Water cooling the FASTEST Mac on the Planet

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    For Part 3 of this build, we fit EVERYTHING into our modded Apple G5 case. Thanks to EKWB, we get to water cool this beast with our final tubing runs and then leak test everything to make sure we can move forward with the build.
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    1. Choomah

      The DIY portions of this remind me of when I literally used to rest my HDD on a book next to my case because I didn't have a HDD mounting section ahaha

    2. eliquidbln

      Hope this lab-experiment will never be reproduced 😂😂😂

    3. Chamodh Pabasara

      Can I have a build 🥺

    4. Aleksi Tykkä

      When this series is going continue?

    5. Basic IT Stuff

      Please, please 3d model the PSU bracket thingy, 3d print it (and share the stl ), I need this for a totally different build i previously was thinking was not possible but this could work :)

    6. World of Tanks

      You should also make one with air cooling like the real mac has.

      1. RANDOM NAME

        World of Tanks The Powermac G5 had watercooling. Air cooling is kinda hard to fit properly in a case of that size with the parts they’re trying to use.

    7. Insane Zain


    8. jesusthemonkey

      "getting over it" with Linus :-D

    9. Jochem de Jong


    10. grah55

      Realistically you would 3D model this first to get all the dimensions exact.

    11. aris

      Linus: The FASTEST Mac on the Planet Message on your phone: 𝐀𝐩𝐩𝐥𝐞 𝐰𝐚𝐧𝐭'𝐬 𝐭𝐨 𝐤𝐧𝐨𝐰 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐥𝐨𝐜𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧.

    12. Dryphu tricadia

      What is that PCIe m.2 card

    13. capomatthew

      What’s up with the music

    14. AlexTrash


    15. Paper Pyramids

      how much do you wanna charge to do this to my mac? :)

    16. Алексей Хоум

      In Russia we call it "kolkhoz". It mean village style, collective farm. Not high-tec. Just sucks) Some humor bro, good video)


      you know what pisses me off about your sponsor plugs?? They don't actually piss me off...

    18. Leung Ken

      watch till last sec but didn't saw this junk can start up

    19. MANoWAR

      Uglyest thing ever

    20. MAIN RIG

      You could have gone with an server PSU in the bottom or in the back covered with some nice plexiglass or 3d printed

    21. Little Kinq

      what a waste using ios on this poor hardware

      1. Little Kinq

        @RANDOM NAME?

      2. RANDOM NAME

        Little Kinq iOS?

    22. S12Bn0122 K12jjs00988


    23. Neeboopsh

      normal people who upgrade or swap out parts at least should never waste time hard-line "tubing" (pipes, they are pipes) any rig. also i hope all you kids develop epilepsy so your rgb fetish turns into a nightmare. i'll wait for the "ok boomer" comments.

    24. Kat Roz

      The thumbnail looked like they were going to water cool the stock laptop lmao

    25. Wasserstoffperoxid

      linus: watercooling is senseless linus: letz watercool a hackntosh

    26. Reprisal

      Down vote for trash 18:9 aspect ratio.

    27. Rob Williams

      "Fastest MAC on the planet" ... Isn't that like being the prettiest waitress at IHOP?

    28. Darkguardian games

      Как же все уродливо и ужасно укомплектовано

    29. TechNorms

      I love how no one recognizes the Hans and Franz show reference he made. Nice Linus

    30. Thomas Spaziani

      Aren't the water blocks on the video cards directional? Looks like the way its hooked up, one card will have the flow reversed.

    31. TheSailorKing

      Madness it needs so so much patience to route the tubing, cables and the whole thing I don't know how you do it

    32. Paolo Marsicola

      The PSU kinda looks out of place

    33. mike patwal

      How to improve the performance of my lenovo z51-70 laptop it has amd GPU and i5 processor

    34. Sai Preetham M

      I hope hack is working 🙂

    35. Anthony T

      I wouldn't say macs will make me change to macs. It'll just make me change to osx.

    36. pleappleappleap

      No Wifi6?

    37. pleappleappleap

      I wonder if it's possible to create a Hackintosh under Hyper-V on my P71...

    38. Dan McGuire

      Sagging GPU fix, wire to hold up. #LinusJankTips. I kid, I love you guys haha.

    39. Mark Joy

      To late for me

    40. DuncanCantDie

      On a spiritual level I need to know what those standoffs they're using for the quick connect snap on/off motherboard tray are. Does anyone know?

    41. MrZombie

      This is a fun and interesting build but what I would like to see after you have finished all the testing after completion is for you guys to tear this down (sorry) and rebuild it in a case more appropriate size-wise with bigger(and maybe be more) fans and then do the testing again. but got to say nice job looking great :)

    42. MrZombie

      lol that Dennis Tee close up :D

    43. CleanDinosaur 28

      so you posted the video 2 days before the thing was over

    44. koty hedges

      Thats all i need is a power supply to finish my computer lol got the best deal for $300

    45. Sandro Grassi


    46. thekraken8him

      With all the parts, equipment, and labor it took to make this thing, you probably could have bought at least 2 full spec Mac Pros.

    47. Crystal Murphy

      cool, now i can browse facebook even faster!!

    48. Nytmare GT

      Wait..that's illegal!

    49. MrTingles


    50. Efe Ergezer

      Less RGB better pc 👍🏻

    51. Mondoblasto0

      It would drive me crazy to take all that apart after putting it all together.

      1. Max

        Mondoblasto0 actually it will fits better the second time because you know how make cable routing , which order to assemble etc.

    52. Tephrea

      I’ll take it

    53. alberto victoria

      Me trying to win the LG gram, while the deadline to participate was from October 31- nov 13 and the video was released 5 days ago. I’m definitely unlucky as hell.

    54. Havasen Reddy

      No MacBook Pro 16 inch review? Really waiting for your opinion

    55. Raditiya Valendeto

      i9 10980xe

    56. Adam Wallis

      Why don’t you guys stop milking this project for views and actually do what you say in the videos so we can get to see the final video.

    57. shaftymaze

      where the f is anthony...

    58. Uthman Baksh

      Just install Windows on this sweet rig. The Hackintosh experience isn't the full Apple experience.

    59. Felix O'Keefe

      Woudn't be easier to just use normal power cables instead of the crazy braided cables?

    60. Zipp4Everyone

      Linus, Realistic is NOT what took you here. Learn how to bend space and time for this hardline tubing! XD

    61. Ho Ha

      Can you do an episode, how to maintain a "clean" computer or notebook program?

    62. Kiran Bala

      You should do all these on new mac 2019 case that you bought.

    63. Living Lux For Less

      Fantastic build ltt🤘

    64. Saurabh Behere

      @ 13:58 why psu look tilted towards side cover ?

    65. Mohammed Thowfiq

      Hi bro i am your 999th subscriber i am following your channel very longtime .Today is my Birthday and i am a college student i don't have an laptop till today so I would like to participate in this event . I don't have a laptop so it will make a huge difference in my life if you help me thanks for your give aways bro. ☺️ LOVE FROM (INDIA)

    66. Saxito Pau

      Well, I have a similar mac case sitting idle. I'd better get cracking...

    67. npc545232

      Like using an industrial cooking factory to make a single green salad

    68. Martin Trujillo

      linus adds a linus show.... now thats capitalization

    69. Brendan Jennings

      What happened to the poor orange screwdriver?

    70. Ron Netgrazer

      That t-shirt might actually sell if you put it in the LTT shop!