Ukrainian Orphan Natalia Grace Defends Herself on Dr. Phil

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    The Ukrainian orphan at the center of an adoption scandal is speaking exclusively to Dr. Phil. Natalia Grace has been accused by her adoptive parents of pretending to be a child to get adopted by an American family. Michael and Kristine Barnett adopted Natalia in 2010. She has a form of dwarfism and they were told that she was 6 years old. Natalia tells Dr. Phil that the Barnetts are the ones who are lying.'s Mara Montalbano has more.

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    1. Honey Freemont

      why not just take a polygraph test?

    2. Evan Jacobson

      Ok so I’m one picture she is missing a tooth and it grew back you think she’s 33 and is just losing a baby tooth

    3. Ruby Rothauser

      Have they done dna tests? Just a question...🤷‍♀️

    4. Stephanie Perry

      I think she was born in 1999

    5. Work Out

      I've read an article about this, from the article it's seems very clear that she is a scam artist

    6. John Kuta

      God I hate Natalia she is a liar 🤥!!

    7. cツ

      Hasnt there been multiple bone density tests showing how old she was? How would you get around that?

      1. J M

        There was a bone scan saying between 8 and 11, then one that said about 8 to 14. Dental tests said about 6 to 9 years old.. All these tests would have been when she was about 8 or 9 years old according to the birth certificate, but over 20 according to the Barnetts.

    8. Fran L

      Why didn’t they go into her being unable to speak Ukrainian and having no accent??

    9. F M

      This is confusing. But we can all agree on something: She’s ugly af 🤣

      1. Mizan Rashid

        That's messed up bro. She clearly has a disability

    10. F M

      And that’s why you shouldn’t adopt. Trying to do something good will bite you in the ass. This kids will always be resentful, no matter how much love they’re given. What has to stop is parents having kids that don’t plan. There should be some kind of punishment for this. Immaturity is no excuse. And if it’s so easy to abort, or give into adoption, then, there’s no real consequences except for the kid; and in this case 2 strangers in jail for trying to give a better life to someone. We need to stop somehow this unsustainable situation we’re already in. To many unproductive human beings, producing even more unproductive human beings.

    11. Adama Y Bangura

      She may be a child or adult but all I know is that I can't live in the same house with her. Just look at her. She looks mean asf

    12. trish

      This poor girl has been through so much it's unbelievable. Not only mental scars from a terrible upbringing but physical disability as well. It's too much to go through. I pray Natalia has all the very best in the future she deserves to be happy and loved

    13. Story Telling

      Yo that’s a grown ass woman

    14. Adrian Villanueva

      I wonder how many rounds she can win if they made her fight raccoons in a endless gauntlet, idk random thought

    15. Melanies Sippycup

      Her accent, her body, the way she wears her clothes she can’t hide it

    16. philomena p

      Ukraine make fake documents. Anyone threatened my kids n killing. Don't care if they disabled. I give them back to adoption but she couldn't go back she was adult. Adoption don't take adopters over 18 duhh

    17. Dylan Hecker

      It's funny how she is saying she is 16 now. When she looks older than the other little person who has kids lol

    18. Kalas Atwater

      She's lying

    19. Dorito Chips

      Whoah this is just like the movie “orphan”

    20. SyPhOn 123

      Papers dont mean anything

    21. Alex Kess

      The size of her ears and nose is all we need to know.

    22. Pumpkin Xplash Podcast

      Omg! This is a real story?!? I’m crying my eyes out I was reading it the whole time thinking it was fake

    23. g is for gay

      Definitely looks older than 14 or 15

    24. Discord Bot Designer

      This is the movie orphan but this time the government was involved, damn we were so close yet so far...

    25. Elana Longoria

      Why aren’t they speaking about the previous parents who adopted her before the Barnettes why did they give her back up for adoption???

    26. mikshin

      Well, judging by all the comments here I'm sure that as a Ukrainian she'll be treated fairly. All those prejudiced comments and calls for burning her at the stake and the trial hasn't even started yet. I love this colonial-like derision for her because she comes from a poor country near Russia. "Return her to sender", "She's a spy", "We shouldn't adopt Ukrainian kids"- and other such rubbish. I wonder if there will be a jury. If you were really fair, you would say that at this stage you don't know what the truth is. Either party can be lying, the evidence is not clear. But yeah, she's a foreigner so she's a witch, burn her.

