Trump Tries Distancing Himself from "Send Her Back" Rally Chant

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    Jimmy Fallon's monologue from Thursday, July 18.
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    Trump Tries Distancing Himself from "Send Her Back" Rally Chant

    čas přidán Před 4 měsíci


    1. SeyWey SeyWeyevich

      For the you pick out the shaggy dog story one the target market desires to pick out 1, the for sure boring one, due to the fact they a hundred dont have a jokepunchline written for it.

    2. Ricardo Gonzalez

      I love how he blames his own supporters, yet his supporters love the hell out of this idiot.

    3. Vamanos Ninja

      The story about the cake that said Happy Birthday Loser is the best.

    4. InsultMeOnTheInternetYouSadPoS

      I love how the american news guy cant even pronounce Marijuana on the second try. So typical for Americans. They just refuse to speak foreign languages :D

    5. tom patterson

      Jeffrey Epstein found hurt on the floor in his cell a bunch of women got in with strap-ons payback is a BITCH

    6. Ray Ferraro

      I want to slap that shit eating grin off of that scumbag Fallon’s face. Typical Hollywood liberal puke.

    7. doobiewah357

      I just miss the old days when President Bill Clinton would stick a cigar in to the vagina of a 22 year-old intern, while sitting at his desk in the Oval Office. Then watch her spit his semen on her blue dress after he ejaculated in to her mouth. America misses the class & dignity of the Clintons & DNC. Lol

      1. Renee Renee

        @doobiewah357 Honey far from agreeing with this undignified conman.

      2. doobiewah357

        I'm glad you agree. @Renee Renee

      3. Renee Renee

        Yea cause trump is doing better with high class and dignity...ok!

    8. Trev Mac

      Fallon has aged 7-10 years in the last 24 months ,what's going on with him?

    9. Cindy Demambro

      Bernie rocks

    10. Sovereign Butterfly

      Distance yourself from your followers?

    11. all is one

      JF seems to drink quite a lot because those are not normal eyes!

    12. Walter Pearlman

      Jimmy , your such a drunkard coward - show some stones and say we have the best President - tell Holyweird to stuff it .....make history !

    13. anywaythewindblows 89

      Welcome to Oklahoma!

    14. The LEGO Doctor

      3:47 Pretty sure that's how Jake the Rattlesnake from "Rango Was created. Radiation made the gun fuse to his tail and enhanced his brain.



    16. Jim Hancock

      That's exactly how Satan does it

    17. Bb Bb

      Most useless president every

    18. Noartist

      why dont you expose how drunk and high Jimi gets before his shows lol. Can we all not agree that comment was completely taken out of context by these lefty psychos? First of all.. He directed that comment at someone who is completely anti semitic and when you read the whole comment you see its clear there is nothing this man can do or say that won't be twisted, and flipped upside down by these people.

    19. Moe Snert

      Would these late night talking heads earn as much if it weren't for trump?

    20. Gumby Venegas

      He finally sold out completely.

    21. Doris Hofmann

      I have no words for all that. No wonder that the Republicans are supporting Trump. They use him like a puppet. While they do the work (?) in the W.H. , they use Trump to entertain the crowd, to produce hatred against the immigrants and their opponents. Trump is actually just a clown who loves to be praised by the people . Only a shameless creature is able to do that.

    22. Benjamin

      Jimmy "alcohol" Fallon

    23. David Scillufo

      What happened to the Tonight Show. I turn off the politics to be entertained by sports, music, comedy and movies. Don't ruin everything by making it all political.

    24. No2V

      Cancel Jimmy Fallon. How is this unfunny twerp still on air? I never laugh at any of these painfully awful "jokes." We've seen all these same stories. Stoner shame? Seriously. Go play Drinko, you pathetic, unfunny lush.

    25. vincent fong

      Trump has guaranteed his reelection. Even 100% New York, californian voters go for deMocrat. Trump has won through the swing states. Incompetent Democrat want open border?? Relieve all student debt ?? And free university ? Good luck to those policies.

      1. The LEGO Doctor

        Trump's policies make no sense.

    26. Walter W. Krijthe

      Thanks, mr. Fallon, it's good to know I haven't got a heat stroke.

