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    We're playing with custom skins on a custom Legoland map in this GMOD: Trouble in Terrorist Town gameplay.
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    Innocent Roles:
    • Innocent - No special abilities or weapons. Must take out all Traitors to win.
    • Detective - Has equipment to find out who the Traitors are.
    • Mercenary - Can buy both Traitor and Detective's Equipment.
    • Glitch - Looks like a Traitor to other Traitors. Cannot see who the Traitors are.
    • Phantom - Haunts their killer on Death. If that person dies, the Phantom comes back to life.
    Traitor Roles:
    • Traitor - Can buy unique equipment and weapons. Must take out all Innocents to win.
    • Hypnotist - Can revive dead people into Traitors.
    • Vampire - Can briefly become invisible. Gets health from dead people.
    • Zombie - Can kill other players with a knife and turn them into other Zombies.
    • Assassin - Has one Innocent as their target. Does extra damage to that target and half damage to everyone else. Gets a new target when the current target dies.
    Other Roles:
    • Jester - If they die, they win. Cannot do damage to other players. Cannot be hurt by environmental or fall damage. Role is shown to Traitors.
    • Swapper - Appears as Jester to Traitors. If they are killed, the killer dies and the Swapper is revived as the killer's role.
    • Killer - Spawns with 150 Health. Traitors are told there is a Killer. Can buy items from Detective and Traitors. Will win if they are the last player standing.
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    Hello fellow Gamer. This you should watch me. I play game. Good. Thank you, thank you. If you watch me, I'm hot. Videos, they'll be better... The Let's Play view is the right thing to do CZ-news, so do.
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    1. Sayco


    2. Chris Schoenthaler

      It was hilarious how everyone just forgot about Matt entirely. If he had stayed underground for a bit longer, bodies would have started dropping.

    3. Im Not FITZ


    4. ThePadfam

      Anybody else come back here after the most recent AH animated?

    5. Thewin 94

      Jeremy: Ryan, you know I hate trusting you right? Jack: Kill me! Trevor: I HEAR C4!!!

    6. Elle Resiak

      I would have loved to see a webcam of Jester Jack trying to be killed

    7. Commander Maverick

      Where is the trap

    8. Jay Corbett

      Damn, if only Geoff had left the default time on the C4

      1. Maswartz226

        Geoff wasn't in this

    9. Josh Eckles

      Michael “it was brutal” Jones

    10. Jake McConaha

      SHOOT EM JEREMY!!!!!!

    11. James Boldt

      Lego Island not lego land

    12. Gustavo Ponce

      I think they used the tester wrong. Looking at it when they press the button it shows green over them even if no one in the tester area. It also says testee where the button located.

    13. Garth Narth

      Jack: K I L L M E

    14. Migui Chaotic

      Well the traitor detector is great to use if multiple people can be in there like the minecraft map they played in maps with traitor detectors that need like 3 or more people inside is better than the one player scanner

    15. User Jatto

      The animated video starts at 30:20

      1. Deconverted Man


    16. S.o.S

      26:50 for Animated match

      1. S.o.S

        @Deconverted Man it is? Too soon or too late

      2. Deconverted Man

        ten mins off.

    17. Golf Ball

      🎵 Michael in the basement! Michael in the basement! Playing TTT. Trying not to die! Yeah! Michael’s in the basement! Michaels in the basement playing TTT! With Trevor close behind! 🎵 34:00

    18. Cody Tesch

      30:17 if you are here from the most recent AH animated video

    19. Akash Pal

      30:30 is the time stamp for the Animated series!

      1. C0M1C03

        Akash Pal my man. Made the search to relive this beauty of a moment so much easier.

    20. Lor Nevermore

      Alfredo- “Nigga come back here” don’t think I missed that the hood never leaves us no matter where we are ✊🏾😂

    21. Allie Kitaguchi

      *JACK, YOU JESTER FUCK, GET OUTTA MY WAY!!!!* is one of the funniest moments from TTT 31:00

    22. osama ansari

      Ah Animated at 30:10

    23. Army Delta

      30:10 best moments

    24. MysticEle

      "*JACK! MOVE!*" "shoot mee......."

    25. ThatDudeWithBoobs

      30:15 For the animated adventure 😀

    26. M C17

      30:10 AH Animated "Just Shoot Me"

    27. The Rat Prince

      Where's Sjin?

    28. MegaMech

      I have the police station that's in this video in real life... Atleast, I think I do.

