being a youtuber, so I'm glad she's doing what she meeds to do. Just disappointed that we're not seeing her in any videos recently on Jknews, Hey Bitch, etc.

    42. Smita More

      But I couldn’t watch full video it’s sad I’m crying. I think that’s fine... and we understand things happen. Hoping really good for both of u and specially for Jess she is such a good soul.


      Never be cool with breaking up...but as long as ya both are fine with it ....eunf said

    44. Miguel Moreno

      You're not TRUE if you can see the REAL reason why she's leaving you. The rest are just excuses for what she really wants.. wanna hear it?

    45. Alex

      Joe if you think shes wasn't atleast talking to another guy months ago your a dumbass, sorry but a girl never breaks up if she doesn't have another prospect

    46. Vaioleti Solomona

      😢😢😢😢😢 No you are a lovely couple 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥

    47. Daniel Ppa

      Sad dk but dam. Best of luck

    48. Allison Pollard

      I was not expecting that!!!! I love you guys tho 😂

    49. seenie bear

      I thought Jessica was gay idk she gives me that vibe

    50. 5Days


    51. Just Leave The Nuts Hangin Out

      Jess is ruining the vibe on jk news (at least at the moment I wrote this).

    52. Animepro100

      2015 r.i.p Brown 2019 r.i.p Jechika. ....I feel for you joe.

    53. #1 Nets fan

      U mean she left ur dumb ass cause u got boring

    54. 딸기Strwbearii

      I’m glad there’s more love than hate. And I love that we’re still seeing/going to see Jess on JK. Edit: and I know I’m late but when she was going in on nosey, negative people and hate👏🏽 👏🏽👏🏽 still don’t get how people don’t understand that. Mind yo business.

    55. Dah Poe

      Poor joe

    56. Alli Peña

      My boyfriend and I nearly broke up for similar reasons. A lot of what you guys are saying in this video really reminds me of that near break up. If I'm being honest we're not 100% recovered and we're working through it but I can totally understand why you guys broke up. I think for us it was just "I don't need to be with you, we don't currently want the same things, but we can keep going and see if there's way to make what we both want overlap". That said we're not nearly as far as long (about 10 months) and you guys were 5 years in so I guess we'll just see where it goes.

    57. Leticia Ortiz

      I feel like eventually you guys would get back together when you've achieved more of what you want to in life. Love isn't an easy road and maybe this is just one of the bumps in your guys' journey. Good things take time and you guys have love. As much as amma miss you guys together, I glad that you get what makes you happy. Love you both!!!

    58. Nenjah And The Rose

      Thanks so much for sharing! We talk all about the importance of clear communication in healthy relationships on our page and you guys give a great example of this, even in your parting ways. Best of luck to you both!

    59. Angel Marie

      There's no forever

    60. Keefer Bones

      Man my ex boyfriend and I broke up too, so I’m here ugly crying at certain lines lmaoooo

    61. Johnathan Grey

      Hey Joe and Jessica, I was wrong. It was none of you're fault. One want's to do one thing. And the other want's to do something else. This feels a little like when I saw my best friends break up. We were all best friends and their relationship destroyed the trio. One wanted to come talk to me and not the other. It was insane. And because of that we longer say a word to each other anymore. We all grow up together. Now we grown apart.

    62. Ethan Martin

      Another CZ-news couple breakup. Damn

    63. Kristen Pass

      My ex and i just broke up today and for the same reason you guys broke up. We werent seeing eye to eye and both had different view points. We couldnt lift each other up no matter how much we wanted to. We love each other so much still but we knew it wasn't healthy and needed to let each other go... Love you both, im proud of you guys for seeing eye to eye about your relationship, even if its about breaking up ^^ 💙

    64. Cynthia Ramirez

      I really want the hoodie that Jess is wearing.

    65. LikeNo Other

      Yeah but one thing about your guy's relationship we already know you guys are not going to make it so that is 100% guarantee you guys are not going to make it not a 50/50 but a hundred there's a difference just because there's only two things that doesn't mean it's a 50-50 split I means you guys went on hundred percent not a couple to be together

    66. LikeNo Other

      LOL your girl now wishes she was with you Hawaii living all the way she's probably all J Castaway

    67. Trang La

      Cringeworthy, 75% of what was said sound like it came straight out some shit movie fake af. Mute the video and just pay attention to the eyes and body movement.

    68. mimi

      39:21 "you gotta get with someone who likes sandwiches" jesus joe sorry but that made me laugh lol

    69. Blue Vonei

      I thought you are friends. Thus you can still be with each other lives without sex.

    70. kelly chan

      I don’t think I’ve balled my eyes out this much in a while. The fact that this is exactly what I went through in my last relationship hurt so much more but love you both so much on this.