UFC 245: Weigh-in

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    Watch the UFC 245: Usman vs Covington weigh-in.
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    1. Jordan Muhammad

      Colby "Tito Ortiz" Covington

    2. JB 1950

      Covington relax,you've achieved your goal. EVERYBODY hates you !

    3. Вячеслав Shorgoldaev

      27:07 please what song ?

    4. c'est pas possible c'est pas possible

      putain c pavard le mec, c son sosie ahaha

    5. Imran Nazeer

      28:14 ,Joe Rogan face says everything

    6. Daniel Jung

      Hows that jaw colby? Lmao

    7. Walking Legend

      Fuck nigga.fuck usman. He will get maul by a white mma fighter eventually!

    8. Sirian Ortega

      Winner takes it all :)

    9. Ray-Mark Coles

      Colby has no respect to Dana.

    10. Mixed-Martial-Arts Channel

      Conor vs Cowboy born to make history look this video and dont forget subscribe m.cz-news.net/online/video-dXIr5jefWuM.html

    11. Chiheb Bekakra

      Where can i find the New weigh in songs ??????

    12. Say my name bitch

      Mike Perry weighing in on ufc 245 was something fantastic

    13. Schurkk

      Usman looksw more like a clown than Colby And Colby is REALLY trying to look like a clown..

      1. Johnwoo

        @Schurkk Yeah and who broke his jaw?

      2. Schurkk

        @Johnwoo *kuch* Clown went on 2 rounds with a broken jaw winning at least one of em... you said what about warriors mentality?

      3. Johnwoo

        Usman looked ready for war. And he was. Wearing face paint into battle was common in the middle ages across many cultures. I'm wearing helped Kamaru get into the mindset he needed to be in to be Colby.

    14. eren eren

      Who also wants to see Joe rogan and lenne hardt together ?????? That would be like a non stop announcement orgasm.

    15. Khaled Ateeq

      Song at 20.05 ?

    16. Luca YT


    17. felipe moreno

      Does someone know the name of the song in the end?

    18. kolekda

      Петр Красавчик !!!

    19. Gutchie Spencer

      👅👁🤙🏻This demonic shit will NOT help Colby, he’s been hypothesized by that Mask....✌🏾

    20. Elijah Rueda Parziale

      Yo Colby is such a fucking goat bro 😂💯🐐! 28:43 29:10

    21. Sreedharan Nair

      20:09 which song is this?

    22. Silvere Ouedraogo

      anybody know the song being played in the Max Holloway vs alexander promo?

    23. Jay Are

      14:24 bobble head gangster stare down 😂

    24. Gliese 581c

      Can't stand Mike Perry

    25. Gliese 581c

      Chase Cooper = Askren's son

    26. Daniel Iamandache

      Does anyone know the song playing at 9:35?

    27. Uless Harris

      What's the song at 15:25

    28. Tom vs the World

      Joe is definitely like 5'6 Germaine is 5'9 and shes way taller

    29. Chinemerem Ukwuoma

      God bless you kamaru usman

    30. Colossus


    31. eppsislike

      Americans see some of the weirdest people. They booed Colby all the time, but when in the cage they be chantin USA USA USA.

    32. Eric Saechao

      Lmao Covington how did the canvas taste? What a joke

    33. Shia Labeouf

      anyone know the music name at 12:05?

    34. Rediscover Film

      How about Woodley vs Covington, since they aren’t friends anymore.

    35. 7 7

      Amanda Nunez would kick punk ass Covington's ass

    36. 7 7

      Covington is a piece of crap

    37. ghulam dustgir

      I thought kamra usman was black but he has changed to the incredible hulk you won't like me when I'm mad mr Covington LOL

    38. ghulam dustgir

      The 4 hookers in the back ground really look excited lol

    39. Ancient Wisdom

      "I broke my jaw" - Colby Covington to his coach "Kamaru broke my jaw for talking all that shit." - Colby Covington to himself

    40. Javion Grant

      He beat him like he stole something!

    41. The Swedes Versus

      The assassination of Colby " Pillow hands zero acting skills" Covington. THANK YOU Kamaru Ozman.

    42. oBlvd

      Is that even a official weigh in? Perry just walks up with shoes 😂

    43. TuckFheIlluminati

      I think the worse thing about Colby is that he tries so hard to copy McGregor like a wannabe bad guy to the point he comes off *VERY* annoying 🤣

    44. yannick willems

      that intro song never gets old💪💪

    45. Meer Zagar

      Who's here after the fight gentlemen !

    46. mykylc

      God it was poetry in motion watching Colby get handled last night. Finally, his mouth, literally shut. He loves to play the bad guy game...and the good guy won last night. Now go see the doc.

    47. Mohamed Boubker

      Yo no tengo nivel

    48. My Jam

      I bet Usman is on steroids

    49. Mastodon84 -

      They both fail at speech 🤣🤣

    50. Mastodon84 -

      I like to pretend Joe gets angry when fighters don't acknowledge him when walking up, he actually gives a stank face when they are posing which makes it even funnier 😂😂

    51. IndorAXAxe

      can someone give me the name of the music of the minute 29:55 please

    52. Body Snatcher

      here after maga boy got scotched

    53. Jeffrey Conrad

      So now they don’t have to take off their clothes, & Joe Rogan knows the weight when one foot touches the scale? Can we call rigged

    54. Lisa Gilmore

      Hey i dont like him wearing white face he is a racist. Sounds like black face huh

      1. Rom eo

        Girl r u ///§ťuupidď//? U make no sense.

    55. ocahsX

      The lil colby fans deleted their comments BHAHAHA , all that talk and he got his jaw broken got TKOED and ran crying out of the octagon to his daddy trump . Soo satistaying!

      1. Toxic Gaming


      2. Dennis Ighodaro


    56. nightmarecy

      I gotta admit, Aldo looks way healthier and fitter than I thought. Maybe it wasn't a bad decision after all.

    57. Zee R

      Colby: i’m gonna sue Usman for breaking my jaw. Trump: i’ll make Nigeria to pay for it.... Trump: i dont know who Colby is.

    58. Odira Scarce man

      Colby is a big loser,i pity for him

    59. ṂṿṨḲ ṂṿŔĎÄ mσвílє gαmíng


    60. Willi Schirling

      Marty wants to be white face?

    61. Willi Schirling

      White face lol

    62. Ryan Freeman

      This dude just got retired lol

    63. atabra62

      Main event music?

    64. Jose Gallardo

      Colby got impeached jajaja

    65. Bruno

      Colby represents arrogance, arrogance, scum and American human trash. Congratulations to the world's greatest economic power starring a broken-jawed asshole and a mediocre president.

    66. Jermaine King

      Thank you Usman for breaking this pussy bitch jaw and then knocking his ass out!!! We love you

    67. Jermaine King

      Lmao Colby got his ass beat and knocked out

    68. Jermaine King

      and just like that america is great again!!! lol

    69. Jose Gallardo

      Donald trump who? Jajaja

    70. mad man

      Kamaru won the fight but man I gotta give probs to coby even tho I hate him He did more than Woodley did These both guys are best in this division