twenty one pilots: The Hype (Official Video)

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    official video for "The Hype" from the album 'TRENCH' - available now on Fueled By Ramen.
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    1. Ti22 Angel

      Fk stadia.

    2. Fake you out Vessel

      Where are the latinos Dónde están los latinos

    3. Thomas Tobin

      Im listening this at 3:47 after an amazing night out here in Ireland and its nice to know my kind will be on my side I dont believe the Hype!!

    4. JLMusic

      AT THE START OF THIS VIDEO: There's a screen on his chest, he's standing in front of you, he's trying to be so cool, everything's together.

    5. Guerreiro SPARTANO

      Thank you dude for making me cry again deve you must be the one that I understood without min heard you thanks for the wonderful song LOVE YOU FACE ♥ ️ THANK YOU FOR ALWAYS UNDERSTANDING MY PROBLEM

    6. Guerreiro SPARTANO

      Obrigado cara por min fazer chora denovo 😕 vc deve ser o único que min entendi sem min ouvi obrigado pela música maravilhosa TE AMO CARA ♥️ OBRIGADO POR SEMPRE ENTENDER MEU PROBLEMA

    7. Painting_Blossoms

      Nobody: Tyler at 2:28 : PLAID PLAID PLAID PLAID PLAID PLAID

    8. Geesus Christ

      I can’t believe I’ve only just found this band.

      1. Bandito

        ikr they're amazing

    9. Isabel  Montiel Garcia

      O love una vJao

    10. Amy Elizabeth

      When you have fought so long to be spiritual and uprighteous and you learn this was your TRIBE all along. 😢

    11. Supermariobrown8_RBX FTW

      out comes the yellow tape!! Also NED!!

    12. friend to friends bossdarko

      I run away from that scope trying to make myself. As small as i can in a scope #bossdarko Ø. #top #twentyonepilots

    13. מדביקים בכיף😀


    14. yo pues quién más

      Teenagers in a few decades, will watch this video and wish they had lived in this time.

    15. Linda Celmina

      Baigi labā

    16. Helen Fitzgerald

      you started the banana art without the banana

    17. ETTEM

      This moment when your band is so cool that army airports send a special explosive greetings to your home

    18. Burial

      i dont like 21 pilots but i love this song

    19. Jessi S.

      I ❤the voice🙏💖

    20. DuritoSanchas4-five Shit

      Twenti one pilots Привет из России 🖐(Нижний Новгород).

    21. Sabrina ;-;

      I love when he glances over at josh from time to time

    22. Gostpep2 Gostpep

      # band of the decade

    23. Billy Jolly Music


    24. Rita Martinelli

      The hype ❤

    25. HassaNov 95

      I dont believe the hype

    26. Dakota ASMR

      Oasis - Wonder Wall when the chorus hits.

    27. British Tomatoes

      I saw ned lol I just finished a painting of him when I saw that lol

    28. GalaxyStar

      Hey Tyler, hey josh, If you see this is just wanna say I was a big big fan of you for the longest time, I would always listen to your songs as I slept and I would watch your videos everyday after school. All your songs touched me so much and all of your work really inspired me. I am not the biggest fan I was of yours like I was a year ago, I come back to this channel and amazing band and I love how good you are getting at making songs. I love the effects in this video and I really love the song. I don’t listen to your music so often anymore but one of your songs I still like is Friend Please, it reminds me of my real life BFF and how she had trouble with some love and her life, her dad isn’t the best and she has really bad two older brothers, her mom works as a maid and her father has been in jail a few times. I drew a picture of me and her and some other friends and at the bottom it was labeled School, but then I drew us again except we didn’t look as happy, but I did. It was labeled Home and I showed my friend, she took the paper and on the Home drawing she saw the picture of her I drew, then she made the drawing of her cry. I looked at her in a sad face and I talked to her about her family and how she is having some problems. She told me she almost cut because of that and I’m happy I’m her friend. I always try to keep her spirits up everyday at school. And she helps me too with my sexuality sometimes, I’m sometimes worried about being Bisexual and she is also the one who told my crush I liked her because last year I liked my other friend but she ruined that by yelling at me and I just felt like someone stabbed me in my chest and punched me in the stomach. We’re friends again now though. I just am really happy I remembered this channel and band because I remember how important each of your songs meant to me. ☺️

    29. Ellipsis Music

      Does anybody else see what this music video was conveying? I don't see anyone talking about it. 1.) they played small shows for their family and friends, playing small gigs at parties 2.) Their platform got bigger and they started playing shows on a bigger scale... they made it real 3.) They get on the roof with their biggest platform ever (Blurryface Era) 4.) Things start to fade out and they start playing for their original base again (when the house collapses) 5.) seemingly everything is returning to its roots... maybe Tyler and Josh are trying to get back to the heart of what they were doing when it all started. comment what you think :)

    30. Sharon Pimentel


    31. Sharon Pimentel


    32. Sharon Pimentel

      I love you Twenty One Pilots !!! ❤️🥺

    33. Sharon Pimentel

      Me encantaaaaaa ! ❤️😍😍

    34. Kit Cat

      Why is everything checked??? Pls comment if you know..