    27. 3089280288

      I thought he said hate wave

    28. Dan Lee

      Trump needs to be behind a wall for the rest of his life ! We can no longer endure this idiot !

    29. Alireza Asgari

      You, democrats, are all selfish and stupid. you jealous about that trump did. you with all media that you have are against him but he will defit you again the next election

    30. Gillian Kennedy

      Grand wizard fake POTUS POS 😈

    31. Wolf Jumper

      U can lead a Dumbass' 2 Water !!! But ya can't make them READ 🤣😂🤣

    32. Lets do this

      I have always said Trump would throw his supporters under the bus. Sad they are too stupid to realize this. It's always been about Don the Con.

      1. Noartist

        America is under satanic control. The law of inversion. They have successfully turned patriotism into racism. Think how big of a feat that is already. Everything is backwards. "Good" is bad, and "bad" is perceived as good. Think about this concept next time you see an inverted cross.

      2. Noartist

        He NEVER said "send her back" in that context. Don't you people read, or get the full story before you passionately decide to hate or ridicule something. Do you know this person made horrible comments about America and horrible anti semitic comments? Trump can't control who supports him or what his supporters say. I dont care where you from ill say the same thing, if you dont like it, leave it. Does that make me racist or patriotic? IF someone comes over to my house party i dont even know and complains about the food, the music, my house and my friends and family and i tell them much the same... am i an asshole? Get back to reality. You are hypnotized by the lefty media lol

    33. Ray Vincent

      Four Elected Members And He Wants To go back Before the Foundation of America TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION

      1. Ray Vincent

        @B A There Is Recognition Of The Fall And Looking Within For The 4 WINDS Will Stop And They Can Answer Too Those !

      2. B A

        @Ray Vincent you make my point sir everywhere you go is messed up every country. So instead of spread hatred, wining do good

      3. Ray Vincent

        @B A The Carrot & The Administration That Found Their Kryptonite!

      4. Ray Vincent

        @B A I'm A Veteran Of 20+ Years And Their Is No JUSTICE System In America At All ! IT'S Ran By A Criminal Organization And They Butcher AMERICANS Every day Just Like J.F.K. ASSASSINATION!

      5. B A

        Hillary, Bill every local politician ect.

    34. Bernard Martinez


    35. Cody Call

      Hollywood the left. Boring.

    36. Cody Call

      So are tv shows going to continually be politically involved? Can’t we have a tv show without the political influence.

      1. Tiggs

        Doesn't seem like it, my mom and i loved watching jimmy fallon but now its a political shitshow

    37. F P

      What's the difference between tWump and Obama ? Obama would never fart in public and tWump is a public fart standing Sorry for trying to be kind to (Make arsehole great again )

    38. Chief Dogman

      One of the many losers of late night television. fake left.

    39. D P


    40. IN A FLASH

      No shit! Netflix’s memberships are too expensive for what they provide. Add more movies and shows or make it cheaper!

    41. IN A FLASH

      Jimmy looks different! Is it the heat wave?

    42. wel1968

      ANy, not against the trump without reservation, instinctually, are enemy. The trump is just a man... it is his supporters, the trumpanzies, they are the enemy. Not only the enemy of the GOP, not only the enemy of this nation... enemy to all peoples of this earth trumpanzies are not humans, trumpanzies have zero human rights, putting trumpanzies down no more sin than stepping on ants

    43. Taco June bug

      Are they chanting “ send her back “ for the her who married her brother Illhan Omar.Gosh she is gross .

    44. luc van hecke

      Trump made America great again.... as one big mad house

    45. Karlita

      Trump 2020!!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

      1. Serienjunkie 007

        For prison! #ImpeachTheTraitor #lockhimup

    46. James winchel

      2 bad u dont have talent,without Trump ur erelavent,brain dead

    47. Judi Duncan

      Jimmy looks like shit! Like he was partying for the past week.

    48. epic cat

      yeah its hella hot in america

    49. DonaldTrumpKAG

      Trump 2020!

