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    We stayed overnight in two of the most haunted rooms at the Monte Vista Hotel in Flagstaff, Arizona. I thought it was going to be an uneventful time until we busted out the tarot cards... possibly a huge mistake. Also, when we die do we turn into ghost bugs? Find out in this episode.
    Can you guess where we're ghost hunting next week? Stayed tuned to the very end for the preview!
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    1. Human

      Ohhhhhh we're halfway there whoooaaaaa wine in Katy's haiirrrr

      1. Alexa Y


      2. Anee Choudhury

        Are u fan of BTS and suga tho. Me the biggest fan of them

      3. shunion not a funion

        Maeil With Taeil why did i just understand this comment when i saw your oh so tasteful reply lol

      4. Charizard UwU

        Ya know what that’s funny -w- also you made a good music reference, good job 👌

      5. A

        Nice profile pic :)

    2. leighton lanzetta

      the things are prob dust

    3. leighton lanzetta

      a orb is just energy its a normal thing . it does not mean there is a ghost. yes can be but most ghost hunters dont bother with them most the time they are easy to make

    4. The Real Apollo

      I’ve been living in Flagstaff AZ for 9 years and I have never been there

    5. EiAatZa

      Humanity is overrated. Instagram model is "Ghost Hunter".

    6. Cassie S.

      I love living in Flag and exploring that hotel and thinking how amazing it would be to stay there only to find out it’s haunted

    7. Jessica Border

      Is anyone else seeing the thing moving in the corner of the room furthest away from the camera


      In 39:08 you can see a figure next to the window standing there

    9. Léon Austen

      Walls are bleeding, Necks are turning, Twins are staring, Time is warping, Things are flying. I am still skeptic

    10. Morgan Carter

      your scary voice scares the shit out of all three of my cats... wakes them from their sleep

    11. Lela Festa

      "hello we're in a farest"

    12. Felicia Soto

      So at first when there was a bunch of “bugs” i did think maybe it is dust because it looks like this but it stopped soo ummm yeah no 💀

    13. Casey Marie

      We love spooky queens that respect sex workers 🙏🏼💕

    14. T #2

      Pretty Intense y'all.

    15. Cote Araneda

      Peters waking up voice it's so soothing

    16. Jen Marchain

      The specks are likely dust in the air. You won't see dust in the air necessarily with the naked eye. True orbs behaves differently. :)

    17. N. Al-N.

      When you’re Muslim and you can’t help but feel frustrated cuz they don’t know what the heck is going on and they to get real facts about paranormal beings 😩

    18. Chris William

      The person in the window behind Mykie spooked me in the beginning. Edit - so it turns out it was the reflection of Peter with a camera. Don't judge I came here from the Lizze Borden vid.

    19. N. Al-N.

      I’m skeptical about her skepticism

    20. Susan Emrys

      Did you see what looked like shadows going from the closet to the foot of Peter’s bed, over and over? Also, I’d interpret judgement to be a sort of reckoning, like against the one that killed them. They’d want some kind of divine justice (whereas the justice tarot card is more about the balance of how the universe actually balances itself). Like the victim wants to be vindicated and so their energy can’t move on. So, temperance is pretty easy generally speaking because it is a card about balance and the key to rectifying anything is to find a balance. The four elements are present on the picture which symbolises the different elements at play in life that need to be reconciled with one another and live in harmony, whether it be emotional or otherwise.

    21. Mana Asj

      Great mini-reading! The title of a card is really just a starting point. Everything from the imagery to the suit has all kinds of symbolism. Just as some additional info: Judgement- you are judging/being judged too harshly. Can also mean you have reached clarity to make positive decisions. Also could mean being separated from someone you love by an ocean with a reunion coming soon. Can indicate homesickness. In a spiritual context, I means rebirth or spiritual awakening, finding your calling. Temperance means balance and peace. It means adapting to situations and not letting minor things knock you down. Can also signify contentment, being in touch with who you are, your values, and morality. In a spiritual context, it's a reminder that things happen at their own pace, and that your spirit guides are all around you.

    22. Nicole Vlogs

      Honestly if this was a once a week thing on your channel I would watch it

    23. Rhea Bassett

      It would be cool of you did evps

    24. Lilly Langkous

      32:45 when u pause at that time it goes to the 2nd light

    25. Rman Nayr

      LET'S HUNT FOR GHOSTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    26. Lizzie W.

      They should start leaving the emf on overnight in camera frame to see if it goes off while asleep !

    27. Revvin the 417

      Mykie: A "skeptic" Also Mykie: Believes boops on an EMF reader are legitimate.

    28. Gwasie_ Gacha

      I think your shorthair really suits you!!!!

    29. Cadence The Sloth

      It would have been a good idea to shuffle the cards so some are upside down as that can change the meaning of the card to the opposite of the original meaning On another note to do with the tarot’s: I don’t believe the card meant no alcohol, but rather abstinence from something now. Maybe abstinence from the judgement or possibly now understanding they don’t have to do stuff to survive any more, they can be theirselves and not hold onto what they used to be. Often the ways people get into that life style is by necessity, and maybe that’s all they knew, maybe they were even born into that life; so to live anything that isn’t suffering might not even be an option in their mind. Now I honestly want to go to places like this and use my tarot’s to help.

