Trump Supporters Chant “Send Her Back” About Ilhan Omar | The Daily Show

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    President Trump rallies in North Carolina and continues his attacks on The Squad, causing his supporters to chant “send her back” about Rep. Ilhan Omar.
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    1. Uchenna Esomonu

      racist sun 😭

    2. Piri the cute

      My only question is if Trump somehow achieves his mission in warding of ALL the immigrants out of America, does that mean the whites will also return to the Europe? Because the only American aboriginal I know about are the Red Indian tribes. The reason America is known as 'The land of the immigrants', is also for those whites who want to flee off the Europe (UK).

    3. bobo2244

      My grandpa said Trumps speeches remind him of the speeches of Hitler and Goebbels back in the days. A person separating people and spreading nothing but hate.

    4. kevin anolin

      That rigth there is called mob mentality. A group of people who think could do anything and somehow not get blamed for it

    5. Rqr S

      trump is the most small and petty person who has ever lived in our white house

    6. David Nissim

      “Anti-Semitic attacks!” I’m fairly certain he called a group of Neo-Nazis “very fine people”. Also, why do three-quarters of American Jews vote Democrat then?

    7. Ranibala Neihsiel

      I wanna pee so bad but I'm waiting for the video to end

    8. zdv311

      Usa is just black and white.. i mean omar is a Extremist everyone should boo her

    9. ThePedritoleon

      I am just glad to see the chant is progressing into: Lock him Up, Lock him up.

    10. be racist or perish

    11. Jason Ross

      Timing the time it took for Trump's response with the Usain Bolt race was brilliant!

    12. Jason Ross

      5000 Native Americans should start showing up at Trump rallies, surround the place, point at everyone in there and chant "Send them back! Send them back!"

    13. Lance Smith

      Trevor Noah, calm down and eat a piece of fruit. This should make you feel at home.

    14. Sonia Sanchez

      Send him back

    15. marlene bjorklund

      True all Trumps ministers got no balls but just à stick

    16. Shouvik Roy

      The Americans are too dumb to understand what is good/bad for them. But they will when they will keep proving safe havens to Islam apologists and radical sympathizers into their country. A woman who vehemently denied 9/11 is now getting prime time. What a wonderful democracy USA is.

    17. David Nissim

      I’m sick of late night TV hosts making fun of Trump. Seriously, it’s the same routine over and over again. Orange man bad. Refugees welcome. Believe women. Blah blah blah.

    18. Ali, First of her name

      In the back of the Trump supporter field I noticed this little girl and it just reminded me that these people are feeding kids there ideas

    19. TROOT


    20. TROOT


    21. B S

      Trump 2020 :)

    22. Annie S.

      Vote trump out! Vote trump out! Vote trump out! Vote trump out! Vote trump out! Vote trump out! Vote trump out! Vote trump out! Vote trump out! Vote trump out! Vote trump out! Vote trump out! Vote trump out!

    23. A Chakraborty

      Ilhan Omar should leave North Carolina or any of the states of the Bible Belt. East Coast, Mid West, West Coast....still better than the shitty Southern States. Florida is an exception as the WASPs and Irish are lesser in number there.

    24. kevin santos

      Trump: I didn't like it, I spoke very fast & told them to stop Also Trump: doesn't say anything for 10sec and clearly enjoys what's going on

    25. Jean Redman-Roberts

      Trump's re-election erection will be biggly postponed.REGISTER AND VOTE

    26. Lance Bornmann

      We are going to send them all back

    27. Bernadette Jacqueline

      what are women booing women.... who are representing civil rights? wow. Boo to you republican women!

    28. Nicholas Siocha

      I kinda understand now why us is constantly threatened with terrorist attacks.... How can a president, say something so dumb....oooh.a dumb president might.. and all the dumb people follow... Im also seeing that US if facing a similar problem with many African countries... Our leaders dumb us down to their levels... It may be worse in the US because of various reasons #someoneeducatethesepalemofos..... or kaput with them already....

    29. Maulen. IDC Florez

      That was a little harsh. I love iguanas.

    30. Thomas Tamir

      Dick heads, Omar is anti-white. She hates America. Go back where it is better. She is on the verge of losing her citizenship ,that's how bad she is.

    31. Bbl Twitty

      Send her back!!! We are waiting for her. She needs to wear her burqa right.....taking her rights over there for granted! If America is so bad why doesn't she come home and sort Somalia out?

    32. Nôxîôûs -

      You open with making fun of Trump for not having enough time to say someone's full name... and then immediately afterwards show a clip of him saying that exact persons full name. This youtube channel is clearly hosted by a dipshit who takes what he see's in the media out of context and uploads videos of his own interpretations of what makes the most amount of sense in your mind.