      1. Serienjunkie 007

        For prison! #lockhimup

    50. Legal Man

      He was forced to talk bad stuff about his idol trumpito that's why he was neglecting

      1. The LEGO Doctor


    51. Elizabeth Harris

      Send her back and lock her up! We are standing with our President!🇺🇸

    52. james maulding

      the joke is on you jeffery will tell all hollywood is all media will be shaking truth will come out drip by drip wake up q

    53. Bea FreeAll

      O....kla...homa where the snakes get drunk handle firearms and glow....and it stole the car too...busy snake..

    54. Bea FreeAll

      was the guy in the stolen car with the snake gun, etc and a female felon companion on their way to a trump rally?...

    55. DonVal86

      Wow Jimmy looks and sounds tired. Interesting to see him commenting on politics.

    56. Josianne Ash

      He throws poor (low income) right wingers under the bus. They still stupidly support his nasty disloyal ass.🙄

    57. Bob Simmons

      I’d love to see Fallon’s head smashed in. He’s a liberal scumbag

    58. Fusion Faggot

      I like how he makes fun of all policitcally party and is actually funny unlike jimmy Kimmel

      1. B A

        That what I'm saying Trump not a politician he talks about both parties. Tell you what go on your job for six months and act the way those women act. That's the ghetto sister girl act they're doing and getting away with it. But PRESIDENT TRUMP want let them.

    59. Gayle Brown

      Wow, now the real reason for this very public rant of send her back, it was no accident because now it's on the news, internet and talk shows constantly and it will not be ignored like bigamy and fraud have been.

    60. Diana W.

      0:19 lol

    61. D MAN

      so where's th OUTRAGE where democrats called Trump Hitler Russia SPY,unfit,delusional,M F,or when A O C CALLED AMERICANS NAZI'S,DEMOCRATS WILL BE TH END OF AMERICA.HYPOCRITES

    62. D. D.

      They set these people up before He became on stage check it out then Trump weasels out like the thing he is !!! And sad thing is is the people in the audience don’t have a P brain of their own Think for themselves to know what’s right or wrong step up and have some morals the world needs it

    63. KB Peters

      Let’s use Trumpy logic - About three years ago, Trump hated this country. Trump has said that: the US is a "hellhole", WH is a "dump", "The American dream is dead", “We’re dying. We’re dying. ... We’ve got nothing”...but apparently it's only patriotic when he criticizes the US. Come can't have it both ways. Dissent is a patriotic act. If you fear dissent, you fear the First Amendment. To seek a more perfect union - it is a messy journey…the quest for a perfect union requires criticism. Since when is 'in pursuit of happiness' unpatriotic?

      1. KB Peters

        @ylekiote99999 We are the laughing stock of the world. Our global reputation has severely decreased. As for our traditional allies, less than 20% of Brits have confidence in Trump while it is about 7% for Italy and Germany. Meanwhile, in countries with strong-men dictators or merging Far-right leaders, Trump does much better. Over 50% of Russians have a favorable view of Trump. Many think he is simply just a stooge for Putin. Trump is his worst enemy. Every time he opens his mouth he gets himself into trouble. If Trump stopped tweeting personal insults...the media would stop covering him. If Trump stopped with the stream of consciousness word salad at his rallies...the media would stop covering him. If Trump stopped with his pathological lies (averaging 22 per day) ...the media would stop covering him. If Trump stopped giving out security clearances to undeserving people (25)...the media would stop covering him. If Trump stopped praising DICTATORS...the media would stop covering him. If Trump stopped throwing his own security agencies under the bus and siding up to Putin...the media would stop covering him. If Trump stopped using his unsecured cell phone...the media would stop covering him. If Trump did not have the largest turn-over rate in POTUS history (well over 62%). He waves around fake letters from Mexico. He has letters from admirers in his suit pocket and takes them out and waves them about. Who says that those letters are not a well used KFC shopping list? Trump had a table of folders of his businesses going into trust. No one was allowed to look through those folders but weirdly many folders seem EMPTY. The fake bills Trump was signing. Remember when he had a stack of bills that he was signing? 2:08 He states things that have no bases in facts - The NOISE of windmills causes cancer?? Women are being duct taped in the back of SUVs taken across the border (it was a scene from a MOVIE). Trump: "“Saudi Arabia - and I get along great with all of them. They buy apartments from me,” ”They spend $40 million, $50 million. Am I supposed to dislike them? I like them very much.” So against his own party, he wants to sell SA weapons. He lies about his school grades. Those are buried deep - probably eradicated from the earth. He lies about his awesome IQ....we'll never see his Mensa membership. He lies about big things such as Puerto Rico: Trump tweeted that PR got 91 Billion in disaster aid …nope it was 11 Billion He lies that PR received more money than any other hurricane recovery ….nope Katrina got 120 Billion. He states that he is HONORED to meet with Kim Jung-un who has caused the starvation death of his own people.

