Trump’s Impeachment Hearings Aren’t Going Well...If You’re Trump | Full Frontal on TBS

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    Maybe they are three years late, but the impeachment hearings are finally happening! One thing we already know for sure is that the president is definitely, absolutely not watching them even though he tweeted about them the entire time. Republicans fell apart as Ambassador Taylor’s testimony directly incriminated Trump. Buckle up. It’s going to be a long, weird ride.
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    1. Rickey Floyd

      You are a crook.

    2. Matthew Smith

      Andrew Yang for President 2020.

    3. raina2311

      Sam's blazer is amazing

    4. Ireallyreally Hategoogle

      Televised theatrical performance? He thinks it's an election?

    5. insanepretty

      That jacket she is wearing is gorgeous! Informative and entertaining as always

    6. ichaukan

      American Taliban: Every accusation is a confession.

    7. Patrick joseph

      Shut up Samantha !

    8. Patrick joseph

      God I cant stand this woman

    9. Ella Presley


    10. jacksputrid

      Why didn't trump just give it an honest attempt lol

    11. Kate Garfield

      Alabaster Bibles are advertising in front of your videos. Ha!

    12. frank hernandez

      didn't the GOP also take tRrump from the TELEVISION???!!!

    13. DynaMike

      I can't begin to tell you how much I hate Trump and a CLOSE second is every member of the GOP. I hope my fellow Americans are watching and are watching carefully.

    14. Thomas Phipps

      SAMANTJA BEE, I really am not sexist, truly I am not. What I am is quite amazed at how impressive you are in every way. I appreciate your trying to dress in non provocative clothes as that really does lend to more professional appearance. I am writing to ask you to please pander to how very beautiful and shapely you are and just dress sexy once in a while to allow the men like me who find you attractive to enjoy your beauty. Thank you.

    15. valerie H

      You make me ashamed to be a woman

    16. 1rcproductions

      The following video should help Trump understand Quid Pro Quo:

    17. Sarah McGee


    18. Ali Law

      Look at the bowtie on Kent that thirsty diva! 🤣

    19. David Kirkpatrick

      Garbage show, garbage person, garbage mouth.

    20. Heather Gardner 1972

      Aparantly she didn't watch the hearing at all.

    21. Heather Gardner 1972

      Shciff is a complete psycho.

    22. PigIron BigIron

      LOLOLOLOL!!! Impeachment #3 went down in flames. 4 more years thanks to Liberal tears.

    23. Shitbird McAssfuck

      I love how literally zero Samantha Bee followers know that she is fighting to prevent poor minorities from being bussed into her kids school district. Google it people. Samantha Bee is a fraud

      1. Iv Martini

        I did, here let me help you out;

    24. Texas Viewpoint

      Impeachment is not going to work.

    25. Andi amo

      How does TBS still have this awful racist on ???

    26. Tiago Barreiro

      Meanwhile Mike Pence is getting cozy in the Oval Office

    27. Nelson King

      The following is word for word the exchange between ambassador Yovanovitch and congressman Chris Stewart. Chris Stewart: “Do you have any information regarding the President of the United States accepting any bribes?” Yovanovitch: "No." Chris Stewart: “Do you have any information regarding any criminal activity that the President of the United States has been involved with at all?” Yovanovitch: "No." I think Samantha Bee forgot that part.

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    29. Charlie Chauvin

      6 months from now, ......... president Pence was the whistle blower.

    30. James


    31. Wado Waleli

      "I'm too busy [playing golf at taxpayer expense or doing no work at all watching up to nine hours a day of Fox News propaganda] to watch the impeachment hearings. It's a witch hunt. It's a hoax. I'm too busy to watch it." That's our hard-working President, folks, always putting America first. Of course, the main thing we've learned about our hard-working President is that he lies every time he opens his mouth, so you can disregard any- and everything he says. Oh yes, and you can disregard that I suggested he might be "hard working," too, because you know better anyway, right? Just like you also know that he NEVER puts America first, except to defraud it any and every way he can.

    32. Kayla Bennett

      “I didn’t watch them” and he live tweets them. 🙄🙄🙄

    33. Phil Rabe

      Trump didn't watch the show: Tweets live comments on show.

    34. Miss Lana. M. Hudson

      Whos tired of him saying its a witch hunt.

    35. Nelson King

      According to Rasmussen, Trump's poll numbers have jumped 4% since the impeachment hearings started. Congratulations liberals. On Wednesday Trump was polling at 46% approval, now he's up to 50%. Impeachment seems to be working great lol!

    36. Ricardo Cerrillo

      Yeah, " not that he watched it...or anything."

    37. Berkeley Pickell

      impeachment cake? Not impeach pie? or impeachment cobbler?

