UFC 241 Free Fight: Nate Diaz vs Conor McGregor 1

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    Nate Diaz shocked the world at UFC 196 when he submitted Conor McGregor in the second round. After nearly three years away from the Octagon, Diaz returns to faces former champion Anthony Pettis in the co-main event of UFC 241 in Anaheim on August 17.
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    1. Marc Romero

      Diaz punching techniques be like 1_2s_Bitchslap_1_2_combo lol

    2. Andreas Kunze

      6:49 mies. Ich hass das.

    3. Basant Singh

      Haha! Fixed.

    4. Viktor Altech

      А что есть те, которые верили что он крутой боец?

    5. A Bro

      "Im Not Suprised Motherfuckers" - greatest post fight speech

    6. Nasss s

      Lupet puta

    7. Eric Arem

      One of my favorite fights. I come back & watch it over & over!

    8. ebubekir özkan

      Chicken drunk conor

    9. Дмитрий Васильцов

      Петух этот мастевый,гавноед не радует боями.

    10. Snickers

      tap machine was a pussy!!!

    11. Vicious Nationalist

      Nate is game bred, to the bone !

    12. P performix

      respect Nate diaz

    13. figu26

      ahhh i miss goldies cringe commentarty

    14. A Mana

      This fight and watching corner lose, is one of the most satisfying things god ever created.

    15. ●GRANDMAS BOY●

      13:07 " oh so your a wrestler now? "

    16. Zahir Abbas

      Vhisky does not work properly

    17. кирилл камбыков

      нет больше конора макгрегора

    18. Christopher Sorrell

      I love it Diaz proved it .

    19. How to talk to women

      Young old man... :D

    20. UssyDa Player

      Пацаны поставьте лайк) Пусть иностранцы думают что русские очень горячо обсуждают бой😂

    21. Sharko sakotch

      the stupid idiot clown scotch whisky has been defeated

    22. zog noty

      bad boy . it would be nice to see faggot exploiter white vs diaz in a ring .once he would get kicked maybe he would start to decently pay them.

    23. Андрей Андреев

      Макгрегор, шёл бы ты свой вискарь разливать по бутылкам.

    24. kevin pitts

      U would think after all that blood it would have been called dudevis really bloody seem worse tho

    25. Bort The Builder

      They are still probably cleaning nates blood off of everything. Fuck.

    26. Legion Of SnowBros

      Diaz b tough fkn hombres!!!

    27. Swan 1000

      I never noticed how nate embraced Conor after thw first fight. Thats shows nates character

    28. Kenzo

      Left out the best part

    29. Leonard Weeks

      my favorite 2 southpaws!!!!!!!!!!!

    30. Nam Le

      Ga hề ..mừ đanh voi martin nguyen la..nam sàng..😁

    31. ATTA Art

      Nexs Go to khabib

    32. ATTA Art


    33. Aden Ismet

      Conor setelah kena kekalahan dari khabib, seperti tidak ada daya melawan lawan lawan lain nya

    34. Red Neck

      Connor vs old man Who's gonna win?

    35. Miftahul Huda

      13:28 it's should be mur mur mur mur

    36. Curtis Ball

      I never get tired of watching fights like these. Strongly competitive. Essentially decided by 1 technically accurate punch. Which ends up setting the tone for the rest of the fight and the win. This is how you fight to win by employing a long game strategy and not looking for the quick KO

    37. QuiteDecent

      11 day's notice 👌🏿

    38. deiff

      conor mcgregor el perdedor con mas ego de todo el ufc jajajaja me han dado una paliza pero soy el mejor jajajaaj si con el wisky jajajajaj que peleador tan lamentable mejor retirese y deje de hacer el ridiculo

    39. Вова Dok

      Конор сыкливая лошара


      How long was this fight?

    41. mumbita croq

      Son of a bitch Conor McGregor

    42. yann wurtz

      Ahahah pooor cunt Nate Diaz who doesn't have style, just to smoke join in public... Star of down stairs 😂😂😂 McGregor 😍😍😍

    43. Abdullah Bildirici


    44. Blue Balls


    45. DemiGod

      Nate had the knocked out, and he missed it 8:13 💩

    46. Tom Baker

      "Oh so you're a wrestler now"

    47. prince imed

      Even though he lost, McGregor still had a good bouncy stance and head movement, contrary to the Khabib fight where he just stood still and slouched his back.

    48. samxrsz

      diaz shows heart and good stamina.

    49. William Boyer

      That was so beautiful! Connor McGregor such a fucking asshole I love seeing him get beat

    50. InDisskyS131

      LoL, good ol' Conner McFaggot

    51. Sean Nguyen

      Back when Mike Goldberg was the announcer. Kinda miss that dude.

    52. Mr500RWHP

      Nate made that submission looks so easy...

    53. Хасан Рахманов

      conir makregir uzbekistan

    54. yourself88xbl

      One of the best fights of all time.

    55. Жим Кери

      Это когда был этот бой???

    56. Monster Game

      Довыебывался как всегда....

    57. Kek Abrek

      Чтож ты Коннор сдал назад'

    58. BasedSif

      That’s how you win and make a legacy! Not that Khabib shit.

    59. Евгений Ясинский

      Хабиб чемпион

    60. John Chaser

      Nate Diaz krasavchik

    61. Глеб Парубец

      Конор, заебал проигрывать !

    62. Армен Никогосян

      Диаз красава, уложил алкаша!

    63. Mario Solis

      That was one of the most iconic "Rocky" moments that brought sooo many new fans to MMA and UFC. A good fighter mistaken as an easy pick, with bad speach and all, Nate wins by widstanding all punishment from that cocky and masterfull "Apollo", then turns the tide.

    64. Aldir Borges

      Que luta! 👏🏻👏🏻

    65. PaRaDoX 5150

      BAD MOTHER FUCKER! Nate is a dangerous man! Showtime P. is going to give him a run for his money though...I hop Diaz pulls out the W!!!!


      Конор понторезка рыжая

    67. RM Lorenz

      Conor has the worst cardio in UFC history

    68. Max Powers

      Can't get enough of this fight...! Nate..dominate.

    69. James M

      Fight couldn't have gone any better!!!

    70. Vadim Look

      Диаз красава , магрегор опять получил писты)))