      2. KB Peters

        ​@ylekiote99999 First, acknowledge that Obama’s final fiscal year ended on the first of October 2017. That was less than two years ago. Second, we are in the LONGEST economic recovery period - OVER 11 Years. Now. Every year since 1961 military got a raise. Trump did give an increase of 2.6%....but wait….remember how Trump told the military that he gave them a 10% raise? Remember just before the 2018 mid-term elections, how Trump promised to give the middle class a 10% tax cut? 2:52 right there on tape. Here 14 PROMISES Trump broke and yes, these include stats you are not going to like: 1. Trump promised Mexico would pay for a wall. He promised to build a wall. He promised to stem illegal crossings. Illegal crossing has experienced a 12 year spike. So basically, Trump is doing worse than Obama. If the States wants to cut illegal crossings, then look towards the Obama administration's policies. Oh...and tariffs on Mexico is STUPID. Mexico is our number one trading partner. Americans will pay while Mexico will turn to form new partnerships with other nations...thus screwing us again for the future. 2. Trump promised to rein in China with tariffs that will save America. The American farmers have suffered from the tariffs with China. Sure Trump promised them a 12 billion SOCIALIST pay-off but it is too late. China has found new soya bean producers and will not come back to trade with the US. Once new markets are found it is nearly impossible to back back to the old markets. 3. Trump promised to protect Medicare…his 2019 budget includes a $840 Billion CUT over ten years. Trump has included a cut of over 200 Billion in Medicaid. 4. Trump was going to Repeal and REPLACE Obamacare. He was going to give the US something more efficient and cheaper than Obamacare. There is no plan…in fact after 9 years of threatening to replace ACA there is still no plan. Instead of waiting for a plan and then repeal, Trump wants to get rid of Obamacare all together and then we’ll see what happens. In a way, I hope all Trump supporters are left with no healthcare. Let’s see how they like it when pre-existing conditions affects their plans for children (pregnancy is a pre0exiting condition LOL) and their diabetes and obesity. 5. Trump was supposed to save us from nuclear war. You cannot called someone a peacemaker if there is no peace. Being the first president to step in NK is an empty gesture. It was a PR exercise and photo-op. Wipee. A few months ago, on C-SPAN, in front of a congressional hearing, the American national security agencies all agree that North Korea will never give up their nuclear program. They have a conservative estimate that North Korea has 20 nuclear weapons...not one of them has been destroyed. They suggested North Korea's program is more developed than previously known. Trump lies and said that the American security agencies never stated that NK had ballistic weapons even though they said it on NATIONAL TV for the world to hear. Trump ....again dismissing his own security agencies stated that he chooses to believe Putin in regards to North Korea's weapons...Putin told Trump North Korea has no weapons...has no capability for nuclear weapons. That is wrong. There are satellite images of North Korea rebuilding a long-range rocket site and firing ballistic missiles. Ooops 6. Trump was going to protect American trade. Trade deficit is $891.2 Billion…the longest in US history due to Trump’s trade war. Trade wars are good and easy to win. Every time he tweets "I am a tariff man" the Dow Jones drops like a lead weight. The Dow has gained NOTHING in the past 14 months. 7. Promised to bring back coal. Coal mining jobs are the lowest since Jimmy Carter. Even with the rollback in regulations by Trump’s EPA the past two years, the U.S. Energy Information Agency projects that U.S. coal consumption will decline 4% this year to 691 million short tons. This will be down 44% since coal’s peak usage in 2007, and the lowest amount since 1979 when Jimmy Carter was President. Trump country is in trouble. Meanwhile, the UK has experienced TWO WEEKS not using coal. That is the best since the Industrial Age started. 8. Deficit $779 billion in fiscal 2018 to $1 trillion in fiscal 2019 - 3.8% of GDP in 2018, up from 3.5% in 2017. Deficit went up over 20% in June 2019. 