UFC 241: Nate Diaz Octagon Interview

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    Check out what California's own Nate Diaz had to say after his long awaited return to the Octagon at UFC 241!
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    1. internal

      I stand corrected

    2. Charlie D

      This is for La Raza! Chicano Power! You already know biatchez! 👊 ☝💪 Mis saludes y felicitos carnalitos Diaz! Here's to you and Nick " bad to the bone" Diaz! 🍺 🍷 🍾 LOVE FROM 210! PURO OG! 🇺🇸 🌎 🇲🇽

    3. AwakeServant

      Diaz talks normal after a fight, wot

    4. Andrew Macias

      He did that shit!! He broke down the CHAMP in the 4th round with like à thousand body shots . He got his ass beat for three rounds and looked deafeted in the corner after the 3rd round. But damn he came out and literally with body shots to Cormiers right side The CHAMP finally gave in for a complete anaialaton. Ref calls fight 361 CC TEXAS

    5. Aloo Ouet

      The fact that he can still fight after all the dope he took is sort of impressing. White dudes hit weed for 2 years and drop outta college to become full time cashier lmao

    6. JackGeezy

      Stay Blazed Nate

    7. shitsandgiggles

      Nate with the Best call out of 2019...kept it OG

    8. John Flores

      I ain’t turning down no proper 12

    9. Why Why

      Diaz and Jorge respect each other cause REAL recognize REAL. Showtime got whooped. Str8 up n down.

    10. David Duarte

      Jorge sees dollar signs while Leon Edwards cries in the UK.

    11. Peter Griffin

      I was excepting him yo say "I'm not surprised motherfuckers" again 🤣

    12. Chris Mineo


    13. Manny Blackstar

      Breaking : Pettis breaks his dick bone during the fight. Plans to move to Middleweight because of the easy weight cut.

    14. BRUCE LEE

      Nate is king in the UFC. Fuck what dana white says

    15. The Appliance Guru

      I knew Nate had it

    16. 707 Nicky

      Nate always on his “ima keep it g real” shit

    17. HeyNowLookHere


    18. Tipsy Vlogger

      Laging talo si Pettis palubog na ranking nya

    19. van a dulles

      God damn mountain bullshit dish ass no live fight even when trying give people money. Love. Guess what?🤟

    20. JokerL1000

      Hes getting punch drunk. Still my fighter tho. ✊🏾

    21. Jorgeus Napa

      Nate Díaz chingón

    22. 5 Diming

      Need to be five round main event. I WANT BLOOD

    23. INDIA

      Nate should better keep his old man away from conor.

    24. Tomas T

      Nate is the man

    25. aj cook

      How can you not like The Diaz brothers.original gangsta there.

    26. lil pump

      Conor punched an old man after this interview

    27. wk cave

      That’s fucking awesome! I knew he was the better fighter!!!!!

    28. Ольга странная

      Нейт 😘😎👌

    29. AsianTryHard

      DC deserves to lose after eyepoking Stipe again.

    30. rayje rayje

      If Nate had blonde hair and blue eyes he would have been the UFC biggest star long ago. Because he's Mexican Dana White always does him dirty.

    31. Lucky Lucci

      Nate diaz won Conor McGregor beat an old man by split decision, trilogy?

    32. Eddy Hernandez


    33. Un Known

      Badass fighter but he is punch drunk as heck already

    34. Colton C

      Whole fight could’ve been fought in a phone booth !!! 100 % Diaz

    35. Klaus Mikaelson

      Rip Joe Rogan

    36. Westayfitwsf

      Whata that pettis? Your exposing who? Looks like you got exposed my friend

    37. Ottis Johnson

      I love the respect Nate gave Jorge. Ppl day the Diaz dont have respect. They just respect real fighters.

    38. Tyler Horton

      Nate is hilarious even when he isn’t trying to be😂

    39. Jacob Lavado

      What a chess match 🔥

    40. Jake Sully


    41. andreas bucher

      The Winner smokes three Joints

    42. Alex Aguilar

      See CBD does help you lots and government don't want to make it legal in all states cause they know the alcohol and cigs would go down

    43. imyourgodmachine

      Dude is a cocky fucker… But you can’t deny he’s a good fighter.

    44. LeonidasLJG -

      Diaz Champ.

    45. Room2Move

      PERFECT Nate commentary💪🏻😎

    46. please subscribe for no reason

      Love this guy fighting but hate his tweet tho #209.

    47. Nick

      29-28? I won that shit!

    48. SimonDiamondMusic

      Diaz and Masvidal will do a queef on each other’s face and choke each other with it 💨 it will smell fishy 🐠

    49. Nick Hardrock

      west coast shit!

    50. Loaneen Heimuli

      Stockton! Mf!

    51. enrique figueroa

      Nate and Cuban Jesus epic fight

    52. Lil Khalifa

      NATE DIAZ!!!

    53. Kyong Naga

      I lost my bet on DC 😿😿

    54. underportal 1955

      What is Joe Doing here

    55. Daniel Garza

      West coast stand up!

    56. Miliano Supreme

      Nate is top 5 IMO.

    57. Luis Diaz

      Fuck dana!!!!!!!!!

    58. Baltimore Fan

      Masvidal vs Diaz! Fuckkk

    59. tom tairua

      Fuck yessssss

    60. KaneAfto PouAgapas


    61. Rob Smith

      Like I said Diaz going to beat the breaks off Pettis.. Pettis had got Stockton slayed.... Diaz ARmY yea boi....

    62. Scott Stlaey

      3 rounds though?

    63. Mario K

      This is why Diaz is #1


      toe rogan lookin like a thumb

    65. somalaraju karthik raju

      Excited for nate vs masvidal fight. Two of the badasses 😎

    66. Timur 751

      I bet on diaz costa and stipe just for fun because I had a free bet I didn‘t think that would actually happen lmao



    68. Altair Ibn La-Ahad

      Diaz fighting smart, that leg kick check potentially changed the outcome

    69. Remi DenDrixie

      Classic Nate Diaz performance, glad the beef or whatever it was was squashed afterwards

    70. Sak3189

      Am I the only one who noticed at 2:31 Kron Gracie got left hanging HAHAHAHA