    35. A. P.

      Best Part 2:50 Love Ned❤

    36. curious 420

      This song deserve more viewers

    37. Nishant Jha

      6.8 dislike ??? Wtf

    38. Mark McWilliams

      I don't think I've ever heard a 21 pilots song I haven't loved I will love to see them live even still in 2019 who's with me

    39. 《Boba Tea》

      I am grateful for you you have helped me so much you really get me motivated to go school(yes I am a little dumb ten year old) and you both have helped with my depression and anxiety thanks so much I am getting emotional right now sorry but thanks so much and I really hope you guys keep going and I am sorry I repeat but thanks so so much I am grateful 💖

    40. friend to friends bossdarko

      Id never let your eyes fill with water #bossdarko Ø you fight my fears thanks is what i say #top #twentyonepilots

    41. Weird Student Of Randomness The Cheap Sequel

      This is literally bittersweet symphony! It literally sounds like bittersweet symphony! Does nobody else hear this?

    42. Star

      Have you heard of Solar Kama Sutra? Google them & check them out on Soundcloud. They're one of the best bands in the world.

    43. Keara Cerøn

      Amiges me encantan sus outfits 👌

    44. OnlyBlindSeeTheTruth

      Yo not to be douchbag...but on your "the hype" berlin session, ur start "something i feel cold, even paralyzed" sounds way way better then in this video...the way u say it in berlin session is perfect, in this one its blatant static fallow the berlin flow man u had it!

    45. Platønic Plagüe

      I just thought, what if Tyler was singing and sucked in some dust then choked?

    46. Valentina Romagnoli

      Muy bueno 👍👍👍👍👍👍

    47. Stefano Savino

      I just fucking love this song! Can't stop listening it

    48. Moo Moo Puppy

      For a second I thought that this was the Workaholics house from the TV show.

    49. stupidjuice

      its strawberry

    50. Noobie WatcherZ

      holy crap every one of their songs basically is just end of high school (music material) . amazing .

    51. Cody Ackley

      21 pilots= amazing

    52. kris fernandez

      can't stop listening so amzing

    53. Jôker- Romain

      i am are big boss

    54. View Stxar

      This song feels like haven rn and everything else feels like death 😔

      1. Alex Nik

        Oooooh he k'd you what you gonna do

      2. UnEd



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    56. Martha Taylor

      I love TØP! I know Tyler or josh are never gonna read this comment, but I just gotta say this song and others by them have helped me so much! |-/ damn them haters and you there, reading this, go on, give this comment a thumbs down. As long as this song still plays on my device, I don’t care. You people who love TØP, good on ya

    57. Justin Mayfield

      I just installed two new subwoofers in my car and was listening to this. I hadn’t listened to this version with the music video until now, and it scared the bejeesus out of me when the feedback sound effect played

    58. FortKnight0133 on bo4

      Ummmm they finally made a song

    59. roses and toezes

      1:21 I love how the music fades in

    60. Edenilson Yanez

      Genial: te escucho desde El Salvador 🤗

    61. Rio Drawz

      2:50 did anyone else notice Ned (the cute creature in the Chlorine video) ??

    62. You Are Beautiful

      I m talking about our species help us

    63. Bertha Calan

      ||-// 🥰

    64. Carlos Miranda

      Brasil. 2019

    65. army_of_kratos

      Please make a song with NF, you 3 are very talented people that never curse in your songs and give quality music to the world!!!

    66. Junior Carrillo

      Malparida canción si me gusta. En el auto suena genial 😎

    67. Tague Wilkins

      If you guys enjoy this 21 Pilots song, then this would definitely be the right fit for you:

    68. Reyna Nava

      Yo:poniendo the hype porque la musica esta aburrida El director:viendo como quito el himno nacional :v

      1. Oscarito07

        C mamuy

    69. Barbara Heshylem