9. The US national debt stood at $21.974 trillion at the end of 2018, more than $2 trillion higher than when President Donald Trump took office, according to numbers released Thursday by the Treasury Department. Trump promised to wipe out debt within 8 years. It is not going to happen. Trump is not concerned because as Trump stated in late 2018 - he is not doing to be around….I encourage you to look that one up. June, 2018 the Congressional Budget office had published a new report that shows the debt going BEYOND the 21 TRILLION due to the tax cuts to the 1% and tariffs have resulted in JOB LOSSES. China is buying more and more treasury bonds and therefore holding more power over Trump. Gee, thanks Trump….eye roll. 10. Prescriptions drugs continue to rise around 10%. Speciality drugs have doubled since 2008...another broken promise. Ironically, Americans are crossing the Mexican border to buy cheaper medicines. A three-month supply of insulin is $3,700 in the U.S. versus $600 in Mexico. 1 million people in California alone cross to Mexico annually for health care, including to buy prescription drugs - that is just people from California. And it is illegal to bring across drugs even prescription drugs for personal use into the US. According to the Food and Drug Administration, “in most circumstances, it is illegal for individuals to import drugs into the United States for personal use.” 11. The businessman was supposed to understand business and encourage new businesses. The US’ Start-up entrepreneurship are at a 40 year slump. 12. Transparency… PLEEEEEEEEEEZE…..Once a person gets bone spurs they never go away. If Trump ever did suffer from bone spurs then prove it. Get an x-ray now and make it public. Not going to hold my breath. He lies about his wealth and IRS audit....we'll never see those tax returns. He lies about his school grades. Those are buried deep - probably eradicated from the earth. He lies about his awesome IQ....we'll never see his Mensa membership. Trump’s meeting with Putin are secret. He refuses to allow his own advisors to be in the same room. He takes the notes away from the translators. He tells the public that he is to serve that it is none of our business what he and Putin spoke about. 'Trump destroyed translators' notes afterwards or met without any U.S. officials present.' 13. Ooooooh socialism is BAAAAD. Farmers….tariffs and trade wars are hurting farmers. So what does Trump do…he gave farmers 7.7 billion (out of 12 Billion)…I hope that not one of those farmers freak out about socialism, because this is SOCIALISM! 14. GDP Trump promised to his supporters that American GDP would be 4-5% each year not quarters…he was talking about annually. LOL 2017 2.2% 2018 2.9% ….wait that number is not quite right… 2019 First quarter was pathetic at 2.2 Second-quarter looking good...... The U.S. economy accelerated to a 4.1 percent pace of growth in the second quarter, the fastest since 2014, letting President Donald Trump claim a win for his policies even though the expansion is projected to cool. Don't forget, Obama also had high quarters...and once it went above 5%! Eight times the GDP went at or above 3% under Obama. Top four: Q2 2014 5.1% Q3 2014 4.9 Q4 2011 4.7 Q4 2009 4.5 Under Trump 2.9% for the year 2018 which missed Trump’s target for 2018. Forecast under Trump is looking poor: 2.4% for 2019 IMF has it at 2.3% for 2019 2% 2020 These are Goldman Sach estimates from last year….the forecast is worse due to the shutdown.

    64. 7rue Op1n1on

      So what, if she thinks America is garbage, she should go back. I don't see what the big deal is..

    65. AleahKCH

      The audience sounds like they’re melting... crank that AC up some more!

    66. Emil George

      Modi should sue trump for copying what his party did in India

    67. Brian Roiger

      0:14 Perfect Bernie Sanders impersonation by Jimmy Fallon.

    68. ronmex

      trump supporter chants, lock her up, build that wall, nobel, and send her back, and nothing happens, it's time to stop the pointless chants

      1. Trev Mac

        *Trump 2020*

    69. Simi Owen

      Send trump back to school for history lessons. Maybe old school style and slap him a few times till he understands that his ancestors came over the big ocean. Maybe tell him that they didn't have to swim. Boats existed

    70. suchitra upreti

      In any case the guy in last clip wasn't shot by cops.