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    Ready for your next summer beach trip? In todays video we are trying amazing hacks for your next beach trip by 5 minute crafts. Do these Hacks that 5-Minute Crafts did actually work? Save this summer with these homemade hacks for cleaning, organizing, and keeping bugs away. Learn cool photo hacks!
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    if you see this comment: natalies outlet over 5-minute crafts any-day!!
    33 AMAZING HACKS FOR YOUR NEXT BEACH TRIP by 5-minute crafts
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    1. Natalies Outlet

      I am coming back for my life hack queen crown 👑5-minute crafts or troom troom ? vote below! 🤪

      1. Evelin Candelario

        Natalies Outlet your the best in the world

      2. Marcin Placzek

        1. Natalies Outlet 2. Troom troom 3. 5 min crafts :(

      3. Huu Hhhh


      4. Animal Lover

        Hi Nat! I dont use metal straws I use silicone straws

    2. Annabelle Zaleski

      A 💩

    3. MeeraBibi

      WTH IM LAUGHING SOO HARDD OM THISS VIDEEOO SEND HELPP ITS WAYY TOO FUNNYY.. she wasnt suppose to be in the cornnerrd😂

    4. Drawingwithpeachy O

      Can we get more of natalie doing the first hack that wa waaaaaaaayyyyy to entertaining sry natalie i as laughing at you fake drowning

    5. bailey witika

      *girl drowning* *friend throws pants* *girl catches pants and stops fake drowning*

    6. A R

      5 min craft and Troon Troon SPECIALLY have beef

    7. Ayşe Naz Karakoca

      When they trow that pant she suddenly start swimming

    8. Jada Paul


    9. arianna bindner

      i love you more than 5-minute crafts your a queen

    10. Coco_ Bear

      Who else wants to know how Natalie got that tattoo off V V V V

    11. Miriam Diaz

      This video is funny 🤭🤭😂😂

    12. abcd abcd


    13. Kitty n Princess

      I think it will be a big big fail

    14. Gloria Cin

      Can't afford airpods, still has a Gucci belt

    15. Cara King

      8:03 I HATE love bugs! I was at a swim meet and they were EVERYWHERE. No joke legit swarms of them😡😡

    16. lame bitch

      WTF !!! You are the first CZ-newsr who made me laugh so hard🤣🤣I don't know why but you just seem so funny whenever you put those expressions on your face🤣🤣. Luv ya ❤️

    17. Miscellaneous Alanna

      NAtilie tie the pants

    18. Zsolt Madar

      What happened to ur eye??

    19. I love bubbletea

      I went somewhere and that place had about 300 lovebugs on a desks I was like holly sh*t😲

    20. Megan Robinson

      Five minute craft be like put your phone in a glass it’ll make you take underwater photos Apple be like we have under waterproof phone What

    21. Alisha Chew

      Hack #2 If u drop water on ur head before u put the cap defeats the whole point of putting a cap on-to keep us hair DRY.

    22. Chaeline SP

      That pant hack works just not the right method I guess lol

    23. Yamilette Lopez

      Instead of using a cupcake liner maybe you should buy a Masan Jar with a lid or just get a cup with a lid🤔🤔🤔🤔

    24. Scary Mclairy

      Don’t wear the waterhat *Let the water wear it*

    25. Lety Andrade

      Don’t worry Nataly, I told 5 minute crafts that they have no rihght to copy of of you! :)

    26. Dreamy Cutie

      Natalie: *Not using metal straws i seeeeee"* You vsco?

    27. samantha pridmore


    28. Yenedith Martinez

      Omg that was halarious

    29. SifteeJessica kaur

      do 5- minute crafts.OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    30. Eunwoo Moon

      9:11 You ain't got no friends Who the fuck u waving at? THAT MOOD THOUGH I CAN'T 😂😂😂😂

    31. Lily Socash


    32. Raeesah Jannah

      She picked her nose eww 🤮10:25

      1. Raeesah Jannah

        @Ffion Lloyd I knw grosss

      2. Ffion Lloyd

        Raeesah Jannah yeh then she wiped it in her bed sheet

    33. Braedyn YouTube's

      5-minute crafts hacks most of them don't actually work I don't like five minute crafts

    34. Eleanor Mojica

      I would like you to test out hair hacks

    35. Emma vanhaitsma

      I am a swimmer and me and my friends did the swimm cap thing all last year. It was fun

    36. Ruby Gem

      Wee love that Burger King crown

    37. Rachelle Luis-Harris

      five minute crafts hero tutorials

    38. Christoph Kuttner


    39. Tan Amelia


    40. Elizabeth Pelham

      I kinda knew that #1 wasn’t gonna work

    41. Leah Baugh

      I do deal with love bugs because I live in Florida too

    42. midnight blue


    43. Bailey Snider

      Natalie don’t get mad about the flip-flop boy it’s just gonna make your flip-flops Sandy so don’t feel bad

    44. Michelle Brown

      Me to with lovebugs

    45. Jennifer Goncalves

      6:47 I thought it was the sand not the heat (silly me)

    46. AMAR PATEL

      At 10:26 natalie digs her nose (yuck)😖

    47. Abby Crone

      Hack # 2 that how swimmers do it

    48. Chloe H

      as a competitive swimmer, watching hack #2 was painful 😖

    49. Monserrat Sanchez

      #Natalies Oulet squad. Plz give natalies a huge thumbs up 👍👊

    50. Grace Huffman

      It’s a holy fail!

    51. Brittney Swaby


      1. Emma vanhaitsma

        No it's not, your hair will still get wet with a swim cap on. It is for aerodynamics not to keep your hair dry.

    52. KittenLover meowmeowmeow

      Usually the reason people want the pool cap on is to NOT get your hair wet

    53. Mya Gomez GachaLife

      Luv bugs are mah bff

    54. Sara Boltjes

      Troom troom

    55. Alena LaMarco

      I love your channel it’s so inspiring

    56. Abigail Anderson

      #Natificatin squad I’m a REALLY REALLY BIG DAN

    57. Radical Change

      Officially a hater of 5 minute crafts for steeling your ideas

    58. Radical Change

      How many of yall saw that elephant passing by??

    59. It’s_Camila _BTW

      You ain’t got no friends who the **** you waving 👋 at!? LOL 😂

    60. mariam ouedraogo

      The pictures under water are blurry

    61. Carla Papworth

      Sólo quería decirte cuánto no me gustas, que te amo, porque quien eres, nunca cambiarás X.

    62. Jimena Alvarez

      Did you see that at 10:24 Natallie was picking her nose.

    63. TheAnimationGalaxy

      For the swimming cap hack, my friends and I tried it in year 4 and it worked marvellously 😂

    64. Amishka's World


    65. Hailey's World

      instead of the cupcake holder use a clear wrap

    66. Jade Meza

      hashtag 5-minute crafts

    67. Madelyn Rathbun

      natile was supposed hold the bottom of the pants

    68. deedee megadodo

      lol 3:27

    69. The crazy 2

      Ok they stealing your content you deserve all of those subs cos you are way better

    70. Huu Hhhh

      For the swim cap hack- I swim for a swim team and yeah they are really easy to get on, and after you get used of it it's like nothing. But what tyler was saying which is true, yes, we do just do it for fun but its not actually useful because 9 times out of 10 it lands on ur eyes or bounces of your head lol