    38. San Diego

      after these hearings conclude, the House of Reps IS going to file Articles of Impeachment against Trump, because his crimes & corruption are blatantly obvious here, to anyone outside of the MAGA Cult. but THERE IS NO WAY the current Senate will EVER convict Trump of Impeachment, in the Senate trial.... AND WE DO NOT WANT THEM TO !!!! we want the traitor Repud Senators to NOT impeach Trump, as they publicly lie & distort all reality, in their pathetic & asinine defense of Orange Man in the Senate trial. then several of those Repud Senators will LOSE their re-election in the 2020 election, due to their blocking & opposing the Impeachment.... THEN, Trump will get CRUSHED in 2020 election..... THAT is how we want to take the Orange Tash out to the garbage bin of Political history.... NOT done via Impeachment. If Trump is actually REMOVED as POTUS due to Impeachment, it will make him a martyr for life, to the MAGA Cult & all Conservatives. the MAGA Cult needs to see Trump get CRUSHED in a national election, so that they will KNOW that even though they idiotically think Trump is great.... MOST AMERICANS DON'T AGREE WITH THEIR INSANITY ON THAT ISSUE.

    39. Fire Knight

      This comedy now really really and your getting paid for this, Democrats did hire people for this and the Democrats stopped any real questions

    40. Just Here

      Maga 2020


      WHAT.....It's Been A Complete Disaster For the DemonRats Already....Watch it.......Don't Listen to this Puppet!

    42. Mike Regan

      "I'm sure I'll get a report..." That you -won't- can't read.

    43. ScottyBrunton

      Is that like we picked someone off of television to be president?

    44. Sean Cook

      Nunes is just a horrible human being

    45. Cripes Classworks

      Sam exists to positively balance the negative evil of the GOP.

    46. deborah chinn

      Individual-1 tweeted during the Marie Yavonovitch hearings on Friday and will now incur another impeachment offense for intimidation of a witness! She was brave and brilliant and received a standing ovation from the audience when her testimony concluded! Tune in and enjoy history being written, America!

    47. Brian Cossey

      You make good points but you are annoying

    48. Barb Z

      I’m in love with Kent and Taylor.

    49. Doris Hruska

      still can't get over the guy behind him constantly blinking

    50. Sal Hardy

      Wow the level of stupidity and incompetence on the republican's end is FN staggering!!!!!!!!

    51. charles stuart

      Enjoy your last year in Congress Elise.

    52. jason9022

      Impeachment means nothing since the senate wont remove him. Worst part is that he can run a second term and will likely win again through the electoral process. Hes already got many of his red states he needs on lock. Ohio, arizona, Florida..

      1. Blond Leghair

        @jason9022 CRI MOAR

      2. jason9022

        @Blond Leghair I'm sorry about your brain.

      3. Blond Leghair

        Worst part is that he can run a second term and will likely win again through the electoral process. Yes, how awful for the citizens of this country vote for who we want.

    53. VuDuVampirNinjaWitch

      Goes nowhere. Two weeks later nobody remembers it happened, same as Russian Collusion Delusion. Trump gets re-elected. Republicans regain house. Democratic Party continues to crater under the weight of dingbats AOC and the Squad. That's really about it. Boring.

    54. Alan Smith

      Samantha you’re worse than Fox News by far. While I agree with just about everything you say, you are so blatantly biased that it’s offputting to those of us with open minds who really want to stay informed. It’s people like you that create the separation between the two parties

    55. MelanatedBeauty

      Guess he would know they got tv ppl since we got our president from tv🤦🏽😒

    56. Aphobias Polemos

      Liberal/democrats have no evidence or facts. Just subjective feelings. I'm starting to hate you democrats more than ever.

    57. M L

      i couldn't hear a word Sam was saying over the hypnotic awesomeness of that jacket.

    58. claire bigelow

      Nunes and Jordan have the worlds most punchable faces...Jordan should be put through a wood chipper ..head first.....

    59. troylaxin

      Meanwhile in a world not so far away California is living on the streets in tents and we have cities many of us cant fathom the crime and poverty some American live in. I wish the politicians that are pushing for impeachment would put half the efforts and energy to improve this nation and help serve the people that have elected them. But no they want to double down on this impeachment, and remove the one person that has the guts to stand up for America. Impeachment is not a tool to over through an elected president because you don't like him. You people are sick. I don't agree with everything he does but I am very happy with his need to succeed.

    60. vizual1one


    61. Aya /

      This whole process is fake news. He will be the elected and anyone reading this that doesn’t think so is living in a dream

    62. Bigbradwolf

      Schiff has Trump derangement syndrome. You leftists are more upset that Trump won the election than you are about ISIS, Kim Jung Un and Illegals. Pathetic

    63. TheTruth

      Samantha is the kind of woman you swipe left on tinder the moment you see her smug face.

    64. TransHuman

      We need to do more than impeach him and arrest his friends. We need to replace our government with one capable of functioning. It’s so dysfunctional it takes more than an entire presidential term to impeach a president who openly makes deals with foreign powers, who openly enriches himself with the power of his office, who is obviously suffers from narcissistic personality disorder, who’s so racist he demands people legally cross our border to be shot. And still it takes this long? The people have a civic duty to legally fight corruption. Leak, subvert, disrupt (LSD)

    65. altitude illume


    66. Matt Davis

      I got to hand it to him. The man is a beast for making it this far against the will of some powerful career politicians. The man could cure cancer and be slandered for cancerphobia.

    67. Sandy Kay

      2:55 he really said Mr. KRENT

    68. mopthermopther


    69. Franz Huber

      If you are doing everything good, the loosers will come and sue you.

    70. Carol Mack

      Nunes is a drama queen and a traitor!