    29. Abbey Squidd

      7:35 "He's trapped." "The hell I am!!!" *kills self*

    30. Max Marinez

      geeeezus, Alfredo with that flick at 3:12

    31. Napalm Elderlich

      7:30 Michael is the best dude XD XD XD

    32. Katie Ator

      26:33 is start of best round. Your welcome

    33. Caboose Resurrected

      28:55 The spaceship sequence was priceless. LOL.

    34. Michael LeBlanc

      Hey, Jack, after you get done shooting folks, let's talk about officiating my wedding in two years.

    35. John Itson

      Anyone else notice they were doing the tester wrong.

    36. Benjamin Verdi

      Anyone else wanna see an animated version of Jack as the jester pissing Jeremy off?

    37. Niall Jasper

      Please play the map "ttt_colourworld" :3 That map has something like a controllable ufo for traitors

    38. Alec Moreau

      I recall watching the Yogscast play this map, and I distinctly remember them figuring out that the Traitor Tester ONLY gives negative results. That is, no matter what role the tested has, the light is ALWAYS green. It's a red herring, doesn't actually detect anything but you can tell roles by who avoids going in it, so long as people haven't figured out the trick. Or the tester was just broken when they (the Yogs) played it, but it makes sense, given the guys said in this video that the tester was too easy and a bit cheaty. It's actually not a tester, it's just a box you can stand in and a button that makes a green light come on.

    39. That One Dude

      I love rdming

    40. Flipflopz Threeonethree

      Damn, I always forget how good Gavin is at this game as a traitor

    41. Herr Fox

      4:26 Trevor when he screams “oh my god!” Sounds like a classic pedestrian on the street who sees someone getting mugged😂😂😂

    42. Cleansheen2019

      The editing in this video is mint

    43. Nicok

      I don't think you want to deny being the jester. No matter what team you are.

    44. Mitchell Crego

      Gotta say man, the killer is kinda OP. I mean I love watching them slay each other using it, but they need to limit what you buy with it or something.

    45. Mechanized Satyr

      audience loves RDMing; blood for the bloodgod

      1. Mechanized Satyr

        On one hand i agree, but the bloodgod has his demands

      2. bronx819

        Other way around, it's much better now that they actually follow the rules, the occasional RDM is nice but too much ruins the game

    46. DarknessInferno15

      Gavin always tried to initiate webcams and they always hard shut him down.

    47. TrundenTheBad

      I fucking hate jack...

    48. DJ Flame

      16:25 How no one saw? The world may never know.

    49. Humble TreeStump

      Jack is the best jester

    50. SUS rJ

      4. Type ttt_detective_search_only 0 so everybody can check bodies

    51. Dennis Smith

      LEGO Yoda be a savage

    52. chad neibaur

      jeremy needs to has a hiatus from being "it" he literally is always "it" at first

    53. Rakagii

      21:37 matt made me laugh

    54. niofalpha

      These would be so much better without Jack and Matt

    55. Potato Crisp

      This has got to be the greatest Jack moment ever I almost cried with the “Kill me.”

    56. 2013 Chevy Volt

      link with a gun will never not be funny

    57. ceezthemexican

      Matt turning around at 21:40 had me laughing

    58. zimeron1

      Lego yoda, Trevor is. Find ketamine he must. HRMMMMM

    59. Aryan Kainth

      More ttt. Its lit.

    60. Takashi 125

      Now all they need now are ridiculous modded weapons and the randomat and then they'll be on par with the Yogscast TTT series.

    61. Clever Girl

      Jack as the known jester is the *friken* best 🤣🤣🤣 31:04

    62. Lawyer Morty

      What does RDM mean?

    63. MegaLacedup

      32:00 lmao when it all goes down hill

    64. ManlyPelican

      Gavin trying to get everyone to use their webcams so the audience would have a better experience and everyone else just shoots him down is upsetting to me...

    65. Christian Clark

      at 39:40 I picture the scene from teh office when andy, dwight, michael, and pam all aim finger guns at each other lol

    66. bronx819

      I spent 1,300 hours on TTT alone in gmod, I didnt play anything else. Also I wonder if they know they can nudge players by right clicking with the crowbar

    67. HacaPotato

      Jack calling everything rdm is fucking annoying. Play the game grandpa.

    68. WarDaddyk9

      16:33 Lol Gavs' body looks crazy.

    69. MattMYouTube

      This is literally Lego Island. This makes me so sad

    70. antonio rollins

      What dose rdg or rdm ing mean ?