VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 11

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    The Crew sits down once again to react to some of Hollywood's zestiest CGi moments: What makes a visual effect bad? What makes one great?
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    1. grandmster_dirty,dan

      Micheal Jackson is definitely my favorite basketball player.

    2. boogabuga

      When will you guys react to the CG in Bird Up?

    3. sykotikz

      Speed racer plz plz

    4. PlayBoyX 1996

      Am I the only one that noticed that Niko looks like Shawn evens from first we feast

    5. AintGotsNoName

      No lie, I Am Mother is probably one of my top 10 favorite movies of all time for reasons I can't explain. This video helped explain at least one or two of them.

    6. Prabhu s

      Pls review the CGI of Indian movie 2.0.. This is 2010 Robot movie's second part.

    7. SpeakYourMind Lea

      react to bad NASA vfx

    8. Evan Mendonsa

      Plz react to hellboy 2019

    9. Stoic

      'Pirates of the carribean' have u done this?

    10. R P

      Do the mandalorian

    11. Rachel Sagert

      Can you react to AXL?

    12. Connor Hebert

      I Am Legend please!

    13. DeepSeaSqueezeTree

      Wren, you played basketball.

    14. FUSION gaming

      I'm 12 and I love watching your videos I edit for my school and whenever i talk about fps or rendering 4k 720p they always get confused

    15. Austin

      Whenever Michael Jackson dunks he probably says "HEHE".

    16. diamondminer

      Watch men in black 2.

    17. Ankush Thakur

      Do mission mangal

    18. Trenton Kaczmarczyk

      I ended up looking at hand pans on amazon, their expensive.....

    19. NearCry91

      Star Wreck

    20. Eliot McCann

      Some of Corridor Crew's best VFX are Neko's disappearing eyes...

    21. James Wilton

      You guys lost me after slating Linus....

    22. NoEsUnYoutuber

      Bird Up!

    23. TheMrPalma

      React to Crawl 2019

    24. Masterzoroark 666

      I found the concept art for Mother and it looks awesome


      16:12 That's hot


      6:20 RIZE

    27. LP Jones

      Anyone else try moving their upper lip to see if it was possible?

    28. Darren Zheng

      MIB three when will Smith is in the subway running away from the sluggish monster

    29. Fellen

      Please do Dinosaur (2000) it's really good!

    30. Ritsu Okazaki

      this is like a springlock suit

    31. Muhammad Nauman Masood

      adventure of tin tin

    32. Byron Da Lord

      Calling him Michael Jackson is racist

    33. Chloe Ellis

      Wait I want that handpan

    34. JUST DO IT.

      Crazy it is

    35. JUST DO IT.

      Reply me ASAP if any one watching this vedio on #iPhone 7 , u won’t believe what just happened

    36. Geezey Tree

      Ahhh, how bout ALIEN COVENANT fellas...

    37. SgCy

      Disappointed that the Smith look-alike didn't bust out any Woos or Hahaas

    38. Dinosaur Hunter

      I can't believe how common that "Boom" sound still is in trailers. It's rarely even appropriate for the moment lol

    39. Rahul Rathod

      There's this guy's channel. I think it's called Control shift face. You should go see his rendering on celebs faces. It's so amazing and flawless

    40. Thomas Kordi

      Please do Beowulf 2007, Believe me its very intresting, also Please Hire me, Im getting deported lol

    41. ann Craig

      React to The hobbit

    42. Finlay Crowe

      Middle ones definitely a nonce

    43. Shlok Sharma

      Please do about that tv series EUREKA!!?

    44. boats

      you guys lucky you didnt diss space jam..

    45. Kiwi Nerd31

      Please check out supernatural mostly season 13

    46. Leonardo Gastón Blanco Barberio

      Guys please talk about Twister (F5 tornado), Deep Impact (meteor crashing) and Indiana Jones (face melting and ark going to the sky)

    47. Geert Van Boxelaer

      Michael Jackson ... millennials :D

    48. WildLad

      You should watch the final fight in the Cowboy Bebop movie

    49. Lei Ecleo

      Please react to Gravity with George Clonney and Sandra Bullock please

    50. Stephen 1982

      Space Jam was my first "date movie;" I was 14. I didn't see any of the movie (giggity).

    51. Jared Boline

      Altered Carbon would be really cool to see you guys react to

    52. Enrico Randolph

      Hey please react to The adventures of Tintin. At first I thought it was real but then I found out it was all motion tracking. Please go and check it out. Thanks 🤘

    53. ANGUS 4277

      I would love for you guys to react to the VFX in Saturn 3 from 1980.

    54. Lights and Shades

      React to Krish 3 Dhoom 4 Ra one

    55. Nickalas Channel

      IF you can rank all 3 CGI Hulks from the movies from best to worse I will sub, and become a Patron member. Deal?

    56. elendil6668

      Pleaaaase react to "Star Trek Nemesis", it has some super impressive space battle shots for 2002 :)

    57. Drragnorr

      you need high frame rate for 3d movies, because they fall apart if there is a fast movement of camera. sadly no one is doing that, and thats why 3d sucks

    58. Olli Barnd

      Maybe try the Constantine movie

    59. practyc

      Altered Carbon

    60. Frankie Cuellar

      Frankie Cuellar

    61. Attiq ur Rehman


    62. PETER ZARI

      react to W A L L E

    63. Cyndrick

      I am Mother reminds me a ton of the new Lost in Space show on Netflix

    64. PETER ZARI

      Next thing I know that couch is CGI green screen or something

    65. Santhosh s

      godzilla cg is incredible

    66. panther vlogs

      Spongebob out of water

    67. Edwin Bonsrah

      Please dooooooo final fantasy kingsglaive XV please!!!!

    68. marvelous_deviant-ass

      12:17 man, i wish i had myself a SHIELD shirt too

    69. Sue Visions


    70. Deejay Marco 254

      you guys should do a G-rated Deadpool ;)