    30. SEC FootballTube

      Flagstaff is great! Love that town. I’ve heard of ghosts around flagstaff. Especially in Jerome Arizona

    31. Tomas Westerberg

      Like why do I ship Mykie and Spencer so frickin hard

    32. Corrie Howell

      Was there $7.00 chicken strips??

    33. Sarah Jayne

      Temperance is patience and calmness etc each card has multiple meanings it really depends on the situation being referred to.

    34. Elise Bird

      When Mykie is trying to ask the ghosts which window they were pushed out of the only thing I can think about is, they were dead when they were pushed so how would they know??? Also I don't know how many people were there but behind peter at 6:03 it looks like a man in a suit standing behind him in the reflection of the window.

    35. baby ghoul

      That is such a perfect beginner tarot deck. The images are loaded with symbolism. I don't particularly like using phones and stuff during readings, but next time you do a spread, I would highly recommend googling the cards so you don't miss any important symbols or messages in the cards💕

    36. Cheri Hayward

      The Judgement card actually means something completely different. It's not literal judgement.

    37. Alana Cruz


    38. Josie Mosley

      39:14 maybe an orb or a face in the side of the camera

    39. Erin Huddleston

      I heard a voice in the audio while no one was talking 😐

    40. Sophie Cook

      At 38:00, it sounds like wood creek ing or... A ROCKING CHAIR

    41. Sophie Cook

      At 28:00 Is that a tree... oR aGhOsT

    42. Lucie B

      I nearly pooped myself when Mykie was explaining the story and I quickly saw Peter's reflection in the window!

    43. Monster Mania1672

      I was trying to see if anyone commented about the sage... I'm pretty sure that stuff cleanses all energies. And you might've just cleansed the room...

    44. Moira Colucci

      We now know what Peter looks like

    45. Angelic Firefly

      You are seeing dust particles flying in the air. Orbs are spirit forms.. The EMF going off on the bed in the 1st room was static electricity from Katy's hand on the bed. You guys need to get an actual spirit box if you really want to do stuff. And you need a full filming camera if you are leaving the room. By the time a motion sensor camera turns on and focus' you will have missed what ever set it off. side note. I love these videos and I want more of them Mykie. :)

    46. Elizabeth Tuft

      Honestly where can I buy these oversized horror t shirts because this outfit is CUTE AF

    47. Tori B

      I am gonna be the one to say it. I love Peter. I cant be the only one who thinks he is cute. And he has a sense of humor! I think i am developing a crush on him. 😂

    48. Sky Clark

      The scariest thing in this vid was Peter's reflection in the window. I legit jumped when he moved an I seen him. 👻

    49. Jessie Dirks

      Static electricity on the bed!

    50. salem Taylor

      Mykie: it’s not agreeing with my reading.. maybe I released the ghost .. The ghost: no I’m just super not cool with him killing me regardless of the reasons. Toats not ok, not forgive.

    51. kati emmons

      *internally screaming* SHUFFLE TAROT DECK first. Shuffle it pleaseee.

    52. Sparkelez sparkelez

      Theres an orb sitting in the far bed.. 29:21... its been there for a while... someone sits and waits

    53. Sparkelez sparkelez

      Did no one pick up that they Saged before tarot reading?! I know u did the cards but... it would any remove any energies ...this is why the EMF was kinda going crazy.. the energies in that room were basically banished but not, because u had the windows closed... so its kinda like the spirits were greening out and spinning and not knowing where to get away from the sage that was still reminiscent.. Use inscense or sound cleansing next time. Blessed be!

    54. Graham Hillier

      How can anything these two dipsey broads say be taken seriously.

    55. Feisty horsegal

      I think the little things flying around are just dust particals not bugs or ghosts

    56. Weird Guy

      12:37 someone says momma

    57. Ashley love Paranormal

      Hey girl what’s up what’s up what’s up what’s up I’m new and u are so sweet I’m one spooky but cool down to earth kind of girl stay safe peace’s out girl friend

    58. Peyton Harrison

      The orbs are more than likely light anomaly’s if anything else it would have more definition and shape for a bug and dust would be slightly more transparent

    59. Erin Geee

      Katie with her glass of wine is such a mood 👸

    60. Awkward Cat

      To me Peter looks like Jimmy Kimmel

    61. Sad Baby Girl

      Somewhere around 1230 -12: 39 I heard a noise I don't know what it said but it sounded after katie asked if it was mad!

      1. Sad Baby Girl

        Be careful guys !!! Tarot cards can open portals too! I'm glad y'all are okay though ❤️

    62. Chloe Smith

      at some point you guys should definitely stay at hotel del coronado in san diego i stayed there a couple years ago and i was told it’s haunted but i didn’t see anything bc i stayed in the newer part

    63. Joelle Peaches

      Why does nobody ever talk about how funny and cute Peter is 😤🖤 yes mykie is gorgeous and yes Katie is beautiful too but cmonnnn my boy Peter is on fireee

    64. Summer Hall

      So the cards dont mean exactly what they are called you should get a handbook

    65. magical_kim

      Isn't Hershey's poop flavoured chocolate though?

    66. magical_kim

      Theory... The emf reader went off for Katie and Peter because they're more receptive to potential spirits, but not for Mykie because she's a "skeptic"

    67. magical_kim

      Y'all should come to England next year for your haunted series. There's some suuuuuuper creepy old places here.

    68. Shannen Weaver

      Why is Katy so dismissive

    69. Nevi Meyers


    70. dinky52492

      Anyone know where to find the studded leggings Mykie’s wearing at 31:57?