    27. Abby's Hamster journey

      Ew just ew.

    28. Georgia Millis

      Uhh, anyone seen the film Orphan?

    29. ThePokerbrat626

      Shes the devil

    30. SmileCookie

      The Barnett’s didn’t leave her in an apartment to fend for herself. They paid her rent, got her into a good college, and made sure she was ok financial wise, and then moved.

      1. sofia.08x

        SmileCookie ikr no one mentions that 😡

    31. Yaniv

      A child who’s being left alone would never wash her dishes, washing clothes cocking she would cry and do non of the above! Also how could she reach the microwave if she doesn’t even reach the counter

      1. Alfonso Castro

        a stepstool

    32. Veggie Foodie

      They should have adopted a baby not a child lol

    33. aquilesriffo

      Regardless of if she is or isn't an adult her accent is not precisely Ukranian or from overseas

    34. Rashid khan

      She's definitely not 16 she is atleast older than 20.

    35. Tybreelo

      She speaks like and adult she’s obviously hiding something

      1. Mizan Rashid

        Lol the video is based on what happened 10 years. Obviously she's going to be an adult now

      2. Daniel Mariscal

        Lmfao you an idiot

    36. Rosa Moya

      if they adopted her in 2010 and she was 6 a the time then she obviously` older and NOT 30. you cannot just leave a child ALONE to care for themselves

    37. Ryan

      She’s a finesse god

    38. agent 47

      the truth flew over all of your heads: she is clearly an ukrainien spy

    39. Mxthilde JaimeLesChats.

      is't not a child



    41. Dennis Krause


    42. Ariannakys


    43. dubochain


    44. dubochain


    45. Anthony Buenavidez


    46. D3SI

      This ppl have shut up she has been cought by her own lawyer that she was an adult.

    47. Get Off Your Bass And Lets Fish

      Pubes and bleeds 🤔 no 6 year old does that

    48. Get Off Your Bass And Lets Fish

      Bone scan said you were 14 but I thought you were claiming you were 6 🤔 Your story is changing 🤔

      1. xTwilightWolvesx

        She was 6 when she was adopted, and now that this little thing called aging has occurred, she's older.

    49. Arku 47

      Stupid Americans...This is 2019 and they can't prove either she is an adult or not

    50. Venomous Drive

      This video is too short...🥁

    51. Jovi Falcutila

      Kaalaman, Brought me here.

    52. Nillo

      She can be 16 because when she was talking with dr Phil she had deep voice and its sounded natural but still she lied about being 6

    53. Nun of your Business

      She sounds like a grown up . she is probably a lair .

    54. Mike Castillo

      She looks like Webster

    55. Just Dance Gacha Pro Hello

      That means that she’s 16? My sister is 25

    56. Larbear 25

      So have we gotten an "official" report on this whole thing. Last time I checked her birth mother had come out but I had heard both she is a kid and no shes a adult ha.

    57. Shi Tcnts

      Oh wow I got to this story from old killer videos and CZ-news recommendations didn’t realise this was accualy going on still 😳

    58. Con_Corn

      Ok she may be 14/16 but no one cares that she said she was 6 years old originally

    59. sweet like candy


    60. Leanna Cruz

      She is a grown woman, she needs to be shipped back where she came from

    61. Brandon Buelow

      Isnt this exactly what happened in the movie orphan hahah next she will try to seduce the dad

    62. Bertric L

      She is a MIDGET NOT A KID!

    63. Tthrizzle85

      hint she has dwarfism so at 30 she'd look 16

    64. Danny Rally

      she's old enough! maybe 20 plus! she's a dwarf! and a bad girl!

    65. jasontheking134

      She said she’s Ukrainian but she doesn’t have an accent weird and she looks 30

    66. Jacob Correau-Smith

      She looks 30 but she’s clearly aged so she’s clearly in her teens

    67. dario fern


    68. Arsyad Syuwari Warren

      Then how the hell does a 6 year old lived by herself for a year

    69. Nullll1111

      That dwarf mom is hella cute.

    70. thersten

      I can't wait for the real life Benjamin Button. 😂😂😂😂