Virtual Reality Mukbang (Sort Of) - JonTron



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    I'm sorry you all had to watch this

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    1. D Alex gaming


    2. Some One

      Me: Oh Jon is losing weight, doing good! 10m later: Oh he's eating about 32 people's worth of burritos.

    3. Zero Obuichi

      Why do you only have 5 million subscribers?

    4. Big Boot Bob least Jon's eating thing wasnt as gross as the GRUMPy guy across the country having spit and chocolate droop out of his mouth

    5. Big Boot Bob

      *typing in vr keyboard with 2 fingers over real keyboard*

    6. Big Boot Bob

      Another bogus product exposed by our boy

    7. RangerRick456

      scuffed Billy Crystal

    8. TrexGamer54

      Here I am waiting for my backordered oculus to finally ship, and this mans is out here breaking them on camera. Fuck.

    9. DeezNutz

      Is that a jojo references?

    10. SyntecTK

      Wow you seem to be really incompetent when it comes to tech

    11. Juan Mena


    12. EmAnUeL

      What the frik is this xd

    13. Kristian Tancevskik

      Anyone else cam see jumanji robin williams standing behind him on the Left

    14. Sicknigga

      Definitely read that

    15. Trevgauntlet

      *punching sounds intensifies*

    16. Ayy Lien

      Lmao at VR

    17. Lee Shau

      I am sorry but I had to give a dislike. Love your show but this is just some ADHD wierd content.

    18. Baron Sharpe

      Jon please never wear kaki shorts again, when you ran over and flipped the table I thought you were pantsless...


      What happens to this show smh

    20. Big Bandit

      Tf Is. this

    21. Virjoinga

      Man when I want to fix something I should definitely follow Jon Trons ways.

    22. AncientFoxx

      I kinda feel like Jon is running out of ideas for videos, and is going downhill. He has basically conformed to the standard CZ-news video ways

    23. Kyla Flanagan

      Tbh this was incredibly entertaining i don’t kno what i expected but this the content i look for

    24. Snake the Adversary

      Holy shit Jon that big bowl of shit you ate at the end what the fuck why would you abuse yourself like this? 😂

    25. Pokesungod

      Can relate to the rift software problem

    26. Potassium Cynaide


    27. ping pong

      2010 : I like this video so much. 2020 : Thanks.

    28. Koana

      4:20 in and it isnt even installed yet. You could have left this whole part out YOU FAT HUNGARIAN SLOB.

    29. booker dewitt

      *auto unsubscribe to jon because he quited video game reviews like california games*

    30. Nearhi

      This was pretty boring. We watched you muck up an Oculus install, then play 10 seconds of VR Chat.

    31. Yeetedscrub

      Jon are you ok?

    32. sneeki breeki

      I'm very confused

    33. 13RY4N

      I mean...That was one way to stretch the video to ten minutes

    34. typeerk

      Who else can read the shitty katakana?? I can't be the only one... ジーザズ クライスト

    35. Dr_ Yeet

      This video was just watching a man lose his damn mind for 10 minutes.

    36. nevadie133

      It felt good to watch Jon smash that headset. I’ve wanted so badly to smash my own tech when it fails to function, but can’t afford to.

    37. maverick

      awesome video Jon 👍

    38. Mohammad M

      Jontron: Nearly dies installing oculus Windows MR chads: just plug it in

    39. Thenewbagman

      Is like in Johnny Mnemonic....but no...xD

    40. Rooty Hedgehog

      Why those his current videos suck so bad?

    41. Allison

      Jontron and Markiplier are my go-to you tubers to watch after a manic episode ❤️👌🏻

    42. C Gillis

      When did Jon become TechRex

    43. SigmaSyndicate

      Jon, I think you have a failing hard drive on that PC.

    44. MrBlueD3V1L

      Why did so many people dislike this

    45. Mistah MegaManFan

      Strange Woman 👩 YES!!

    46. j n

      Jontron s Special if you know what i mean

    47. vi c

      Bro where's the intro you used to have, I miss the old jontron

    48. Ean Ames

      *buys pc and VR headset at walmart*

    49. Old School Laziness

      Jon I must see some birds. I am in dire need to see some JonTron birds.

    50. N O

      Felt it in my soul when you busted that headset

    51. EliteDeltaTeam

      I am so happy that he referenced Devil May Cry

    52. Connor Hagerman-Burdignon

      Annnd that’s why you should have bought the Oculus quest

    53. Paul Hayes

      I love when he reads something important like CLEAR YOUR PLAY AREA, he just wrecks it up without any thought in his mind, COMEDY.

    54. The Watcher

      8:12 me on Saturday

    55. Walt Man

      Originally I disliked because wasting hardware, but.... I guess it's for fun.

    56. Sxlad

      the struggles of john tron 5:40

    57. Mr. Snarky

      *gently hugging and,stroking my Oculus Quest* Shh shh...its ok baby. The bearded fat guy didn't mean any of that...

    58. FrankieGuns

      Oculus quest is better if you don't have a good computer

    59. thecrimsoncure


    60. Laben_ Venci

      The closest we'll get to Jontron doing gaming again.

    61. GrumbleGamer 18


    62. X-Blood93

      Watching the was cring. . . . . And then he smashed it. . . . My heart broke so much

    63. Maxwell games

      TAKE OFF THAT F#$%@NG RING JONTRON!!!!!!!!!!!!

    64. LincMcFreeze _

      Oculus quest is better sorry 🙃

    65. controller break!

      I don’t think they paid him for this

    66. Prptheawesome

      Jon: This video is not sponsored by Oculus Yeah I can tell

    67. VTwinty

      Now smashing things with a sledgehammer sounds more fun than playing video games.

    68. BigKitten ASMR

      2:02 Ah yes, the beautiful JOJO reference

      1. Not Dio

        y e s ! y e s ! y e s! Y E S !

    69. izzy

      Lmao when he threw the table for space

    70. Yung Advil

      That really hurts, y'know that?