    33. Monster Dad


    34. Monster Dad


    35. maya summers

      That crowd of hateful supporters of his, are just brain dead inbred trash that believe what they hear and if it sounds good they cheer and if it sounds bad they boo.

    36. Monster Dad

      I think that trump is not taking this seriously I think its all a joke to him nothing he does is serious

    37. Monster Dad

      What is wrong with all those people in the background I mean I understand the nonsense in front of them

    38. qweef69

      Generic red pills 4 sail.

    39. Heenal

      who is watching this on tuesday night

    40. Michael Irish

      He doesn't deserve life.

    41. Brandon Sarsorito

      You don't see any other race at a Trump rally (white supremacists). Trump should have a heart attack and die already

    42. POLYTECHNIC mec b

      Bro I agree with you bro and I will be beside you no matter what

    43. Eleni 1979

      @2:15 come on now Trevor, we all know trump supporters don't read.

    44. Larry Pachuau

      Aren't u even tired of talking about Trump..!

    45. Martin Frecks

      Government officials say they darnedest things.

    46. sabine reynaud

      Hey, Trump is the chosen one. His followers keep reinforcing that. And he believes it by now. So it doesn't matter whether he contradicts himself or lies it's all pre-ordained. It's unbelievable.

    47. sabine reynaud

      They boo any foreign sounding names. Lol. Total puppets.

    48. Jobarian Brown

      I’m American and I have to deal with this president I hope he won’t won next time Is gonna be a disaster to US The sad thing is we have many many racist people in this country Send her back to where Oh I c because she is from somalia Oh if she is white we won’t hear this fucking shit Shame on you Shame on you

    49. stringypete

      we should send Trevor Noah with her, Somalis do still profit on the slave trade, although he might not be fetch as much as a 14 year old little girl

    50. Christopher DePrenda

      Aren't we done with him yet?

    51. Bindiya Lackpath

      so that's it just trash on trump and make millions --ask your self this question if trump loses 2020 who are you going to make money off --who will you trash --if a women wins --1 joke and the entire metoo movement up your ass --all that trash talk -trevor knows very well he needs trump to win -cnn needs him to win msmbc needs him to win --they have profited of of trash for the last 4 years in a huge way

    52. 罗冬林


    53. Ana Pimentel

      And yes she should come back to Somalia, she has 0 respect for USA. Im from France and I can see the damage of her religion. STOP BEING NAIVE AMERICANS. JUST STOP LISTENING TO SHITTY MEDIA

    54. fun club

      peace, love and harmony

    55. Flordia Nigga

      All Trevor does is talk shit about Trump, i remember when this show actually used to be funny

    56. TheFourthWinchester

      As a brown guy, I'll say this - Ilhan Omar is a terror loving piece of shit.

    57. Ajm 80

      Incitement to ethnic or racial hatred Sue Trump!!

    58. blanche mhonda

      l started speaking really quickly kkkkkkkkkkk.

    59. Jonas Guaraci

      about presley, i remembered elvis, maybe they thought oh an american name

    60. D W

      Somewhere just beneath that dusky exterior, there walks a Dutchman... Idiot that he was...

    61. D W

      Hahahaha... Ol' Yeller as told by High Yeller... Go home, boy... They need you there.. your family.. your roots, so to speak... Go home.

    62. ObsidianWhiskey

      What’s a president? I know for a damn fact this isn’t how a president should act let alone encourage bullying, he was enjoying that chant, I can’t even believe people are that stupid to vote for him and the words that come out of his mouth, seriously?

    63. hebah khoujah

      Then he tweets bagging for hate crimes to be stopped !!!!!!

    64. drmayesmt

      She's Ayanna Pressly, a homegrown African American woman, they better not boo. White people have always feared us. They even fear the African American women they might work with. That's why they try to make everyone label us as "angry". We are starting to embrace this because we have a righteous anger. They should stop doing things that p@#$ us off, because our anger starts movements that sweep across the world. Watch out when we come into our full power.

    65. Frësh Bwøy

      American people are dumb

    66. arcoz elio

      Am I the only who finds funny the way Drumpf pronounce Cortez?

    67. John O'Neill

      Send her back to Keyna, she's a god damn terrorist.

    68. Cristina good music

      Send her back, the US citizen, yet his own wife is a Immigrant, and what is worse is that he encourages his type of stupid behavior and these people are literally his damn cheap Yep I said it and what I said is not nearly half as bad as what comes out of his mouth and his followers mouth

    69. Phil Sone