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    In Stephen Sharer last video "Found TOP SECRET Clue Spying on Mystery Money Thief!! (Searching for Lost $1Million Dollars)" you saw a mystery spy appeared to the Sharer Family House driving an ORANGE MCLAREN. Stephen Sharer grabbed his spy gadgets to investigate the mystery supercar and found a TOP SECRET envelope. He called his sister Grace Sharer to help him decode this secret message. In today's vlog Grace Sharer and John join the mission to help decode the INVISIBLE INK used by the hacker to leave messages for the Sharers. Neighbor Miss Karen arrives and greets Mama Sharer - she is here to save the day with her professional Neighborhood Watch Skills! The Sharer Fam shares their secret evidence with Ms. Karen and hop on their SPY BIKE motorcycle SPY MACHINES to head to the crime scene in the woods. When they get to the forest, they discover EVEN MORE secret evidence (like a note with a 3pm clock on it)! The Sharer Fam needs your help gathering more CLUES! Comment down below if you notice anything suspicious during the vlog!
    ▶︎ Found TOP SECRET Clue Spying on Mystery Money Thief!! (Searching for Lost $1Million Dollars) cz-news.net/online/video-7jROIBdgFyg.html
    ▶︎ Grace Sharer POND MONSTER vs GRACE SHARER BATTLE ROYALE for TOP SECRET MYSTERY EVIDENCE BOX!! cz-news.net/online/video-fhoK6jsF_wE.html
    ▶︎ I AM BLIND! 24 Hours Blindfolded Hide & Seek Challenge Searching for Code to Project Zorgo Safe cz-news.net/online/video-xpGx_S9fVVw.html
    ▶︎Best $10,000 Challenges cz-news.net/onpl-PLQdOBb866XKhxSV8B26oSu--NG8zSw4vj
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    This video is only for entertainment purposes. Do not attempt to recreate any of the acts in this video, as they may be dangerous if not done correctly, and could result in serious injury. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Have fun, but always think ahead, and remember that every project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK.
    This footage is property of Stephen Sharer and is not allowed to be repurposed without written consent from Stephen Sharer. For any requests from media contact us at Business@stephensharer.com

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    1. Mala Augustine

      Her eyes where worried when you'll guys found the green. Note

    2. Mala Augustine

      The first tree had two pink and green sticky notes miss Karen took the green note

    3. dailybmx rider

      Mrs karen is working with that person

    4. Tia Gunesekera

      I think miss Karen took a pink note

    5. Olympia Winslow

      A hind you

    6. Olympia Winslow

      Is the girl and it's annoying and you

    7. veron Foo

      Karen stole the pinky note at the tree

    8. larry reed

      Their were two sticke notes on the tree put the lady took one

    9. Shea Louviere

      Stephen why didn't you ride on carters Bike

    10. Jesse Dean

      Ms.karen is the mystery spy

    11. Amelia Bell

      it is miss karen because when grace said wait a minute look at her face also, look back at the time 9:34-10:16. look at the tree that you thought it was, there are two notes that she doesn't want you to see because she put them their. john found that one note but the other pink paper is in her purse. she was the one who was trying to steel the mystery box. that's why she wanted ya'll to stay in the room that why she could take the mystery box.

    12. christina robertson

      Don't trust Ms.Karen she took a pink note and put it in her purse

    13. Madeline Staats

      I’m sure that miss Karin is up to something. She had been acting funny ever since I’ve seen her in the video. I’m shour she is an member of how ever that person is in that green ➕pink mask.maby it means something well that’s what I think 🤔

    14. Ashley Robinson

      Miss Karen play Pink envelope on the tree

    15. kareem issa

      Mrs Karen is a spy

    16. Kylan Goods

      That lady in the red shirt there where two notes watch the video over again a look closely

    17. Kimberly Edwards

      It is ms karen get her rewind the video

    18. Daniel Rosa

      Ms.karen took the pink sticky note and tryed to hide the green sticky note form you guys. She is ovisly the one who stole the 100,000,000

