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    1st vlog of the Naija 2016 series!
    damilohun by youngbodzy
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    1. Meet The Smythes

      We really loved this Vlog!

    2. M.K. S.

      I wish to "support ALL "CZ-newsr's of colour!!"!!" ("Black; Asian and Mixed -Race/Native_AmeriCAN"): (male and/or; Fe-"!! -(M.K.S.).

    3. The Neighbor


    4. Joy Dubai

      The person that probably disliked this video had their phone upside down -3- I have a Channel! w Love your content!. I wana see my self reach 1k subs

    5. Ben Logan Square Diaz

      Any of you in the comments know about jevvish people?

    6. Manuel Sanchez

      Saludos desde México 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

    7. agbor bolton

      Things to know b4 dating a nigerian man cz-news.net/online/video-ksifPoOc3DY.html

    8. Severino Alves


    9. Gracey’s Tube

      My lifestyle blog is coming up y’all, please support

    10. Gracey’s Tube

      Hope you enjoyed Nigeria

    11. T Hasl

      Hello from Norway 🇧🇻. Thank you for the video. So lovely. And nigerian women are best and most beautiful. ❤️

    12. Armand Gallanosa

      Not the $#!+hole country that our president described but still looking 3rd worldish.. still leaning towards not visiting

    13. Gracias Jehova

      Hi ify you speak spanish?

    14. Michael Heery

      The place is a WRECK.

    15. DFS54

      The trash in the street at 9:10 is disgusting. Don't you black people have any goddamn self-control?

      1. somegrill

        DFS54 stfu

    16. Electra Legacy

      Missing Nigeria......love ur video

    17. Susan H

      This was one of my favorite videos of you and your family! Wow, 2 years already!

    18. natureboyinyourface

      Love your hair

    19. Tejumola Sammie

      Felt very nostalgic watching this! Totally loved it and I live in marine estate very close to the ose market your mum mentioned 😍😍

    20. Eric GoodLife Johnson

      This was a good Vlog.. keep up the good work!! 💯💯 I'm a vlogger as well. I just Subscribed to your channel. Hit me up some time. Maybe we can share some ideas with each other.

    21. stevehustlehard

      Nigeria Home of the most ugliest fake hair women in the world

    22. aman verma

      Love from India.

    23. DJE TV

      Watch this out and share it with your friends cz-news.net/online/video-vJk9dOVWzJY.html

    24. Zi On

      Hi lovely channel new friend from live stream 🤗 hug me back ❤️✌️


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      New sub omalicha


      But Nigerian movies are the best


      dear you way of hosting is too good . and you look so preety

    29. Ema Kimberly

      This was posted the day before my birthday as well 😍

    30. Ema Kimberly

      How did I just find you Your so beautiful God bless you and your family Your brother is so sweet btw

    31. Austin Lee

      Nice video.

    32. Bobby E. Wright

      Ify yvonne you have the most amazing afro ive seen since my mom back in the day i showed my nieces now they wanna wear their hair in a afro black is beautiful

    33. Chasla Scott

      When I saw that fresh, literally still WARM bread for SEVENTY-TWO CENTS, I just about booked my flight. Omg, America needs to just start over.

    34. Kitty Gata

      Lol moma funa buy all the bread

    35. Kitty Gata

      I like how your mommy talks lol

    36. TheDispleasedCow

      Your brother is the sweetest for helping you with your hair. My brother won't even say good morning to me, lol

    37. Adityanath Yogi

      Indian flim on TV we are every where

    38. Doris Gibson

      That was nice to watch. I loved shopping at ShopRite but was only in Nigeria for two weeks.

    39. Winnie Badaiki

      My God did your mum really stand up?? 😂😂

    40. Mark Nivason

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    41. Chris Rebirth

      You fell sick cos you system had enuf of the junkies you eat in America. Now time to explore some freshie, add some nutrition to your system.

    42. Gibson Callaway

      Ah Nigeria such a beautiful country to live in! 😃🇳🇬

    43. Thompson Avis


    44. Daniel Alt

      10:14 Who is that girl in black dress running ?

    45. The_Homie Jay_J

      Nigeria is a very interesting place to me. It was cool to see a black face on that nira dollar.

    46. Umar Tanveer

      That show was an Indian soap opera! It's called Aapki Antra and it's about an Autistic girl x

    47. SupaNami

      This is with the help of the western world... just think what it would look like if the western world didn't help this people!! You're sick because you're not used to eating shit!!!

    48. SupaNami

      HairHats are strong wit the black folks!!! .....

    49. Siti Sartika

      Hello iam from indonesia. I like your vidio.

    50. shepherd gaines

      what would 500 dollars of American dollars be in Nigeria currency

    51. shepherd gaines

      love your video , it would be nice to visit someday, I have traveled to some faraway places, but not Nigeria , the women there are beautiful,

    52. Anthonia Madufor

      Ify, I 'm so loving you guys. Would like to hook up with you someday. I am a Nigerian you know. Igbo for that matter hehehehehehe. Kudos to your mum.

    53. A-B Cargo Express Ltd

      Great natural hair! Keep it up. Nice to see

    54. Nolly Molly

      nice work work girl, Im down in South Africa

      1. Nolly Molly

        cool vibes please do check my channel Nolly Molly

      2. Ify Yvonne

        Thank you!

    55. KOKAiNE JANE

      i didnt kno i wud hear MY FAVORITE SONG!!!!!!!!

    56. Amyah Selmon

      Watching from Kenya 🇰🇪

    57. Denise La

      I so want to visit Africa. I'm coming. I'm coming 😍😍

    58. -

      I can't tell any of these peopoe apart

    59. kc SILVA

      Excellent content blessings I follow you: D

    60. UniquelyAlexis

      Is it wierd that you remind me of Jay Versace? Lol

    61. UniquelyAlexis

      Did I hear igbo? 😃 Lol I was born here but my parents taught me how to hear igbo. But that's igbo right?

    62. preelenede

      Love your Afro!

    63. Emeline Emeline

      What a wonderful video! I always forget what the name for the necklaces with the orange beads, does anyone remember? I keep calling them jigida but I don't think that's right lol

    64. vamps4me

      Your brother is so adorable to do your hair.

    65. Nomadic Naija


    66. K Morgan

      Yoooo!! Junior's stock just went waaayyy up! Cause he can help his wife braid up her hair and cut her weave out! That's whassup!!! Lol

    67. Umueke Maiden

      The clip of you guys inside the keke made me miss Naija even more! looking forward to going back home soon!

    68. MultiFacettedMe w/ SFB

      Beautiful natural hair. Im stateside so I am visiting by way of the internet.

      1. BeHappy


    69. Free Occupied Biafra

      Ify, i always love your video. I also took the flight from Washington DC to Enugu via Addis Ababa. Buy, it was long haul , but if you consider that you saved yourself the even more stressful and unsafe bus trip from Lagos in an accidents prone highway and some truly mad drivers, you will take 3- 4 extra flight hours in the plane anyday to land directly in Enugu and avoid long inter state Nigerian roads with Nigerian police harassing you at every stop. Onitsha mall looks very new. It must have been newly built. I hope they build more around the city.You make me so proud to be a Nigeria. I just love your humor, whining and a great candor in telling it as it is. Chris is lucky to blessed by someone like you. Well, you are also lucky to have Chris. I wish you guys the best!

    70. TheRealChattyPatty

      Just had to download that song. I love Nigerian music. Btw...I'm a new subscriber. I love your videos. Congrats on your wedding!