    19. Cain Beltran

      Miss Karen was acting suspicious

      1. Cain Beltran


    20. Ronny Dahl

      Its her

    21. Teresa Biagi

      She’s the person that did it

    22. Teresa Biagi

      She,s a liar pants on fire

    23. Teresa Biagi


    24. EJ SO COOL

      Cause that hacker is coming

    25. EJ SO COOL

      Karen was the one who did everything and look back at it she put that nail and that green paper 📝 there cause she even said put it back

    26. Missy Pack

      i am 3

    27. Ultimate nflemingtheboss

      Don’t trust keren look in her purse She has the note

    28. Coolboy030708 _plays

      Karyn is so nervous from 12:09 to 12:12

    29. Coolboy030708 _plays

      Karyn is up to something she took the pink sticky note what is the diagram

    30. fluffhead31

      no thar wus not a prsin in the bac rant it wus yr motr sicol

    31. fluffhead31

      thhar wus a prsin in the bac rard

    32. Jaydin Sprague

      Mrs. Karen grabbed something watch it agin

    33. Vestelia Bonner

      Ms karen took a pink note off the tree when ya was not looking

    34. Ashley M

      Someone was behind M.s caren

    35. Surita Malherbe

      I think I saw Miss Claire rand take the pink note of the tree and there was a green one as well

    36. Jessenia Cardenas

      Ms Karen took a purple note of the tree with the lime green note

    37. Lianely Portillo

      Karon took a pink sticky note

    38. Grant Sugarman

      The tree that she was leening on had a purple note that she took and put it in her bag

    39. Rafael Rojas

      There was a pink note on top of the green one than the grill with the red shirt tok it

    40. Rafael Rojas

      The grill that was wearing a red shirt was taking notes

    41. quinton martin

      mrs.karen took a note and she has a blak gaket.

    42. Wyatt Hauser

      Karen has a note it was on top of the clock note

    43. Brady Bennett

      I found a sticky note near the tree with the other thing

    44. Jill Cox

      Karin stole a not

    45. Barrett Storm

      Yeah I don’t trust her

    46. Ronald Porter III

      Miss kane toke a pink note off the three that the green note was on

    47. Shawn Holt

      miss karen she stole some evidince off at 9:39

    48. Viper V

      The lady is the bad guy she tuck a purple note from the tree she also said this is the spot and she had her back on the green note because she did not whant you to see it that is how I know she is the bad guy.

    49. Nasser Jones

      Who are you bro

    50. jaser Joseph

      It is mr keren

    51. Quenise McBride

      The lady she took a pink Note

    52. Mary Jones

      hi this Jaaron the lady put a pink note in her purse

    53. unicorns rule the world awsomeness

      Mrs Karen put her gum on a post it note I saw her Stephen heart it if you see this comment

    54. Josh Stott

      That women did all of that 😂

    55. Owen plz Soccer

      There was a pink sticky note that the neighbor took+ she is the person who took the money

    56. Talal Hasan

      When u were in the at 9:59 Mrs Karen was trying to hide the note on the tree

    57. Talal Hasan

      U can’t trust mrs Karen and I she is that mystery person with the green and pink mask

    58. Richrd Daniels

      Miss Karen pick a note on that first tree and she is the person in the green and pick mask

    59. Melessa Gordon

      When mama shearer ask her if she come here before she said almost said yes and then she said no

    60. Donald Courtney

      Did you see Karen stick that note on the tree

    61. Shiny Saji

      The old lady took the pink sticky notes

    62. Paul Duran

      this girl is part of GM

    63. Iris Rosario

      You cannot trust her

    64. Pierce Roque

      Steven is it that your McLaren cuz I remember you used it in your Tik Tok video

    65. Brayden Stites

      When you talked about that thing I saw someone in the back round

    66. Christine Fulkerson

      Karen is suspicious

    67. Siddarthan Segaran

      Miss Karen was hiding the paper on the tree behind her back

    68. Shyla Brown

      She stole something

    69. Shyla Brown

      Stephen she isn’t Miss Karen

    70. Cindy O'Brien

      that girl was taking one look in her bag